Handbook of Middle American Indians Volume 4Handbook of Middle American Indians Volume 4

Archaeological Frontiers and External Connections Gordon F. Ekholm, Gordon R. Willey. dec. 4, lib. 1, p. ... songs recounted the deeds of the deceased, dances were held, and food and drink were provided—all as parts of ...

Author: Gordon F. Ekholm

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477306581


Page: 376

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Archaeological Frontiers and External Connections is the fourth volume in the Handbook of Middle American Indians, published in cooperation with the Middle American Research Institute of Tulane University under the general editorship of Robert Wauchope (1909–1979). Volume editors are Gordon R. Willey (1913–2002), Bowditch Professor of Mexican and Central American Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University, and Gordon F. Ekholm (1909–1987), Associate Curator of Mexican Archaeology of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. This volume presents an intensive study of matters of significance in various areas: archaeology and ethnohistory of the Northern Sierra, Sonora, Lower California, and northeastern Mexico; external relations between Mesoamerica and the southwestern United States and eastern United States; archaeology and ethnohistory of El Salvador, western Honduras, and lower Central America; external relations between Mesoamerica and the Caribbean area, Ecuador, and the Andes; and the case for and against Old World pre-Columbian contacts via the Pacific. Many photographs accompany the text. The Handbook of Middle American Indians was assembled and edited at the Middle American Research Institute of Tulane University with the assistance of grants from the National Science Foundation and under the sponsorship of the National Research Council Committee on Latin American Anthropology.

Feasting in the Archaeology and Texts of the Bible and the Ancient Near EastFeasting in the Archaeology and Texts of the Bible and the Ancient Near East

... “On food and drink, eating and drinking in the worlds of the Bible so-called, focused works are not to be found.” 4 The publication of Brenner and van Henten's edited volume of Semeia Studies in 1999—from which the preceding ...

Author: Peter Altmann

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9781575068947


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This volume brings together the work of scholars using various methodologies to investigate the prevalence, importance, and meanings of feasting and foodways in the texts and cultural-material environments of the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East. Thus, it serves as both an introduction to and explication of this emerging field. The offerings range from the third-millennium Early Dynastic period in Mesopotamia to the rise of a new cuisine in the Islamic period and transverse geographical locations such as southern Iraq, Syria, the Aegean, and especially the southern Levant. The strength of this collection lies in the many disciplines and methodologies that come together. Texts, pottery, faunal studies, iconography, and anthropological theory are all accorded a place at the table in locating the importance of feasting as a symbolic, social, and political practice. Various essays showcase both new archaeological methodologies—zooarchaeological bone analysis and spatial analysis—and classical methods such as iconographic studies, ceramic chronology, cultural anthropology, and composition-critical textual analysis.

Immigrants in American History Arrival Adaptation and Integration 4 volumes Immigrants in American History Arrival Adaptation and Integration 4 volumes

Many archaeologists have stated over the years that all they really do is examine other people's garbage—the unwanted ... on food consumption by examining seven food groups: meats and eggs, breads, cereals, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, ...

Author: Elliott Robert Barkan

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598842203


Page: 1931

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This encyclopedia is a unique collection of entries covering the arrival, adaptation, and integration of immigrants into American culture from the 1500s to 2010. • Recent immigration and naturalization data from the 2010 U.S. Census • Excerpts from American laws and customs • A chronology of migration to the United States between 1500 to 2010

Food Eating and Identity in Early Medieval EnglandFood Eating and Identity in Early Medieval England

Excavations at Flixborough, vol. 4. Oxford: Oxbow, 2007. — and David Atkinson, eds. The Early Medieval Settlement Remains from ... Anglo-Saxon Appetites: Food and Drink and Their Consumption in Old English and Related Literature.

Author: Allen J. Frantzen

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 9781843839088


Page: 290

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A fresh approach to the implications of obtaining, preparing, and consuming food, concentrating on the little-investigated routines of everyday life.

Farming Transformed in Anglo Saxon EnglandFarming Transformed in Anglo Saxon England

Farming on the Edge: Archaeological Evidence from the Clay Uplands to the West of Cambridge. (Bedford: Albion Archaeology). ... Volume 4: Saxon and Later Finds and Environmental Reports. ... Food and Drink in Anglo-Saxon England.

Author: Mark McKarracher


ISBN: 9781911188346


Page: 144

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Anglo-Saxon farming has traditionally been seen as the wellspring of English agriculture, setting the pattern for 1000 years to come – but it was more important than that. A rich harvest of archaeological data is now revealing the untold story of agricultural innovation, the beginnings of a revolution, in the age of Bede. Armed with a powerful new dataset, Farming Transformed explores fundamental questions about the minutiae of early medieval farming and its wider relevance. How old were sheep left to grow, for example, and what pathologies did cattle sustain? What does wheat chaff have to do with lordship and the market economy? What connects ovens in Roman Germany with barley maltings in early medieval Northamptonshire? And just how interested were Saxon nuns in cultivating the opium poppy? Farming Transformed is the first book to draw together the variegated evidence of pollen, sediments, charred seeds, animal bones, watermills, corn-drying ovens, granaries and stockyards on an extensive, regional scale. The result is an inter-disciplinary dataset of unprecedented scope and size, which reveals how cereal cultivation boomed, and new watermills, granaries and ovens were erected to cope with – and flaunt – the fat of the land. As arable farming grew at the expense of pasture, sheep and cattle came under closer management and lived longer lives, yielding more wool, dairy goods, and traction power for plowing. These and other innovations are found to be concentrated at royal, aristocratic and monastic centers, placing lordship at the forefront of agricultural innovation, and farming as the force behind kingdom-formation and economic resurgence in the seventh and eighth centuries.

