How PowerPoint Makes You StupidHow PowerPoint Makes You Stupid

For anyone concerned with the corruption of language, the dumbing-down of society, or the unchecked expansion of “efficiency” in our culture, here is a book that will become a rallying cry for turning the tide.

Author: Franck Frommer

Publisher: New Press, The

ISBN: 9781595587534


Page: 320

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With over 500 million users worldwide, Microsoft’s PowerPoint software has become the ubiquitous tool for nearly all forms of public presentation—in schools, government agencies, the military, and, of course, offices everywhere. In this revealing and powerfully argued book, author Franck Frommer shows us that PowerPoint’s celebrated ease and efficiency actually mask a profoundly disturbing but little-understood transformation in human communication. Using fascinating examples (including the most famous PowerPoint presentation of all: Colin Powell’s indictment of Iraq before the United Nations), Frommer systematically deconstructs the slides, bulleted lists, and flashy graphics we all now take for granted. He shows how PowerPoint has promoted a new, slippery “grammar,” where faulty causality, sloppy logic, decontextualized data, and seductive showmanship have replaced the traditional tools of persuasion and argument. How PowerPoint Makes You Stupid includes a fascinating mini-history of PowerPoint’s emergence, as well as a sobering and surprising account of its reach into the most unsuspecting nooks of work, life, and education. For anyone concerned with the corruption of language, the dumbing-down of society, or the unchecked expansion of “efficiency” in our culture, here is a book that will become a rallying cry for turning the tide.

Inviting TransformationInviting Transformation

14 Jeff Flake, speech announcing decision not to seek reelection, US Senate,
Washington, DC, October 24, 2017. ... 4 Franck Frommer, How PowerPoint
Makes You Stupid: The Faulty Causality, Sloppy Logic, Decontextualized Data,
and ...

Author: Sonja K. Foss

Publisher: Waveland Press

ISBN: 9781478638803


Page: 238

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The fourth edition of Inviting Transformation continues to offer an innovative approach to presentational speaking at a very reasonable price. The authors introduce readers to invitational rhetoric, teaching speakers to clarify ideas and to work to achieve understanding for all participants in an interaction. A primary goal of presentational speaking is to create an environment in which growth and change can occur for both the audience and the speaker. The text highlights four external conditions affecting transformational environments: safety, openness, freedom, and value (honoring the intrinsic worth of all individuals). To reflect respect for the diversity of the world, Sonja Foss and Karen Foss include options from many speaking traditions and practices to foster creativity. Discussions of all the processes of presenting— selecting a speaking goal, organizing ideas, elaborating on ideas, and delivering the presentation—emphasize inclusive speaking practices. Sample presentations provide clear and contemporary examples of the best invitational speaking practices. The authors recognize readers as competent communicators and encourage them to think about and systematize their approaches to presentational speaking. The exceptionally accessible writing style is an aid to readers in thinking through strategies for meeting their interactional goals. Readers learn to design and deliver effective presentations for any speaking situation.

Human Resource Development Talent DevelopmentHuman Resource Development Talent Development

Script what you plan to say with each slide, but avoid reading bullet points exactly
as they appear on the slide. ... and more elaborate slide presentations have also
led to a backlash, such as the jarring title “How PowerPoint makes you stupid.

Author: Jon M. Werner

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780357512586


Page: 672

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Discover the challenges, rewards and most recent advancements in the field of human resource development today with Werner's HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT, 8E. This powerful edition addresses each aspects of human resource development -- from orientation and skills training to careers, management and organizational development. Updated content integrates more than 1,000 new citations and draws from the latest professional and academic organizations, while expanded coverage prepares you to address international issues, diversity and inclusion. Interesting chapter-opening cases, practical end-of-chapter exercises and meaningful discussions highlight how a variety of organizations today have effectively translated leading human resource development concepts and theories into effective practice. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


As Franck Frommer noted in his book How PowerPoint Makes You Stupid: The
Faulty Causality, Sloppy Logic, Decontextualized Data, and Seductive
Showmanship That Have Taken Over Our Thinking, computer slides do not
simply ...

Author: Alain Deneault

Publisher: Between the Lines

ISBN: 9781771133449


Page: 200

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There was no Reichstag fire. No storming of the Bastille. No mutiny on the Aurora. Instead, the mediocre have seized power without firing a single shot. They rose to power on the tide of an economy where workers produce assembly-line meals without knowing how to cook at home, give customers instructions over the phone that they themselves don’t understand, or sell books and newspapers that they never read. Canadian intellectual juggernaut Alain Deneault has taken on all kinds of evildoers: mining companies, tax-dodgers, and corporate criminals. Now he takes on the most menacing threat of all: the mediocre.

Conference RecordConference Record

And does the way in which it is delivered - reading stiffly from the paper or
presenting more lively – affect the effectiveness of the visual support ? titles like “
Does PowerPoint make you stupid ? ” [ 22 ] - have already been written on the ...



