House Beautiful 500 Sensational Ways to Create Your Ideal HomeHouse Beautiful 500 Sensational Ways to Create Your Ideal Home

... 260 Pool houses and rooms , 152 , 385 , 386 Pools , 211 , 386 , 394 , 466 Saarinen , Eero , 355 Screens , 26 , 67 , 185 Sculptures , 215 Index 479.

Author: Kate Sloan

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1588167585


Page: 480

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Creating the perfect home begins with a dream- and House Beautiful has 500 ways and one breathtaking big book to make it come true. An array of magnificent photographs showcases a rich assortment of serene retreats in a special landscape format, including easy-care looks, paradises for nature lovers, cutting-edge domains, and spaces that are cozy and comfortable. Smart suggestions parade across each and every page, all bound to spur the imagination to creative heights and arranged in an easy-to-follow numbered layout. Most important of all, home decorators will find these ideas wonderfully simple to implement, because they focus on surrounding yourself with the furnishings, colors, accents, and art that you already love: the emphasis is always on creating an atmosphere that reinforces what you value and how you want to live.

God s House Beautiful Let s Go God s House Beautiful Let s Go

God showed her vividly two beautiful identical twin boys with red hair. They were separate and perfect in every way. She did not tell Joseph her dream next ...

Author: Jane Ann Derr

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781613790410


Page: 202

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"In God's House! Beautiful! Let's Go!, Jane Ann Derr has told us more than we have a right to ask. She has let us into the world of her marriage, her family, her work, her loss, her fears, and her happiness. She has let us into her faith in God and her devotion to Jesus Christ. She has let us into her husband's illness and death, and into the grief and resolve of her life as the one who survived. But her real interest is what she has seen of the goodness and mercy of God."-Stephen E. Broyles, author of The Wind that Destroys and Heals."I highly recommend this book, especially for those who are called upon to pass through this valley of shadows."-Neil R. Lightfoot, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Abilene Christian University"For Harold and Jane Ann, the journey has been exceedingly fruitful. I predict that as you read this book, you will cry, you will laugh, and you will be encouraged. At least, that's what happened when I read it."-Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages and Love as a Way of Life.Jane Ann Derr is also the author of Trailblazing with God, describing her family's missionary experiences in Ghana, West Africa. She lives in Georgia. You may write her at [email protected] Her books are also available for download on most eReader platforms.

House Beautiful Weekend HomesHouse Beautiful Weekend Homes

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND HOMES 2 . Henry James said that to him the
loveliest words in the English language were "summer afternoon." I don't think
that I stand very far from Mr. James when I say that my head fills with the loveliest

Author: Carol Cooper Garey


ISBN: 0688091709


Page: 224

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Shares ideas for unique and exciting vacation homes, from a converted chicken coop to a luxurious gentlemen's farm

House Beautiful Dream HomesHouse Beautiful Dream Homes

This ultimate collection from House Beautiful celebrates the art of living beautifully, from a rustic yet refined mountain retreat in Lake Tahoe to a Montreal townhouse.

Author: Sophie Donelson

Publisher: Hearst

ISBN: 1618372831


Page: 240

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Let the country's most popular interior design magazine whisk you off on a private tour through the world's most stunning dwellings! This ultimate collection from House Beautiful celebrates the art of living beautifully, from a rustic yet refined mountain retreat in Lake Tahoe to a Montreal townhouse. Throughout, gorgeous photographs pair with advice from influential names in the interior world on how to create your own dream home.

Energy AccountsEnergy Accounts

House Beautiful, vol. 91, no. 10, October. Fitch, James M. 1949a. “How You can use House Beautiful's Climate Control Project.” House Beautiful, vol. 91, no.

Author: Dan Willis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317428787


Page: 290

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How does one tell the story of energy production, use, or conservation in a manner sufficiently convincing to influence policy, behavior, and design? Energy Accounts explores potential answers to this question through compelling images, data visualizations, narratives, and other examples of accounting for energy. Organized into a collection containing both examples of best practices and critiques, this impressive array of projects and contributors combines text and graphic material to explore different representations of energy data. Including work from Kieran Timberlake, SHoP, AMO, Lateral Office, WOHA, and many more, the book boasts a unique graphic design which supports and enhances its role as a valuable resource for professionals and students in architecture, engineering, and urban design.

