From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian DeltaFrom Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta

Edward Vizetelly's 1901 memoir of his time as a journalist in the Middle East and Africa between 1878 and 1889.

Author: Edward Henry Vizetelly

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108046015


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Edward Vizetelly's 1901 memoir of his time as a journalist in the Middle East and Africa between 1878 and 1889.

City of EmpiresCity of Empires

9 Ludwig Ross, Reise nach Kos, Harlikanassos und der Insel Cypern (Halle, 1852); James L. Farley, Egypt, Cyprus and ... Edward Vizetelly, From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta (London, 1901); Basil Stewart, My Experiences of ...

Author: Michael J. K. Walsh

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443884068


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Despite its undoubted importance, there has never been a volume dedicated entirely to studies of the historic city of Famagusta in the years which followed the siege of 1571. City of Empires: Ottoman and British Famagusta takes an important first step in redressing this imbalance. The four centuries which followed the conflict, as the contributions gathered here demonstrate, are rich research seams for scholars of history, urban design, photography, art history, literature, drama, military history and the post-war mandates. City of Empires also places emphasis on the tangible heritage of Famagusta – twice listed as endangered by World Monuments Fund and now the recipient of an increasing number of international efforts to protect it.

The Cyprus Tribute and Geopolitics in the Levant 1875 1960The Cyprus Tribute and Geopolitics in the Levant 1875 1960

28 Edward Vizitelly, From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta (London, 1901), 43. 29Annual report of the Council of foreign Bondholders 1877–1878. The two family banks were Cocks and Biddulph and the Grasshopper Bank which ...

Author: Diana Markides

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030137779


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This book examines the history of the Cyprus Tribute, and takes a longer and broader view of the issue than previous studies. It analyses the regional context of the decision to use revenue surpluses for the repayment of debt within the framework of the Eastern Question and Ottoman bankruptcy. We see that the island was always strategically and financially overshadowed by Egypt. Scrutinising political developments in Cyprus through the prism of the tribute issue facilitates a better understanding of its considerable effect on them. The absence of any imperial role for Cyprus as a 'place d’armes’ meant that there was no imperial interest in funding the infrastructural development of the island. British policy was treasury-driven. Diana Markides analyses why it failed, and how its failure resulted in the local colonial government having to impose a deeply unpopular fiscal policy, for which there was no adequate explanation. She examines the extent to which local resistance to this policy affected not only constitutional development on the island and Anglo-Cypriot relations, but the nature of the relations between the two major communities.

An Arabian Princess Between Two WorldsAn Arabian Princess Between Two Worlds

Illustrierte Zeitschrift für Armee und Marine . XII , 5 , 1910 Vizetelly , E. ( Bertie Clere ) , From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta . London 1901 Wilkinson , Sir G. , Modern Egypt and Thebes : being a description of Egypt .

Author: Sayyida Salme

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004508798



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Presents the reader with an intimate picture of life in Zanzibar between 1850-1865, and with an intelligent observer's reactions to life in Germany in the Bismarck period. Emily Ruete's writings describe her attempts to recover her Zanzibar inheritance and her homesickness.

Middle Eastern ThemesMiddle Eastern Themes

See also Edward Vizetelly, From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta (London: 1901), p. 117. E. ChailleLong, My life in four continents, vol. I (London: 1912), p. 248. Leven, op. cit., vol. I, pp. 150-151. Cf. ibid., pp. 233 ff.

