Hey Natalie JeanHey Natalie Jean

This heartfelt, personal collection of essays and photographs shows Natalie’s ability to identify and describe life’s lovely incidentals in the everyday routine of errands, play dates, and naps.

Author: Natalie Holbrook

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781613127889


Page: 176

View: 658

“Natalie Holbrook’s sensibility is stylish and playful, as well as practical, loving, and down-to-earth. Hey Natalie Jean is a terrific read for anyone who wants to make her life more beautiful.” – Gretchen Rubin The blog Hey Natalie Jean has won a cult following with writer Natalie Holbrook’s honest, inspiring, and often witty posts on topics like marriage, babies, nesting, and style. Natalie’s first book, Hey Natalie Jean is one part manifesto and three parts ideas, projects, and advice. Beautifully illustrated and whimsically designed, the book offers twenty-five essays and how-tos that serve as a guide to life: making date-night magic in the middle of the mundane, successfully exploring the city with a three-year-old, and creating a satisfying daily routine that still leaves room for little adventures and lots of magic. Natalie’s optimism, creativity, keen eye, and zeal for life are palpable, and she encourages others to make their lives beautiful with ease. This heartfelt, personal collection of essays and photographs shows Natalie’s ability to identify and describe life’s lovely incidentals in the everyday routine of errands, play dates, and naps. Inspiring, moving, and whip-smart, Hey Natalie Jean is an honest look at the hard work and courage that go into creating a beautiful life.

Analysing Religious DiscourseAnalysing Religious Discourse

The data is comprised of sixty blog entries: ten entries each from three Latter-day Saint bloggers: Love Taza, Hey Natalie Jean (previously Nat the Fat Rat), and The Daybook Blog, and ten blog entries each from three Evangelical ...

Author: Stephen Pihlaja

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108836135


Page: 349

View: 524

A comprehensive introduction to all the major research approaches to religious language, from a variety of linguistic perspectives.

A Mother Is a StoryA Mother Is a Story

PAGES ŻŽıŻŻė From Hey Natalie Jean: Advice, Musings, and Inspiration on Marriage, Motherhood, and Style by Natalie Holbrook, copyright © 2015 by Natalie Holbrook. PAGES ŴŊŊıŴŊŴė Reprinted by permission of the New Statesman.

Author: Samantha Hahn

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781613128879


Page: 112

View: 284

Capturing Brooklyn-based artist Samantha Hahn’s modern sensibility, A Mother Is a Story: A Celebration of Motherhood is a stunning collection of hand-lettered quotes and ethereal illustrations. Rendered in Hahn’s signature watercolors, the book portrays the shared experience of motherhood in all its glorious, messy, sublime beauty. With quotes that range from witty and irreverent to touching and thoughtful, each page presents sentiments and snippets of wisdom that celebrate the spirit of motherhood. Contributions come from literary icons, political activists, lifestyle bloggers, fashion designers, and more. A Mother Is a Story is published in conjunction with Stories for My Child: A Mother’s Memory Journal, a guided journal for capturing all the moments of motherhood, small and spectacular, from pregnancy through your child’s adolescence. Together or separately, they make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and baby showers.

Creating Research Infrastructures in the 21st Century Academic LibraryCreating Research Infrastructures in the 21st Century Academic Library

A few of the top bloggers are: • Design Mom (www.designmom.com ) • Lang (www.langphotographers.info) • 71 Toes (www.71toes.com ) • Hey Natalie Jean (www.heynataliejean.com ) • C. Jane Kendrick (www.cjanekendrick.com ) • Say Yes ...

Author: Bradford Lee Eden

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442252424


Page: 220

View: 793

Creating Research Infrastructures in the 21st-Century Academic Library focuses on research infrastructures with topics such as research and development in libraries, datasets, e-science, grants and grant writing, digital scholarship, data management, library as publisher, metadata, web archiving, and the research lifecycle.

Extreme MeanExtreme Mean

A recent post about New York–based blogger Natalie Holbrook is titled“HeyNatalie Mean Still Opening Her Mouth.”(Holbrook's blogis calledHey Natalie Jean.) Meanwhile,the site's forumsare organized by blogger specialty (“Lifestyle ...

