Understanding Excessive Teacher and Faculty EntitlementUnderstanding Excessive Teacher and Faculty Entitlement

Komisar (1971) posed this question when he explored teaching in terms of the distinctions between an offering, a gift, and a service and reached a significant conclusion: Teaching should be seen as a service, yet it is commonly seen as ...

Author: Tara Ratnam

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781800439405


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Understanding Excessive Teacher and Faculty Entitlement develops a body of professional knowledge by providing a deeper understanding of what manifests itself as 'excessive entitlement', by presenting a theoretical framework within which one can investigate issues and helps those concerned with education and teacher education.

The Gift of LearningThe Gift of Learning

Using the proven methods he developed to overcome dyslexia, Ron Davis adapts those techniques to help sufferers triumph over a variety of common learning disabilities, including: •Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) •ADHD (the hyperactive ...

Author: Ronald D. Davis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0399528091


Page: 388

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Using the proven methods he developed to overcome dyslexia, Ron Davis adapts those techniques to help sufferers triumph over a variety of common learning disabilities, including: •Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) •ADHD (the hyperactive variety) •Math deficiency (dyscalculia and acalculia) •Handwriting problems (dysgraphia and agraphia) Outlining clear instructions, the author demonstrates that through a series of mental and physical exercises called "Orientation Counseling" and learning tools called "Symbol Mastery," those struggling with these conditions can now learn how to correct them, embrace their gift, and enjoy learning.

Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

Rosamond Gifford Charitable Corporation , The Gift of Life Inc. of Rotary District 726 , Gifts From God of Sarasota ... Gila Community Food Bank , Globe , Az . The Gift of Learning Foundation Inc. , Winter Park , Fl . Gifted Young Minds ...



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Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring SystemsDesign Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems

To support the development of optimized instructional strategies and tactics, GIFT is heavily grounded in learning theory, tutoring theory, and motivational theory. Learning theory applied in GIFT includes conditions of learning and ...

Author: Dr. Robert A. Sottilare, US Army Research Laboratory

Publisher: U.S. Army Research Laboratory

ISBN: 9780989392327


Page: 426

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Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems explores the impact of intelligent tutoring system design on education and training. Specifically, this volume examines “Instructional Management” techniques, strategies and tactics, and identifies best practices, emerging concepts and future needs to promote efficient and effective adaptive tutoring solutions. Design recommendations include current, projected, and emerging capabilities within the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT), an open source, modular, service-oriented architecture developed to promote simplified authoring, reuse, standardization, automated instructional management and analysis of tutoring technologies.

Powerful GeographyPowerful Geography

It is here that they receive the gift of teaching, the one thing that other social institutions cannot provide. There is another worrying trend in education, which is the move to make schools agents which serve the needs of wider ...

Author: Mark Enser

Publisher: Crown House Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781785835421


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In recent years the emphasis has shifted away from a focus on pedagogy (the how of teaching) and towards curriculum (the what of teaching). Ofsted's revised inspection framework reflects this shift, and their plans to -deep dive- into subject areas - meaning that teachers and department heads now need a much greater understanding of curricular structures - leave many educators having to think about their subject in new ways. Luckily for geography teachers, however, bestselling author Mark Enser provides plenty of insightful, subject-specific guidance in this all-encompassing book. Mark explores both the purpose of the geography curriculum and its various applications in practice. He details how teachers can take their students' learning beyond the acquisition of knowledge to transform how they see the world. He also tackles the changing nature of school geography, shares a variety of case studies, and offers his take on how best to facilitate geographical enquiry and fieldwork. The first part of the book considers the issue of purpose by looking at the role of the school in society and then shows the place that geography occupies within it. It also considers the history of the subject so as to help geography teachers better understand where they stand today, and concludes by discussing how the concepts of powerful knowledge and GeoCapabilities can help them find their way again. The second part is a practical guide which illustrates how to put this theory of curriculum purpose into practice. It explores the steps which must be taken to create a powerful geography curriculum by deciding on content and places to be studied, putting the components into a sequence and then using all this to do geography. It will also discuss the extent to which teachers need to consider the future and respond to the concerns of the wider world when planning the curriculum. Suitable for department heads and classroom teachers of geography in secondary schools and subject leads in primary schools. Powerful Geography was Highly Commended in the Geographical Association Awards 2022.

