Food for Our GrandmothersFood for Our Grandmothers

This groundbreaking collection creates a space in which Arab-American and Arab-Canadian feminsts speak out about issues of history, culture and identity.

Author: Joanna Kadi

Publisher: South End Press

ISBN: 0896084892


Page: 291

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This groundbreaking collection creates a space in which Arab-American and Arab-Canadian feminsts speak out about issues of history, culture and identity. While anti-Arab racism depicts Arab women as veiled, passive victims living in hopelessly sexist communities, Food for our Grandmothers analyzes and challenges these innacurate and distorted views.

The Ten GrandmothersThe Ten Grandmothers

Among the Kiowas these were ten medicine bundles , known as the Ten
Grandmothers . Around them centered a series of legends about twin culture
heroes , called the Half Boys . The contents of the bundles are now unknown ,
although the ...

Author: Alice Lee Marriott

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806118253


Page: 306

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?Once in a blue moon (which means a fairly long cycle in my case) one who deals professionally with new books comes upon something that seems to him truly noteworthy and memorable-a reading experience which he will cherish for the rest of his life. And when this book is original and, indeed, unique-when it achieves something that has never been done before-one's impulse is to rent a billboard, to hire a hall, in some way to underline and emphasize the excitement and enthusiasm of his discovery, so that other readers may share his pleasure. "This has been my experience with The Ten Grandmothers, by Alice Marriott. It was the custom of certain tribes of Indians of the Great Plains to keep a 'winter count,' or calendar, of important events. Each year an officially designated scribe or historian of the tribe inscribed on a specially selected and prepared buffalo hide (which was a sacred tribal possession) a colored pictograph commemorating the most noteworthy event of the year-the happening or circumstance for which the year would be remembered in the oral literature and traditions of the tribe. "Miss Marriott's book is based upon such a tribal history of the Kiowas, an important and tenacious nation of the southern Great Plains, for more than a hundred years. She has taken representative incidents from this story and built each into a unified narrative of personal experience, concrete and dramatic. The thirty-three narratives fall into four groups reflecting the major phases of Kiowa history in the last century; they are called, since Kiowa .economy was based on the buffalo, The Time When There Were Plenty of Buffalo; The Time When Buffalo Were Going; The Time When Buffalo Were Gone; and Modern Times. Since the same characters appear recurringly, the book has the effect of a loosely constructed novel. "Miss Marriott is an ethnologist. Her book is based on eight years of work with the Kiowas?work that certainly consisted of much more than superficial interviews with aged Indians. There is evidence everywhere, not only of accurate scientific knowledge of the material to be presented, but of profound human insight and understanding. "Miss Marriott is also a creative artist of extraordinary powers. Her book has abundant humor, drama and melodrama, beauty and sordidness, pathos and tragedy: all presented sharply, objectively, with economy, restraint, and dignity. The narrative of the long journey of Wooden Lance, to see for himself and for his tribe whether the leader of the Ghost Dance movement (that inspired the last desperate, irrational struggle of the plains Indians against the whites) had 'true power is unforgettable in its simplicity and reality. The story of the Kiowa girl Leah's return from her years at a boarding school in the East to her family on the reservation is as true and socially significant as it is poignant and dramatic. "The great achievement of Miss Marriott's book is that it makes accessible to the reader of today the essence of a culture, a way of life and thought, now almost vanished from the earth. "We have an uneasy feeling that some special meaning and value for Americans of today and tomorrow must lie in the older cultures of our continent which our own has so largely displaced. American writers from Longfellow on have tried with varying degrees of success to capture that meaning for us. "Miss Marriott's book shows that our feeling was justified. No discerning reader will fail to find in the men and women who are so vivid in its pages-Sitting Bear and Eagle Plume, old Quanah and Spear Woman, and the Kiowa boys riding in their jeep to enlist for the present World War-in their vision and knowledge of life and their essential experience, abundant meaning for today."