Author: Paula Todd

Publisher: Signal

ISBN: 9780771084041


Page: 352

View: 151

From one of Canada's foremost investigative writers, a groundbreaking exposé on the motives and machinations behind cyberabuse - tormenting, trolling, harassment, cyberbullying, stalking, and sexual extortion - and the toll it is taking on children, youth, and adults around the world. It seems as if each week our news broadcasts, newspaper headlines, Twitter feeds, and Facebook timelines are dominated by stories of cyberbullying and other digital abuse. This isn't the playground teasing and name-calling of generations before the Internet. This new abuse's unique characteristics - anonymity, permanence, and viral audience - can relentlessly exacerbate the humiliation, pain, and danger of its victims. Ugly rumours that once snaked through school hallways and around the office water cooler are now delivered at lightning speed to the world, while sexual extortion and revenge-porn sites target those who've shared intimate images or had them stolen by hackers. Cyberstalkers who target adults destroy reputations and careers. And the splendid connectivity of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, also makes us vulnerable to "interpersonal terrorism," while apps that promise privacy and rapid deletion are ridden with loopholes. With vivid reportage, Paula Todd goes deep into the world of "extreme mean," uncovering the people who use the Internet to undermine lives rather than improve them. Through exclusive personal stories of online abuse from around the world, including the suicide of Amanda Todd and the untold costs of Rebecca Black's experience as "the most hated girl on the Internet," as well as interviews with troll-tormentors, accidental abusers, victimized kids, and adults, Extreme Mean explores the often surprising roots of online abuse, challenges current academic thinking, and offers new ways of understanding the nasty and the nefarious who erode humanity and threaten Internet freedom. Provocative, astute and compelling, Extreme Mean is a shocking yet inspiring illustration of behaviour that affects all of us. It's a call-to-arms for change, and a search for ways to turn a moral panic into a moral possibility.

The Sacrament and Other Plays of Forbidden LoveThe Sacrament and Other Plays of Forbidden Love

CLAUDE: Hey, Uncle Antoine. (Rudes JeANETTK ) Hello, my princess. Natalie (to Claude): Come here, you! (Gives him a long kiss.) CLAUDE (extricating himself): Hello, Deedee. (Everyone quiet for a beat.) ANTOINE: Hm, hey yeah, ...

Author: Hugo Claus

Publisher: Susquehanna University Press

ISBN: 1575911108


Page: 273

View: 348

Hugo Claus, generally recognized as the greatest living writer in the Dutch language, became famous in the theater for several early works of particular force and daring. This volume includes three of those remarkable early plays: Bride in the Morning, Sugar, and The Sacrament. All three plays boast unforgettable characters trapped in a world of oppressive social mores. The central figures are all subject to sexual and creative impulses towards objects of forbidden love that bring disapproval and censure crashing in on them, subsequently bringing about their own ruin. Bride in the Morning follows an endgame contest between a young heroine enamored of her own mentally challenged brother pitted against her grasping and dictatorial mother, hell bent on separating the two. Sugar, set in the sugar beet country of northern France, reminiscent of the itinerant workers of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, follows the infatuation of a luckless worker, hopelessly enamored of a self destructive local prostitute. And The Sacrament offers the desperate quest for approbation of a young homosexual man, who had been seduced early on by a village priest and who now futilely seeks that priest's understanding. The introduction incorporates lengthy, detailed analyses of the plays, sets them in their historical and stylistic context, provides carefully researched descriptions of the original productions as well as mention of subsequent ones and goes into great depth charting the initial critical and public response to the plays as well as their later reception, as they came to be considered modern classics.

I Love ParisI Love Paris

Natalie's denim high-cut jean britches had been unbuttoned above the fly, and her top was a fifties fashion pink polka dot bikini. They laughed in happiness as they ran ... I mean he said 'Mr. Watson', but hey, I thought it was clever.

Author: P.L. Hawks

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480844971


Page: 598

View: 776

In 1972 the world still lives in the wake of chaos created by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Vietnam War rages on. After a young farmboy by the name of Templeton Hawks escapes an infamous Vietcong prison camp, unprecedented events are set into motion as he makes his way home after many years of being presumed dead. When he finally returns to his Texas hometown, Natalie, the girl he left behind, is overcome by the happiness of discovering him alive. But their joy is soon disrupted by the unexplainable abduction of Natalies four year old daughter. Feeling his return and the disappearance of the little girl are somehow connected, Temp sets out on an elaborate search for the child. As he pieces together the terrifying clues and dodges the suspicions of a wily police lieutenant, Temp must avoid an array of deadly traps set before him by using his knowledge of the past, the gifts of his physical prowess and the superior abilities of his cunning mind. The search for the four-year-old soon becomes a labyrinth of mystery leading him through the dark streets of Dallas Texas and finally to a clandestine state of the art security compound hidden deep within the city. Temp soon discovers that the truth of JFKs death lies not with Lee Harvey Oswald, but with a child who wasnt born until five years after the presidents murder---Natalies little girl, Paris.

