Horse AnatomyHorse Anatomy

This horse anatomy book is an excellent learning tool for all people who deal with horses or veterinary medicine.

Author: Robert A. Kainer

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1617812404


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This horse anatomy book is an excellent learning tool for all people who deal with horses or veterinary medicine. You will explore equine anatomy by coloring the anatomically accurate illustrations of the horse s organs and reading the short descriptions accompanying them. This is a pleasant and rewarding learning tool for veterinary medicine students, equine science majors, 4-H horse projects and all horsemen, horse trainers, breeders and farriers.

Anatomy of the HorseAnatomy of the Horse

Explanation of symbols: d, w, m, y: days, weeks, month, years; Di, I, I's: deciduous incisor, incisor, incisors (With permission from Dyce/Sack/ Wensing, Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy, 2nd ed., 1996). 8) GALVAYNE'S GROOVE— This is a ...

Author: Klaus-Dieter Budras

Publisher: Schlütersche

ISBN: 9783899930030


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This atlas is superbly illustrated with colour drawings, photographs, and radiographs providing the reader with detailed information on the structure, function, and clinical relevance of all equine body systems and their interaction in the live animal. An essential resource for learning and revision, this fourth edition will be a valuable reference for veterinary practitioners and for those who own and work with horses.

Equine Fracture RepairEquine Fracture Repair

The forelimb of the horse. In: Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy, 2e (ed. K.M. Dyce, W.O. Sack and C.J.G. Wensing), 573–610. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company. 9 Dyson, S. (1986). Shoulder lameness in horses: an analysis of 58 suspected ...

Author: Alan J. Nixon

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780813815862


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Offers a long-awaited Second Edition of this comprehensive, state-of-the-art reference for fracture repair in horses The Second Edition of Equine Fracture Repair has been thoroughly revised and updated to present the most current information on fracture repair in horses. Written to be accessible, the text is logically arranged, presenting the most authoritative information on equine fracture repair with explanations of the expected outcomes. The book provides valuable insight as to whether a fracture should be repaired, the degree of difficulty of the procedure, and a wealth of practical information on surgical techniques. This fully revised Second Edition offers a valuable tool for veterinarians making clinical decisions when faced with horse fractures, covering emergency care and splinting, the most current innovative techniques in equine fracture repair, and new implant systems. With contributions from leading experts in the field, the revised edition continues to be the essential reference to the subject. This essential resource: Offers a revised edition of the most comprehensive reference on the repair of fracture in horses, with complete information on patient assessment, emergency splinting and casting, and guidance in treatment choices Includes contributions from leading experts in the field Presents information organized by fracture type for quick access Provides valuable outcome assessment with helpful discussions of the degree of difficulty to aid in case management, incorporating information on the newest techniques and implant systems Concludes with extensive information on the identification and management of complications associated with fractures and repair methods This revised and updated edition of Equine Fracture Repair continues to provide a comprehensive resource for understanding the most effective and current techniques available for the treatment of fractures in horses.

Dynamic Human Anatomy 2nd EditionDynamic Human Anatomy 2nd Edition

In the late 1800s, horse racing was both a popular sport and social event. Among its many devotees was Leland Stanford, a wealthy U.S. industrialist. Story has it that Stanford, who was aware of Eadweard Muybridge's work, ...

Author: Whiting, William C.

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492549871


Page: 336

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Dynamic Human Anatomy, Second Edition, connects biomechanical movement with specific sports movements to provide an understanding of the body’s anatomical structure and function.

Equine Surgery E BookEquine Surgery E Book

Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger; 1971:514–523. 6. Roberts SJ. Veterinary Obstetrics and Genital Diseases. 2nd ed. Ithaca, NY: Self-published; 1971:604–725. 7. Budras KD, Sack WO. Anatomy of the Horse. 2nd ed. London: Mosby-Wolfe; 1994:74–87 ...

Author: Jorg A. Auer

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323484190


Page: 1896

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Equip yourself for success with the only book on the market that covers all aspects of equine surgery! Equine Surgery, 5th Edition prepares you to manage each surgical condition by understanding its pathophysiology and evaluating alternative surgical approaches. Explanations in the book describe how to avoid surgical infections, select and use instruments, and perfect fundamental surgical techniques including incisions, cautery, retractions, irrigation, surgical suction, wound closure, dressings, bandages, and casts. In addition to diagnostic imaging and orthopedic coverage, it includes in-depth information on anesthesia, the integumentary system (including wound management, reconstructive surgery, and skin grafting), the alimentary system, respiratory, and urogenital systems. Complete coverage of all the information needed to study for the American and European College of Veterinary Surgeons Board Examinations makes this edition an excellent study tool. Section on anesthesiology and pain management prepares you to manage these critical aspects of any surgery. Extensive, up-to-date orthopedic coverage includes joint disorders and joint trauma. Section on integumentary system contains information on wound management, reconstructive surgery, and skin grafting. Section on the alimentary system covers postoperative care, complications and reoperation guidelines. New techniques in vascular surgery keep you up-to-date with best practices. NEW! Expert Consult site offering 40+ videos of surgeons performing techniques so that you can quickly access drug and equipment information. NEW! Expansion of minimally invasive surgical techniques includes laser ablation procedures, implantation of plates against bones in orthopedic procedures, and laparoscopic procedures for soft tissue injuries. NEW! World-renowned contributors, featuring two new associate editors include over 70 of the most experienced and expert equine specialist surgeons, each providing current and accurate information. NEW! Current advances in imaging detect musculoskeletal conditions in the sports horse.

Current CatalogCurrent Catalog

Horses - anatomy & histology 2. Veterinary Medicine I. Title II . Title : The principles of medicine 02NLM : SF B6340 1802 Cit . No. 9014333 Black women in the nursing profession : a documentary history / edited with an introduction by ...

Author: National Library of Medicine (U.S.)


ISBN: UOM:39015020571850



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First multi-year cumulation covers six years: 1965-70.

National Library of Medicine Current CatalogNational Library of Medicine Current Catalog

Horses anatomy & histology 2. Veterinary Medicine 1. Title II . Title : The principles of medicine 02NLM : SF B6340 1802 Cit . No. 9014333 : Black women in the nursing profession : a documentary history / edited with an introduction by ...

Author: National Library of Medicine (U.S.)


ISBN: MINN:31951D00422787B



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Rules of the Veterinary Medical Association in Connection with the Montreal Veterinary CollegeRules of the Veterinary Medical Association in Connection with the Montreal Veterinary College

210 – McBride's Anatomical Outlines . 226do do do 227 - Liantard's Vade Mecum . 228 — George Brown's Aids to Human Anatomy . 230 - Steel's Equine Anatomy . 233 — Strangeway's Veterinary Anatomy , 2nd edition .

Author: Montreal Veterinary Medical Association


ISBN: CORNELL:31924108254206


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Physiology of Domestic AnimalsPhysiology of Domestic Animals

Horse anatomy . 2nd ed . London : JA Allen , 2000 . Guyton AC , Hall JE . Medical physiology . 10th ed . Philadelphia : Saunders Company , 2000 . Hildebrand , M. Analysis of vertebrate structure . 4th ed . New York : John Wiley & Sons ...

Author: Oystein V. Sjaastad

Publisher: Scan. Vet. Press

ISBN: 829174307X


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This textbook is primarily targeted towards students of veterinary-, animal- and agricultural sciences, but it is also well suited for university courses in general and mammalian physiology. The textbook emphasizes functional aspects of physiology. The book contains color illustrations, short, clarifying statements placed in the margin, questions, and clinical examples.