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Global. Feminism: Should. Other. Women. BeKnown? MARNIA LAZREG This
isareflectionon theups anddowns,twists and turns, permutations and mutations of
the academic feminist idea of the "Other" woman, sometimes called Third World,

Author: Amal Amireh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317954088


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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Going GlobalGoing Global

This may serve to alienate business units rather than bring them closer together
as global units; they may feel that ''corporate doesn't 'get us.''' Other examples can
be quite basic in their headquarters- centric style. Oneofthe authors worked ...

Author: Kyle Lundby

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470626504


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Praise for Going Global "The very concept of globalization is evolving, and this book provides a useful toolkit to those who want to capitalize on the opportunities that the global workplace offers." —Wayne F. Cascio, Ph.D., editor, Journal of World Business, Robert H. Reynolds Chair in Global Leadership, University of Colorado, Denver "A very timely and useful look at the global workplace and how talent should be managed in it." —Edward E. Lawler III, Distinguished Professor, University of Southern California "The time has long past when we, in organizational psychology, can confine our research and practice to North American settings. This book is timely and will provide an important resource for those who are interested in the global application of our tools and principles." —Gary P. Latham, Secretary of State, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto "A book that fills a gap: This is one of the rare books that provides HR professionals with insights that are not only up to date from a technical perspective but truly practical and relevant in a global workplace." —Michael Liley, partner and global HR director, Ernst & Young The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) is a 7,000-member division within APA. The Professional Practice Series provides practitioners and students with guidance, insights, and advice on how to apply the concepts, findings, methods, and tools from I/O psychology to solve human-related organizational problems.

Going GlobalGoing Global

Managing the HR Function Across Countries and Cultures Cat Rickard, Jodi
Baker, Yonca Crew. GOING GLOBAL iiiigiitiitiiiiitiii\\\\\\\i\\\\\\\\ Going Global
Managing the HR Function Across Countries and Cultures.

Author: Cat Rickard

Publisher: Gower Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409458555


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As organizations operate across countries and continents there is an increasing demand for the development of an HR function designed to deliver global support. This requires rethinking the structure of HR, how it is managed and how it operates. However, adopting a fully global model is not the right answer for all organizations. HR has a key role in determining the business strategy in terms of the required scale of operations (i.e. local/regional/global), and in delivering the business transformation required to realize that strategy once it has been agreed. As a result, HR must be both able and prepared to transform itself to support the new business model. Going Global outlines of the types of activity and capability needed to establish an HR function able to supporting business operations at a regional or global level. It focuses on two areas, the decision to go global and the activities needed to deliver a global HR function. This latter section targets three areas: designing the right service; building a cohesive team; and delivering HR talent. The authors point out some of the key decisions you will need to take, together with advice on your overall approach, and some of the lessons learned by other organizations along the way. About The Gower HR Transformation Series: The Human Resources function faces a continuing challenge to its role and purpose, in many organizations it has suffered from serious under-representation at strategic, board level. Yet, faced with the challenges of globalism, the need to innovate, manage knowledge, attract and retain the very best employees, organizations need an HR function that can lead from the front. The process of transforming the function is complex and rarely linear. It involves understanding and adapting to the needs of your offices in the various countries, cultures and markets within which you operate. All of which involves a highly complex and, often painful, process of change. The Gower HR Transformation Series will help; it uses a blend of conceptual frameworks, practical advice and global case study examples to cover each of the main elements of the HR transformation process. The books in the series follow a standard format to make them easy to read and reference. Together, the titles create a definitive guide from one of the leading specialist HR transformation consultancies; an organization that has been involved in HR transformation for clients as diverse as Bombardier Transportation, Marks & Spencer, Barnardo's, Oxfam, Schroders, UnitedHealth Group, Nestlé, BP, HM Prison Service, Transport for London and Vodafone.

Going GlobalGoing Global

While it goes a long way toward explaining the case of the United States , the
varieties of capitalism literature , however , cannot explain the somewhat
divergent results found for the effects of globalization on union density in Sweden
and ...

Author: James A. Piazza

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739103512


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Can organized labor survive in a globalizing world? Going Global explores the impact of increasingly globalized manufacturing on the labor movement in the industrialized West. In a detailed comparative study of metalworking and textiles unions in the United States, Sweden, and Germany James A. Piazza reveals an international labor movement under threat, crippled by falling union membership and waning political influence. Piazza illustrates--through statistical analysis and industry-specific case studies--organized labor's urgent need for effective structures of collective bargaining, strong political connections, and democratic workplace institutions. Going Global will be of great interest to scholars of international political economy and industrial relations seeking a blueprint for organized labor's survival in the new global economy.

