Hollywood Between the StirrupsHollywood Between the Stirrups

Sprinkled with stars, medical breakthroughs and history, Hollywood Between the Stirrups is an autobiographical account of Boyd Cooper's 50 years in Hollywood as gynecologist to the stars.

Author: Boyd Cooper

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1974338800


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Sprinkled with stars, medical breakthroughs and history, Hollywood Between the Stirrups is an autobiographical account of Boyd Cooper's 50 years in Hollywood as gynecologist to the stars.

Hobbled StirrupsHobbled Stirrups

When we met earlier, I wondered how the Hollywood talent scouts could have
overlooked this unusually handsome, broad-shouldered man with the ... A look I
did not understand passed between ... The place we chose 199 Hobbled Stirrups

Author: Jane Burnett Smith

Publisher: Caxton Press

ISBN: 0870044540


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Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press Hobbled Stirrups is a no-holds-barred account of one of the few women to ride saddle broncs professionally. But the real fun, frolic and well bruised flesh happened in the whistle stop towns in between. A life lived by Burnett–as rich as the Comstock, as wild as a riot, as sad as an eight high poker hand.

The Quantum Series An Epic Hollywood RomanceThe Quantum Series An Epic Hollywood Romance

She settles between my legs, drops the end of the table and guides my feet into
stirrups. Flashbacks of the last time my feet were in stirrups come rushing back,
stealing the breath from my lungs. I'm sobbing, and nothing has even happened ...

Author: Marie Force

Publisher: HTJB, Inc.

ISBN: 9781950654727



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Quantum: The Complete Series A boxed set of all eight books in the New York Times bestselling Quantum Series: Virtuous, Valorous, Victorious, Rapturous, Ravenous, Delirious, Outrageous and Famous! Movie stars, intrigue, sexy times and so much more. Fall in love over and over again!


The extra support they offered, the argument runs, allowed the cavalry to charge
with their lances couched between elbow and side, held in ... Common sense,
even Hollywood costume 'epics', shows that the stirrup simplifies the lancer's task

Author: John Ellis

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781844150960


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The author explores in detail the history of mounted warfare which in reality is a history of war itself. For over 3,000 years the mounted warrior was a dominant figure, mobility and speed of the horse were invaluable, and the charge itself often the defining moment of any battle. The author has gone to great lengths to make this a highly readable, well researched, beautifully illustrated history. This book will delight everyone interested in military history and those who are thrilled by the special 'romance' of the horse in warfare.

Hollywood Tricks of the TradeHollywood Tricks of the Trade

Each of these falls requires the application of the " L " stirrup , invented by "
Yakima " Canutt to replace the normal riding stirrup , and adjusted to a ... The
hook between the shoulder blades is removed and a length of airplane wire
substituted .

Author: Alan McKenzie


ISBN: 0831742402


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Reveals how the world's leading stuntmen, special effects teams and makeup artists have put together some of the cinema's most thrilling moments

A Long Hard Look at PsychoA Long Hard Look at Psycho

the right thing ' and because , in Christian principle , ' Between the stirrup and the
ground / He mercy sought , and mercy found . ' 33 But ... It ' s not what Hollywood
called a ' montage sequence ' , a weave of cross - fades and optical effects .

Author: Raymond Durgnat

Publisher: British Film Institute

ISBN: UOM:39015056441622


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Los Angeles MagazineLos Angeles Magazine

... stumbled upon a painter , known only as Mr . Han , plying his trade in a corner
of a Hollywood Boulevard minimart . ... came up until they were pressed into his
abdomen , and then , while the rope between the stirrups poles since 1974 .



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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark OfficeOfficial Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Chapman, North Hollywood, Calif., assignor to ... said opposing elements being
engageable or disengageable against radially directed resilient restoring forces
applied between said opposing elements. US 6,247,501 Bl CLIP-ON STIRRUP
MAT John L. Kaines, 101 S. James St., Suite 210, P.O. Box 603, Ludington, Mich.



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Official Gazette of the United States Patent OfficeOfficial Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Particularly , a control tank is located between the ball and stationary valve seat
so positioned within said tank , so as to encompass the float ... E03d 11 / 10 U . S
. Cl . 4 – 85 4 Claims 3 , 626 , 519 STILTS Jesse W . Baker , 122 Glen Parkway ,
Hollywood , Fla . ... a stirrup for the post discharge pipe wall to limit downward
pivotable movein the form of an angle extrusion fastened to the postment such
that ...

Author: United States. Patent Office


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Catalog of Copyright Entries Third SeriesCatalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

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Books and Pamphlets Including Serials and Contributions to PeriodicalsBooks and Pamphlets Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals

North Hollywood , Calif . , Brandon House ( 1122 ) 158 p . ( A Brandon House
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the ...

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office


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Hollywood at HomeHollywood at Home

Between films , ” he says , " there are days at a time when I don ' t do anything
except hole up and read . My daughters visit , and ... Ken Takakura bestowed the
samurai stirrups on the mantel in the living room . The guitar hanging like a piece

Author: Andrea Danese

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Incorporated

ISBN: UCSD:31822035262112


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SUPERANNO Among the most popular articles in Architectural Digest's illustrious eight-decade history is the series featuring the homes of Hollywood movie stars and directors since the 1930s. Hollywood at Home presents 27 of the best of those articles, offering an intimate look at some of the silver screen's most fascinating personalities (from Clark Gable to Stephen Spielberg), as reflected in their lavish, inventively designed, and at times outrageously opulent homes.

Hollywood Be Thy NameHollywood Be Thy Name

A memorial service was held at the Warner studio, where Sam's favorite horse
was saddled with boots that were reversed in the stirrups. ... That peace would
eventually erupt into a war between the Warners. There is a curious footnote to
Sam's death In 1977 1 was attending a ceremony at the Hollywood Palladium
honoring ...

Author: Cass Warner Sperling

Publisher: Prima Lifestyles

ISBN: 1559585897


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Follows four brothers from their immigrant beginnings to their position as prime shapers of American entertainment


ne appear between their spread fingers , accompanied by the sharp snap of
electricity . A crackling in ... The house is equipped with a gynecologist ' s office ,
complete with an examination table , metal stirrups , and speculum . Sierra
cannot ...

Author: Jennifer Banash


ISBN: STANFORD:36105123131083


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Sharlene Miller is a small town girl dreaming of Hollywood fame and fortune. In her relentless quest for success, she becomes a groupie, a porn star, a television starlet and finally, the cultural demons both real and imagined, addicted to drugs and abandoned by her fans, Sierra finds herself moving through coma-induced hallucinations, fairy tale porn films, down the rabbit hole of drugs and alcohol, and finally through the looking glass of Hollywood itself.