How They Made ItHow They Made It

Careers can disappear just as quickly as they're made , so I'm in no hurry . I just want to do my thing , and whoever wants to get aboard , we'll do it .

Author: Dan Kimpel

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 0634076426


Page: 198

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Everyone comes from somewhere: How They Made It is a savvy insider's tale that traces the career trajectories of a cross section of top selling recording artists, puncturing the mythologies of the music business to reveal the truths within. Hard work and persistence are the common themes, dispelling the notion of "overnight success." Artists covered include Jim Brickman, Green Day, Norah Jones, Maroon5, John Mayer, Alanis Morissette, OutKast, Rufus Wainright and Lee Ann Womack. * Author is well-known writer for Music Connection magazine, the best source for music business news published from Los Angeles.

See How It s MadeSee How It s Made

manila hemp fbres yarn Manilla rope doesn't soak up sea water so it's often used on boats. 4 Making loose strands The fibres are 5 More combing The fibres ...

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9781405335959


Page: 96

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You probably pick up a pencil every day: but have you ever wondered how it’s actually made? From chocolate bars to violins, See How It’s Made lifts the lid on all kinds of everyday objects, foods and toys, revealing the amazing ways they are designed and manufactured. Venture behind the scenes right into the heart of busy factories to see the step-by-step processes that turn sand into glass, give a football its bounce and squeeze toothpaste into a tube. You’ll even find out how this book was put together!

A Black Woman Made ItA Black Woman Made It

Sleeping in front of business people made it look bad. They made them wear. You didn't want to go buy nothing in that store, giving the homeless people a ...

Author: Shenita Daniel

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781643501567


Page: 42

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The best attitude and award-winner: I learned how to make it on my own with Jesus. A smile on my face and every day, I tell myself, I can make it. I'm a strong black woman. I keep my head up, and I never give up on life. That is why I pray. I keep myself covered in the blood of Jesus. It was hard, but it was fair. Thank You.

How I Made it OverHow I Made it Over

She didn't have toys or anything for us to play with, so we would use these big tires in the lot to roll each other in to make us some fun, but she would ...

Author: Patricia Wedlington

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781645840381


Page: 50

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God inspired me to write this book to show people the miracles He is able to perform in our lives, by doing what we thought was impossible and bless you at the same time. So I pray that this book will be an encouragement and blessing to someone’s life who feel like they’re failures. In life can’t be put back together, or someone who believe their current situation can’t be turned around. I give all the glory to God because I couldn’t do it without Him.

We Made ItWe Made It

So workers mixed the clay with other things to make better soil. Then they dropped it back into the hole. Then there was another problem.

Author: Lisa Benjamin

Publisher: High Noon Books

ISBN: 9781571289100


Page: 48

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How are the Great Pyramid, the Three Gorges Dam, and the International Space Station alike? This high-interest nonfiction series includes reading experiences in five content areas: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, History/Social Studies, Technology, and Careers. It introduces grades 4-8 content-area vocabulary in a medium that struggling readers can master. Read-UP! with 3 levels of readability. Each level (set of 5 books) contains a book from the five content areas, so a student can keep reading in one content area if he or she prefers.

Made It in ChinaMade It in China

We then give the candidates a screening interview to make sure they actually have the experience that is outlined on their resume. It is amazing how many ...

Author: Cann Simon

Publisher: Simon Cann

ISBN: 9780956117700


Page: 292

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Nine entrepreneurs talk about how they grew their companies in China. Their stories are both practical and entertaining, combining firsthand anecdotes about the challenges they faced and how these were met.

Who the Devil Made ItWho the Devil Made It

heartless and ruthless and I hope they rot in hell for it—and they will. The things they've done to people. And he's an example. But there's lots of others.

