The Routledge Historical Atlas of the American SouthThe Routledge Historical Atlas of the American South

Bleeding Kansas and John Brown Natives of Northern states , East Kansas , 1865 As a percentage of non - Kansas - born population 62 40 30 20 1 no data The concept of popular sovereignty had its biggest test in the Kansas Territory .

Author: Andrew Frank

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000101096


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This book illuminates singular aspects of Southern society and culture and provides justification for thinking about the South as a region unto itself. It also shows that the South in fact consists of many shifting social and cultural sub-regions.

The Historical Atlas of American CrimeThe Historical Atlas of American Crime

Yet, they would be hard pressed to find any single moment in U.S. history when the social conditions were more ripe to form a criminal personality than the years surrounding the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. No single piece of ...

Author: Fred Rosen

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438129853


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Traces the history of crime and punishment from American Colonial times to present day, listing in alphabetical order the states in which the crimes were committed, who committed them and what the punishment was.

The Routledge Historical Atlas of the American RailroadsThe Routledge Historical Atlas of the American Railroads

Missouri , Kansas & Texas 1950 Statistics ( Moody's Railroads , 1951 ) Mileage 3,243 Number of states served Freight revenue ( millions ) $ 65 Passenger revenue ( millions ) $ 5 Passenger revenue as % of freight revenue 8 % Total ...

Author: John F. Stover

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415921406


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First published in 1999

Historical Atlas of the Outlaw WestHistorical Atlas of the Outlaw West

Fort Riley Riley County Ellsworth Ellsworth County Ellsworth , just below Interstate 70 about 55 miles west of Salina , almost enjoyed the privilege of being the first Kansas town tamed by Wild Bill Hickok . Wild Bill ran for sheriff of ...

Author: Richard M. Patterson

Publisher: Big Earth Publishing

ISBN: 0933472897


Page: 232

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Offers a state-by-state description of historic sites and Western museums, and tells the stories of outlaws, gunfighters, and lawmen

Map Guide to the U S Federal Censuses 1790 1920Map Guide to the U S Federal Censuses 1790 1920

The session laws were read for 1855-87, after which boundary changes were taken from Helen G. Gill, "The Establishment of Counties in Kansas," Transactions of the Kansas State Historical Society 3 (1903-4), 449-72. Outline maps are in ...

Author: William Thorndale

Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com

ISBN: 9780806311883


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Genealogical research in U.S. censuses begins with identifying correct county jurisdictions ??o assist in this identification, the map Guide shows all U.S. county boundaries from 1790 to 1920. On each of the nearly 400 maps the old county lines are superimposed over the modern ones to highlight the boundary changes at ten-year intervals. Accompanying each map are explanations of boundary changes, notes about the census, & tocality finding keys. In addition, there are inset maps which clarify ??erritorial lines, a state-by-state bibliography of sources, & an appendix outlining pitfalls in mapping county boundaries. Finally, there is an index which lists all present day counties, plus nearly all defunct counties or counties later renamed-the most complete list of American counties ever published.