How to Fight FATflammation How to Fight FATflammation

" In How to Fight FATflammation Shemek reveals her revolutionary three-week program that helps reboot your body chemistry by returning your body's fat cells back to their natural, healthy state.

Author: Lori Shemek, PhD

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062347558


Page: 304

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From a leading voice in health, nutrition, and fat-cell research comes a radical and revolutionary approach to losing weight, looking great, and achieving optimum health—simply by restoring your body's fat cells to their natural state. Are you consistently overweight, no matter what you do? Have you tried everything? Are you plagued by stubborn fat hanging around your hips, thighs, and belly? Well, there's a reason for that. All those frustratingly pointless diets and exercise regimes have failed to address the root cause of weight gain. According to Dr. Lori Shemek, a successful diet isn't centered on calories or cardio. She says, "Cutting calories doesn't cut it." Our problems with fat are created because we eat foods that cause the body's natural fat cells to become inflamed. Sadly, the staples of the Standard American Diet—from pasta and bread to factory-farmed chicken and cattle, from sugar and artificial sweeteners to salad dressing and soft drinks—irritate our fat cells, causing chronic inflammation and chronically oversized fat cells. This irritation causes the body to store fat permanently, no matter how hard you exercise or how diligently you cut back on calories. Dr. Shemek calls this serious condition FATflammation, and only when you decrease the inflammation of the fat cells can you achieve the weight loss and optimum health you've been chasing. We need to forget about counting calories, counting points, fad diets, no-fat diets, and spending countless hours at the gym. There is a better and more satisfying way to lose the fat and maintain your desired weight. "If we want to fix our problems with fat," Shemek writes, "we need to reduce the inflammation in our fat cells." In How to Fight FATflammation Shemek reveals her revolutionary three-week program that helps reboot your body chemistry by returning your body's fat cells back to their natural, healthy state. In the process, she explains the critical importance of maintaining balance between good fats (omega-3) and bad fats (omega-6) and how a proper ratio of both will help boost your metabolism; in short, your body will burn fat simply by your eating the right kinds of fat. She also helps you eliminate from your diet the dreaded FATflammation Four—sugar, refined grains, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Here's your chance to shrink your fat cells and get the body you always wanted.

The Ketogenic KeyThe Ketogenic Key

The definitive book about all things keto!

Author: Lori Shemek


ISBN: 1735055301



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The definitive book about all things keto! Best-selling author Lori Shemek, PhD (Fire Up Your Fat Burn! and How to Fight FATflammation) and keto coach Steve Welch, CFNC, go BEYOND the ketogenic diet to teach you 4 techniques of The Ketogenic Key lifestyle to successfully achieve and maintain ketosis! Ketosis is the "Key" to unlock a treasure trove of extensive benefits to your health, energy levels, physical performance, and well-being.Delve into The Ketogenic Key as it comprehensively explains these 4 keto hacks: (1) ketogenic nutrition(2) intermittent fasting(3) ketone supplementation(4) exercise and activityWith The Ketogenic Key, you will learn how keto lifestyle techniques, with and without ketogenic dieting, can supercharge the following: ?fat loss?fitness and athletic performance?cognition and mental health?immune system function?longevity?heart health?respiratory function?help fight cancer?and much more! The Ketogenic Key discusses how ketosis can help you manage, halt - and possibly even reverse - type 2 diabetes. And it will help guide your low-carb and keto meal planning, thanks to a comprehensive section of delicious recipes and food ideas, including lists of what to eat and what not to eat! The authors also discuss why ketones are more than just a fuel source by breaking down how ketones serve as signaling molecules in the body to help suppress inflammation, fight reactive oxygen species, and optimize gene expression and DNA repair. The Ketogenic Key techniques are backed by science and research, and the authors include a comprehensive section that highlights scientific articles, clinical trials, and reviews, and summarizes the key takeaways of more than 140 ground-breaking scientific and medical studies!

The Age Well PlanThe Age Well Plan

... and the best-selling author of How to Fight FATflammation! Her latest book,
The Beginners' Guide to Intermittent Fasting, is available on Kindle. Lori's work
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intermittent ...

Author: Susan Saunders

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349425528


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The Age-Well Project dived deep into the science of ageing well, and authors Annabel and Susan explained how they overhauled their own lives to prioritise healthy longevity. In The Age-Well Plan, Susan draws on almost a decade of extensive research into healthy longevity and her experience as a health coach to give you the tools you need to live your own age-well life. Her simple, clear and easy-to-follow six-week plan will show you how to make changes -- small and large -- to support healthy ageing, and prioritise the changes most appropriate for your body, lifestyle and circumstances. The first week of the plan guides you to understand your goals as you age and explains how to evaluate your current health and risk factors, in order to devise a bespoke plan for your body and brain. The subsequent weeks focus on the key elements of healthy ageing -- diet, exercise, sleep, engagement and the environment -- to help you build a personalised plan that will kickstart your age-well life.

U S News World ReportU S News World Report

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