Author: Peter Bogdanovich

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307817457


Page: 864

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“A must have for any film nut.”—Details Peter Bogdanovich, award-winning director, screenwriter, actor and critic, interviews 16 legendary directors over a 15-year period. Their richly illuminating conversations combine to make this a riveting chronicle of Hollywood and picture making. Join him in conversations with: Robert Aldrich • George Cukor • Allan Dwan • Howard Hanks • Alfred Hitchcock • Chuck Jones • Fritz Lang • Joseph H. Lewis • Sidney Lumet • Leo McCarey • Otto Preminger • Don Siegel • Josef von Sternberg • Frank Tashlin • Edgar G. Ulmer • Raoul Walsh NOTE: This edition does not include photographs. Praise for Who the Devil Made It “Illuminating . . . These were (and sometimes are: a few yet breathe) men rooted in history as much as in Hollywood. Their collected memories make the past look fearfully rich beside a present that is poverty-stricken in everything except money.”—The New Yorker “Bogdanovich is one of America’s finest writers on the cinema. . . . Thank goodness [his] Who the Devil Made It has come along to remind us that films and writing about film were, at one time, focused on the work and not strictly on the bottom line.”—The Boston Globe “A treasure trove on the craft of directing.”—Newsday “Monumental . . . The directors’ reminiscences about technique, working methods, sources of ideas, and relationships with actors and studios are thoroughly entertaining.”—Publishers Weekly “A fine achievement that helps illuminate the art and craft of some remarkable directors . . . There are plenty of revealing anecdotes.”—Kirkus Reviews

Explorers Who Made It Or Died TryingExplorers Who Made It Or Died Trying

They were keen to find the northerly route to the spice lands of the East. They heard about Hudson, his exploits and his joblessness, and they made him an ...

Author: Frieda Wishinsky

Publisher: Scholastic Canada

ISBN: 9781443100106


Page: 156

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Discover why each of these 12 intrepid explorers risked everything to conquer the great unknown. Explorers have transformed the world with their curiosity. But with great knowledge comes great responsibility, and thriving on adventure has often lead to great danger. The explorers profiled here will give younger readers a fascinating survey of the history of this most dramatic of pastimes. The themes that are explored are: what motivated these explorers? What were they looking for, and what did they actually find? How did their journeys change their lives and the lives of the people they met? The explorers included are: Samuel de Champlain Marco Polo Henry Hudson Christopher Columbus James Cook Hernán Cortés Lewis and Clark John Franklin Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson Roald Amundsen

Almost Made ItAlmost Made It

They made it clear that the faculty member had to be totally versed in the basic technical skills of competitive skating. I was the only one competent in ...

Author: Reginald Haché

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477132203


Page: 114

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If you've ever experienced stage fright, this is a "must read" dissertation on the subject of controlling one's emotions during concert performances. You will find methods in this book, circumventing this debilitating problem, enabling you to find the confidence necessary to be able to give competent and enjoyable piano recitals in public. You will also discover why this method, which was so effective during the days of the great composers and performers of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, was so adamantly recommended to colleagues and their own piano students. In fact, some of these great composers went so far as to be very critical of performers avoiding the old fashioned method of performance for the more theatrical musical presentation introduced by Franz Liszt. Whatever the case is, keep in mind that "Stage fright can be hazardous to one's ability to perform in public". This book should give you an optional method to get the job done, so to speak, and make public performance a joy, rather than a terrifying experience you may never want to repeat during your life time. R. W. Hache

Look Ma We Made It Look Ma We Made It

They rushed inside to help Mom, only to find them-selves standing there with ... After Mom and baby were made comfortable, it was time for Dad to relax.

Author: Thelma A. P. Krzyszton

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475927843


Page: 96

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"Look Ma We Made It", is an amusing and moving tribute to the author's parents. Her childhood is fondly recalled, with plenty of heart-warming episodes to chuckle over. Thelma writes with humor and paints vivid portraits of herself and of many colorful personalities she encountered along the way.

Biblical Dysfunctional Families That Made It and Now So Can You No More Excuses Biblical Dysfunctional Families That Made It and Now So Can You No More Excuses

He moved to Queens, New York City, and they made a killing there. He had to leave North Carolina. His father was too powerful not to find him, ...

