Stuck In Neutral How to Achieve Success by Living Life in DriveStuck In Neutral How to Achieve Success by Living Life in Drive

you live life in drive by living life in purpose, you are guaranteed success. When you live your life in the purpose that God created you to live, everything you do should line up with that purpose, which is His will.

Author: Cortney Westbrook

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312755802



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Stuck In Neutral is a Biblically-based self help and personal development book. It teaches you how to put your life in the gear of drive by becoming the version of yourself who is capable of achieving success and living a full, happy life. These are the principles that took Cortney Westbrook from college dropout to award-winning graphic designer, national radio host, published author and serial entrepreneur. If you take these principles of success and apply them to your life, it is guaranteed that you will be successful and fulfill your lifelong dreams. Now is the time to LIVE IN DRIVE! In this book you will learn how to identify your gift and discover your purpose, build success with "God-confidence", maximize your greatest asset-YOU, use failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, overcome fear, and more.

Live a Life of Virtual SuccessLive a Life of Virtual Success

This has to be done in relation to your reason for living. Find out the purpose of your life and then you can view your actions and reactions within that purpose. All Religions of the World have as one of their tenets 'The Brotherhood ...

Author: Philip Rochford

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595293971


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Live a life of "Virtual" Success shows you how to design and live the life you want. You will not attempt to build a house without a plan. Your life is much more important than a house, so you should get a blueprint for it. This book gives you that blueprint for your life that you can refer to over and over again. It will show you how to make those vital dreams come true, so that you can be happy and fulfilled. Your blueprint identifies the major success factors necessary to design and create your future. It shows you: how-to determine if you really want to change what is happening in your life. how-to underscore that your new life is possible and to set your priorities. how-to take appropriate action on your vision to move from speaking and thinking of it, to living and accomplishing it. You will discover how to move into action to release your uniqueness. Also, it will show you how to choose the personal success strategies that can release your full potential, deliver the vision you have for your life, and be the best that you can be.

The Perfect Guide of Success Secrets How to Become Successful In LifeThe Perfect Guide of Success Secrets How to Become Successful In Life

Successful have learn to love their life around purpose. Successful people are purpose driven. Unsuccessful people live their life outside their purpose, they try to do many things they are not created to do as a result become ...

Author: Lisa Martin

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9780359277636



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The Secrets of Success There would be no success without failure, because success does not happen overnight. There is so much work and so many steps that need to be taken in order to become successful in any area of our lives. The important is to be aware all the time. The journey to success will be always impregnated with risks, decisions to make, ideas to put into action, setbacks, unexpected obstacles and even sabotage from other people or yourself. When we see the danger ahead and we are not prepared to face the failure, we might end up self-sabotaging our own careers or relationships or goals just to avoid the disappointment. That is a mechanism of coping with failure that means avoiding failure and preventing it to happen by staying away from the risks. It means playing it safe. It means fear.

God s Road Map for GradsGod s Road Map for Grads

I want to live my life on purpose—the purpose that You created me for. I want to enjoy eternal rewards, not just earthly ones. Help me to accept each opportunity You give me to do life Your way so that my success brings honor to You.

Author: David Bordon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446561020


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An inspiring, practical A-Z guide for encouraging graduates as they confront chaotic life change, this volume is full of time-tested truths that will spark godly journeys into life, making readers confident and excited about what lies ahead.

Life Leadership Model for Success and GreatnessLife Leadership Model for Success and Greatness

Purpose shows you how to live in the world while destiny shows you where you will end if you live that way. No man or woman can destroy a person's destiny or purpose. Purpose is in the mind of the Creator and destiny depends on the ...

Author: Effiom Effiong


ISBN: 9781456633202


Page: 208

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The Life Leadership Model is a leadership philosophy that primarily deals with the leader's self-awareness, self-control and self-expression. It is an Inside-Out leadership perspective that covers the different spheres of a leader's existence and manifestations. The book, which is divided into four quadrants, considers every aspect of leadership. The first quadrant deals with the leader's personality and composition. It answers the question: Who are You? The second quadrant takes care of the leader's assignment. You cannot be a leader if you don't know your specific assignment. It answers the question: Why are You here? The third quadrant deals with the process the leader is expected to carry out his or her assignment. It addresses the question: How were you designed and expected to live? The fourth quadrant looks at how to serve your clients and beneficiaries with your assignment. This addresses the question: How should you serve others? In the book you will learn how to be transformed from being a follower into a dynamic leader; how to discover your purpose and fulfil your destiny; how to deploy your resources to achieve maximum results; and how to be happy and great in any endeavour you embark on.

