Kodak negative album / Susanna Brown -- VII. Travel: Middle-Eastern diaries / Horst P. Horst and Valentine Lawford. Persepolis Bull / Susanna Brown -- VIII. The male nude: Hard bodies : male nudes / Oliver Winchester.

Author: Philippe Garner

Publisher: Skira

ISBN: 0847844552


Page: 336

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A lifetime of style / Anna Wintour -- Introduction / Susanna Brown -- I. Paris style: 1930s Paris - fashion, art, elegance and imagination / Philippe Garner. Electric beauty / Susanna Brown -- II. Couture fashion in the 1930s: The aura of glamour : couture fashion / Claire Wilcox. Mainbocher corset / Susanna Brown -- III. Stage and screen: From limelight to starlight : portraits of stage and screen stars / Terence Pepper. Marlene Dietrich / Susanna Brown -- IV. Horst and Britain: An English interlude / Robin Muir. Royal still lifes / Susanna Brown -- V. Fashion in colour: Horst's world in colour / Shawn Waldron -- Vogue covers -- VI. Nature: Patterns from nature / Martin Barnes. Kodak negative album / Susanna Brown -- VII. Travel: Middle-Eastern diaries / Horst P. Horst and Valentine Lawford. Persepolis Bull / Susanna Brown -- VIII. The male nude: Hard bodies : male nudes / Oliver Winchester. The classical torso / Susanna Brown -- IX. Living in style: Conversation pieces : interiors of Horst and Lawford / Glenn Adamson. The house that Horst grew / Susanna Brown -- X. Carmen : an interview / Susanna Brown.

Icons of StyleIcons of Style

Horst: Photographer of Style. Exh. cat. New York: Skira Rizzoli, 2014. Chase, Edna Woolman, and Ilka Chase. Always in Vogue. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1954. Conekin, Becky E. Lee Miller in Fashion. London: Thames & Hudson, 2013.

Author: Paul Martineau

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 9781606065587


Page: 368

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In 1911 the French publisher Lucien Vogel challenged Edward Steichen to create the first artistic, rather than merely documentary, fashion photographs, a moment that is now considered to be a turning point in the history of fashion photography. As fashion changed over the next century, so did the photography of fashion. Steichen’s modernist approach was forthright and visually arresting. In the 1930s the photographer Martin Munkácsi pioneered a gritty, photojournalistic style. In the 1960s Richard Avedon encouraged his models to express their personalities by smiling and laughing, which had often been discouraged previously. Helmut Newton brought an explosion of sexuality into fashion images and turned the tables on traditional gender stereotypes in the 1970s, and in the 1980s Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts made male sexuality an important part of fashion photography. Today, following the integration of digital technology, teams like Inez & Vinoodh and Mert & Marcus are reshaping our notion of what is acceptable—not just aesthetically but also technically and conceptually—in a fashion photograph. This lavishly illustrated survey of one hundred years of fashion photography updates and reevaluates this history in five chronological chapters by experts in photography and fashion history. It includes more than three hundred photographs by the genre’s most famous practitioners as well as important but lesser-known figures, alongside a selection of costumes, fashion illustrations, magazine covers, and advertisements.

Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography 3 Volume SetEncyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography 3 Volume Set

The Detolle corset for Mainbocher featured in American Vogue, September 15, 1939, is an undisputed masterpiece of fashion photography. This haunting photograph marked Horst's farewell to Paris, soon to be occupied by Nazi Germany.

Author: Lynne Warren

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135205430


Page: 2042

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The Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography explores the vast international scope of twentieth-century photography and explains that history with a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary manner. This unique approach covers the aesthetic history of photography as an evolving art and documentary form, while also recognizing it as a developing technology and cultural force. This Encyclopedia presents the important developments, movements, photographers, photographic institutions, and theoretical aspects of the field along with information about equipment, techniques, and practical applications of photography. To bring this history alive for the reader, the set is illustrated in black and white throughout, and each volume contains a color plate section. A useful glossary of terms is also included.

Horst P Horst in ColorHorst P Horst in Color

Rare and unseen Horst in color, from fashion studies to travel photography While Horst P. Horst is primarily famous for his classic photographs in black and white, this book foregrounds his extraordinary talent as a colorist.


Publisher: Steidl

ISBN: 3958299512


Page: 352

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Rare and unseen Horst in color, from fashion studies to travel photography While Horst P. Horst is primarily famous for his classic photographs in black and white, this book foregrounds his extraordinary talent as a colorist. Horst first experimented with color film in the late 1930s, embracing the then new vibrant Kodachrome technology. In Horst Colorwe discover both early and late examples of his diverse output, from nostalgic travel pictures to dazzling fashion studies, pastel-hued still lifes, environmental portraits and studies of glamorous houses and gardens. Selected by renowned creative director Beda Achermann, who was given full access to Horst's expansive archive--the home of many unpublished pictures and unprinted negatives--the photographs in this book demonstrate Horst's impeccable taste, his eye for beauty and his technical finesse, and are sure to surprise even connoisseurs of his oeuvre. Horst P. Horst(1906-99) was one of the 20th century's master photographers. He launched his career in the melting pot of 1930s Paris, where he befriended such influential figures as Coco Chanel and Salvador Dalí and began his lifelong association with Vogue. Over the next 60 years Horst established his international reputation through his work in Vogueand other magazines, including Vanity Fairand House & Garden. His photography has been the subject of major exhibitions including Horst: A Retrospectiveat the International Center of Photography (1996) and Horst: Photographer of Styleat the Victoria and Albert Museum (2014-15).