Looking for a Soft CenterLooking for a Soft Center

Hey,” I call after her. “It's Natalie. My name is Natalie.” She nods, smiles, and walks backward until she turns the corner. I close the door behind her. I walk into my living room, feeling wide-awake and a little lost. I text Jean ...

Author: Robin Watergrove

Publisher: Torquere Press, LLC



Page: 27

View: 255

Looking for a Soft Center follows a pair of long-distance best friends as they pursue new relationships. Natalie, an athletic young lesbian, is looking for romance, while her friend, Jean, is looking for friendship in a new city. Jean coaxes Natalie to push herself beyond the security of fantasy and make herself available and vulnerable to new love interests. Natalie finds that articulating one’s wants is harder than simply writing a want ad and an unexpected intimate encounter brings the discrepancy between her fantasy and her reality into sharp focus. The experience prompts Natalie to reconsider the qualities she prizes most in herself and what exactly she is looking for in—and able to contribute to—a new relationship.

All Last SummerAll Last Summer

Hey, Liv!” Natalie flung her arms out and the two embraced. I waved. “Hi, Olivia.” I didn't have Liv nickname privileges. Natalie and Olivia both had dressed in halter tops and distressed denim. Natalie in a jean mini-skirt, ...

Author: Stephanie J. Scott

Publisher: Stephanie J. Scott

ISBN: 9781954952003


Page: 209

View: 135

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. My summer was planned from packing lists to trip itineraries. Or so I’d thought. It’s the night before my trip abroad, and my boyfriend Matt showed up at a party with another girl. The boyfriend I’m supposed to spend seven weeks with in Brazil. No way can I board that plane. With my trip tickets ripped up and the money down the drain, I owe my parents big-time. The only job hiring is Teed Off!, the driving range that just-so-happens to employ Matt’s trio of best friends. Matt’s friends don’t like my presence on their artificial turf, so pranking me becomes their second part-time job. They definitely don’t want me winning the bonus money our boss is offering for an idea to improve the business. By chance on a summer night, Matt’s head crony best friend Aidan is there for me when no one else is around. Turns out, he and Matt haven’t been close for a while. Aidan begins to see through to the real me—the me I’d kept from Matt to be the person I’ve always longed to be—popular with a boyfriend, all according to plan. As the summer unfolds, our secrets unravel. All Last Summer is a young adult summer job romance and the first book in the Love on Summer Break series.

Spots and Trouble SpotsSpots and Trouble Spots

“ So anyway , Natalie , ” Jean's face feels lit up and coherent nonetheless , “ I might be in love with him . ... Natalie says . Jill : heels sharp , hair short and blonde , wears a blazer and jeans , nosy . “ Hey , Jill . ” “ Hey .

Author: Carol Treadwell

Publisher: Otis Books Seismicity Editions

ISBN: UOM:39015059276793


Page: 176

View: 565

Fiction. A first novel from a writer whose mentors include Paula Gunn Allen, Jon Wagner, Benjamin Weissman and Elizabeth Treadwell. Sisters Madeleine and Jean and Paula are all over the map. "Jean would've kept going to therapy. There were many reasons why she couldn't. For one, the etiquette was as difficult as at a fancy restaurant or dinner at a wealthy friend's house in high school." Elsewhere, her writing has been described as "startling in the immediacy of its language" - Paul Tullis, commenting on her account of a Gen-X party, published in the nonfiction anthology, Unnatural Disasters: Recent Writing from the Golden State.

You ll Understand When You re DeadYou ll Understand When You re Dead

Hey, shithead.” Natalie and the ghost turned. Queen Patsy stood there, hands on her jean-clad hips, her irritated gaze on Tony. “Hey, toots,” said Tony, turning his leer on Patsy. “You wanna do a threesome?” “You are delusional.