Honor the GrandmothersHonor the Grandmothers

The four oral histories presented in this attractive volume pay homage to elder women who quietly serve as community and political activists within the Lakota-Dakota Nation. . . Recommended.--Library Journal

Author: Sarah Penman

Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press

ISBN: 0873516729


Page: 153

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In this poignant collection of oral histories, four Indian elders recount their life stories in their own quiet but uncompromising words. Growing up and living in Minnesota and the Dakotas, Stella Pretty Sounding Flute and Iola Columbus (Dakota) and Celane Not Help Him and Cecelia Hernandez Montgomery (Lakota) share recollections of early family life interrupted by years at government boarding schools designed to eradicate tribal culture. Recounting their complex lives, the grandmothers reveal how they survived difficult circumstances to become activists in Indian politics, reconciling urban with reservation life and Christianity with native spirituality. Defying stereotypes, these clear and forthright voices are unforgettable.

Nine Hundred GrandmothersNine Hundred Grandmothers

NINE HUNDRED GRANDMOTHERS Ceran Swicegood was a promising young
Special Aspects Man. But, like all Special Aspects, he had one irritating habit. He
was forever asking the question: How Did It All Begin? They all had tough ...

Author: R. A. Lafferty

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781880448977


Page: 318

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"Here at last are the finest of Lafferty's shorter works, stories about: a man who found one day that he knew absolutely everyone in the world; a race who kept their most ancient ancestors on shelves in the basements; a speeded-up world where a man could earn and lose a dozen fortunes a night; a friendly bearlike creature named Snuffles who said he was God... In all, twenty-one immensely enjoyable stories that will continue to delight you long after you've finished reading them." --Page [1].

To Grandmother s House We Go And StayTo Grandmother s House We Go And Stay

Chapter 14 Support Groups in the Lives of Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren
Carol S. Cohen and Rolanda Pyle I found a place where I could find support —
with mothers like me that can understand my hurt . —Member , Grandmothers as

Author: Carole B. Cox, PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826112862


Page: 331

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This is of special interest in modern Britain. Grandmothers is a collection of essays reflecting on the experience of being a grandmother in modern Britain (plus, in one case, France).

Author: Geoff Dench

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412824796


Page: 210

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The traditional role of the grandmother in contemporary Western society is changing. Driven in part by the increasing participation of women in the workplace, as well as declines in family stability, grandparents are taking on new responsibilities as family caretakers. This is of special interest in modern Britain. Grandmothers is a collection of essays reflecting on the experience of being a grandmother in modern Britain (plus, in one case, France). It follows a study of grandparenting-the first national study on the subject in the UK-carried out by the editor as part of the British Social Attitudes Survey. Over the past few years there has been a surge of interest in Britain on grandparenting-although it is still a long way behind the United States and several European countries in research. The driving impetus for research is coming from parenting organizations and government departments concerned about the effects on female employment of shortages in nursery places, and about the effect of "parenting deficits" on children. Greater involvement of grandmothers in caring for children has seemed to offer a solution to many related problems. It promises to improve care within the family, and enable mothers to take on paid work with fewer fears for the consequences, without removing other working adults in the family from their jobs. The original study found that the great majority of British adults thought that providing childcare support was an important part of the grandparent role. At the same time, it revealed that grandmothers' involvement was very diverse, and that many grandmothers who would like to be more active in caring for their grandchildren were excluded as a consequence of family breakdown. While comprehensive, inevitably the survey could not deal with questions about change over the last few generations. The personal case-studies in this volume fill that gap. The generation now moving into grandparenthood was active in restructuring personal relationships when younger. Several of the contributors to the book were prominent members of the women's movement in the late sixties and seventies. Inevitably there are more novelists, academics, and activists than is representative of the general population. But the volume manages to collect together a very wide range of lifestyles and views. Collectively, they show how far the revolution of their youth into senior family roles, and how their new roles may be encouraging them to question and revise their former attitudes. Geoff Dench is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Community Studies and professor of sociology at Middlesex University. He is the author of Transforming Men and Rewriting the Sexual Contract, both published by Transaction.


The new novel from Salley Vickers, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Librarian 'Heart-warming.

