From the Margins to the Mainstream an Action Agenda for LiteracyFrom the Margins to the Mainstream an Action Agenda for Literacy

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 444 028 CE 080 610 AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM PUB TYPE EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS Reddy, Lynn; Green, Susan From the Margins to the Mainstream: An Action Agenda for Literacy.

Author: John Comings

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781437902495


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Many adults in our nation lack literacy skills and knowledge, and they and their families are falling further and further behind. The Nat. Literacy Summit 2000 began as a joint public-private effort to help the nation get serious about meeting its literacy challenges. A major Summit meeting was followed by more than 25 meetings around the country to craft a shared goal for a literate America and to outline the actions that can make that goal a reality. The voices of hundreds of people from different groups and sectors -- instructors, tutors, admin., researchers, business people, social service providers, policymakers, and adult students themselves -- all contributed to creating a strategy for the work to be done. This report synthesizes the wealth of recommendations received. Illus.

From Margins to MainstreamFrom Margins to Mainstream

In La lettemtum emarginata, a collection of essays published in 1978, Walter Pedulla writes that Italian feminism, the major political and cultural movement of the seventies, was born of an ideology of marginality? This marginality ...

Author: Carol Lazzaro-Weis

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812206708


Page: 256

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Carol Lazzaro-Weiss studies the fiction of twenty-five contemporary Italian women writers. Arguing for a notion of gender and genre, she runs counter to many Anglo-American and French feminist theorists who contend that traditional genres cannot readily serve as vehicles for feminist expression.

Alternative Food PoliticsAlternative Food Politics

This is a pivotal time for media and food industries, and this book is essential reading for scholars and students seeking to better understand the futures, possibilities and limits of food politics today.

Author: Michelle Phillipov

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351402941


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Media interest in food has intensified in recent years, leading to a contemporary food landscape where ‘alternative’ food practices are increasingly visible. Concerns that were once exclusively the domain of activist movements motivated by environmental, animal rights, health and anti-corporate agendas are now central to primetime television cooking shows, mobile apps and social media. This book is the first to explore the impact of popular media and culture on contemporary food politics. Through examination of a range of media and cultural texts, including news, digital media, advertising and food labelling, it brings together leading and emerging scholars in food studies, media and communications, sociology, law, policy studies, business, and geography. The book explores the practices of alternative food movements, the marketing techniques of conventional and alternative food producers, and the relationships between food industries, media, and the public. Covering topics ranging from agtech start-ups and social justice projects, to new ways of mediating food waste, celebrity, and ‘ethical’ foods, Alternative Food Politics reveals the importance of media as a driver of food system transformation. This is a pivotal time for media and food industries, and this book is essential reading for scholars and students seeking to better understand the futures, possibilities and limits of food politics today.

From Margin to MainstreamFrom Margin to Mainstream

The author chronicles the many concerns of women in their struggle to reach the mainstream of American political life. The book discusses women on the left and right of the political spectrum, as well as women of diverse classes and races.

Author: Susan M. Hartmann

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages

ISBN: 0075569833


Page: 244

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This brief affordable paperback offers an up-to-date, balanced, and comprehensive account of women's emergence in and reshaping of the American political system since 1960. The author chronicles the many concerns of women in their struggle to reach the mainstream of American political life. The book discusses women on the left and right of the political spectrum, as well as women of diverse classes and races.

Inclusive DesignInclusive Design

Introduction From margins to mainstream Roger Coleman and Cherie Lebbon Royal College of Art John Clarkson and Simeon Keates University of Cambridge Disabled by design Although the academic and broadsheet worlds still Introduction: From ...

Author: Roger Coleman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1852337001


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Resulting from a three-year research project entitled i design and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the ideas in this study reflect the need to overcome the complexities of designing objects and systems that are socially inclusive.

Mainstream and MarginsMainstream and Margins


Author: Peter I. Rose

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351318549


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This volume of commentaries on racial and ethnic relations is a sociological assessment of a changing society and a personal statement about many of the most pressing racial issues since the 1954 Brown-Supreme court decision. From the perspective of humanistic sociology, Peter Rose shows that sociology need not be a cold, artless science and argues that sociological enterprise should treat future as well as past and present issues.

Work That BodyWork That Body

When subcultures move from the margins to the mainstream, cultural power is gained while elements of their subcultural power are lost. What version of drag has made it to the mainstream, and what versions have remained at the margins ...

Author: Jamie Hakim

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781786604439


Page: 190

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Work That Body: Male Bodies in Digital Culture explores the recent rise in different types of men using digital media to sexualise their bodies. It argues that the male body has become a key site in contemporary culture where neoliberalism’s hegemony has been both secured and contested since 2008. It does this by looking at four different case studies: the celebrity male nude leak; the rise of young men sharing images of their muscular bodies on social media; RuPaul's Drag Race body transformational tutorial, and the rise of chemsex. It finds that on the one hand digital media has enabled men to transform their bodies into tools of value-creation in economic contexts where the historical means they have relied on to create value have diminished. On the other it has also allowed them to use their bodies to form intimate collective bonds during a moment when competitive individualism continued to be the privileged mode of being in the world. It therefore offers a unique contribution not only to the field of digital cultural studies but also to the growing cultural studies literature attempting to map the historical contradictions of the austerity moment.

The Limits of Human RightsThe Limits of Human Rights

1 Actually no tool will be perfect when it is used without auxiliary means. This commentary note focuses on three points: the margin and mainstream discourse, the specialist and generalist approaches, and the family value debate.

Author: Bardo Fassbender

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198824756


Page: 417

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What are the limits of human rights, and what do these limits mean? This volume engages critically and constructively with this question to provide a distinct contribution to the contemporary discussion on human rights. Fassbender and Traisbach, along with a group of leading experts in the field, examine the issue from multiple disciplinary perspectives, analysing the limits of our current discourse of human rights. It does so in an original way, and without attempting to deconstruct, or deny, human rights. Each contribution is supplemented by an engaging comment which furthers this important discussion. This combination of perspectives paves the way for further thought for scholars, practitioners, students, and the wider public. Ultimately, this volume provides an exceptionally rich spectrum of viewpoints and arguments across disciplines to offer fresh insights into human rights and its limitations.

What Counts as Knowledge in Teacher Education Volume 5 What Counts as Knowledge in Teacher Education Volume 5

As a result, mainstream scholars often charge research from the margins with “bias” and “a political agenda,” to which scholars from the margins reply that mainstream research also has biases and politics, but that it masks them.

Author: James Raths

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781607528135


Page: 189

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The field of education generally, and teacher education particularly, is experiencing some general disquiet with traditional approaches to the identification and classification of knowledge. Formal research studies, long the source of the knowledge base of teaching, is discredited by new ideologies that are based in the women's movement, the multiculturalists, and persons taken up with newer research strategies called naturalistic, ethnographic, or case study approaches. The book is a collection of essays that rehearses the issues facing the field, and addresses them in forthright fashion.

Social PolicySocial Policy

The voluntary or non-governmental sector is currently considered to be part of 'mainstream' social policy discourse and practice (Kendall 2000, 2003). From the early 1980s, with the collapse of a consensus concerning the central and ...

Author: John Baldock

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199284970


Page: 770

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Designed for use by undergraduates on social policy, social work and sociology courses and by students on vocational training courses (including postgraduate), this textbook covers all the main topics of social policy.