Author: Michele Bardsley

Publisher: Michele Bardsley




View: 487

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Michele Bardsley... You'll Understand When You're Dead is Book 12 in the popular, bestselling paranormal Broken Heart series... When vampire Natalie Haltom starts receiving an influx of ghost suitors, she can't seem to escape their amorous attentions. And with a ghost cow chasing her everywhere in town, she's having the worst week ever. Vedere psychic Matthew Dennison has moved to Broken Heart to escape the Vedere legacy and to start a new life as a psychic for the vampire queen. He manages to rescue Natalie from a persistent date-happy spirit by announcing his engagement to the beautiful vampire. Yep. Just another day in Broken Heart with lonely ghosts, zombie dance-offs, spellcasting teenagers, wedding-planning fae, Little People fertility rituals, and maybe, just maybe, a vampire and psychic finding forever love.

Harlequin Kimani Romance May 2015 Box SetHarlequin Kimani Romance May 2015 Box Set

“Life is about living your dreams,” Natalie said softly, quoting the words they'd heard the matriarch say over and over again growing up. “A few years ago Norris-Jean cut a quote out of some magazine she'd been reading.

Author: Deborah Fletcher Mello

Publisher: Kimani Press

ISBN: 9781460391228


Page: 224

View: 429

Looking for entertaining stories of drama, glamour and passion featuring sophisticated and sensual African-American and multicultural heroes and heroines? Harlequin Kimani Romance brings you all this and more with these four new full-length books for one great price! MY STALLION HEART (The Stallions) Deborah Fletcher Mello Supermodel Natalie Stallion is called back to her hometown from London to settle her mother's estate. But when a nor'easter delays her plans and strands her with Tinjin Braddy, they take full advantage of the delay. The continent-hopping playboy doesn't expect to see her again. But their lives and careers are about to collide at a Stallion family reunion… WINNING HER LOVE (Bay Point Confessions) Harmony Evans Bay Point Mayor Gregory Langston wants community activist Vanessa Miller to help run his reelection campaign. Their attraction is a potential powder keg, especially when they are on opposite sides of a controversial issue. But a vicious smear campaign could destroy Gregory's shot at a second term. Will it also cost him forever with Vanessa? BEAUTIFUL SURRENDER (An Elite Event) Sherelle Green Mya Winters is organizing a charity date auction. There's one hitch: her cohost, private investigator Malik Madden, only has eyes for her. If she'd just confide in him, he could help piece together the truth about her past. But trust works both ways. And his only chance at a future with her is to share a secret that threatens their passionate connection… MOONLIGHT KISSES (Kimani Hotties: Forever My Lady) Phyllis Bourne It's just Sage Matthews's luck that Cole Sinclair, the man stirring her dormant passions, wants to buy her cosmetics company. Takeover bid: denied. But in the bedroom their rivalry morphs into sizzling chemistry. The kind of partnership Sage craves takes compromise and trust—do they have the courage to go beyond the surface to find what's real?


'You're such a teacher girl, Natalie.' 'Look, this evening's already been too much. ... 'Hey, Natalie,' Maria shouts after me. 'Try to live a little. ... Jean-Luc was right about that. Maybe there isn't a problem in going with him?

Author: E.M. Reapy

Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd

ISBN: 9781789540932


Page: 304

View: 527

Would you travel the world to feel at home in your skin? Natalie is uncomfortable in herself. Her most recent relationship is long since over, and she is disillusioned with her career as a teacher. So she packs her bags and goes travelling in hope of finding a place for herself in the world. But her isolation abroad only heightens her sense of unease. Obsessed with how others perceive her, she recoils from relationships and eats – compulsively and self-destructively, to silence the anxious voice in her head that never seems satisfied. Skin engages powerfully with issues of self and belonging via an incredibly beguiling protagonist – intelligent and self-aware, sharp and acute. 'Engrossing ... Unvarnished, wry and almost wincingly clear-eyed, the narrative covers acres of emotional terrain – from comedy, to tragedy, and the churned-up borderlands in between' Daily Mail.

Wedding Vows Under Fire Series 1 Gold Bands in the FireWedding Vows Under Fire Series 1 Gold Bands in the Fire

Natalie sighed returning her cousin's hug. “Basically. How ya doin', EmmaJean? Hey, Mama!” “Hello, Dollin'!” Geraldine called in her normally cheerful voice. “Hi, Ms. Geraldine,” Alicia greeted sadly with a hug. “Sweetie, how are you?