New York MagazineNew York Magazine

THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY focuses on the seductive images of one of the age's prime portrayers of the ... THE WORLD OF FASHION MOVES AHEAD BY SURPRISE and planned inconsistency, so Horst P. Horst might have been marked for ...





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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

Montr al ChicMontr al Chic

Suites Culturelles, June 18, 2015b. https://suites culturelles.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/horst-photographer-of-style/ (accessed September 21, 2015). Seymour, Sabine. Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science, ...

Author: Katrina Sark

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781783206186


Page: 224

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Montréal is à la mode. A fashionable city in its own right, it also boasts fashion schools, an industry packed with local designers and manufacturers and a dynamic scene that exhibits local and international collections. With its vibrant cultural life and affordable cost of living, designers and artists flock from all over to be a part of Montréal’s hip fashion community. MontréalChic is the first book to document this scene and how it connects with the city’s design, film, music and cultural history. Scholars Katrina Sark and Sara Danièle Bélanger-Michaud are intimately acquainted with Montréal and use their firsthand knowledge of the city’s fashion to explore urban culture, music, institutions, scenes and subcultures, along the way uncovering many untold stories of Montréal’s fashion scene.

Designing the French InteriorDesigning the French Interior

McNeil, P. (2012), “The Duke of Windsor and the Creation of the 'Soft Look,'” in P. Mears (ed), Ivy Style: Radical ... (2014), “Horst's World in Colour,” in S. Brown (ed), Horst: Photographer of Style, London: Victoria & Albert Museum ...

Author: Anca I. Lasc

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857857798


Page: 272

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Designing the French Interior traces France's central role in the development of the modern domestic interior, from the pre-revolutionary period to the 1970s, and addresses the importance of various media, including drawings, prints, pattern books, illustrated magazines, department store catalogs, photographs, guidebooks, and films, in representing and promoting French interior design to a wider audience. Contributors to this original volume identify and historicize the singularity of the modern French domestic interior as a generator of reproducible images, a site for display of both highly crafted and mass-produced objects, and the direct result of widely-circulated imagery in its own right. This important volume enables an invaluable new understanding of the relationship between architecture, interior spaces, material cultures, mass media and modernity.

Benjamin on FashionBenjamin on Fashion

12 Cf. Susanna Brown, “Mainbocher Corset, 1939”, in Horst. Photographer of Style (London, New York Victoria & Albert Museum, Rizzoli, 2014), 76. The impact of the corseted silhouette would unfold fully only after the war with the ...

Author: Philipp Ekardt

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350075986


Page: 256

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Benjamin on Fashion reconstructs and redefines Walter Benjamin's complex, fragmentary and yet influential fashion theory that he developed in the Arcades Project (1927-1940) and beyond, while situating it within the environment from which it emerged - 1930s Parisian couture. In this insightful new book, Philipp Ekardt brings Benjamin into discussion with a number of important, but frequently overlooked sources. Amongst many others, these include the German fashion critic Helen Grund, who introduced him to the contemporary fashion scene; Georg Simmel's fashion sociology; Henri Focillon's morphological art history; designs by Elsa Schiaparelli and Madeleine Vionnet; films by L'Herbier and others starring Mae West; and the photography of George Hoyningen-Huene and Man Ray. In doing so, Ekardt demonstrates how fashion and silhouettes became grounded in sex; how an ideal of the elegant animation of matter was pitted against the concept of an obdurate fashion form; and how Benjamin's idea of 'fashion's tiger's leap into the past' paralleled the return of 1930s couture to the depths of (fashion) history. The use of such relevant sources makes this crucial for understanding Benjamin both as a thinker and a cultural theorist.

Women in WartimeWomen in Wartime

32 Horst P. Horst was Vogue's main fashion photographer by the middle 1930s. See www.vam.ac.uk, 'Horst: Photographer of Style', written to accompany the touring exhibition of Horst's work which appeared at the Victoria and Albert Museum ...

Author: Geraldine Howell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350000940


Page: 224

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Picture Post magazine was made famous by its pioneering photojournalism, which vividly captured a panorama of wartime events and the ordinary lives affected. This book is the first to examine this fascinating primary source as a cultural record of women's dress history. Reading the magazine's visual narratives from 1938 to 1945, it weaves together the ways in which design, style and fashion were affected by, and responded to, the state of being at war - and the new gender roles it created for women. From the working class of Whitechapel to the beach sets of the Bahamas, and from well-heeled Mayfair to middle-class New York, Women in Wartime takes a wide-angled lens to the fashions and lifestyles of the women featured in Picture Post. Exploring the nature of femininity and the struggle to be fashionable during the war, the book reveals critical connections between clothing and social culture. Drawing on a unique range of photographs, Women in Wartime presents a living history of how women's clothing choices reflect changing perceptions of gender, body, and class during an era of unprecedented social change.