From Symptom to RealityFrom Symptom to Reality

In a radical approach to understanding current affairs and history, Rudolf Steiner presents a method of penetrating to the hidden causes and realities that lie behind outer appearances.

Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

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In a radical approach to understanding current affairs and history, Rudolf Steiner presents a method of penetrating to the hidden causes and realities that lie behind outer appearances. Contemporary life cannot fully be understood by an analysis that is restricted to external events, he says. Deeper levels of meaning are revealed when one begins to view such events as symptoms. The causes of these symptoms – the reality behind them – are to be discovered on other levels of existence. Steiner demonstrates such a ‘symptomatological’ approach in these lectures, surveying some of the great developments in consciousness that have helped form the world over the last centuries. He examines the role of true socialism, the rise of nationalism, and characterises contrasting approaches to religion by drawing a distinction between ‘the People of the Christ’ in Russia, ‘the People of the Church’ in Central Europe, and ‘the People of the Lodges’ in the West. Amongst the wealth of material covered here, Rudolf Steiner discusses ‘the mystery of evil’ and ‘the mystery of death’, the birth of the consciousness soul, the significance of the scientific mode of thought, the metaphysical element in the study of history, as well as specific events such as the Russian Revolution and the suppression of the Knights Templar. He also reviews the circumstances surrounding the publication of new editions of his books The Philosophy of Freedom and Goethe’s World View. Anyone seeking a more profound understanding of our times will find a firm basis for a meaningful exploration in this course of lectures. 9 lectures, Dornach, Oct.–Nov. 1918, GA 185

The Threefold ReviewThe Threefold Review

What really matters is not that my most important works sell in large numbers , but
that they are under stood , and that the spiritual impulse underlying them finds an
echo in men's hearts ” ( Lecture VI , From Symptom to Reality , 1918 ) ...



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Concreteness Overinclusion and Symptomatology in SchizophreniaConcreteness Overinclusion and Symptomatology in Schizophrenia

The inclusion of the PAR , PCP , and GRN scales , although consistent with the
list of process symptoms provided by Zigler and Phillips , is highly questionable
in view of the frequency of symptoms of reality distortion in acute phases of ...

Author: Stanley Sacks


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The Corruption of RealityThe Corruption of Reality

Psychopathological symptoms are also coping devices , except that they involve
private dissociations and personalized attempts to regulate reality toward the
goal of psychological survival , or coping . As shown earlier , both religion and ...

Author: John F. Schumaker


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Argues that religions, other than Western ones, cultivated dissociation as a coping strategy, and that the lack of this approach in the West leads to mental illnesses, and suggests a modern version

The Neurological Boundaries of RealityThe Neurological Boundaries of Reality

ordinarily , Freud emphasized how hysterical symptoms actively contradicted all
known processes of pathogenesis , the essence of the condition being that , in
the forms adopted by its symptoms and bodily signs : " hysteria behaves as if ...

Author: Edmund Michael R. Critchley

Publisher: Jason Aronson

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By examining various aspects of human awareness, including the sense of touch, deafness and the constraints of language, this volume aims to define the essence of the material world in neurological rather than psychological or psychiatric terms.

Fantasy Myth and RealityFantasy Myth and Reality

Unconscious fantasies , temporary in nature , may precede symptom formation or
, in the absence of symptoms , may issue in distorted and inhibited action . A
common outcome , one seen since the advent of psychoanalysis as almost
intrinsic ...

Author: Harold P. Blum

Publisher: International Universities PressInc

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Twenty-five original papers dealing with unconscious fantasy and its relationship with reality. General subjects covered are: theory, technique, applications, mythology, religion and belief, reality- sexuality, identity and biology, and psychopathology in clinical practice. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Individual s Relation to Reality in Our CultureThe Individual s Relation to Reality in Our Culture

One must have observed these configurational symptoms frequently in order to
recognize them . However , it is worthwhile to recount them here . First , the
consistent forming of closures is a symptom of retreat . It symbolizes the wish to
keep to ...

Author: Elisabeth F. Hellersberg


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Conscience Contract and Social RealityConscience Contract and Social Reality

In other words , the per - ways in which it can bother , penalize , son concludes
that he is not only being punish , " get at ” us when we have igobserved but
persecuted , i . e . , he takes nored its direct , explicit admonitions his type - l
symptom ...

Author: Ronald Charles Johnson


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Hoax and RealityHoax and Reality

263 ) ; MPD is not diagnosed , he says , " for any and every symptom ” ( p . ... The
core meaning of a syndrome is a combination of symptoms so commonly
occurring together that they constitute a clinical picture distinct from others ( Miller
and ...

Author: August Piper

Publisher: Jason Aronson

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Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) has become a fad. It was once so uncommon that investigators had discovered barely 200 cases by 1980. No longer. After that year, the number of cases exploded as therapist after therapist began to report seeing dozens, scores, hundreds of MPD patients. However, Dr. August Piper asserts that the surge in MPD cases is largely generated by the doctors themselves, by their over-inclusive diagnostic criteria and self-fulfilling therapeutic techniques.

Virtual Reality ApplicationsVirtual Reality Applications

Symptoms of simulator sickness are often similar to those of motion sickness ,
frequently involving nausea . Reports of simulator sickness began with Havron
and Butler ' s ( 1957 ) account of simulator sickness in aircraft simulators .
Simulator ...

Author: Rae A. Earnshaw


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During the last decade, virtual reality (VR) has emerged from the realm of science fiction fantasies to be experienced by thousands of people. The development of hardware and software support for VR also has led to ahuge expansion in the number of applications supported by the medium. The collection of state-of-the-art developments presented in this volume explores the principal application areas of VR systems, and addresses some of the main issues for potential users. Application areas covered include medicine and surgery, engineering and simulation, systems development and modeling, televirtuality, art and education. Human factors issues in VR are also discussed. Explores the principal application areas of VR systems and addresses the central issues Discusses human factors in VR Covers VR applications in medicine, engineering, system modeling, art, and education Contributors are renowned experts in the VR field