In Debt to the MafiaIn Debt to the Mafia

She might think she can say no but I'm in charge now. I'm claiming her. She will submit to me. Today and for the rest of her life. In Debt to the Mafia is a dark romance, first in the Obsessive Mobster series.

Author: Rosa Milano

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9798749746709


Page: 274

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An obsessive mafia hitman. A smalltown girl in debt to the mob. A match made in hell.I owe a debt to a made man. I already knew he was powerful, mysterious, and dangerous. Now I know he's also a ruthless killer and I'm trapped with him. When he takes hold of me, I want to hate him but his touch is making my insides melt.I know I should run from this dark desire but he's just made me an offer I can't refuse. One weekend with him and I earn my freedom. Now I'm being drawn into a new world of delicious lust and burning passion. A world where I don't belong. His world.I need to get away from the coldblooded brute before the flames of desire consume us both. But how can I leave with ropes binding me? He's made it clear. We have an agreement. Two nights with him and my debt is paid.And Leonardo Rossi always collects his debts.In Debt to the Mafia is a standalone full length dark mafia romance novel. It stars a possessive mature hero and a sassy innocent heroine with a sharp tongue. You'll find no cheating and no cliffhangers. It ends with a guaranteed HEA. Be warned, some scenes are not for the faint-hearted.

Between the Mobster and the CEOBetween the Mobster and the CEO

My gambling addict brother went into debt with the mafia and now I have to come up with thousands of dollars so they don't harm him?” I cry out remarking how ridiculous that sounds. “Yes, that's exactly what you should have said!

Author: Nina AM

Publisher: Singapore New Reading Technology Pte Ltd



Page: 136

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Emma Green is being extorted by the mafia, she owes them money and has no way of paying her debt. Alex Ricci, the son of a dangerous mafia leader, makes her an offer: to be his and the debt will be forgotten. Emma refuses the deal and instead she takes a job as the assistant of an arrogant and rude CEO to try to come up with the money. But her situation gets more complicated as she now has to deal with the advances of a mobster and an unusual proposition from her new boss.

Is the End Near Is the End Near

Through its “Belt and Road Initiative,” China uses its wealth and influence to build infrastructure in nations around the world, placing those nations deep in debt. Being in debt to Communist China is like being in debt to the Mafia.

Author: Michael Youssef

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781636410913


Page: 228

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When will the insanity end? This book will answer your questions about end times issues by examining statements that Jesus Himself made about what was to come. You will be encouraged as you anticipate Christ's return. Both inside and outside the church, people are asking the same question: Is this the end of the world? With a global pandemic that has killed millions; nations spending millions of dollars to update their nuclear weapons arsenals; and an increase in fire, floods, plagues, and other natural disasters, Christians and non-Christians alike are concluding that history appears to be drawing to a close. Yet Dr. Michael Youssef says now is not the time to fear. In Is The End Near? Dr. Youssef looks at Jesus' words in Matthew 24 and 25 about the end of civilization and the coming of the one world ruler and examines: Whether the "birth pains" Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 are signs that the end times are near Evidence for potentially apocalyptic events such as asteroid or comet collisions with earth--events that could trigger unprecedented tsunamis and global darkness Whether it's possible for Christians to be deceived by the Antichrist and other false messiahs in the end times The four dimensions of the coming judgment How to live in the hope and security of the Lord's return, even as the world is collapsing around us As believers, we don't have to fear the end. Using God's Word as our guide, we can look toward the future with hope, because we know the One who holds the future in His hands. FOREWORD BY R. T. KENDALL

We re Not Supposed to Tell You Sex Slavery Drugs and Other Secrets of Thailand s Prostitution IndustryWe re Not Supposed to Tell You Sex Slavery Drugs and Other Secrets of Thailand s Prostitution Industry

In Thailand, if your parents borrow money from the mafia, and then they disappear or die, the debt doesn't disappear or die along with them; the debt gets passed on to whoever is most likely to pay it, usually the next-of-kin, ...

Author: Noi Thawattana

Publisher: Noi Thawattana



Page: 38

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Thailand's prostitution industry has secrets, and there's a lot that bargirls aren't supposed to tell. If customers ask, bargirls have to say that they love their jobs, no one is forcing them, they've don't use drugs, they are tested for diseases, and of course they're over eighteen years old. How else can they answer, especially with a boss watching? The truth is often very different from these answers and Thai smiles, and the truth is seldom realized by tourists to Thailand. We're Not Supposed to Tell You details the gritty reality of Thai sex work, including debt slavery, drug addiction, and underage prostitution. It was written by an insider, a former bargirl who now lives in the United States and is no longer afraid to speak out about what bargirls know but most customers don't know or choose not to acknowledge.

The Painted MindThe Painted Mind

... of the other residents of the Corleones' Little Italy neighborhood, he was unwilling to accept Don Corleone's friendship, believing that his newfound paradise would be jeopardized if word got out that he was in debt to the Mafia.

