Hong Kong s War Crimes TrialsHong Kong s War Crimes Trials

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the development of international criminal law and procedure.

Author: Suzannah Linton

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191652981


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In the aftermath of the Second World War, the British military held 46 trials in Hong Kong in which 123 defendants, from Japan and Formosa (Taiwan), were tried for war crimes. This book provides the first comprehensive legal analysis of these trials. The subject matter of the trials spanned war crimes committed during the fall of Hong Kong, its occupation, and in the period after the capitulation following the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but before the formal surrender. They included killings of hors de combat, abuses in prisoner-of-war camps, abuse and murder of civilians during the military occupation, forced labour, and offences on the High Seas. The events adjudicated included those from Hong Kong, China, Japan, the High Seas, and Formosa (Taiwan). Taking place in the same historical period as the more famous Nuremberg and Tokyo trials, the Hong Kong war crimes trials provide key insights into events of the time, and the development of international criminal law and procedure in this period. A team of experts in international criminal law examine these trials in detail, placing them in their historical context, investigating how the courts conducted their proceedings and adjudicated acts alleged to be war crimes, and evaluating the extent to which the Hong Kong trials contributed to the development of contemporary issues, such as joint criminal enterprise and superior orders. There is also comparative analysis with contemporaneous proceedings, such as the Australian War Crimes trials, trials in China, and those conducted by the British in Singapore and Germany, placing them within the wider history of international justice. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the development of international criminal law and procedure.

Historical War Crimes Trials in AsiaHistorical War Crimes Trials in Asia

trials that was built on media reports; this had a section on Hong Kong that
proved informative.5 Lord John Russell's Knights of Bushido, drawing extensively
from the judgment at Tokyo, provided me with a quick and easy reference, helped
me ...

Author: LIU Daqun

Publisher: Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher

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Savage Christmas: The Fall of Hong Kong 1941, Canadian Documentary, 12 Jan
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Author: Bryan Mark Rigg

Publisher: Fidelis Historia

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Late in the Pacific War, as Americans were fighting their way to the home islands of the Japanese Empire, one of the fiercest battles of World War II was raging. The Japanese had created perhaps the best defended area anywhere on an island called Iwo Jima. Days into the bloody battle, casualties were high on both sides. United States Marines were taking an awful pounding out in the open from enemy fortified positions. Imperial Japanese soldiers in pillboxes and bunkers knew that the greatest danger they faced was from a flamethrower if it could get near enough to hit them. Imagine a little guy strapping on a highly flammable 70-pound weapon, instantly drawing heavy enemy fire as he maneuvered close enough with a small team of Leathernecks to destroy a pillbox. Woody Williams did just that on the hellishly hot and sulfurous, volcanic island of Iwo Jima, destroying Japanese emplacements against dire odds. He, along with numerous comrades, did it again and again, taking out hundreds of fortifications which had stalled their regiment’s advance to secure the islands airfields. The capture of Iwo Jima helped the powerful new B-29s have P-51 fighter-plane escorts to help the bombers pound Japan into submission. Iwo actually was a backup landing zone for the Enola Gay if she had difficulties delivering her atomic bomb on 6 August 1945 at Hiroshima, a bomb American leaders hoped would bring Hirohito to his knees begging for surrender terms so World War II would stop. Accomplished military historian, Bryan Mark Rigg, reconstructs Woody Williams’s remarkable story, from his youth on a dairy farm in West Virginia to his experiences as a Marine on Guadalcanal, on Guam and on Iwo Jima. Rigg tells Williams’ story vividly, and objectively, and places it in the context of the broader Pacific theater of World War II. Using never-before-seen documents and interviews, Rigg brings out new information about the Pacific War unknown until now. As he explores Woody’s life, Rigg enables the reader to better appreciate the brave Marines and their heroics. Moreover, Rigg explores the numerous problems with Woody and his narrative. As a result, this book also documents Woody’s controversial Medal of Honor process, one of the most controversial Medal of Honor stories to come out of World War II.

Tokyo War Crime GuideTokyo War Crime Guide

China, apart from Hong Kong 40175 - 7 7. Formosa 40177 8. French Indo-China
40177 9. Hainan Island 40177 10. Hong Kong 40177 - 83 11. Japan 40183 12.
Java 40183 - 8 13. New Britain 40188 14. New Guinea 40188 15. Singapore ...

Author: International Military Tribunal for the Far East

Publisher: Facsimiles-Garl

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History of the United Nations War Crimes Commission and the Development of the Laws of WarHistory of the United Nations War Crimes Commission and the Development of the Laws of War

War crimes investigations conducted by these field formations covered the
Celebes Islands , Halmahera Island group , Timor , the Ceram ... On 24th
November , 1947 , the first trial of Japanese war criminals was commenced in
Hong Kong .

Author: United Nations War Crimes Commission


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Documents on Canadian External RelationsDocuments on Canadian External Relations

... when the case of the Canadian - born Japanese Kanao Inouye came up for
trial under the Canadian Treachery Act , that all cases of Far East war criminals
would be dealt with in Japan or Hong Kong . 11 . Moreover , as by international
law ...

Author: Canada. Department of External Affairs


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Official Report of Debates House of CommonsOfficial Report of Debates House of Commons

War Crimes taken from the committee of supply and referred to this committee . It
is in the same form on the order paper now as it was last year . Motion agreed to .

Author: Canada. Parliament. House of Commons


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Annual Pictorial Magazine of the Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force AssociationAnnual Pictorial Magazine of the Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force Association

... the army in the Hong Kong - Canton region , was able to prove at International
War Crimes Tribunal that he was completely unaware of this conspiracy and was
dismissed . After the war the conspirators were brought to trial , war crimes trial ...



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Documents on Canadian External Relations 1946Documents on Canadian External Relations 1946

... as prosecutors at military courts for the trial of war crimes ( Army Order 81/1945
) in Hong Kong . The Army Council has declared the military forces of the United
Kingdom and of Canada , which at any time are serving outside the Dominion of

Author: Canada. Department of External Affairs


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No Reason whyNo Reason why

The Canadian Hong Kong Tragedy, an Examination Carl Vincent ... G . B .
Puddicimbe , prosecutor in War Crimes Trial 11 July 1947 ( D37 ) Interview with
Hong Kong participants ( D42 ) Record of action of HKVDC ( D1 ) Troopers to Far
East ...

Author: Carl Vincent

Publisher: Stittsville, Ont. : Canada's Wings

ISBN: WISC:89066113895


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Om en af de tragiske episoder under 2. Verdenskrig. I 1941 blev 2000 dårligt trænede og mangelfuldt udrustede canadiere sendt til Hong Kong. De forsøgte forgæves, med svære tab til følge, at forsvare den truede koloni mod japansk overmagt. De overlevende blev sendt i japansk fangelejr, og de få der overlevede fangetilværelsen, kom hjem til et Canada, der synes at have glemt dem. Bogen er forsynet med oversigter over de faldne, over tildelte tapperhedsudmærkelser m.v. samt uddrag fra de officielle militære papirer.