Journey of Freedom from Illness and DiseaseJourney of Freedom from Illness and Disease

World? Or do you believe another source of power exists in your life? No children, it is only I that have the power of ... you peace in your hearts and minds, because of My deep and abiding love for you all on this planet of Earth.

Author: Halina B. Slowik

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing

ISBN: 9781489730398


Page: 110

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The gift of health and wellbeing given to you at birth by God, is your responsibility to maintain throughout your life, in matters of your heart and mind. When you let hostility or sadness into your life, with no room for acceptance or forgiveness, you open the door for adversity. In the Journey of Freedom from Illness and Disease, author Halina B. Slowik discusses the importance of maintaining positive thought to prevent illness. As a nurse for many years, she understands the importance of taking care of one’s physical health as well as spiritual health. While channeling with the Lord for the last twenty years, she has learned of His teachings and wisdom on this subject. This narrative from the voice of God expresses His deep desire for all to know of His great love for all people. He seeks for all to have wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

A Divided Heart and Other StoriesA Divided Heart and Other Stories

They are all children of the world, living entirely in the present without hope or desire for a future life. The existing world supplies them with all they ask. As Edwin says: "O beloved, a world in which we may attain such triumph over ...

Author: Paul Heyse

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547176282


Page: 121

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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "A Divided Heart and Other Stories" by Paul Heyse. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

The State of the World s Children 2002The State of the World s Children 2002

campaign, which proclaims that “all children should be free to grow in health, peace and dignity. ... We must put the best interests of children at the heart of all political and business decision-making, and at the centre of our ...

Author: United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Publisher: United Nations

ISBN: 9789210597487


Page: 104

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This issue of The State of the World's Children calls for leadership from all continents and all sectors of society. It illustrates the many and varied ways that people have shown their commitment to children's welfare. The Report emphasizes the need to give children the best possible start in life, to ensure that every child completes a basic education, and to involve children - adolescents in particular - in the decisions that affect their lives. The State of the World's Children notes that no single government or organization can achieve those goals on their own, but together we can build a world fit for children. This report includes statistical data, text figures, maps and excerpts from the regional high level meetings that were held in 2000-2001 in preparation for the Special Session on Children.

The State of the World s Children 2002The State of the World s Children 2002

Can there be a greater test of leadership than the task of ensuring these freedoms for every child, in every country, ... We must put the best interests of children at the heart of all political and business decision-making, ...

Author: Carol Bellamy

Publisher: UNICEF

ISBN: 9789280636673


Page: 103

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The Report emphasizes the need to give children the best possible start in life, to ensure that every child completes a basic education, and to involve children - adolescents in particular - in the decisions that affect their lives.

The State of the World s Children 2019The State of the World s Children 2019

Every dollar invested in reducing stunting generates estimated economic returns equivalent to about US$18 in high-burden countries.112 Even without these returns, investment in children's nutrition must be at the heart of any equity ...

Author: United Nations

Publisher: United Nations

ISBN: 9789210046053


Page: 258

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This report examines nutrition, providing a fresh perspective on a rapidly evolving challenge. Despite progress in the past two decades, around 200 million under-fives suffer from undernutrition. Adding to this toll is rising obesity, which affects 38 million children. All these forms of malnutrition threaten children’s development, while obesity is creating a lifelong legacy of disease. At the heart of this evolving challenge is a global shift towards modern diets that do not meet children’s nutritional requirements. The report provides unique data and analysis of malnutrition in the 21st century and outlines recommendations to put children’s needs at the heart of global and national food systems.

I Don t Give a F I Don t Give a F

All children of the world, each morning, in all the schools of the world, should not have to recite a national anthem, ... of this Earth, How lovely to sing to you my best and feel the beating of your heart here right against my breast.

Author: Prem Dayal


ISBN: 9781329654730


Page: 226

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I DON'T GIVE A F***! American Mantras to Free the Spirit (A Roadmap to Enlightenment for Godless Mystics). Good old Socrates said: all I know is that I know nothing. If Socrates didn't know it, imagine what it is that I don't know! But there are a hell of a lot of people who say they know a lot, and are therefore much smarter than I and even smarter than Socrates, who certainly would not be someone to be ashamed of as a classmate. There are those who speak with angels, who speak with the dead, with forest creatures, extraterrestrials, goblins and animals... and the luckiest of all speak long distance with God. Sadly, it often happens that these same people, found talking candidly with ghosts, plants, UFOs, sheep, cows and all types of beasts, have serious difficulty communicating with their own children, their partners or with the valet parking dude.

The VictimizedThe Victimized

Jesus loves all the little children of the world.' It was the first time I heard about the name of Jesus. A current of warm waves lashed through my chest when the hymn touched me and a consoling joy filled my wounded heart.