Author: Sandra Ekpenyong

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781607910848


Page: 268

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Biblical Dysfunctional Families That Made It, Now So Can You; is a book that takes a private look at different Biblical families and their dysfunctional backgrounds and how they succeeded in spite of them. It brings the bible into 21st century perspective in order to help people facing today issues find a godly solution for them. While times may have changed, the struggles remain real and the same - incest, murder, rejection, greed, lies, misguided ministers, bad in-laws, sibling rivalry and deceptive marriages to name a few. Yet, in spite of it all some; through love, longsuffering, sacrifice and forgiveness rose above these things to make it. This book reminds us all that every family has a bit of dysfunction in it and we must learn to deal with it in order to overcome it. Being from a dysfunctional family does not mean that one needs to remain dysfunctional. We all have a responsibility to the next generation, to learn how to move forward. Only through the love of Christ, sacrifice and willingness can we rid our societies, churches and families of dysfunction. Let us learn from those who were before us, that one day we might become the family that others are privileged to read about. She is a well-sought after speaker and has addressed audiences and ministries world-wide. Sandra also pens a monthly newsletter titled "In Harvest," that addresses struggling relationship issues. She resides bi-continental in both America and Africa, while overseeing World Harvest Covenant Churches in several West African countries. She has a ministry in Laurel, Maryland and sits on a number of boards that help and encourages financial empowerment of young women and men. She is best reachable or by mail at World Harvest International Ministries P. O. Box 5423 Laurel, MD 20826

Those Who Made ItThose Who Made It

I couldn't make demands about that. But I filed an appeal with the Screen Writer's Guild. They ruled in my favor for sole credit, but then reversed it.

Author: John C. Tibbetts

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137541918


Page: 235

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What was it like to work behind the scenes, away from the spotlight's glare, in Hollywood's so-called Golden Age? The interviews in this book provide eye-witness accounts from the likes of Steven Spielberg and Terry Gilliam, to explore the creative decisions that have shaped some of Classical Hollywood's most-loved films.

I Made ItI Made It

The ladies came over the following week and went over a book they had about Jesus and works to make it to heaven. They were explaining to me how to make it ...

Author: Gladys Santana

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781644164846


Page: 48

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Have you ever asked yourself, why me? I asked myself that same question millions of times. I stopped asking that question because we will never get the answers. I decided to survive rape, physical abuse, verbal abuse, abandonment, rejection, unworthiness, and my childhood being taken away from me. I decided I am not going to be another statistic to society by fighting the big giant! In spite of all the turmoil I had to endure, I fought even harder to show everyone that I am somebody when I was told I was a nobody. I made it through it all""raised three children, earned two degrees and several diplomas, and became very successful in my career. You can do it too. You must have the will. Read my story, and it will transform your way of thinking. No need to turn to drugs, alcohol, abortion, or abuse. You can touch and change many lives. Don't be another statistic to society; be a role model. I want to leave a handprint in your life. Do you want to leave a handprint on someone else's life?

She Made ItShe Made It

For me, I couldn't have run a business on my own – I absolutely needed a partner to do it with, although that's not the same for everybody. It's a common ...

Author: Angelica Malin

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9781789666854



View: 423

Want to be the next Ella Mills or Grace Beverley? Award-winning rising star entrepreneur, Angelica Malin shows you how. For a new generation of fiercely independent and ambitious career women, going at it alone and even thinking you could launch your own successful business remains a pipe dream. The business world, and the start-up scene in particular, remain ruthless, unwelcoming and scary. She Made It is the secret weapon you need. With honesty, practicality and a helping of epic and successful women in business, this book offers you a voice of reason and encouragement that will allow you to square up to the big players in Silicon Valley or any of the tech entrepreneur scenes of the world. She Made It is your go-to guide to launching your own business, as well as to finding your feet and voice as a woman in business. It details the practicalities of being an entrepreneur and your own boss, guiding you through the day to day running of a start-up with lessons in hiring a team, raising investment and backing yourself and your ideas. It also addresses the challenges of being a female founder and businesswoman, with sections on stress management, finding your voice and style and building a personal brand. Angelica Malin has been there. An award-winning rising star entrepreneur, she tells the story of how she has overcome some of the barriers to success and tapped into a wealth of knowledge from fellow women founders. You can absolutely break out of the 9 to 5 - get your inspiration from She Made It and change your life.