House Beautiful GardensHouse Beautiful Gardens

From formal gardens complete with topiary shrubs to intricate terrace gardens, an album presents the elegant garden designs of interior decorators

Author: House Beautiful


ISBN: CORNELL:31924081098414


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From formal gardens complete with topiary shrubs to intricate terrace gardens, an album presents the elegant garden designs of interior decorators


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Elizabeth Gordon, House Beautiful, and the Postwar American Home Monica Penick. cost was $4,800.9) Though they had a target audience, the editors hoped to ...

Author: Monica Penick

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300228458


Page: 260

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A riveting and superbly illustrated account of the enigmatic House Beautiful editor’s profound influence on mid-century American taste From 1941 to 1964, House Beautiful magazine’s crusading editor-in-chief Elizabeth Gordon introduced and promoted her vision of “good design” and “better living” to an extensive middle-class American readership. Her innovative magazine-sponsored initiatives, including House Beautiful’s Pace Setter House Program and the Climate Control Project, popularized a “livable” and decidedly American version of postwar modern architecture. Gordon’s devotion to what she called the American Style attracted the attention of Frank Lloyd Wright, who became her ally and collaborator. Gordon’s editorial programs reshaped ideas about American living and, by extension, what consumers bought, what designers made, and what manufacturers brought to market. This incisive assessment of Gordon’s influence as an editor, critic, and arbiter of domestic taste reflects more broadly on the cultures of consumption and identity in postwar America. Nearly 200 images are featured, including work by Ezra Stoller, Maynard Parker, and Julius Shulman. This important book champions an often-neglected source—the consumer magazine—as a key tool for deepening our understanding of mid-century architecture and design.

Convenient Houses With Fifty Plans for the Housekeeper Architect and HousewifeConvenient Houses With Fifty Plans for the Housekeeper Architect and Housewife

Nothing attracts more attention than a beautiful house.It is a pleasure toevery one. It is as important to havea house beautiful as it isthat itshould be ...

Author: Louis Henry Gibson

Publisher: THOMAS Y. CROWELL & CO.



Page: 286

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Convenient Houses : With Fifty Plans for the Housekeeper, Architect and Housewife When the reader is familiar with the writer’s general purposes, it is easier to understand the details of his work. This book is intended to deal with houses in a housekeeping spirit. In doing this, the architect has in mind convenience, stability, and that ideal of housekeepers, beauty of surroundings. In carrying out this idea, the relation of architecture to good and economical housekeeping is first considered. Following this division is “A Journey through the House.” It begins at the porch, moves through the different rooms, and stops to consider the various details. This brings about not only a consideration of the general arrangement of a house, but such details as kitchens and pantries, plumbing, laundry, and heating. These first two sections of the book—“The Architect and the Housewife,” and “A Journey through the House”—are, in a measure, educational. After this, and in keeping with the general principles that have been set forth, plans of fifty convenient houses are illustrated and described. For the most part, they are houses that have been built. The next section is devoted to practical house-building. It is constructed by taking a complete specification for everything which may concern a dwelling-house, and ridding it, as far as possible, of all technicalities; thus putting in form all practical house-building questions for the benefit of the owner. Following this is the consideration of business points in building, which sets forth methods of letting contracts with the view of securing the best results without waste of money. The closing section is devoted to the getting of a home,—how to arrange the monthly-payment schemes, building-association plans, and other methods for getting a house on easy instalments.

Edwardian and Georgian FictionEdwardian and Georgian Fiction

37 Perhaps, though, the lines of the story are clearer than this comment suggests. The House Beautiful in 'They' is designed to free the narrator from his ...

Author: Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438114927


Page: 457

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Examines fiction from the Edwardian and Georgian literary period that includes works by Hardy, Wilde, Kipling, Forster and others.