Going Global Or Going Nowhere Going Global Or Going Nowhere

NATO's Role in Contemporary International Security Jennifer Medcalf. Treaty and
the discussions that subsequently took place within NATO about its appropriate
response to conflicts beyond the North Atlantic area . The reasons why a ...

Author: Jennifer Medcalf

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3039105841


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This book examines the changing nature and location of NATO's operations, concentrating on the development of its extra-European interventions. The objectives of the book are twofold. The first is to provide a historical overview of the importance of the out-of-area issue to NATO. The book takes a chronological approach to this and maps the evolution of the debates that took place about NATO's appropriate response to threats beyond the North Atlantic area from NATO's founding in 1949 until the present day. The second objective is to assess how successfully NATO has made the transition from being a security actor with regional responsibilities to one that responds to global security threats. The author considers the argument that emerged post-9/11 that the key to ensuring NATO's future vitality was to expand its geographic area of responsibility to encompass threats occurring both within and beyond the Euro-Atlantic area. This book therefore provides the first detailed examination of the evolution of NATO's global role and the success with which NATO has adapted to its new responsibilities.

The Association Guide to Going GlobalThe Association Guide to Going Global

At the very least, the more successful global organizations have a very clearly
defined sense of themselves through the ... Rule 1: Don't do anything abroad that
you wouldn't do 54 the association guide to going global Sorting Out What Is ...

Author: Steven Worth

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470769718


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Why going global is critical-and inevitable-for your association's growth and survival Multiple case studies of associations that have entered the global arena will be included. The Association Guide to Going Global demonstrates how many associations have used globalization to their advantage, finding that increasing their reach and influence on an international scale has allowed their organizations continued success. Underscores how the advantages of changes outweigh the risks How adapting to new market trends is an act that cannot, and should not, be avoided Offers a problem-solution guide to potentially intimidating questions about the process Explains how small associations may often have an advantage over large corporations due to flexibility Coverage features topics including an overview of problems encountered, structure, funding/financing, language and culture, endeavors in specific countries, successes and failures, and what it means to truly become global. Avoid mistakes made by other organizations by going global and ultimately following the paths of those who accomplished their goals.

Going GlobalGoing Global

corporation that includes Transco as a subsidiary increasingly sees itself as
global, not just in Japan but everywhere,because it equates giving a directive (“
Let's go global,” to use Nobu-san's wording) with achieving a result.While such
an ...

Author: Ellen Fuller

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781592136889


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In this intriguing ethnography, Ellen Fuller investigates how issues of gender and identity as they relate to authority are addressed in a globalizing corporate culture. Going Global goes behind the office politics, turf wars and day-to-day workings of a transnational American company in Japan in the late 1990s as employees try to establish a comfortable place within the company. Fuller looks at how relationships among Asians and between Asians and Americans are tested as individuals are promoted to positions of power and authority. Is there pressure for the Japanese to be more “American” to get ahead in business? Do female employees have to subscribe to certain stereotypes to be promoted or respected? How these American and Japanese workers assess one another raises important questions about international business management and human resources.

Going GlobalGoing Global

Going Global 2011 took as its theme 'World Education: The New Powerhouse?'
and was held in Hong Kong, moving outside the United Kingdom for the first time.
Altogether, 15 ministers and deputy ministers, more than 1000 representatives ...

Author: Mary Stiasny

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9780857247834


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Going Global: The Landscape for Policy Makers and Practitioners in Tertiary Education provides an analysis of the current international higher education landscape, touching on the important trends in international higher education and how it can meet the 'challenges' arising from today's economic and political climate. Of particular focus includes the importance of developing global citizens and the role of education in addressing this agenda, different models and drivers for global partnerships, the changing nature of international student mobility, and issues surrounding policy and leadership. For those interested in international education, Going Global: The Landscape for Policy Makers and Practitioners in Tertiary Education offers an insight into the Going Global conference and details some of its highlights. This book is recommended as essential reading for anyone involved in the further or higher education sector, government, a corporation, a representative body, an NGO, a development assistance organisation or the media.

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They recognize that the global economy means economic growth and
opportunities for many people. They feel that the rich nations will get richer and
the poor nations will get richer too. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” They also note that
people ...

Author: Social Studies School Service

Publisher: Social Studies

ISBN: 9781560041078


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"To introduce principles of global economics, this self-contained resource engages students in active learning via fun-to-do activities--games, projects, role plays, reports, and collaborative assignments. Each of the book's 17 chapters features a short reading followed by review questions and one or two directed activities."--Publisher description.

Going GlobalGoing Global

—Suresh Canagarajah, Translingual Practice: Global Englishes and
Cosmopolitan Relations Globalization is not a new phenomenon. For as long as
communities have reached out to other communities for trade, marriage, and
allies, ...

