The Pilot or Sailors magazine Continued as Sailors magazineThe Pilot or Sailors magazine Continued as Sailors magazine

the sufficiency of the Scriptures - the doctrine of the adorable Trinity — the divinity and atonement of the Son of God - the regenerating and sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit and the necessity of personal holiness - the ...

Author: British and foreign sailors' society


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The Christian Life at Its BestThe Christian Life at Its Best

God. is. My. Pilot. ii God willing, most of us get to a point in our lives where enough is enough. Enough of not living to our potential, enough of making excuses, enough of living a 'settle for' life that is totally out of the Will of ...

Author: Anthony Dickerson


ISBN: 9781435711358


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The Christian Life At Its Best is a memoir of one couple's journey as God guides them to His Will through the most intense events of their lives. From unemployment, business failure, bankruptcy, depression, rejection, isolation fear, confusion, questioning God and the like. Through their struggles, readers gain valuable insight on: God's Will and purpose in our lives Our true security; Resting in God as we leave all worry in His hands; The peace that passes all understanding; Exchanging our lives for His; Serving in our gifts; No longer doing God's Will in our own strength; Putting our trust and confidence in Him; The reality of God's promise to guide our every step; Realize God's purpose for you as you better experience God's love and the freedom that is in Christ. Grow in greater fellowship with Him, and learn how our feelings keep us in defeat while the truth sets us free from that which enslaves us. No matter where you are in your Christian life, this classic is for you.

The pilot s daughter an account of E CullinghamThe pilot s daughter an account of E Cullingham

patience to wait the Lord's time . Come Lord Jesus ! ' Soon after she said , ' I would not come back again , now I have got a glimpse of the heavenly kingdom . ' She made use of similar expressions , till she gradu- ally sunk in death ...

Author: Francis Cunningham (vicar of Lowestoft.)


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Homeward Bound the Voyage and the Voyagers the Pilot and the PortHomeward Bound the Voyage and the Voyagers the Pilot and the Port

We who are here , are but the survivors in the storm , battling with waves which will strive to engulf us . ... GOD , the Al- mighty , Who cannot lie , hath promised it all , -GOD the FATHER , the Creator ; -GOD the SON , the Redeemer ...

Author: Francis Edward Paget


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The Pilot s Son A Sermon to the Young on Jer Iii 4 The Pilot s Son A Sermon to the Young on Jer Iii 4

flowers , from this wilderness of thorns to the garden of celestial glory , to form part of a beauteous garland for the Redeemer's brow . ” * And what does the Lord say to you , my dear young friends , by this touching incident ?

Author: John Montagu RANDALL


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The Pilot s CityThe Pilot s City

As the culture embraced the Newtonian notion, as beliefs of a composite world caused by their god became normal to them, the layperson asserted their conclusions in the Newtonian fashion without ever investigating them.

Author: Pat Clor

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462805495


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Michelle Aisthesia has never thought of questioning her future until she meets Alaric Goth, an attractive man who sees deeply inside her soul and touches it with the delicate thoughts of his mind. The scientific method is not commonly associated with the pursuit of eternal life, but Alaric convinces her that it is. Confused, shattered, and nervous, Michelle contends that his pursuit for eternal life was just an elaborate suicide, and his touching her soul, a ploy to assist him through it. Follow Michelle in unraveling the mystery as Pat Clor weaves a sophisticated web of intrigue, drama, and romance in The Pilot’s City.

The Pilot or Sailors magazine Continued as The Chart and compassThe Pilot or Sailors magazine Continued as The Chart and compass

in that man's life , and no power could frustate the accomplishment of that purpose . If God be for a man , who or what can be against him : not the daggers of would be murderers , not winds , not waves , not unwise pilots , not selfish ...

Author: British and foreign sailors' society


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The Pilot s DaughterThe Pilot s Daughter

We don't know what happened to our Lord from the time he was twelve until he took up his mortal ministry in the last three years of his life. Also, I believe that God is a fair God and he wanted us all to know His Son.

Author: Phillipa Annesley Scrivens

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781665727143


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Imagine being the 5-year old informal air stewardess as Phillipa’s dad, Captain John Hankins, flies four world leaders to the Paris Peace Talks. After WW II, people in London were suffering. Captain Hankins flew his family to Nairobi,Africa where they built a farm near the Serengetti. Even though he was then flying for British Overseas Airways, he established a working farm. Young Phillipa and her family survived attacks from the Mau Mau, as well as columns of merciless fireants, man-eating tigers, poisonous pythons, debilitating diseases, and a culture totally foreign to a proper little English girl. After escaping from the Mau Mau in a tribal war known around the world, Phillipa and her family returned to London, and begins ballet school against the backdrop of a father who left the family to be the chief pilot for the President of Mexico and her severely depressed mother who hated her for not being a boy so she could have inherited English lands. Phillipa had some wonderful encounters with Queen Elizabeth II and finally was able to go to America as an au pair. The final chapters of the book highlight her having a family in California, owning her own ballet school, escaping from a dodgy first husband, and traveling to Spain and New Zealand to tend to each dying parent. Finally Phillipa ended up in Orlando, Florida armed with a new hope for a successful life.

The Pilot s DaughterThe Pilot s Daughter

one of the social meetings before alluded to. 'Monday Evening, Sept. 1. Attended Mrs. C.'s meeting. Mrs. C. spoke much of the Omnipresence of God. I felt the subject very much, and I was enabled to pour out my soul in prayer.

Author: Francis Cunningham

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783734037184


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Reproduction of the original: The Pilot ́s Daughter by Francis Cunningham

Symbols from the Sea Or The Port the Pilot and the PassageSymbols from the Sea Or The Port the Pilot and the Passage

Other little ships " may be clustering around you , but there , on the gracious folds of the Pilot's signal , you may read , " Look unto me and be ye saved ; for I am God , and beside me there is no Saviour ; " while immediately ...

Author: W. H. Burton


ISBN: OXFORD:590187542


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