Author: Mary Qian

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781467828819


Page: 256

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"The Victimized" is a truthful and soul-searching story of the life and faith journey of a Catholic from communist China. The story also gives a glimpse on the history of a more than half a century long persecution on the Catholic Church in People's Republic of China. More than just a narrative on religious persecution, this book displays untold circumstances and background of the persecution including behind the scene stories of both the Church and the Government. A Vatican-China relatioship of hostility mold-ed by the conflict between Roman Catholic Hierarchy and the Chinese Communist Authority has been the cause of persecution on the Catholic Church in China and the source of misery in daily life for the faithful. When quite a number of persecuted Catholics had told their heroic experiences, what the author is sharing here are rather true feelings of a persecuted Christian and a twisted soul: human frailty under trials; confusion and loneliness of heart in the dark hours of the soul; painful helplessness of going astray from the Almighty and finally the new recognition of God's wondrous mercy when a rebirth of faith was bestowed. This book is written in view of the Vatican's trasition with dramatic change of its policy toward China and the Church of China under the new Pope Benedict XVI since 2005 which has inevitably led to a reflection on the past, a realistic look on the present, and the hope for a brighter future of the Catholic Church in China. Readers could be brought to a new understanding of the situation and way of life of Catholics living under the communist system of China which is quite different from that of the ex-communist European nations owing to cultural and historical reasons, as well as a new understanding of why the Catholic Church has been the most persecuted amid the nation's political change and turmoil and how faith has prevailed in a communist country in spite of long term hardships of life.

The Impossible Will Take a Little WhileThe Impossible Will Take a Little While

Be an indispensable one for our children's and world's sake. Recognize and honor the sacredness of each and every child. One of the reasons I believe so ... When are we going to wake up and open our hearts? When are we going to act to ...

Author: Paul Rogat Loeb

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780465038589


Page: 432

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More relevant than ever, this seminal collection of essays encourages us to believe in the power of ordinary citizens to change the world In today's turbulent world it's hard not to feel like we're going backwards; after decades of striving, justice and equality still seem like far off goals. What keeps us going when times get tough? How have the leaders and unsung heroes of world-changing political movements persevered in the face of cynicism, fear, and seemingly overwhelming odds? In The Impossible Will Take a Little While, they answer these questions in their own words, creating a conversation among some of the most visionary and eloquent voices of our times. Today, more than ever, we need their words and their wisdom. In this revised edition, Paul Rogat Loeb has comprehensively updated this classic work on what it's like to go up against Goliath -- whether South African apartheid, Mississippi segregation, Middle East dictatorships, or the corporations driving global climate change. Without sugarcoating the obstacles, these stories inspire hope to keep moving forward. Think of this book as a conversation among some of the most visionary and eloquent voices of our times -- or any time: Contributors include Maya Angelou, Diane Ackerman, Marian Wright Edelman, Wael Ghonim, Váav Havel, Paul Hawken, Seamus Heaney, Jonathan Kozol, Tony Kushner, Audre Lorde, Nelson Mandela, Bill McKibben, Bill Moyers, Pablo Neruda, Mary Pipher, Arundhati Roy, Dan Savage, Desmond Tutu, Alice Walker, Cornel West, Terry Tempest Williams, and Howard Zinn.

The State of the World s Children 1984The State of the World s Children 1984

Most important of all, these four simple actions are aimed at the heart of the world's major child health problem-the synergistic alliance of malnutrition and infection which now attacks hundreds of millions of our young children during ...

Author: United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Publisher: United Nations

ISBN: 9789210597302


Page: 138

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Each year, UNICEF’s flagship publication, The State of the Worlds Children, closely examines a key issue affecting children. The report includes supporting data and statistics and is available in English, French and Spanish language versions.

World PeaceWorld Peace

All children are the sons and daughters of the eternal, great life. ... Leaders do not kill the children of the world! ... are the feelings of powerlessness, resignation, indifference and arrogance that take root in people's hearts.

Author: Salomon Alain Mpouma

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973615767


Page: 264

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The author surrounds personal tales with reflections on finding happiness within oneself, including truisms from thinkers like Woodsworth and Gandhi. Mpouma has a lot to say about his life, which has been one of never fitting in. Things took a harsh turn when he was two years old and his father, a candidate for public office in Cameroon, was assassinated. Growing up amid the resulting family turmoil, Mpouma was frequently getting into trouble at home and at school. He bounced around from the homes of his mother, brothers, and foster father, and never felt wanted. During this time, he sensed a connection with his deceased grandfather, known as Oboss, the one who messes things up. Mpouma was comforted and inspired by the memory of his outspoken grandfather and his honesty in family or village meetings. In his twenties, Mpouma won the familys approval by getting married and working at the bank. But his heart wasnt in the marriage, and after he got divorced, that approval disappeared. Mpouma joined Soka Gakkai International (SGI), a Buddhist organization that promotes world peace via achieving personal inner peace. (Excerpt from Kirkus Discoveries, Nielsen Business Media)