Author: Leslie Seawright

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443867610


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While English has become the lingua franca in science, business, and other fields, scholars still grapple with the implications of its adoption in many other settings and cultures. To what extent should English be introduced and taught in schools around the world? Who “owns” the English language and can therefore shape its structure and aims? What are world Englishes and how can teachers demonstrate them to their students? Is English the language of the oppressor, an imperialist tool, or does global English offer an opportunity for greater understanding and cooperation amongst peoples and cultures? This volume of critical essays explores these and other questions surrounding language, education, and culture in the globalized world. Honoring students’ cultures while trying to prepare them for an uncertain and constantly changing future is the resounding theme of this book. The contributors to this volume are as multi-cultural and multi-faceted as such a volume would demand. The essays include authors and studies from Algeria, India, Iran, Ghana, Germany, Poland, Tunisia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Yemen. The perspectives offered in this volume contribute greatly to the ongoing conversations on language, education, and globalization.

Going GlobalGoing Global

1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, Front Matter.

Author: Jack Sholl

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781496907806


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With the globalization of business, American snack maker Boltz Foods is expanding into world markets and a naive American businessman who's never traveled abroad is selected to lead the way. Pursued by a Japanese competitor bent on sabotage, this comic adventure weaves in and out of different time- zones through a Japanese resort, Russian sauna, French restaurant, German barbershop, Westminster Abbey, Spanish bullring and the Tower of Babel. Going Global is a slapstick portrait of a clueless American caught up in a whirlwind of wacky multi-cultural gaffes, who at the end, finds there's no place like home."

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Practices. Promising Practice #1: Key Attitudes for Going Global Nothing is more
critical than the attitudes you bring to missional living. Too often, people forget
their call to biblical servanthood when they enter missional involvement globally.

Author: Gary V Nelson

Publisher: Chalice Press

ISBN: 9780827212589


Page: 160

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The ways to be effective in global missions have changed. The authors believe that content and values must undergird the North American local church's approach to global mission. It is not enough to "do something." It is in fact possible to do all of the right things in all of the wrong ways, with negative results. It is also possible that mission "over there" can have as much -- or more -- on the church at home. This book discusses common principles and practices that inform and energize local churches as they enter the global ministry arena. This book will assist church leadership as they look for resources to help them balance the agenda of short-term versus long-term mission, fund-raising, and the tension between evangelism and compassionate social ministry.

Going GlobalGoing Global

More than half of the budget for export promotion in Norway, for example, is
devoted to trade fair support.26 In the United Kingdom, just under half of the
BOTB's nonstaff expenditures (net of receipts) goes to trade fairs.27 On the
private sector ...

Author: William E. Nothdurft

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 0815716737


Page: 118

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The globalization of markets, and the prospect of a Single European Market by the end of 1992 in particular, have heightened European attention to the export challenge and has spawned an intriguing array of export assistance services designed to help even the smallest business become a global competitor. Some of these initiatives are new and relatively untested; while others are well established and time-tested. The most interesting among them deal with exporting not as an end in itself but as part of a package of internationally development initiatives. In the struggle to become more internationally competitive and to increase exporting among its small- and medium-sized businesses, the United States has much to learn form its European trading partners. Going Global explores the principles that underlie European programs to help small and medium-sized firms export, and presents practical, policy-oriented guidance for creating high-yield export assistance programs in the United States in tough economic times.

Going Global Going Global

INTRODUCTION In Chapter Two, we saw that the U.S. aerospace industry as a
whole is quite active in international trade and investment markets, although it is
heavily export-oriented. However, the U.S. military aerospace sector is less ...

Author: Mark A. Lorell

Publisher: Rand Corporation

ISBN: 9780833033932


Page: 256

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The increasing consolidation of the defense aerospace industry, brought about by post-Cold War reductions in defense authorizations, has led to the proliferation of cross-border relationships between U.S. and European firms. This report examines aerospace industry globalization trends with a view toward determining how the U.S. Air Force can best exploit such trends while minimizing their risks. It concludes that further research must be done to ascertain how the advantages of globalization, such as increased competition and interoperability, can best be achieved without compromising security concerns.

Going GlobalGoing Global

Natural indicators of plan fulfillment were discarded. Company management was
decentralized. The isolation of the domestic from the foreign economy was
gradually lessened, and Hungary was opened up to the global economy.
Gradually ...