Author: Tonshea Carroll Moore, Lanette Zavala

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449790318


Page: 436

View: 789

Natalie and Joseph Reyes have everything any young couple could desire—a loving marriage, children together, wealth, and enterprise. But the demands of a controlling mother-in-law and her husband’s unaccounted hours spent in places unknown to Natalie threaten to drive a wedge between them. With dwindling trust in her beloved, accompanied by mysterious symptoms within her body, Natalie agonizes like a single mother within her marriage. Relatives who witness Natalie’s faith can only wish for her problems. A dishonorable past and faithless tendencies threaten to shatter the love between Shasta and Javier Reyes. Unaware to all their family, a violent face-off occurs when Natalie’s psychotic cousin torments and imprisons two serial killers attempting to kidnap her. Cousin Tiphany Taylor hopes to marry the wealthy father of her children until reality forces her to make a heart-wrenching decision about their lives together. Alicia Reyes goes on a manhunt for her meddling widowed mother and finds a homeless man to groom for the mission. The shattering worlds of the prominent Reyes and Taylor families blend as a distractive force against the couple, who married from each family. Surrounded by everyone else’s drama, Natalie and Joseph rarely find time to strengthen what she sees as a starving marriage.

In Golden BloodIn Golden Blood

Hello?” Ted Atwater said when she finally got through. A digital counter on the phone started ticking down the amount of credit she had left. “Hi, Ted. It's Natalie.” A pause followed, the delayed response of a satellite relay.

Author: Stephen Woodworth

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405516501


Page: 320

View: 999

Natalie Lindstrom has a gift: the power to speak to the dead, to solve crimes by interviewing murder victims. But now Natalie wants to escape, from the voices that fill her head, and from the organisation that has used her as a crime-solving tool - and who now wants to recruit her daughter. So Natalie takes a job as far from crime and punishment as she can get: with an archaeologist in the mountains of Peru. Her job: to find a trove of priceless artifacts - by channelling those who lived and died at an ancient Incan site. But in the towering Andes, Natalie enters a 500-year-old storm of betrayal, murder, greed, and rage - and she cannot silence the voices of the dead. The slaughtered reach out to her. The slaughterers boast of their crimes. Alone, cut off from her family, Natalie faces a chilling realisation: every truth she uncovers is leading her one step closer to a terror beyond imagining.

Love Inspired December 2015 Box Set 1 of 2Love Inspired December 2015 Box Set 1 of 2

An Anthology Allie Pleiter, Lois Richer, Jean C. Gordon ... His ordinary-man side wanted to align with Natalie and protect her from the hurt Andie was so good at inflicting on her. ... “Hey, am I interrupting?” Natalie was standing ...

Author: Allie Pleiter

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459293830


Page: 224

View: 513

Love Inspired brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these uplifting contemporary romances of faith, forgiveness and hope. A RANGER FOR THE HOLIDAYS Lone Star Cowboy League Allie Pleiter Ranger Finn Brannigan wakes up in a hospital with no clue who he is. But this Christmas, with philanthropist Amelia Klondike by his side, he'll recover more than his memory—he'll find a love to last a lifetime. GIFT-WRAPPED FAMILY Family Ties Lois Richer Widow Mia Granger is shocked to hear lawyer Caleb Grant say she owns a ranch—and has a stepdaughter. With his support, her bond with Lily grows and Mia realizes opening her heart could mean a new family this Christmas. HOLIDAY HOMECOMING The Donnelly Brothers Jean C. Gordon Former television reporter Natalie Delacroix returns home to be with her family and take a break from her fast-paced life. Instead, she finds herself producing a Christmas Eve pageant and envisioning a future with her high school sweetheart, Pastor Connor Donnelly

Off the Wild Coast of BrittanyOff the Wild Coast of Brittany

Natalie handed Alex a wooden board and a sharp knife, and tossed her an onion from the bag of groceries Jean-Luc had set on the counter. ... “I am very amenable,” said Jean-Luc. “Why am I not surprised?” murmured Alex. “Hey ...

