Historical AbstractsHistorical Abstracts

ORGANIZATION HISTORICAL ABSTRACTS has been produced since 1955 by the American Bibliographical Center , a division of ABC - CLIO . SCOPE 1 ) Geographical The world except the United States and Canada . Works on US and Canadian history ...



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Finding HistoryFinding History

databases: America: History and Life or Historical Abstracts. America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts are the most important secondary source databases for history scholars. America: History and Life contains the citations of ...

Author: Christine Bombaro

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

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In today’s world of modern research methods, the irony is that even though more materials are readily available now than ever before, this proliferation of sources has actually made the process more difficult for the novice researcher. In addition, today’s professors expect high-quality sources to be used in students’ undergraduate research precisely because so much information is available; however, without instruction, many students are not even aware of the standard history sources that they should be using routinely for history research projects. Finding History is a practical and modern guide to research for history projects, helping to sort through the available resources and technology for students, scholars, and librarians. Finding History includes practical, step-by-step instructions for discovering historical evidence using library catalogs, databases, and websites. It simplifies and clarifies the research process so that students new to the experience may locate appropriate research material with the same skill as seasoned historians. This book addresses the information literacy skills defined by the American Library Association and the American Historical Association, which include recognizing the need for scholarly historical information; defining and identifying the need for primary, secondary, and tertiary sources; knowing what finding tools are available to help locate historical sources; using history research tools efficiently and effectively; learning research vocabulary as well as the vocabulary of the historical profession; making evaluative judgments about the scholarly value of materials once they are located; physically acquiring research materials; using research material effectively to support a thesis or argument; and using research material ethically and responsibly. Including search samples and tables, Finding History is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to ensure their research draws from the best available sources and those needing instruction in locating, obtaining, evaluating, and using scholarly sources efficiently, directly, and ethically.

Literary Research and the Victorian and Edwardian Ages 1830 1910Literary Research and the Victorian and Edwardian Ages 1830 1910

The Journal ofImperial and Commonwealth History. ... Past and Present: A Journal of Historical Studies. ... ABC-CLIO's Historical Abstracts and its counterpart, America: History & Life, support historical research in the same way that ...

Author: Melissa S. Van Vuuren

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

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This volume discusses traditional and new resources for researching British literature of the Victorian and Edwardian ages and the ways in which those resources can be used in conjunction with one another.

Authority and Welfare in ChinaAuthority and Welfare in China

24. theory and practice', Historical Abstracts, Vol. 46, Part A, No. 1 (1995), Abstract 958; Shi, Bo (1992) “The 1911 Revolution and the development of the Chinese capitalist economy', Historical Abstracts, Vol. 45, Part A, No.

Author: M. Twohey

Publisher: Springer

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This book describes the relationship between political authoritarianism and people's welfare in modern China. Based on a study of Chinese political discourse from the 1898 reform period to the present, the book demonstrates that support for authoritarian rule in modern China is best understood when compared to ancient political traditions of authority and welfare that were established in China's late Zhou dynasty by the Confucian philosopher Xunzi (298-238 BC).

Going to the SourcesGoing to the Sources

These are simply some of the quirks in the organization of material for historical research. For our purposes, the two databases that are most important for abstracts are Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.2 The first is ...

Author: Anthony Brundage

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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It’s been almost 30 years since the first edition of Going to the Sources: A Guide to Historical Research and Writing was first published. Newly revised and updated, the sixth edition of this bestselling guide helps students at all levels meet the challenge of writing their first (or their first “real”) research paper. Presenting various schools of thought, this useful tool explores the dynamic, nature, and professional history of research papers, and shows readers how to identify, find, and evaluate both primary and secondary sources for their own writing assignments. This new edition addresses the shifting nature of historical study over the last twenty years. Going to the Sources: A Guide to Historical Research and Writing includes: A new section analyzing attempts by authors of historical works to identify and cultivate the appropriate public for their writings, from scholars appealing to a small circle of fellow specialists, to popular authors seeking mass readership A handy style guide for creating footnotes, endnotes, bibliographical entries, as well as a list of commonly used abbreviations Advanced Placement high school and undergraduate college students taking history courses at every level will benefit from the engaging, thoughtful, and down-to-earth advice within this hands-on guide.

Church HistoryChurch History

Historical Periodicals: An Annotated World List of Historical and Related Serial Publications. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, ... Historical Periodicals Directory. ... Historical Abstracts: Bibliography of the World's Periodical Literature.

Author: James E. Bradley

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9781467445108


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In their acclaimed, much-used Church History, James Bradley and Richard Muller lay out guidelines, methods, and basic reference tools for research and writing in the fields of church history and historical theology. Over the years, this book has helped countless students define their topics, locate relevant source materials, and write quality papers. This revised, expanded, and updated second edition includes discussion of Internet-based research, digitized texts, and the electronic forms of research tools. The greatly enlarged bibliography of study aids now includes many significant new resources that have become available since the first edition’s publication in 1995. Accessible and clear, this introduction will continue to benefit both students and experienced scholars in the field.

Doing History Research and Writing in the Digital AgeDoing History Research and Writing in the Digital Age

Most beginning researchers will have examined the American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature as well as located subject bibliographies as part of the research trail. In addition, abstracts of books and articles, ...

Author: Michael J. Galgano

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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DOING HISTORY: RESEARCH AND WRITING IN THE DIGITAL AGE presents a soup to nuts approach to researching and writing about history, with an eye for making the most of current technology. The authors begin their straightforward approach with an overview of the discipline. Then, they lay out a systematic approach to research, including how to locate and analyze sources (both primary and secondary), how to write the paper and cite research properly, and how to present the work in conferences. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.