Author: Alfonso Troisi

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199393404


Page: 273

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The Painted Mind combines art and science. Its scientific focus is on the evolutionary study human mind and behavior, and each chapter is inspired by a masterpiece painting, reproduced accurately and in full color. Throughout the book, Dr. Troisi integrates discussion of each painting's artistic significance with theories of the human mind's evolution

Mysterious Deaths and DisappearancesMysterious Deaths and Disappearances

O'Brien himself came under investigation when the police heard he was alleged to be in debt to the Mafia . Union Officials Not wanting to lose their positions within the union if Hoffa were elected president , some union officials may ...

Author: David Southwell

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1404210814


Page: 94

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Examines a variety of mysterious deaths and disappearances including the Amelia Earhart, Chandra Levy, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Tooth TattooThe Tooth Tattoo

With the mafia calling in his gambling debts and the yakuza closing in on his netsuke dealings, and the Vienna police likely to discover the body, his only sensible option had been to disappear. As it turned out, Emi's death was assumed ...

Author: Peter Lovesey

Publisher: Soho Press

ISBN: 9781616952310


Page: 348

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"Ingenious . . . Lovers of good music and a good mystery should not miss this delightful tale." —Washington Post Book World Peter Diamond, head of the Criminal Investigation Division in scenic Bath, England, is investigating the murder of a young woman whose body has been found in the canal, the only clue to her identity a tattoo of a music note on one of her teeth. For Diamond, who wouldn’t know a Stradivarius from a French horn, the investigation is his most demanding ever. Meanwhile, strange things are happening to jobbing violist Mel Farran, who finds himself scouted by a very elite classical quartet—one whose previous violist disappeared without a trace. Despite the mystery shrouding the group, the chance to join is too good to pass up, and Mel finds himself in a cushy residency at Bath Spa University with the quartet—and embroiled in the unusually musical murder investigation. As the story unfolds in fugue-like counterpoint, Peter and Mel both learn frightening secrets about fandom and about what it takes to survive in the cutthroat world of professional musicians.

Satan s PenanceSatan s Penance

Mafia debts are never satisfied, but compensations are in direct proportion to the value of the payments made. I became financially stable, as one might say, in a relatively short period of time.” He takes in a deep breath and stops ...

Author: C. Edward Samuels

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453525944


Page: 238

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In 1963/64, a young sailor; Keith G. Roberts, was chosen, by little more than chance, to covertly 'insert' a spy into Cuba. After intense training he did so, underwater and from a submarine. The CIA/Navy Intel Operation was called "A Dove Among Hawks." Keith served in Vietnam after that as a Covert Action Specialist. After the war he became a COP. He completed a BS and an MS at SIU and then was loaned out to a private organization for a 'mission' that took him to Sicily, Rome, Portugal, Maine, Maryland and to hell and back! Some thirty years later, he tells his new wife of this adventure: "Satan's Penance" reflects some of the evil man is capable of.

Secrets to Live in Vietnam on 500 a MonthSecrets to Live in Vietnam on 500 a Month

You can easily wind up in debt to the mafia, or in a Vietnamese prison, or both. 8. Don't pay with credit cards or debit cards. Fraud is rife, and how will you get a replacement card when you're in Vietnam? 9. Don't drive any vehicles.

Author: Elly Thuy Nguyen

Publisher: Elly Thuy Nguyen



Page: 60

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Live well for $500 a month Vietnam has warm weather, fast internet, cheap, modern apartments, great food, and low prices on everything. In Vietnam, you're not just living cheaply, but living very well for very little money. Whether you're a digital nomad, a long-term traveller, a location-independent entrepreneur, a retiree, or all of the above, and whether your budget is $500 a month or $1,000 a month or $5,000 a month, Vietnam is a great place for you to live. A good meal costs $1, a month of mobile data costs $5, and seeing the doctor costs $3 It's easy to live well in Vietnam. But there's not much information out there about Vietnam. Most digital nomads go to Thailand. Vietnam is actually a much better and cheaper option. Take it from Elly I'm Elly Nguyen, author of the acclaimed My Saigon series of travel guidebooks to Vietnam. In my books, I've shown thousands of travelers the best of Vietnam. Now I want to help digital nomads and others who may be interested in longer stays in Vietnam. Inside info to make your stay a success Prices of everything from meals to massages to apartments Secret three words for finding an apartment for the Vietnamese local price A typical digital nomad's day in Vietnam Being a solo woman in Vietnam Why Vietnamese people like me don't ride motorcycles around town Making (useful) Vietnamese friends and dating Vietnamese girls or guys The lowdown on dealing with government and police How not to find yourself wearing concrete boots in the Saigon river Language tips Reasons you might not like Vietnam This is a complete inside guide to living in Vietnam, with local information to help you decide whether you want to move here, and to make your stay a great one.