I Can Make You Feel GoodI Can Make You Feel Good

In speaking of his work, Mitchell cites an "affirmation in blackness and a unifying visual text of hope." This joyful collection is evidence that Mitchell is well on his way to accomplishing all that and more.

Author: Tyler Mitchell

Publisher: Prestel Publishing

ISBN: 3791386085


Page: 208

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In his first published monograph, Tyler Mitchell, America's most exciting young fashion photographer, imagines what a black utopia could look like. Even before becoming the first African American photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue in September 2018 with an iconic portrait of Beyoncé, Tyler Mitchell was making a name for himself as a photographer and video director focusing on youth culture and racial identity. Now, in his first book, Mitchell brings a utopian hopefulness to his images of African Americans, both famous and not. Vibrant, candy-hued palettes and glowing natural light are the hallmark of Mitchell's work. His subjects appear mostly outdoors, in idyllic natural settings or on gritty urban streets. Among the photos presented in the book are those he shot in Cuba, where he traveled to document Havana's emerging skateboard scene, as well as collaborations with Marc Jacobs, American Eagle, and Converse. A sought-after portraitist, his subjects include Amandla Stenberg, Ashton Sanders, Aweng Chuol, KiKi Layne, and Stephan James. In speaking of his work, Mitchell cites an "affirmation in blackness and a unifying visual text of hope." This joyful collection is evidence that Mitchell is well on his way to accomplishing all that and more.

Riviera CocktailRiviera Cocktail

This new edition of his Riviera Cocktail has all the fabulous and fascinating ingredients of the era: movie stars and starlets, gamblers and musicians, business magnates and faded nobility -- captured out and about on the sparkling Riviera ...

Author: Edward Quinn

Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company

ISBN: 3961713103


Page: 216

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150 photographs from the shimmering 1950s on the Côte d'Azur. Stars and celebrities on the street, at gala evenings, and in private moments. The finest vintage images from a total portfolio of over 100,000 negatives.

Ordinary SoulsOrdinary Souls

Come on, let's go into the back so you can properly declare your love to me. ... You're certainly good enough for it.” Mitchell, Tyler, Ears, and Aaron were all members of a band called the Indigo Apes who mostly played Friday nights at ...

Author: J.S. Bailey

Publisher: BHC Press/Open Window



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Sixteen ordinary souls. Sixteen not-so-ordinary tales. Ordinary Souls is an anthology about ordinary people. This new collection from J. S. Bailey features an archaeologist in the future who meets a resurrected woman from long ago, a spaceship crew stranded on a distant world, a wealthy divorcee whose love of antiques turns her life into a living nightmare, and much more. Featuring nine new stories and seven previously-published stories including “Vapors” and “Weary Traveler,” which appear in print for the first time.

Amid the Ashes and the DustAmid the Ashes and the Dust

Clay Mitchell. land, we haven't had a hard enough rain to know what it's gonna do. Hell, it could be a damned river by now. ... The tornado is long gone, but if it'll make you feel better, I'll stop here and wait for it to slow down.

Author: Clay Mitchell


ISBN: 9781475988079


Page: 352

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Deep in the piney woods of East Texas, a sprawling reservoir waits. Below its surface, something vile has been hidden for over forty years, but the tragic explosion of Space Shuttle Columbia ignites a chain of events that brings old secrets to the surface-for Tyler Morgan, in particular. Leaving his faith behind, Tyler left for the Texas coast years ago to escape the constant reminders of his tragic mistake, only to be drawn back by news of his mother's terminal illness. Things have not changed in East Texas. Tyler's friends and the surrounding inhabitants are still just as dysfunctional as they were when he left, and he soon finds himself thrust into an unwanted battle with the ruthless Radcliffe family. Following the death of his mother, Tyler must fight to protect his family's land, and to free the woman he has always loved, trapped in an abusive marriage. When events turn against him, Tyler-beaten and exhausted-finally surrenders his will. His rise from the valley begins when a letter from his dead mother gives him the courage to get back up. With his faith restored, Tyler accepts a diving assignment in the reservoir, intended to salvage pieces of Columbia. Aided by the gift of his afflicted brother, and with the help of his old friend, Deputy Karl Dupree, the mysteries of his past begin to unravel, and he discovers secrets in the water that, one by one, will free his heart and finally bring justice to his small part of the world.

Web Mapping IllustratedWeb Mapping Illustrated

Using Open Source GIS Toolkits Tyler Mitchell. There are some proactive ways to get access to data. If your project needs a certain type of data and you can help meet the objectives of the custodian as well, it might be a good idea to ...

Author: Tyler Mitchell

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9780596008659


Page: 349

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Provides information on how to create custom maps from tools available over the Internet.


I can stay.” Jerry kept repeating. “Jerr, you got smacked pretty hard.” Wally said. “Thanks – I hadn't realized. ... It was red ...beet red. “Go find Doc. Mitchell.” Tyler called over to the empty bench, and then raised his hands in ...

Author: Peter A. Lamana, Ed.D.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503510319


Page: 288

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The Civil War is finally over, and the survivors have returned to their lives to try to rebuild. There was very little time for rest and relaxation. Nothing can be truer for the people of the small country town of Mystic. However, something has come to Mystic with the survivors...a game called Base Ball. For many years the people of Mystic have indulged themselves in various kinds of stick-and-ball games...everything from cricket to rounders, to something called Muffin Ball, but none of the games were ever popular enough to become organized...until Base Ball. As the residents of Mystic struggle establish their own Base Ball club, they discover that Base Ball is taking over the nation by storm. With a faithful group of town leaders, a retired Judge, and several veterans, Mystic finds that it is ahead of the storm, instead of getting caught up in it. As the town team forms, and a simple league with other small towns is established, the Mystic town folk enjoy watching their very own team playing this “city game” their way...making mistakes, fumbling over the bases, and arguing with...everyone, the people of Mystic become a true base ball town. Then when captain of the Drummers contacts the Mystic team with a request to come to Mystic to play a fun exhibition game on the Fourth of July, the initial thought was one of reservation...the Drummers were a traveling team of colored players. To the people of Mystic, a town that sided with the Northern Union forces, the prospect of playing a colored “barnstorming” team was cause to celebrate a game that changed the town of Mystic forever.

The Freemason and Masonic Illustrated A Weekly Record of Progress in FreemasonryThe Freemason and Masonic Illustrated A Weekly Record of Progress in Freemasonry

I have reached the culminating point of those who are its members , I feel exceedingly pleased they Freemasons ... J. Mitchell was afterwards admitted , and initiated inThe toast of " The Health of the Right Worshipful Bro . great truth ...



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