Happy Makar SankrantiHappy Makar Sankranti

Novelty Makar Sankranti Themed Notebook Daily Diary / Journal / Notebook - Perfect for journaling, writing notes, to do lists or just to stay organized.

Author: Eagle Publishers


ISBN: 1676003614


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Novelty Makar Sankranti Themed Notebook Daily Diary / Journal / Notebook - Perfect for journaling, writing notes, to do lists or just to stay organized. A special gift for a friend or relative, co-worker, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. The pages are ready to be filled! Perfectly Sized at 6" x 9" 120 Pages Flexible Paperback High-quality Matte Finish High-quality Softcover Bookbinding

Tending the Heart FireTending the Heart Fire


Author: Shiva Rea

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 9781604079128


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"We are created in rhythm, kept alive in rhythm, evolve through rhythm. Tides, breath, and blood flow in rhythm. We are born into a universe of currents, and our heart is the great conductor of the body, orchestrating our flow." The mystical foundations of all the world's spiritual paths meet in a single, sacred place: the heart of the seeker. We have reached a time when scientific understanding mirrors the teachings of the great wisdom traditions in revealing our energetic heart as the light of consciousness, the fire of love, a field of intelligence. Tending the Heart Fire, the first book by pioneering yogini Shiva Rea, is an invitation to embody our extraordinary potential at this turning point in time, to reconnect your life to the rhythms of your body and the natural world—to live in flow with the pulse of life. Weaving together wisdom from the great world traditions—including yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, and modern science—Shiva presents an essential resource for becoming a firekeeper of the sacred heart. This diverse treasury is filled with mediations, life guidance, seasonal rituals, and daily practices, including: Insights for harmonizing with the sacred junctures of time—the daily, weekly, lunar, and solar cycles of manifestation and renewal Aligning with the seasons—how to adapt your diet, exercise, and yoga rhythms throughout the annual cycle Ways to honor the great sacred holidays, rites, and festivals Awakening of sahaja—the natural flow at the origins and source of yoga asana and sacred embodiment at the heart of yoga and Tantra Skills for tending your inner fire in every aspect of life and healing imbalances that can support a renewable energy lifestyle A visual teaching with over a hundred full-color images, including reference charts, diagrams, illustrations, and ancient poetry for inspiration The legacy of the Heart Fire is more than eight hundred thousand years old—and in our modern world, we need more than ever to consciously reconnect to the radiant field that transcends time, space, and culture. "The direct awakening of the heart often happens when we are at a crisis point, when the armor of our heart has to crack," writes Shiva Rea. "Let us return to the power and magnificence of our hearts—as living fire, as intelligent energy and electromagnetic radiance, and as our illuminating guide toward love, creativity, and deep knowing of our true sacred nature."

The Bad Boys of Bokaro JailThe Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail

Today is Makar Sankranthi so the courts are closed. One additional day to spend in ... He just wants a good future, and a simple life with a happy family.

Author: Chetan Mahajan

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9789351186311


Page: 224

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What happens when a business executive is thrown into a jail in small town Jharkhand? He ends up with an education of a lifetime... When Chetan Mahajan is wrongfully sent to Bokaro jail, he encounters a world completely different from his corporate life in Delhi. From picking the best prison ward, befriending the people who can get him mobile phone access and upgraded food, and training for his upcoming marathon in the tiny prison yard, Chetan soon learns to work the prison system. In the process he makes unlikely friends, and discovers what India’s underbelly really looks like. A true story, The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail, is thought provoking, amusing and touching. It will show you the Indian prison as you have never seen it before.

Triumph of LoveTriumph of Love

Aabha was hopeful and happy. She thought maybe Rajan was ... Her birthday was the same day as the much celebrated Indian festival called “Makar Sankranti.

Author: Aabharya

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482856019


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Can two people live miles apart and still claim to be in love? Abharya is an upcoming author spending her days teaching tiny tots in Bhiwani, a small town in Haryana. A graduate in Computer Sciences, with a Bachelors Degree in Education. She is presently pursuing her Masters in English and is also working as a Public Relations Manager for a renowned corporate. Abharya is a voracious reader. In one of those moments during her intense reading sessions, she was struck with a thought that a book would be ideal to express her meaning of life. The idea shaped into this beautiful book which brilliantly narrates the story of Abha and Arya. Abharya is quite passionate about semi classical Indian music and loves to both sing and listen to various melodies in her leisure. The author can be contacted on her email [email protected] This is a story of how love bonded two people regardless of the distance between them. Life took various turns and yet Abha and Aarya proved to the world around them that only expression through physical proximity does not mean love! They proved that their love for the other could be locked deep inside their hearts and yet become a gift for someone -cherishing lives theirs as well as Abharyas! Abharya, a love child, with biology having played no role in it! She was showered with selfless love by her Godmother and Godfather; they who never could be with each other in spite of what they felt for each other! When love is not realized by expression to one another, it can be realized by expression directed externally! It was towards Abharya, an orphan girl child who needed loving parents. Abha and Aarya proved to the world that love can be given a direction, that love need not be locked away to die, that love is not necessitous! Love is eternal

Thailands Indochina Travel GuideThailands Indochina Travel Guide

... as Sankrant or Makar Sankranti [17], celebrated on 14 January every year. ... traditional greeting is "" (sawatdipi mai), basically "Happy New Year".