Author: Jacob M. Landau

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317414087


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This volume, first published in 1973, brings together a wide range of Professor Landau’s work on recent Middle Eastern history and politics, reflecting the breadth of the author’s concern and research. The first section deals with aspects of political organisation in the Middle East, largely Egypt, towards the end of the nineteenth century. A little-known plan of the Islamic reformer al-Afghani is discussed, showing him in a rather more political light than the religious haze which normally surrounds this pan-Islamic campaigner. The role of the influential secret societies in modern Egypt is outlined, and the politics behind the fluctuations in the degree of responsibility allowed to Egyptian ministers is examined. This section is concluded by a chapter on two proposals for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in the Sudan in the early days of Zionism, throwing interesting light on the differing aims of early Zionists and alternative historical paths that might have been taken. The second section of the book contains studies on the Jewish situation in nineteenth-century Egypt, focusing on their position within the larger Muslim society and on socio-economic factors, as well as on the career of James Sanua (‘Abu Naddara’), an Egyptian Jew who played a prominent part in nationalist agitation. The two final parts of the book turn to recent and contemporary electoral politics in the Middle East, with special attention being paid to the political leadership and voting behaviour of the Arabs in Israel. Other studies deal with elections in Lebanon and Turkey, and the final chapter analyses the militant right-wing elements in the Turkish political spectrum.

Catalogue of the Collection of H H the Late Prince Ibrahim HilmyCatalogue of the Collection of H H the Late Prince Ibrahim Hilmy

3 Vols in 1. 80 55988 Vizetelly ( Edward Henry ) . From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta . London , 1901 , XX , 480 pp . Illus . 8 ° 53752 Vizetelly ( Ernest Alfred ) . The court of the Tuileries : by Le petit homme rouge .

Author: جامعة القاهرة. المكتبة


ISBN: UOM:39015034619802


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The Cyprus Frenzy of 1878 and the British PressThe Cyprus Frenzy of 1878 and the British Press

Published in 1901, From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta is a remarkably detailed account of both Vizetelly's life on the island and his subsequent adventures in Egypt and Zanzibar. Vizetelly was in Athens when he learned of the ...

Author: Marinos Pourgouris

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781498576611


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This study examines the works of several newspaper correspondents who traveled to Cyprus in 1878 to cover the British acquisition of the island. The author analyzes the correspondents' relationships with the military establishment and the role of advertisements in propagating colonial discourse.

The Blood Libel LegendThe Blood Libel Legend

See also Edward Vizetelly From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta {London, 1901], p. 117. E. Chaille-Long, My Life in Four Continents (London, 1912), 1:248. 42. Leven, Cinquante ans d'histoire 1:150-51.

Author: Alan Dundes

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 9780299131142


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Alan Dundes, in this casebook of an anti-Semitic legend, demonstrates the power of folklore to influence thought and history. According to the blood libel legend, Jews murdered Christian infants to obtain blood to make matzah. Dundes has gathered here the work of leading scholars who examine the varied sources and elaborations of the legend. Collectively, their essays constitute a forceful statement against this false accusation. The legend is traced from the murder of William of Norwich in 1144, one of the first reported cases of ritualized murder attributed to Jews, through nineteenth-century Egyptian reports, Spanish examples, Catholic periodicals, modern English instances, and twentieth-century American cases. The essays deal not only with historical cases and surveys of blood libel in different locales, but also with literary renditions of the legend, including the ballad “Sir Hugh, or, the Jew’s Daughter” and Chaucer’s “The Prioress’s Tale.” These case studies provide a comprehensive view of the complex nature of the blood libel legend. The concluding section of the volume includes an analysis of the legend that focuses on Christian misunderstanding of the Jewish feast of Purim and the child abuse component of the legend and that attempts to bring psychoanalytic theory to bear on the content of the blood libel legend. The final essay by Alan Dundes takes a distinctly folkloristic approach, examining the legend as part of the belief system that Christians developed about Jews. This study of the blood libel legend will interest folklorists, scholars of Catholicism and Judaism, and many general readers, for it is both the literature and the history of anti-Semitism.

The Statesman s Year BookThe Statesman s Year Book

London, 1901. Hutchinson (Sir J. T.). A Handbook of Cyprus. London, 1901. Lang (R. H.), Cyprus, its History, Resources, and Future Prospects. 8. ... Vizetelli (E.), From Cyprus to Zanzibar by the Egyptian Delta London, 1900. HONG KONG.

Author: J. Scott-Keltie

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230270329


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