ISBN: UOM:39015058329692



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Managing for InnovationManaging for Innovation

Simons , T . “ Does PowerPoint Make You Stupid ? ” Presentations , Apr . 7 , 2004
. Retrieved July 17 , 2006 , from www . sociablemedia . com / PDF / press _
presentations _ magazine _ 03 01 04 . pdf . Snider , M . “ iPods Knock Over Beer

Author: Theodore S. Glickman

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: STANFORD:36105123179512


Page: 112

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Innovation can offer flexibility that enables institutions to adapt more readily in a constantly changing environment. It is a means by which colleges and universities can address concerns typically associated with mature enterprises, create tools to ease increasing cost pressures, and gain efficiency through better operations and better matching of resources and requirements. How best to foster innovations through supportive management is a central topic of this volume. This is the 137th volume of the quarterly report series New Directions for Higher Education.

Communicating at Work Principles and Practices for Business and the ProfessionsCommunicating at Work Principles and Practices for Business and the Professions

See also T. Simons , “ Does PowerPoint Make You Stupid ? ” Presentations ,
March 2004 , 2000 , pp . pp . 25-31 . pp . 23-30 . 15. L. L. Lindsey and K. A. Yun ,
“ Examining the Persuasive Effect of Statistical Messages : A Test of Mediating ...

Author: Ronald Adler

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages

ISBN: PSU:000066825555


Page: 519

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Communicating at Work takes a pragmatic approach that features a strong multicultural focus, a heavy emphasis on effective presentations, and a pedagogical program designed to encourage group activities and skill building. This work provides coverage of new pedagogy, key new topics and an expansion of other important concepts including sources of on-the-job conflict, how to use informational interviews for career advancement, and stages in group problem-solving. --from publisher description

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint 2000The Complete Idiot s Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint 2000

If you aren't familiar with the fonts you have, you should spend some time getting
friendly with them. When you have some ... Misspelled words are hard to
understand, and they make you look both stupid and sloppy. And someday, your
old ...

Author: Nat Gertler

Publisher: Alpha Books

ISBN: 0789718669


Page: 310

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Explains how to use PowerPoint to create business presentations, including charts, graphs, hidden speaker's notes, backgrounds for overheads, and matching handouts

Becoming a Behavioral Science ResearcherBecoming a Behavioral Science Researcher

Does PowerPoint make you stupid ? Retrieved January 21 , 2007 , from www. content_id =
1000482464 Smith , M. L. , & Glass , G. V. ( 1977 ) . Meta - analysis of
psychotherapy outcome ...

Author: Rex B. Kline

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: UOM:39015082678767


Page: 367

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Students and beginning researchers often discover that their introductory statistics and methods courses have not fully equipped them to plan and execute their own behavioral research studies. This indispensable book bridges the gap between coursework and conducting independent research. With clarity and wit, the author helps the reader build needed skills to formulate a precise, meaningful research question; understand the pros and cons of widely used research designs and analysis options; correctly interpret the outcomes of statistical tests; make informed measurement choices for a particular study; manage the practical aspects of data screening and preparation; and craft effective journal articles, oral presentations, and posters. Including annotated examples and recommended readings, most chapters feature theoretical and computer-based exercises; an answer appendix at the back of the book allows readers to check their work.

You re Not Stupid Get the TruthYou re Not Stupid Get the Truth

366 The fact that Rove was politicizing the war was confirmed when a computer
disc containing a power - point ... policy is not disturbed by doing something that
helps us politically , we should feel free to do something that helps us politically .

Author: William John Cox


ISBN: 093085232X


Page: 334

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A wake-up call to the lies and crimes of Bush and the neo-cons - in war, voting, media, taxes, morals, health, schools, laws, liberties... "Brutally honest, well-researched strongly recommended." - Midwest Book Review. This Brief on the Bush Presidency highlights the yawning gap between Bush rhetoric and reality, marshalling the key facts on issues in the news, plus the background played down by mainstream media. Bush's favorite for Iraqi head of state, Ahmed Chalabi, a convicted felony embezzler and a CIA asset, will turn over Iraq's oil industry to campaign contributors like Cheney's Halliburton. Saddam Hussein got his start as a CIA asset too. By now everyone knows about the Iraq WMD hoax- but not the evidence of an even scarier 9/11 cover-up. "We have to look the truth in the face, take a deep breath, and draw the line to defend our values as a nation," says author Cox. If information is power, he delivers the information that is a source of empowerment.

Management Information SystemsManagement Information Systems

He believes Powerwhether , ultimately , PowerPoint makes us all stupid , or does
it help Point does have an intrinsic bias ... But using PowerPoint is like having as
an artistic medium . a loaded AK - 47 on the table : You can do very bad things ...