Author: Heinz Duthel

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783734779428


Page: 464

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THAILAND LAOS CAMBODIA VIETNAM THAILAND 2011 - 2015 Overview Among the reasons for the increase in tourism in the 1960s were the stable political atmosphere and the development of Bangkok as a crossroads of international air transportation. The hotel industry and retail industry both expanded rapidly due to tourist demand. It was also boosted by the presence of US soldiers who started to arrive in the 1960s for Rest and Recuperation (R&R) during the Vietnam war period. Coinciding, international mass tourism sharply increased during the same period due to the rising standard of living, more people acquiring more free time and due to improvements in technology making it possible to travel further, faster, cheaper and in greater numbers, epitomised by the Boeing 747 which first flew commercially in 1970. Thailand was one of the major players in Asia to capitalise on this then-new trend. Tourist numbers have grown from 336,000 foreign visitors and 54,000 R&R soldiers in 1967 to over 14 million international guests visiting Thailand in 2007. The average duration of their stay in 2007 was 9.19 days, generating an estimated 547,782 million Thai baht, around 11 billion Euro. In 2007, Thailand was the 18th most visited country in the World Tourism rankings with 14.5 million visitors. France, comparable to Thailand in land area and population, led the list with nearly 82 million foreign visitors. In 2008 Bangkok ranked 3rd behind London and New York in Euromonitor International's list of "Top City Destinations" with 10,209,900 visitors, Pattaya 23rd with 4,406,300 visitors, Phuket 31st with 3,344,700 visitors, and Chiang Mai ranked 78th place with 1,604,600 visitors.


... KILKARI (Programme for children) RAJASTHALI Makar Sankranti Ek Sanskritik ... (RelayedDelhi from Delhi)** 2050 In 2115 Happy Valley Film Gardens mir: ...

Author: Publications Division (India),New Delhi

Publisher: Publications Division (India),New Delhi



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"Akashvani" (English ) is a programme journal of ALL INDIA RADIO ,it was formerly known as The Indian Listener.It used to serve the listener as a bradshaw of broadcasting ,and give listener the useful information in an interesting manner about programmes, who writes them,take part in them and produce them along with photographs of performing artists.It also contains the information of major changes in the policy and service of the organisation. The Indian Listener (fortnightly programme journal of AIR in English) published by The Indian State Broadcasting Service,Bombay ,started on 22 december, 1935 and was the successor to the Indian Radio Times in english, which was published beginning in July 16 of 1927. From 22 August ,1937 onwards, it used to published by All India Radio,New Delhi.In 1950,it was turned into a weekly journal. Later,The Indian listener became "Akashvani" (English ) in January 5, 1958. It was made a fortnightly again on July 1,1983. NAME OF THE JOURNAL: Akashvani LANGUAGE OF THE JOURNAL: English DATE,MONTH & YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 11-01-1959 PERIODICITY OF THE JOURNAL: Weekly NUMBER OF PAGES: 48 VOLUME NUMBER: Vol. XXIV, No. 2. BROADCAST PROGRAMME SCHEDULE PUBLISHED(PAGE NOS): 2, 15-45 ARTICLE: 1. The World I Bank And The I.M.F 2. The Cat That Walks By Herself 3. Tanjore 4. Child And The Parent 5. About Indian Cricket And West Indies 6. Fixation Of Land Ceilings 7. India ’S Exportable Goods AUTHOR: 1. Narayana Prasad 2. B.H.J. Rustomjee 3. K. Nagarajan 4. Shri Yudhishtir Bhargav, Mrs. M. Padmanabhanand,Dr. J. N. Pohowallah 5. C. K. Nayudu Interviewer : M. V. Bobjee 6. Dr. A. M. Khusro 7. E. E. Krogh And Mr. Kaiser Interviewer:,Miss Maithreya Ramadurai KEYWORDS : Discussion Cat-shaped furniture,cleanest animal,very patient,during middle ages Two marvels,nagapatain Discussion Interview Many hesitant,many other ways,fundamental objections,another argument Interview Document ID : APE-1958 (J-J) Vol-1-02 Prasar Bharati Archives has the copyright in all matter published in this and other AIR journals.For reproduction previous permission is essential.