Success as a Way of LifeSuccess as a Way of Life

Would you like to live on planet Earth with other people, but be placed in a see through bubble where you could not talk ... For the purpose of this lesson and living success as a way of life socially, we will focus on the recreational, ...

Author: AJ Rolls

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781698707631


Page: 210

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Success as a way of life is a philosophy created by Dr. Rolls. This is a philosophical approach to living your life fully each day, with purpose, coupled with being a positive contributing member of society and doing your part, big or small, to help make the world a better place to live in, beginning with you. After completing this book and adopting, "success as a way of life." you will be able to say, yes!! The world is a better place because you are here.

Great Success Formula for LifeGreat Success Formula for Life

And see, you will be a Great Successful Person. Use your talents with freedom, joy, love and dedication, To selflessly serve society and give purpose to your life. Don't live a life without selflessly serving society, By living a ...

Author: Sudarshan Pukale

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781947429796


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Do you aspire to become a great successful person and lead a great successful life by balancing both material and spiritual success? If yes, then, Mahan Yash-Sutra is for you. Here are the key points you can get from this book: The difference between success and great success. The formula for great success. The process of checking your progress. Questions you need to ask yourself: What you need to be, have, use, do, and account for and how you need to develop yourself. The seven areas of self-development.

Five Keys to Success in LifeFive Keys to Success in Life

Often your circumstances and where you live have a big impact on what your purpose is for a particular season in life. Your natural talents and desires are also often related to your purpose. As you grow and develop these, ...

Author: Nathan Berry

Publisher: Nathan Berry




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To different people success can mean different things. Defining success in life is a broad topic. Is it wealth? Happiness? Good health? A big happy family? Achieving your goals and aspirations? Living to an old age? It could be all, some or none of these things. It depends on what success in life means to you. But whatever success means to you, if you put the 5 actionable keys in this eBook into practice, you will achieve your definition of success in life.

The Journey Of Life Making It A Success The Journey Of Life Making It A Success

people to illusion you to live a life to fit into what they think success is. ... However, I will say being a successful individual is being able to fulfill or accomplish the purpose assigned to mankind as stated in the earlier pages; ...

Author: Stanley Coffie

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781794865341



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Life is a Journey - so are all the activities found in our passage of time. Sometimes you see people that are doing so well in all the areas of their lives. You would call that a perfect life and wonder how such life exists. They are perfect in their marital life, their career, social lives, and all other journeys in life that they pursue. You don't need to wonder anymore. "The Journey of Life (Making It A Success)" can help you to understand how everything came to being, who you are, where you want to go and what you need to get you there, and to even know the purpose for pursuing the height you want to reach. Get a copy and take control of your life. Thank you.

Success or Death Leave No Room For Any Life In BetweenSuccess or Death Leave No Room For Any Life In Between

From the very beginning, successful people figure out what life they want to live, what impact they want to make and what ... sometimes of not more than twenty words guides your values and provide you with your life purpose and compass.

Author: Franklin C. Obiagwu

Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing

ISBN: 9781603835817


Page: 244

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This book will blow your mind away. Is there anyone out there that still believe that some things are not possible within the laws of God and man? This book will once and for all put your doubts to death. How to unravel the mystery to the extraordinary life is no longer a secret. It is spelled out with absolute clarity in this book. This book will show you how to perish every thought of failure and turn your mind into a success machine by moving you deliberately in the direction that leads to wealth, happiness and the extraordinary life. Above all, it will show you how to experience the life you have always dreamed about. This book is a major store of power – it gives you the strength to deliver at the point where most people fail; the courage to claim your victories day after day no matter the barriers along the way and provides you the inner motivation to thrive under pressure and perform at peak levels indefinitely. With this book as a guide, you can surmount any obstacle, overcome any challenge and achieve any goal in life.