Author: Gerald Post

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

ISBN: PSU:000062566384


Page: 624

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Post opens every chapter with a business problem and uses the chapter to explain the processes and technology that can solve the problem. This greater emphasis on problem-solving enables the instructor to quickly show “why” this material matters.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint 97The Complete Idiot s Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint 97

All the pretty letters in the world won't do you any good if they don't form words.
Misspelled words are hard to understand, and they make you look both stupid
and sloppy. And some day, your old grade school English teacher may be
watching ...

Author: Nat Gertler

Publisher: Que Pub

ISBN: 0789709333


Page: 296

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Shows how to use PowerPoint to create business presentations, including charts, graphs, hidden speaker's notes, backgrounds for overheads, and matching handouts

New StatesmanNew Statesman

Far from liberating us , technology isolates us and makes us stupid . ... about how
the internet was helping all those or poetry ; information has to be condensed into
“ wannabe Oscar Wildes just waiting to spew bite - sized PowerPoint chunks .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105132677191



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Using PowerPoint for Windows 95Using PowerPoint for Windows 95

Making PowerPoint Presentations Fast , Fast , Fast I just gave a keynote speech
today with PowerPoint at a big IBM show , and came back with a ... You don't
want to hit Page Down and wait 10 seconds for the stupid thing to do something .

Author: Rich Grace

Publisher: Que Pub

ISBN: 0789704641


Page: 813

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A complete reference on Microsoft PowerPoint, this book teaches the fundamentals of PowerPoint and how to become productive using PowerPoint. Readers learn how to enter and edit text, use charts, work with graphics, work with colors and different types of output, customize PowerPoint, and develop business presentations.

Making Literacy Magic HappenMaking Literacy Magic Happen

Cool PowerPoint Tools File Menu / Pack and Go : When your Electronic Book
gets too big for one disk , this is what you use ... Insert Menu / Organization Chart
: One student noted , " The organization charts are stupid , " but you can make
cool ...

Author: Mark Gura


ISBN: PSU:000057974217


Page: 191

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A collection of the best literacy articles from the online journal: Learning and leading with technology.

F k I think I m DyingF k I think I m Dying

... it” while subjecting yourself to constant self-analysis'.4 I came to understand
that accepting fear makes it dissipate. ... I don't know how I get on to the stage, but
I obviously have because I'm now standing behind the podium with my
PowerPoint presentation projecting behind me ... You stupid bitch, what have you

Author: Claire Eastham

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473575370


Page: 256

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An uplifting, personal account on living with panic and how to stop it defining you. 'You're dying. F**k, you're having a heart attack, or is this a stroke? You're going crazy, you are right this second losing your mind. It's game over. Get out' All the work I'd put into preparing for this interview, my job, my career, money, future - it all seemed insignificant next to the burning desire to get out of the room and run. Award-winning blogger and author of We're All Mad Here, Claire Eastham is an expert on panic. She's not a doctor or an academic, but over a seven-year period, she has experienced 371 panic attacks (and counting), and learnt a thing or two along the way. Part memoir, part guide, F**k I Think I'm Dying is an intimate, honest and ultimately uplifting exploration into panic attacks. In practical thematic chapters Claire covers the crisis points where panic can hit: job interviews, social situations, attacks at night. She interviews a host of people - scientists, professors, dieticians, psychologists and people who struggle with panic - to anatomise how panic works and how it can be managed. Frank, funny and blazing, Claire's story will speak to all those seeking to reclaim their power. With a little work and understanding, panic attacks do not have to control you.

Study Guide and Activity Manual with PowerPoint Lecture Outlines for Devito MessagesStudy Guide and Activity Manual with PowerPoint Lecture Outlines for Devito Messages

You think you're so incredible just because you won a stupid election." Key idea:
Resist the temptation to react to the broadly inclusive words: never, always, and
everybody. Seek specifics. Make sure you understand both the thoughts and the


Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman

ISBN: 0205428509


Page: 432

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you resell our product at $ 1.15 each instead of the $ 1.01 you suggested ? )
much more easily and ... Make adjustments accordingly . Thinking It You turn the
... Your entire presentation is on these stupid PowerPoint slides . You have no
hard ...

Author: Barton A. Weitz

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

ISBN: 0072315504


Page: 630

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A guide to the theory and application of selling strategies and tools. Topics covered include the use of cell phones, presentation software and other technologies in the market place. This updated edition also has coverage of the Internet and more global examples.

Through Alternative LensesThrough Alternative Lenses

"Clarke's philosophy was to go get the terrorists," one former senior Pentagon
special operations official told me, "Go get them anywhere you can. ... They
would say, 'He's a rogue, he's uncooperative, he's out of control, he's stupid, he
makes bad choices. ... He begins by framing his sophisticated Power- Point
briefing in terms of the 'experience factor,' his own judgment, and those of four-
star associates.

Author: Daniel J. Kaufman, Jay M. Parker, Patrick V. Howell, Kimberly C. Field


ISBN: 0073053929



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