BJP TodayBJP Today

Happy Makar Sankranti and Pongal as also Poush Sankranti of West Bengal . Also , since the Lok Sabha polls are due to this year , we all have to work together for fulfilling our president's target of 300 seats and two - thirds majority ...



ISBN: UOM:39015057978754



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Lessons UnlearnedLessons Unlearned

After Lohri and Makar Sankranti, the next big festival was Holi, ... He felt happy thinking that he would get new shoes, clothes, bag, and books.

Author: Vinod Kumar Nagpal

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781648699849


Page: 324

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In his debut book, Vinod Kumar Nagpal, the author, takes us back to the early 1960s. This is the story of a child who is gullible, inquisitive, and curious about nature, religion, and God while he is still five years old. He poses a lot of questions to his father about mythology, religion, God, and the partition of Bharat, as his parents migrated from Western Punjab of the then undivided Bharat at the time of partition of the country. His father narrates a lot of incidences/mythological stories to his young son and also shares with him painful memories of partition and his struggles thereafter. Incidences/stories told by his father carry many good lessons. But because of his careless nature and aversion to studies, he does not pay heed to those lessons and suffers as a consequence. When he grows up, he realizes his mistakes and tries to re-learn those lessons which he had unlearned. Is he able to resurrect his life? A must-read to recollect childhood memories and get nostalgic. The book also discusses what God wants from us, what the actual meaning of religion is, and how one must conduct oneself.


It is also a happy coincidence that the awards function is taking place on the day of Makar Sankranti which is a celebration of harvest and hence of ...


Publisher: Publications Division Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

ISBN: 9788123030111



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The volume 1 contains a selection from speeches delivered by Shri R. Venkataraman as Vice-President of India. These speeches outline his perceptions of the nations's priorities, imperatives and goals. They bring to bear on a variety of themes, the accumulated experience of Shri Venkataraman's participation in India's public life which commenced in the early 1930s.
The Publications Division will also be bringing out volumes of Shri Venkataraman's subsequent speeches and writings as President of India.


... on the day when the school will open after the leaves of Makar Sankranti. ... I was very happy for which I was riding the bike slowly and enjoying the ...

Author: Pulokesh Roy

Publisher: Educreation Publishing



Page: 334

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With the help of this book, Pulokesh Roy have tried to highlight few real facts about him, his struggles to become a successful teacher, actual teacher's life and the problems that he/she faces in their daily lives. He has taken his own example while describing the above points for presenting the accurate and real live view of a teacher. This book will definitely take the readers to an another world highlighting the endless efforts done by a teacher for their students and this effort continues throughout the entire life of a teacher.

Caring for Nature The troubled waters Rescuing the Ganga Caring for Nature The troubled waters Rescuing the Ganga

Makar Sankranti is one of the most auspicious days to bathe in Ganga Ma,” his father explained. ... She gives happiness to all of us.

Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta

Publisher: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

ISBN: 9788179933220


Page: 24

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As the first rays of the sun light up the eastern sky and the bells sound in the temples, pilgrims step into the holy waters of the Ganga. They stand chest-deep in the river, offer flowers to the sun god, and take quick dips. Dhani looks at this spectacular morning ritual with a frown on his face. A question has been disturbing Dhani for many days now. The River Ganga, a river that is so sacred to us, is getting polluted at a rapid rate with industrial chemicals, untreated sewage, and ashes from funeral pyres. Dhani looks at the troubled waters and wonders: Why is the river goddess being treated with such thoughtless neglect? And is there a way to restore her to her former glory? The Troubled Waters: Rescuing the Ganga takes us on a journey along several ghats of the Ganga, tells us what ails this holy river and also shows how it suffers from pollution caused by humans. An eye-opening story.

The Lankan LinkThe Lankan Link

“Today is Makar Sankranti, too! ... Akkaravadisil, medhu vadai, asoga and the hot jalebis which Vedant hungrily gulped, he was more than just happy.

Author: Suman Mukherjee

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781947349179


Page: 284

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A story of two friends. A story which is medieval in its savage retribution. A story of chastity, purity, idealism and betrayal. A story of disguise and concealment. A story about the gods deserting his own men. Sujatha and Vedant are inseparable. With her faith in him, and the training of a devoted teacher, he blossoms. Eventually, a fork in the road takes the three of them on paths leading to different destinies. The backdrop to all their destinies is common — a horrible civil war that devastated an island nation. A Civil War. A war which would turn heaven into hell. As the life of an entire generation is snuffed out, the world with its short supply of compassion and sympathy simply turns a blind eye. In the perfectly random way that life is, Sujatha and Vedant find themselves at odds while love binds them to each other. And in a blazing charge towards victory, for a young Indian political leader, the wheel was surely coming to a full circle.

