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The same to Dr. Jim Chambers for his encouragement, support, patience, and faith in this work, as his wife, Lynette, and sister-in- law Janice, spent many long hours drafting, writing, and compiling the story line of Chasing Rainbows.

Author: Lynette Chambers

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781613796610


Page: 372

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In one earth shattering moment, Sheldon Henry Stottz's near perfect life is changed forever. The influenza epidemic of 1918 had already taken many lives, but now it had resulted in the untimely death of his wife, Lila and their newborn, Rose. In what seemed like a single breath, the people Sheldon Henry loved the most where gone, and his rock-solid faith shaken to the core. Why was God letting this happen? What had he done to deserve such agony, such utter pain? "I've always been faithful." he thought, "I have always believed."Just when he thought things could not get worse, they did. At the graveside service of his beloved family, Sheldon Henry is suddenly arrested on suspicion of being a German spy. "This can't be happening." he thought, "Not here. Not now."Still in shock over the deaths of his beloved family, he is ripped away and immediately transported to a military prison for questioning."Why God?" "What have I done to deserve this?" "Is this a test?" "Is there something you are trying to teach me?" "Have I done something wrong?" "Tell me, Father, please tell me."In the days that follow, Sheldon Henry is tested to the limits of his personal and spiritual endurance. His confusion over what has happened, and the isolation of prison, only amplify his unbearable sense of loss. He dreams of Lila. Her voice. Her tender touch. She is always on his mind even though he knows she is gone forever.Shortly after his release from prison, Sheldon stumbles upon a young woman in tears. She's deeply broken, and while trying to offer some comfort, Sheldon suddenly realizes that God has spared him for a purpose; a purpose he would perhaps soon understand.AuthorsLynette Chambers & Janice Lee

Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows It is while I am in Ash's kitchen that the idea comes to me . An arranged marriage could be a very good thing . For a parent , that is ... Rose is full of plans and schemes and dreams . Everyone in her life needs to be ...

Author: Julia Clarke

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0192753266


Page: 176

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It seems simple to Rose. Her mum is creative but chaotic. Ash's dad is organized but uninspired. They say opposites attract - so it's got to be a recipe for wedded bliss.It seems like a perfect scheme.But throw into the mix two unexpected cousins, a suspicious party invitation, a transatlantic crisis, a helpful poetry professor, and an injured dancer - and somehow it's not surprising that things don't turn out quite as Rose has planned!

Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

... the Fates Teasing the Furies Inspiring the Muses Dancing with the Sphinx:Waltz Dancing with the Sphinx :Tango Dancing with the Sphinx:Foxtrot Chasing Rainbows The Care and Feeding of Your Elder God (Forthcoming) The Wayfarers A Land ...

Author: Jonathan Edward Feinstein

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365219559



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Something is happening and it seems to involve all the rainbows in the world and rainbows are the essential tools of many deities. So when Jael finds a lost and confused messenger goddess from the Hawaiian pantheon wandering among the limbs of the Norse World tree, Yggdrasil and Iris, the personal message bearer of the Roman goddess Juno is nowhere to be found, someone is going to have to investigate.

Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows


Author: Ben Dobson

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781803138701


Page: 200

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“ A very funny book…I laughed out loud. And very relatable too. As this book captures perfectly, sport can be a strange and frustrating mistress” Stuart Broad MBE Have you ever wondered if you have your sport / life balance out of kilter? Have you forgotten that in life’s rich tapestry your team’s last minute, VAR assisted defeat at Burnley really matters not a jot and letting this ruin your, and your family’s, weekend is a rather charmless and pointless thing to do? Are you concerned that for something which is supposed to be life-enhancing entertainment following sport seems to deliver rather a lot of frustration and disappointment? Or did its disappearance in the maelstrom of a global pandemic have you reassessing and yearning for its return? Chasing Rainbows is a reflection on a life dominated by sport. Revisiting some of the most exciting and, more frequently, soul-destroying moments in English sport in the last half century, it seeks to make sense of the dichotomy that although being an English sports fan can occasionally enhance a life’s enjoyment, it primarily delivers nothing but pain, frustration and disappointment, leaving the unaffected baffled as to why we let something we can’t control dominate our life’s experience. It is a personal story of pathological obsession, but is perhaps yours too? It is for all those who recognise this condition and have had their mood ruined for a day, a week, a month or a year, to a totally inappropriate extent, by their addiction to their teams or their heroes and by some perceived sporting ‘disaster’. Chasing Rainbows is a humorous attempt to assess the role sport should, and does, play in our lives.

Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

So although I chased this rainbow for a while when I was younger, I eventually realised it's not a rainbow with any long ... It is up to us to discover which rainbows are the right ones and which ones are causing us more harm than good.

Author: G E Larrisey


ISBN: 9781326216030


Page: 194

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Chasing Rainbows is the story of a little boy with complex special needs, one of which is autism. It tells of the struggle and heart ache trying to fight the special education needs system, which takes far too long. Over a two year period our son's self esteem and confidence were shattered through lack of understanding, and the mainstream school approach. While his little life was full of anxiety and confusion, ours too became increasingly frustrating and heart breaking, thus affecting a whole family. This story also tells of my own decision to set certain things aside while I fought for my son as he needed my full attention. My aim with this story is to increase autism awareness or, for those whose lives autism has already touched, that they are not on their own. There is always a rainbow after a storm.

Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

Finding the End of Your Rainbow Is Not Always Simple. Pamela Le Bailly. 'P2-.m(eL1 Le Bailly 'bu ip ~~ \ ~ “ /Q 6};/,'..v/,1///4 Finding the End of Your Rainbow ls Not Always Simple. Chasing Rainbows Finding the End of Your Rainbow Is ...

Author: Pamela Le Bailly

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781618978806


Page: 348

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In 1940 when London bombing begins Jean Shapwick is evacuated to Cornwall. After her own parents are killed she is adopted by foster parents, falls in love with their son David and marries him. David's best friend Tom is devoted to Jean, but realizes his love is not returned. As David restlessly strives to acquire wealth, he tires of family life in the country and disappears abroad leaving Jean with two small children. David's best friend Tom finds love with Jean. David returns to Cornwall only to leave for another country when he discovers Jean no longer wants him in her life. He finds new love and settles down with his growing family until tragedy intervenes. Meanwhile the next generation find the actions of their elders threaten to destroy their own fragile futures, until David's second wife reveals the truth and enables his son to find the end of his own rainbow.This story follows members of Jean?s family from Cornwall, England to South Africa and America.

Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

There was no comparison at all with Hong Kong where people had chased me and made a big fuss of me! ... and antagonism between the Gibraltarians and Spaniards and many of our friends were surprised that 16 Chasing Rainbows La Gianni.

Author: Ana Lydia Armstrong


ISBN: 9781291978162


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CHASING RAINBOWS' shows that retirement is only the beginning of a new way of living which can be full and exciting. Your children are grown-up and busy. You have no more responsibilities, and time in your hands to at last do all you have wanted to and never did. Starting with a new home in Spain, this second part of Ana Lydia's memoirs is a continuation of the activities that have become her lifestyle. Travelling all over the world, this is a sentimental journey to all the countries she had lived before and all the changes she found there. From Brazil and a fascinating story of Macumba (black magic), to stories of the strength and courage to keep going in spite of big drawbacks.

Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

Daron Kenneth. Chasing Rainbows DARON KENNETH AuthorHouseTM 1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, IN 47403 Phone:1 (800)839-8640.

Author: Daron Kenneth

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781546256724


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Chasing Rainbows is a collection of poetry and microstories that shares the author’s interests, including life, love, friendship, and nature. The book takes the reader on an often real and surreal ride through the mindscape of the author’s soul.

Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

Dorothy Fortune. Chasing Rainbows Dorothy Fortune Copyright © 2018 Dorothy Fortune. All rights reserved. No part.

Author: Dorothy Fortune

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504314213


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Rose Faraday is a prodigy who has already endured a challenging childhood in one horrible foster care situation after another. After the young woman ventures to Paris one weekend and enters a nightclub with her foster sister and others, she is completely unaware that she will soon be intertwined with a handsome billionaire banker on the dance floor. Thirty-two-year-old Louis Lafette prides himself on not being like his playboy brother. But when he meets Rose, he cannot contain himself as his libido takes over. Even after Rose rejects him and his alleged womanizing ways and returns to London, Louis knows he will have her one day. As Louis sets out to attain her at any cost, he shows up on her doorstep with a bouquet of flowers, only to be rejected again. While Rose makes plans to travel to Australia, she reconnects with William Wendall, a business acquaintance who wants more. As an all-out-competition for Roses heart begins, she uncovers a truth about her past that takes her down a path she can only hope leads her to her happily-ever-after. Chasing Rainbows shares the tale of a young womans journey through lust and love as she faces her past, reveals a shocking truth, and learns that she is stronger than she ever imagined.