Author: Salley Vickers

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241985427


Page: 304

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The new novel from Salley Vickers, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Librarian 'Heart-warming... Grandmothers is a beautifully written and moving celebration of this love, too often unsung, that reaches out across the generations' The Times Grandmothers is the story of three very different women and their relationship with the younger generation: fiercely independent Nan, who leads a secret life as an award-winning poet when she is not teaching her grandson Billy how to lie; glamorous Blanche, deprived of the company of her beloved granddaughter Kitty by her hostile daughter-in-law, who finds solace in rebelliously taking to drink and shop lifting; and shy, bookish Minna who in the safety of shepherd's hut shares with her surrogate granddaughter Rose her passion for reading. The outlook of all three women subtly alters when through their encounters with each other they discover that the past is always with us and that we go on learning and changing until the very end. Grandmothers is a beautifully observed, sometimes subversive, often tender and elegiac novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Librarian. 'A fond portrait of what it is to love a child, both yours and not... a tonic for the overlooked modern grandmother' Sunday Times 'Vickers sees with a clear eye and writes with a light hand. She's a presence worth cherishing in the ranks of modern novelists' Philip Pullman

Grandmother s GrandchildGrandmother s Grandchild

Pretty Shield , by that time a widow , assumed the responsibility of caring for the
Hogan children . Perhaps because she was the youngest member of the family ,
Alma became , in the Crow way , a " grandmother's grandchild , " which means ...

Author: Alma Hogan Snell

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803292910


Page: 215

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A memoir expresses the poverty, personal hardships, and prejudice of the author's life growing up as a second generation Crow Indian on a reservation, and the bond she formed with her grandmother, a medicine woman.

At My Grandmother s KneeAt My Grandmother s Knee

“We always had great traditional Southern food at my grandmother's house—lots
of cornbread, green beans and 'ice milk,'” shares LAURA ELLIS (Nashville,
Tennessee). Grandmother Price, ELEANOR CHANDLER PRICE (Prentiss, ...

Author: Faye Porter

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781401604431


Page: 288

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Granny, Nana, Mamaw, or Gigi. It doesn’t matter what you call her. If her roots are in the South, your grandmother’s recipe box probably includes a dish or two you’ve longed to recreate. How about her legendary chicken and dumplings or the loaves of zucchini bread she always baked from her garden’s summertime bounty? Does your mouth water when you think back on her Sunday pot roasts or the hash brown casserole she always made on Thanksgiving morning? You remember the strawberry pudding cake she whipped up for special birthday dinners? The meals you enjoyed at your grandmother’s table may very well have been your first exposure to the notion of Southern hospitality and the idea that we really can show our love through food. Faye Porter’s At My Grandmother’s Knee celebrates grandma’s cooking and the stories from the grandchildren whose own memories are sure to spark a few of your own. Throughout this collection, you’ll sit at the tables of dozens of Southern grandmas and sample recipes that have made them famous with their family for decades. Don’t be surprised if you see a few of your own family favorites along the way.

In the Days of Our GrandmothersIn the Days of Our Grandmothers

Collected in one volume for the first time, these essays critically situate Aboriginal women in the fur trade, missions, labour and the economy, the law, sexuality, and the politics of representation.

Author: Mary-Ellen Kelm

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802079602


Page: 434

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From Ellen Gabriel to Tantoo Cardinal, many of the faces of Aboriginal people in the media today are women. In the Days of Our Grandmothers is a collection of essays detailing how Aboriginal women have found their voice in Canadian society over the past three centuries. Collected in one volume for the first time, these essays critically situate Aboriginal women in the fur trade, missions, labour and the economy, the law, sexuality, and the politics of representation. Leading scholars in their fields demonstrate important methodologies and interpretations that have advanced the fields of Aboriginal history, women's history, and Canadian history. A scholarly introduction lays the groundwork for understanding how Aboriginal women's history has been researched and written and a comprehensive bibliography leads readers in new directions. In the Days of our Grandmothers is essential reading for students and anyone interested in Aboriginal history in Canada.

My Great grandmother s GourdMy Great grandmother s Gourd

This year we will share our tree , ” said Grandmother . “ Maybe it ' s wise to mix
old with new . We shall see . ” Ahmed looked at her a moment , then nodded his
head yes . He turned to the two men and said , “ Get the camels and ropes .