An Indian Rural MontageAn Indian Rural Montage

happy time on the banks of the 'Ajoy' river skidding pebbles on the surface. ... The Poush Sankranti or Makar Sankranti was the most auspicious day for the ...

Author: Dr. Deepa Nair

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781636335278


Page: 130

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An excursion through the Indian countryside… Ten short stories from rural India, capturing the complexities of the lives of the protagonists - a few of them innocent yet others vile and scheming. All the rustic characters in the stories have their own set of trials and tribulations. The author invites the reader into an exciting journey through a medley of colorful portraits painted on the smaller canvas of the short story. Each of the characters in the book reflects the local flavor of the particular place they hail from. Rural India is a complex mix of festivals, rituals, cultural practices, local myths, stories and beliefs. This collection attempts to capture these hues and shades, with Nature as a predominant element across the narratives. All the characters in the stories and their attributes and portrayals are the creations of the writer’s imagination. None of the characters portray anyone living or dead.

Census of India 1961 BiharCensus of India 1961 Bihar

Makar Sankranti - It is held at village Sonsa Dharmu Chak ( Thana no . 201 ) , 8 miles south from Rajgir railway ... On the 10th day the image is immersed in some pond in a happy procession . People irrespective of caste and creed ...

Author: India. Office of the Registrar General


ISBN: UIUC:30112106650408



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Census of India 1961Census of India 1961

... falls on the eighth day in the dark fortthe night , the common belief being that one who wins during this night would be happy and prosperous night of the month ... Makar Sankranti Muharram This festival always falls on January 14th.

Author: India. Office of the Registrar General


ISBN: UIUC:30112107058585



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Rise Shine An Integrated Semester Course for Class 4 Semester 2 Rise Shine An Integrated Semester Course for Class 4 Semester 2

He was very happy to see the famous Gateway of India. Gateway of India 5 Shruti went to the ... there on Makar Sankranti. Akshardham HELP BOX Maharashtra ...

Author: Rev. Fr. Cosmos

Publisher: Goyal Brothers Prakashan

ISBN: 9788183896429



View: 602

Rise and Shine – An Integrated Semester Course for Classes 1 to 5 has been designed and formulated in accordance with the guidelines of the latest National Curriculum Framework (NCF). It is a set of ten books, two for each class and one per semester. Each book includes subjects such as English, Mathematics, EVS/Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge. The key feature of the course is to make learning a joyful experience. Each book closely interweaves concepts to lay a strong foundation at the primary level. The course focuses on interactive approach to make the children active participants in the process of learning. Some of the key features of the series are :  Based on the curriculum guidelines given by the latest National Curriculum Framework.  Graded and matched to the number of class hours planned by the schools.  Key concepts in each subject linked with interesting explanations; visual aids such as illustrations, photographs, diagrams, maps and tables; activities, games and real-life examples.  Carefully graded and comprehensive exercises for true evaluation.  CD for animated lessons and interactive exercises for better understanding of the concepts learnt in the textbook.  Online support for Assignments, E-book, Test paper Generator.  Teachers Resource Book to facilitate teaching.

Celebrating RelationshipsCelebrating Relationships

... would be a good occasion to buy him a gift for a change and make him happy. ... The festival of Makar Sankranti celebrated in some parts of India is one ...

Author: Sirshree




Page: 192

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“We don’t get to choose our family!” So many people complain. The reality is that the family through which you were born into this world is a custom-made arrangement, made especially for you. Various relations have been given to you to facilitate the awakening of supreme love and faith in your heart. Your family members may have differing perspectives but if they have a common goal, then a new possibility of collective creation can be realized by constructively harnessing their differences. This book elaborates upon how you can benefit from this marvelous arrangement. You will also find out how to overcome misunderstandings and break the invisible walls that creep up in your relationships. Plus you will realize why and how you can create wonderful relationships for attaining higher goals. Everyone’s definition of love is different. This book helps in understanding your unique definition of love and how it may possibly differ from those of others around you. This will make it easier to create harmony and nurture love in your relations. Ultimately, you will be introduced to the highest and best relationship, which can bring about a complete transformation in your life and provide you with everlasting bliss. Thus, you will no longer experience your relations to be just a formality, a responsibility, or a burden, but rather a celebration!


am good compliment happy platform, to The be here for Economic bringing today, Times to together address ... Makar Sankranti was celebrated on 14 January.

Author: Publications Division

Publisher: Publications Division Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

ISBN: 9788123030319


Page: 916

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This volume is a collection of 75 speeches of the Prime Minister in his first year in office (from May 2014 to April 2015). Divided in five sections, the speeches in this volume invoke the concept of good governance; lay down the dream for making India prosperous and proficient in various fields; they hail the contributions of soldiers, farmers and scientists; they raise the hope for respect and better life for all our countrymen and they present a clear commitment for Rising India.