The Oxford Handbook of Anglo Saxon ArchaeologyThe Oxford Handbook of Anglo Saxon Archaeology

Volume 3 of Excavations at Flixborough. Oxford: Oxbow Books. ... Anglo—Saxon Appetites: Food and Drink and their Consumption in Old English and Related Literature. Dublin: Four Courts ... Volume 15, fasc. 4 of The Archaeology of York.

Author: Helena Hamerow

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780199212149


Page: 1112

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Written by a team of experts and presenting the results of the most up-to-date research, The Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology will both stimulate and support further investigation into a society poised at the interface between prehistory and history.

The Archaeology of Medieval Europe Vol 2The Archaeology of Medieval Europe Vol 2

... M (eds), Food and Drink in Archaeology Volume 2 (University of Nottingham Postgraduate Conference 2008), Totnes, ... Cuenca Mynors, RAB & Dalzell, A 1992 The Correspondence of Erasmus 1523-4 (The Collected Works of Erasmus 10), ...

Author: Jan Klapste

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9788771244267


Page: 450

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The two volumes of The Archaeology of Medieval Europe together comprise the first complete account of Medieval Archaeology across the continent. This ground-breaking set will enable readers to track the development of different cultures and regions over the 800 years that formed the Europe we have today. In addition to revealing the process of Europeanisation, within its shared intellectual and technical inheritance, the complete work provides an opportunity for demonstrating the differences that were inevitably present across the continent - from Iceland to Sicily and Portugal to Finland.
The reconstruction of the technical systems of ceramic production and of its ‘chaîne opératoire’ is a means of exploring certain social structures in time and space. Papers here highlight the contribution of technological approaches to ceramics, both in archaeology and in ethnology, to the analysis of pre- and protohistoric societies.

The Archaeology of EthnogenesisThe Archaeology of Ethnogenesis

Ceramic vessels are not the only artifacts representing food preparation, but they are by far the most numerous.3 The ... The few general use and cooking vessels for which volume could be approximated had capacities from 1 to 4 L; ...

Author: Barbara L. Voss

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520931954


Page: 420

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This innovative work of historical archaeology illuminates the genesis of the Californios, a community of military settlers who forged a new identity on the northwest edge of Spanish North America. Since 1993, Barbara L. Voss has conducted archaeological excavations at the Presidio of San Francisco, founded by Spain during its colonization of California's central coast. Her research at the Presidio forms the basis for this rich study of cultural identity formation, or ethnogenesis, among the diverse peoples who came from widespread colonized populations to serve at the Presidio. Through a close investigation of the landscape, architecture, ceramics, clothing, and other aspects of material culture, she traces shifting contours of race and sexuality in colonial California.

Mappa Volume 1 Eng Methodologies Applied to Archaeological Potential PredictivityMappa Volume 1 Eng Methodologies Applied to Archaeological Potential Predictivity

Level IV finds include layers of rubble/ruin, ash/coal, shavings or the formation of natural deposits. ... that featured a counter with embed‐ded jars used for liquids or foods, and cooking facilities for heating drinks or soups.

Author: F. Anichini

Publisher: Edizioni Nuova Cultura

ISBN: 9788861348943


Page: 160

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The Bioarchaeology of Ritual and ReligionThe Bioarchaeology of Ritual and Religion

Ultimately, this volume endeavours to highlight the significance of bioarchaeological data in interpretations of ritual contexts, ... Broderick, L. (2012) Ritualisation (or the four fully articulated ungulates of the apocalypse).

Author: Alexandra Livarda


ISBN: 9781785708312


Page: 288

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The Bioarchaeology of Ritual and Religion is the first volume dedicated to exploring ritual and religious practice in past societies from a variety of ‘environmental’ remains. Building on recent debates surrounding, for instance, performance, materiality and the false dichotomy between ritualistic and secular behavior, this book investigates notions of ritual and religion through the lens of perishable material culture. Research centering on bioarchaeological evidence and drawing on methods from archaeological science has traditionally focused on functional questions surrounding environment and economy. However, recent years have seen an increased recognition of the under-exploited potential for scientific data to provide detailed information relating to ritual and religious practice. This volume explores the diverse roles of plant, animal, and other organic remains in ritual and religion, as foods, offerings, sensory or healing mediums, grave goods, and worked artifacts. It also provides insights into how archaeological science can shed light on the reconstruction of ritual processes and the framing of rituals. The 14 papers showcase current and new approaches in the investigation of bioarchaeological evidence for elucidating complex social issues and worldviews. The case studies are intentionally broad, encompassing a range of sub-disciplines of bioarchaeology including archaeobotany, anthracology, palynology, micromorphology, geoarchaeology, zooarchaeology (including avian and worked bone studies), archaeomalacology, and organic residue analysis. The temporal and geographical coverage is equally wide, extending across Europe from the Mediterranean and Aegean to the Baltic and North Atlantic regions, and from the Mesolithic to the medieval period. The volume also includes a discursive paper by Prof. Brian Hayden, who suggests a different interpretative framework of archaeological contexts and rituals.

