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18 Forthcoming Books Forthcoming Books The titles listed below are books scheduled for release in 1990. All page counts and prices are estimated and may change prior to publication . Animals as Sentinels of Environmental Health Hazards ...

Author: National Academy Press (U.S.)


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Why Reading Books Still MattersWhy Reading Books Still Matters

... onscreen world of illusion, imaging, spectacle, and exploitation, are aptly captured by the in-your-face title of Internet researcher and linguist Claire Hardaker's forthcoming book, The Antisocial Network (Hardaker, forthcoming).

Author: Martha C. Pennington

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351809061


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Bringing together strands of public discourse about valuing personal achievement at the expense of social values and the impacts of global capitalism, mass media, and digital culture on the lives of children, this book challenges the potential of science and business to solve the world’s problems without a complementary emphasis on social values. The selection of literary works discussed illustrates the power of literature and human arts to instill such values and foster change. The book offers a valuable foundation for the field of literacy education by providing knowledge about the importance of language and literature that educators can use in their own teaching and advocacy work.

Introduction To Library Research In German StudiesIntroduction To Library Research In German Studies

... Subject Guide to Books in Print, Forthcoming Books, Subject Guide to Forthcoming Books, and Paperbound Books in Print. Although limited primarily to U.S. trade books, these publications are useful for identifying new books that have ...

Author: Larry L. Richardson

Publisher: Routledge

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