Author: Padma Desai

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262041618


Page: 507

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The transition of the former socialist and otherwise centrally planned economies into the world trading and financial system has become a major concern to both policymakers and social scientists. In this book experts from diverse economies address the principal issues raised by this transition. The chapters, which cover fourteen countries of East and Central Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Asia, are the result of a three-year research project. Although the contributors share a unity of design and analysis, each author focuses on the issues most relevant to the country or countries under discussion.In her introductory essay, project leader Padma Desai synthesizes the findings and cuts through recent analytical confusion over such issues as shock therapy versus gradualism. Rather than advocate the faster the better, she discusses the possible difficulty of sustaining rapid transition reforms and globalization in the face of rising unemployment.The countries discussed are the Czech Republic, Hungary, the German Democratic Republic (now eastern Germany), Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Vietnam, and India.Contributors : The Czech Republic, Josef C. Brada and A. M. Kutan. Hungary, Andras Blaho and Peter Gal. East Germany, Jürgen von Hagen. Poland, Stanislaw Wellisz. Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, Kalev Kukk. Finland, Urpo Kivikari. Russia, Padma Desai. Kazakhstan, Heiner Flassbeck, Lutz Hoffman, and Ludger Lindlar. Uzbekistan, Michael Connolly. China, Richard S. Eckaus. Vietnam, David Dollar and Borje Ljunggren. India, Manmohan Agarwal.

Germans Going GlobalGermans Going Global

Twenty years later, the rise of the global economy has only increased the
pressure and complicated the picture since cheap labor facilitated by a global
stream of labor migrants is now being imported from all over the world, especially
into the ...

Author: Anke S. Biendarra

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110282917


Page: 254

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Germans Going Global is the first monograph in English to address in depth the interrelatedness between contemporary German literature and globalization. In an interdisciplinary framework and through detailed readings of a wide variety of texts, the study shows how the challenges globalization has posed for Germany over the last two decades have been manifested and reimagined in aesthetic production. Analyses of the literary marketplace and public debates illuminate the more material sides of this development. The study also analyzes the ways in which German-language writers born between 1955 and 1975, such as Chr. Kracht, Th. Meinecke, J. Hermann, S. Berg, F. Illies, K. Röggla, J. v. Düffel, and G. Hens, respond to the pressures of globalizing factors, and how these have influenced notions of authorship and literary aesthetics. It shows how narratives dealing with the neoliberal work world, global travel, and the aftermath of 09/11 implicitly comment on contemporary debates on globalization, its socio-economic nature, and the impact for local culture. By presenting a literary history of the present, Germans Going Global deepens the reader’s understanding of contemporary Germany and its cultural production.

Going Global with GodGoing Global with God

... today would have few, if any, missionaries who could be said to be sent by the
whole church, for the new agencies that actually sent missionaries—the point at
issue in 1994—are all now affiliated with Anglican Global Mission Partners.


Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9780819227348



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Going Global on a DimeGoing Global on a Dime

It is ideal to partner with someone on a smaller project before going into a large
joint venture or strategic alliance. ... Two, which is quite common in the fast-food
industry, it www.globalbizconcierge.com 40 Going Global on a Dime Choosing ...

Author: Lauri Elliott

Publisher: Conceptualee Publishing

ISBN: 9780983301578



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Are you looking for alternative streams of revenue for your business, low-hanging-fruit opportunities, and better profit margins? According to McKinsey, a dozen or so emerging economies will collectively have an annual GDP of more than 20 trillion USD by 2020, exceeding that of the United States. In 2015, developing economies will account for more than half of the world's annual GDP. And the largest consumer markets of the next generation can be found in emerging markets like China, India, and Africa. With figures like these, "going global," particularly to emerging markets can present the opportunities for which you are looking?As markets in developed countries stagnate, slow, dwindle, or reach saturation, companies are looking for new horizons to sustain them in the next generation economy. This is no less true for entrepreneurs and SMEs. While going global has become a business imperative and entrepreneurs and SMEs look for new opportunities like larger firms, questions arise around how? How do we go global? How do we tap into markets far away with limited resources? How will going global make a difference? How long should we wait before going global?Going Global on a Dime answers the "how" of going global from both a strategic and practical approach, focusing on new and existing firms considering or just starting the going global process. It re-wires the framework for going global so firms can navigate the course dynamically while minimizing costs, managing and maximizing cash flow and return on investment, streamlining processes, and keeping the "small" firm ready to take advantage of profitable opportunities.

Going Global Beyond the BoundariesGoing Global Beyond the Boundaries

Author: Carl Ellis, Jr.

Publisher: Urban Ministries Inc

ISBN: 0940955954


Page: 56

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This book traces the history of the spiritual foundation laid by the pre-20th century African-American forefathers within global missions. It also explores how African-Americans must build upon that foundation today and diligently work to fulfill the mandate of Lord Jesus Christ.