Author: Cristina Kessler

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0531302849


Page: 32

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Delighted by the installation of a water pump in her village, Fatima nevertheless decides to help her grandmother, who insists on sticking to the old ways despite the criticism of others. Jr Lib Guild.


Grandmothers. Anneliese. Wagner. there were no grandfathers . Both died before
I was born . Oma Emma and Oma Berta , the two grandmothers , both widows ,
were born about thirty years before the turn of the century . They retained the ...

Author: Marguerite Guzman Bouvard

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 081560534X


Page: 246

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This collection of memoirs and stories - an anthology by women writers from diverse ethnic backgrounds - reveals how our own identities are shaped by our grandmothers' histories. Grandmothers: Granddaughters Remember explodes stereotypes of older women and reveals them in all their complexity.

The Grandmothers MovementThe Grandmothers Movement

ering that marked “the dawn of the grandmothers' movement.”2 The most rapid
mobilization in Canada took place in the period immediately following the
Toronto Gathering, when the Grandmothers Campaign grew from 6 Canadian ...

Author: May Chazan

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773581784


Page: 234

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At the height of the African AIDS crisis older women mobilized across two continents and an ocean of difference to change the lives of innumerable African women confronting insecurity, violence, grief, and illness. In 2006 the Stephen Lewis Foundation launched its Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, seeking to organize Canadians in solidarity with "Africa's grandmothers" - older caregivers who had lost their children to AIDS and were left to raise their grandchildren. Four years later, some 10,000 Canadians had joined the campaign. May Chazan's The Grandmothers' Movement explores the encounters, ideas, and circumstances that shaped this remarkable story of solidarity and struggle. Based on interviews, family trees, personal journals, and archival materials, Chazan provides the first analysis of the movement. Through personal reflections and powerful vignettes from nearly a decade of participation in grandmothers' lives in South Africa and Canada, she presents untold narratives and brings new humanity to the AIDS crisis in Africa. The Grandmothers' Movement tells a story of hope while challenging conventional understandings of the global AIDS response, solidarity, and old age. It is about the power of older women to alter their own lives through collective action and about the influence of transnational cooperation to effect positive global change.

Grandmothers at WorkGrandmothers at Work

Grandmothers at Work Using qualitative data from 48 in-depth interviews with
working grandmothers who care for their grandchildren, and nationally
representative data of grandmothers ages 51–70 from the HRS, I explore how
working ...

Author: Madonna Harrington Meyer

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814738870


Page: 293

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Winner of the 2014 Richard Kalish Innovative Publication Award presented by the Gerontological Society of America Young working mothers are not the only ones who are struggling to balance family life and careers. Many middle-aged American women face this dilemma as they provide routine childcare for their grandchildren while pursuing careers and trying to make ends meet. Employment among middle-aged women is at an all-time high. In the same way that women who reduce employment hours when raising their young children experience reductions in salary, savings, and public and private pensions, the mothers of those same women, as grandmothers, are rearranging hours to take care of their grandchildren, experiencing additional loss of salary and reduced old age pension accumulation. Madonna Harrington Meyer’s Grandmothers at Work, based primarily on 48 in-depth interviews conducted in 2009-2012 with grandmothers who juggle working and minding their grandchildren, explores the strategies of, and impacts on, working grandmothers. While all of the grandmothers in Harrington Meyer’s book are pleased to spend time with their grandchildren, many are readjusting work schedules, using vacation and sick leave time, gutting retirement accounts, and postponing retirement to care for grandchildren. Some simply want to do this; others do it in part because they have more security and flexibility on the job than their daughters do at their relatively new jobs. Many are sequential grandmothers, caring for one grandchild after the other as they are born, in very intensive forms of grandmothering. Some also report that they are putting off retirement out of economic necessity, in part due to the amount of financial help they are providing their grandchildren. Finally, some are also caring for their frail older parents or ailing spouses just as intensively. Most expect to continue feeling the pinch of paid and unpaid work for many years before their retirement. Grandmothers at Work provides a unique perspective on a phenomenon faced by millions of women in America today.

Grandmother s RecipesGrandmother s Recipes

In grandmother's day it was quite normal forthe entire familytogravitate towards
the kitchen – not only did it smell wonderful butitwas warm and cosy long before
the days of central heating.I can seeitnow,a greatbig pan of porridge gently ...