Anglo Saxon Button BroochesAnglo Saxon Button Brooches

Anglo-Saxon Studies ISSN 1475-2468 general editors John Hines Catherine Cubitt Volume 1 : the Dramatic liturgy of ... Food and Drink in Anglo-Saxon burial rituals Christina Lee 'Anglo-Saxon Studies' aims to provide a forum for the best ...

Author: Seiichi Suzuki

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 9781843833628


Page: 418

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Extensive study of the entire corpus of Anglo-Saxon button brooches, looking at their design, origins and development.

Adding Value RLE Marketing Adding Value RLE Marketing

Brands and Marketing in Food and Drink Geoffrey G. Jones, Nicholas J. Morgan ... with private families and the nobility and gentry of the district« (vol. 4, p. 204). 5 Licensed Victuallers' Gazette 4 December 1875.

Author: Geoffrey G. Jones

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317643814


Page: 364

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An international group of scholars, drawn from the United States, Europe and Australia and from a number of academic disciplines, explores the history of marketing in the food and drink industries, focusing on the meaning of brands, the ways in which they add value and the surrounding business strategies.

Archaeology of FoodArchaeology of Food

Modeling Modes of Hunter-Gatherer Food Storage. American Antiquity 7(4):714–36. □ PENNY CUNNINGHAM STORES/MARKETS People have acquired comestibles and accompanying paraphernalia by trade, barter, cash, credit, and theft at all kinds of ...

Author: Karen Bescherer Metheny

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780759123663


Page: 702

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This indispensable resource provides an illustrated introduction to and overview of the archaeological study of food and foodways today.

Irish Housing Design 1950 1980Irish Housing Design 1950 1980

Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Vol. 115C, Food and Drink in Ireland. ... Suburban Housing in the Twentieth Century, in Art and Architecture of Ireland Volume IV: Architecture 1600–2000, ...

Author: Brian Ward

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315442389


Page: 264

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This book examines the architectural design of housing projects in Ireland from the mid-twentieth century. This period represented a high point in the construction of the Welfare State project where the idea that architecture could and should shape and define community and social life was not yet considered problematic. Exploring a period when Ireland embraced the free market and the end of economic protectionism, the book is a series of case studies supported by critical narratives. Little known but of high quality, the schemes presented in this volume are by architects whose designs helped determine future architectural thinking in Ireland and elsewhere. Aimed at academics, students and researchers, the book is accompanied by new drawings and over 100 full colour images, with the example studies demonstrating rich architectural responses to a shifting landscape.

Encyclopedia of African American Popular Culture 4 volumes Encyclopedia of African American Popular Culture 4 volumes

Coffee has also been ground and mixed with butter, and consumed like chocolate for sustenance among various African peoples. Ground coffee beans are still mixed with ghee (clarified butter) in parts of Ethiopia; in Kaffa, the drink is ...

Author: Jessie Carney Smith

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313357978


Page: 1733

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This four-volume encyclopedia contains compelling and comprehensive information on African American popular culture that will be valuable to high school students and undergraduates, college instructors, researchers, and general readers. • Contains writings from 100 contributing authors, all identified in a separate listing • Includes a chronology placing pivotal events—such as the beginning of black baseball, the modern Civil Rights Movement, and the Harlem Renaissance—in historical context • Depicts key places, events, and people through photographs as well as words • Provides a list of black radio programs and movies

Mycenaean CivilizationMycenaean Civilization

Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, Vol. ¡¡4. Jonsered: Paul Åströms Förlag. 25¡ p. This useful volume presents an indexed corpus of c. 2300 Late Bronze Age Aegean ceramic vessels and figurines found at sites and settlements along the ...

Author: Bryan Feuer

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786417483


Page: 387

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Classical Greeks considered the Mycenaean civilization to be the basis of their glorious and heroic heritage, but its material existence was not confirmed until the excavations of Heinrich Schliemann in the late nineteenth century. In the ensuing years, as with the field of archaeology in general, emphasis has shifted from revealing monuments and finding treasure to dealing with less glamorous, more scientifically-oriented investigations concerning aspects such as social and political organization, economic functions and settlement patterns. With its more than 2000 entries, this reference work serves as both an introduction to and a summary of the study of ancient Mycenaean civilization. Considerably expanded from the first edition, there are 500 new entries representing materials published since 1991. The largest part of the book is made up of annotated bibliography entries arranged topically with introductory material for each section. The book also includes a general introduction to Mycenaean civilization, a glossary, and author, place and subject indexes.