Author: Juliet Blackwell

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780593097861


Page: 464

View: 405

An unforgettable story of resilience and resistance set during WWII and present-day France on a secluded island off the coast of Brittany Natalie Morgen made a name for herself with a memoir about overcoming her harsh childhood after finding a new life in Paris. After falling in love with a classically trained chef, they moved together to his ancestral home, a tiny fishing village off the coast of Brittany. But then Francois-Xavier breaks things off with her without warning, leaving her flat broke and in the middle of renovating the guesthouse they planned to open for business. Natalie's already struggling when her sister, Alex, shows up unannounced. The sisters form an unlikely partnership to save the guesthouse, reluctantly admitting their secrets to each other as they begin to heal the scars of their shared past. But the property harbors hidden stories of its own. During World War II, every man of fighting age on the island fled to England to join the Free French forces. The women and children were left on their own...until three hundred German troops took up residence, living side-by-side with the French women on the tiny island for the next several years. When Natalie and Alex unearth an old cookbook in a hidden cupboard, they find handwritten recipes that reveal old secrets. With the help of locals, the Morgen sisters begin to unravel the relationship between Violette, a young islander whose family ran the guesthouse during WWII, and Rainier, a German military customs official with a devastating secret of his own.

Echoes of Fairborn HighEchoes of Fairborn High

Hey, cool it, man!” Billy reacted. ... How are things going with Mary Jean?” Billy smiled. ... Then he watched Duane's bulging eyes as Natalie Brown, wearing her blue jeans, walked past him with her lunch tray. “Hey,” Tyson said ...

Author: R. Joseph Lessard

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452086028


Page: 540

View: 765

The high school on the north side of Birchdale has been on an emotional roller coaster experience as fall was transitioning into winter. Just as the students were basking in the glory of their first state championship in football, they had to bear the devastating death of one of their most popular classmates. The passage of months has also brought about significant changes in the individual family and social lives of the young people, especially in the boy-girl relationships. Ted and Natalie, the shy couple whose security was their unswerving devotion to each other, is experiencing new strains as the beauty of Natalie’s emerging physical maturity has catapulted her into the limelight of the most desired girls in the school. Jeff has been getting along quite comfortably with Gina, the second girlfriend of his teen years, but just when he thought that his first girlfriend, Jill, had faded out of his life, he unexpectedly encounters her again. His certain world is profoundly shaken as he realizes that the “old feelings” haven’t really gone away for this girl who he once loved so crazily that he was certain he couldn’t never love anyone else. Yet returning to her presents as impossible since she has rejected him for three other guys and is pregnant by the last one, his younger brother! As conflict rages within his family over what to do about Jill, Jeff tries to focus on his studies and after-school job, only to get kidnapped by the school hoodlums and dragged into what is for him, the scariest place on earth, the now closed old Century Inn. If he gets out of there alive, he may still have to prove that he was not the perpetrator in the breaking and entering of the building. A few secrets of the ancient hotel have been revealed, but the teenage boys who worked there, and the young thugs that break into it, find yet more puzzling mysteries to ponder, not the least of which is whether the building is haunted.

Holiday HomecomingHoliday Homecoming

Jean C. Gordon. nel blared about a fast-moving nor'easter that had veered inland and was heading for Northeastern ... His ordinary-man side wanted to align with Natalie and protect her from the hurt Andie was so good at inflicting on ...

Author: Jean C. Gordon

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373719259


Page: 224

View: 994

The Pastor's Christmas Match Pastor Connor Donnelly is done with romance. After proposing to his high school sweetheart, Natalie Delacroix, five years ago--and being turned down--he's putting all his time and energy into his community. He's determined to make the Christmas pageant he's directing a success. But family and friends are set on fixing up the good-looking bachelor in time for the holidays. And now that Natalie is back in Paradox Lake--and helping with the pageant--they might just succeed. Because working so closely with Natalie stirs up old feelings...and Connor starts to hope for a second chance with the one who got away.

Surrender My HeartSurrender My Heart

“Your auntie Jean never did like him. ... Reaching across the table, Natalie squeezed his hand, her eyes misting. ... “Hey, Nat. Come in here for a minute.” “Sure.” Natalie made her way into the house. She narrowed her eyes when she saw ...

Author: Kayla Perrin

Publisher: Kimani Press

ISBN: 9780373862603


Page: 224

View: 817

After Natalie Hart's pro-athlete husband cheated on her, she's not sure if she can ever give her heart again. Now she's single and working at a children's charity - but when she meets local football celebrity Michael Jones he makes it clear he'd like to kick off with seduction. He's used to women falling at his feet, but Natalie is giving him a run for his money. Michael is ready to let his playboy past go for the vulnerable beauty, but can Natalie let her guard down and fall for another professional athlete?