Author: Jane Maple

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 9781848589292



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Grandmother's Recipes chimes with the times, being a no-nonsense guide to making a little go a long way and creating wholesome, tasty dishes without fancy gadgets or sophisticated ingredients. The trend towards simpler lifestyles and tight household budgets will attract inexperienced would-be cooks who are looking to increase their nous in the k...

At My Grandmother s TableAt My Grandmother s Table

While table time these days does not occur often for many on-thego families, one
thing is certain—you can always count on having a place set for you at the table
of a Southern grandmother. It's these quintessential ladies who continue to make

Author: Faye Porter

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781401604899


Page: 288

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What would you give for an afternoon in your grandmother's kitchen? Leaning over the countertop, you watched as she added the flour?just a little at a time?to the bowl of her old, yellow Sunbeam stand mixer. To her, cooking may have been as second nature as setting the table. To you, it seemed almost like magic?the way she skillfully put things together to create the mouthwatering meals and one-of-a-kind desserts you enjoyed at her table. Likely, it's her culinary delights that have set the bar for everything you've eaten since. And let's face it, her pan fried pork chops and home-baked banana bread make anyone else's versions pale in comparison. If you find yourself wishing for just a little more time in your grandmother's kitchen?complete with her stories and the memories of the comforting favorites she lovingly made for you?you're sure to embrace this celebration of grandmother's cooking. She'd be proud!

Grandmother s GiftGrandmother s Gift

All week long I had been thinking of the gift and what grandmother could teach
me today. There was a lot I wanted to still know. There were a lot of questions I
was afraid to ask. It was more like I had a lot of questions and I wasn't sure which

Author: Bob Hawkes

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595317837


Page: 240

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Eddie is the recipient of a gift handed down through the ages in his family. Though this gift is usually handed from grandmother to granddaughter. It once again has fallen into the hands of a grandson. The gift is as precious as the family it is handed down through. It is an essential part of grandmother's life. She needs to school Eddie in not only the power of the gift, but also the need to help others when called upon. It is all a part of the gift Eddie must learn and control. Edith, the grandmother, needs to not only educate her grandson on the powers of the gift but also needs to continue assisting her friends with her own form of it. Friends she has been with for years. They are dependent on her and her ability to use the gift in assisting them. She will not let them down. Her enlisting Eddie to assist her in satisfying the needs of her friends is the tale that unfolds. It is the two of these wonderful people assisting those needing their help that leads to understanding the importance of such a gift and the need to use it in it's most precious form. There have always been those with these abilities among us. Through these two it is hoped you gain some understanding and the need we have for them to continue their work.

Grandmother s TeaGrandmother s Tea

Her mother and her grandmothers were wonderful cooks. Families were close
and dinner conversations were sometimes about who we were related to
because you had many generations who remained in one area. “My middle sister
and I ...

Author: Nelda A. Powell

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1456747304


Page: 60

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This is my second publica ti on with AuthorHouse Publishing. Last year, I published a book containing pictures of my grandmother’s teapot collec ti on enti tled “Grandmother’s Teapots”. As a follow up to that book I wanted to compile a collec ti on of stories from various grandmothers about their experiences and the in fl uences in their lives. There are many in fl uenti al and strong women that can be found in our own families. They are our grandmothers. These women have a story to tell. They have experiences and wisdom, compassion and courage, love and devo ti on and can give encouragement someti mes when no one else can. They love uncondi ti onally and someti mes devote their lives to caring for their grandchildren. I have had the priviledge to be loved by remarkable grandmothers. They have encouraged my life and shared their stories. They remain part of me and I will never forget their love. I wanted to write about what makes these women so special and give the opportunity for readers to enjoy the experiences of a few amazing grandmothers - strong women who have in fl uenced our lives. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia and have recently become a grandmother. My husband, Johnny and I have 2 grown children. Sco tt , our son and Rebecca, our daughter, have blessed our lives. This past year, Rebecca and her husband Derrell welcomed their fi rst child, a daughter named Vanessa. There are no words that can express how my heart feels when she looks into my eyes.