Leviticus Learning to Be HolyLeviticus Learning to Be Holy

Just because our gift may not be mercy, doesn't mean that we are never to have mercy. • Just because our gift may not be helps, doesn't mean that we are never to help. I can identify with this! Serving is not something that comes ...

Author: Mark Whitehead

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781794795648


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""Be holy, for I am holy"" (Leviticus 11:44). God wants His people to be holy. But, how do we do it? What does it really look like to be holy? The book of Leviticus is essential in understanding what it means to be holy. Unfortunately, it has largely been neglected in study over the years by believers in Jesus Christ. What if God gave specific principles in Leviticus that would be vital for our relationship with Him? What if He told us how to be holy? What if He told us how we are to worship Him? Join us as we walk through Leviticus together, chapter by chapter, and see how we should live in light of God's Word. We will learn what it means to be holy. We will look at the offerings instructed by God and see how Jesus ultimately fulfills each. We will examine the yearly feasts and discuss the importance behind each in its original context. Leviticus is such a rich book. Let's walk through it together. Join me.


Illness a Gift ? ... And learning : rote of Upper Sixth Classics , amid visions of cricket , not a life's acquaintance with your etymologies : infiltration , inflammation , epidemiology , etiology , radiology , diagnosis , prognosis ...

Author: John Graham-Pole

Publisher: Pudding House Publications

ISBN: 158998028X


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Some have called this process gift colonization. ... Normally when using your gift you'll go away saying, “Wow, I love doing this!” If you feel that you have the gift of teaching, the first question you should ask yourself is, ...

Author: Joel Comiskey

Publisher: Joel Comiskey

ISBN: 9780979067952


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Everyone has at least one spiritual gift, according to the Bible. But many don't know what that gift is or how to use it. This book provides clear steps and guidelines to find and activate spiritual gifts. The eight lessons offer biblical insight on what the gifts are and practical suggestions on how to use them. This book will especially help those leading a small group to know how to discern the different gifts among group members-and then to help each person activate that gift. The only way to discover spiritual gifts is in the context of relationships. Spiritual gift tests, while helping believers to think through the possibilities, are insufficient in themselves. The atmosphere of trust in a small group is the key cornerstone that allows the free flow of the spiritual gifts. When trust is established, people are more willing to risk and try out new, potential gifts. A small group can provide honest feedback about the person's success, as well as areas of improvement. This book prepares each small group member to understand what his or her spiritual gift is and then instructs the person how to use that gift. Discover is a great resource to use individually, in a small group, or in a classroom teaching setting.

The International Student s Guide to UK EducationThe International Student s Guide to UK Education

Culture note: gift giving WARNING! In many cultures gift giving is accepted as part of the social way of doing things. In some cultures it is normal for students to give gifts to their teachers at the end of the academic year.

Author: Martin Hyde

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136735080


Page: 268

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Are you thinking of studying at university in Britain? Do you feel confused about which course is best for you, which university to choose, and how to apply? Are you wondering about what kinds of challenges you will be faced with, how best to approach them and how to overcome them? If so, this guidebook is for you. Honest and accurate, this book acts as an international student introduction and cultural guide to UK Higher Education. It informs and guides students in their preparation for all aspects of UK HE, from university selection and application through to participation, and provides a clear understanding of how British universities function. Helping international students make the most of the many opportunities that university offers, this text will expand your knowledge of UK Higher Education with regards to: Application procedures Finances Self-awareness, cultural understanding and adaptation (social and academic) University administrative procedures, facilities and support Work and career information and advice. The International Student’s Guide to UK Education is a comprehensive guide that will help students to develop critical and reflective ability in order to become independent, well-informed and empowered decision makers.

Race in the Vampire NarrativeRace in the Vampire Narrative

When Gilda offers to initiate the young woman into this world, Girl asks, “You're giving me the gift of long life?” Gilda's response reveals the purpose of their longevity, saying, “The gift is learning how to live. And it is a gift for ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789463002929


Page: 180

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Race in the Vampire Narrative unpacks the vampire through a collection of classroom ready original essays that explicitly connect this archetypal outsider to studies in race, ethnicity, and identity. Through essays about the first recorded vampire craze, television shows True Blood, and Being Human, movies like Blade: Trinity and Underworld, to the presentation of vampires of colour in romance novels, graphic novels, on stage and beyond, this text will open doorways to discussions about Otherness in any setting, serving as an alternative way to explore marginality through a framework that welcomes all students into the conversation.