By Some Miracle I Made It Out of ThereBy Some Miracle I Made It Out of There

So I listened to all these really smart people but ignored all of them because my reasoning was so skewed by the meth and all the sex I was having. But it ...

Author: Tom Sizemore

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451681680


Page: 248

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An account of the acclaimed actor's Hollywood career and struggles with methamphetamine addiction covers his Detroit background, his relationships with various co-stars, and his experiences as a father of twin boys.

I Made It This FarI Made It This Far

This e—mail suggested that I call the office to see if they had a package that would suit me. They would work with me to find a package that suited my ...

Author: Angelique E. Constance

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452572017


Page: 134

View: 339

I Made It This Far is about a woman who went through so much disrespect, abuse, and hard times in her life. Angelique E. Constance wanted to share her own horrors and the triumphs, as there are a lot of other women who are going through it or have encountered the same childhood experience as she has. I wanted to share that even though it took me a while to empower myself to the point that I could finally take control of my life, once I did, it was the best feeling ever. My story will show people how they can get out of that vicious cycle and make themselves feel valued, not only by themselves but by the people that we value. We may feel that there are no way out of those life experiences. If I can grow spiritually and heal within, you too can do the same. You will find the person who you want to be. You can have the life you have always wanted for yourself. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We just need to take that first step and be accountable to ourselves. It can be disheartening at times, but with faith, hard work, self-reflection, and the belief that you can heal within, everything is possible. You need to decide to let go and let God take care of you, while you take the necessary steps for the betterment of the life you so richly deserve. Believe within always.

Never Would Have Made ItNever Would Have Made It

when someone reacts out of rage, the ramifications of that emotion and how they will impact others is not considered. Tyler Perry's "I Know I've Been ...

Author: Melvin Childs

Publisher: Touch 1 Media LLC

ISBN: 9780984711529


Page: 184

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When it comes to Hollywood success stories none are more compelling than the journey of Tyler Perry from homelessness to top-grossing playwright and movie star. Melvin Childs, Executive Producer of Tyler Perry’s first national tour ‘I Know I’ve Been Changed’ takes readers behind the velvet rope and details how Tyler Perry went from obscurity to a h

Undeterred I Made It in AmericaUndeterred I Made It in America

It comes from trees that grow in Brazil, it's used to make automobile tires, and little pieces of rubber are used by schoolchildren to remove writing errors ...

Author: Charlotte Kahn

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467874752


Page: 152

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Undeterred is the story of how Luck, Love, and Learning helped a young girl from an upper-middle class European family surmount discrimination, horror, and fear engendered by the Nazis in the 1930s. Several rescuers enabled her to escape from Germany to other countries. Landing in the United States at age twelve, she soon found herself to be a “little girl” among “sophisticated” teenagers. As she matured, she traversed the European-American culture gaps, but not without strife. As is so often the case during adolescence, she had tumultuous struggles with her parents. Ultimately she herself became a mother of four. She also earned a doctorate from a prestigious university and succeeded as a respected professional. Charlotte Kahn speaks of finding her way and how she Made It In America.

How I Made It Striking Sustainable Success In Sierra LeoneHow I Made It Striking Sustainable Success In Sierra Leone

They should not focus on whatever glory those people are currently enjoying, but on their path to ... the challenges they faced and the mistakes they made.

Author: Modupe Taylor-Pearce

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483419091



View: 786

Learn the secrets of success from twenty current, successful Sierra Leoneans as they reveal how they made it to where they are today.