Fix It Tipsie Fix It Tipsie

FIX IT TIPSIE” is an eye-catching book that contains a story and more. This book is geared for pre-school children ages three and up. With the simple story and powerful comprehension questions, “FIX IT TIPSIE” engages the child by ...

Author: Felipe Cofreros Ph.D.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490797823


Page: 34

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"FIX IT TIPSIE"is an eye-catching book that contains a story and more. This book is geared for pre-school children ages three and up. With the simple story and powerful comprehension questions, "FIX IT TIPSIE" engages the child by focusing concentration, improving comprehension, stimulating thought and galvanizing imagination. This book is intended for use in the pre-school classroom. The students can answer questions, generate their own questions, act out the story or continue the story. It can be read to two and three year old students, while the older students can relate to the higher level activities. Although the book is designed for classroom use, it can be used in the home, and setup in the book gives children a chance to relate to their parents while discussing the story.

The Tales of Chippy King Gaby and Gretchen and Mr Tipsy ThawThe Tales of Chippy King Gaby and Gretchen and Mr Tipsy Thaw

ThaT's all The Time we can help save The Kings' farm and acreage," Chippy announced calmly. So Then, afTer Their eyes locked inTo ... Molly wiped The sweaT on her brows, and Sally fixed her back sTraighT. “Oh dear, I am Too old for This ...

Author: L. R. Ramgren

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453569252


Page: 60

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This began with a chipmunk who wanted to read and write and save a land. A Boer goat that wanted to be a palomino horse and later realizes that happiness is but hidden in simple things. And a house mouse who discovered that good tidings, sharing one’s heart in goodness, and helping others holds the real meaning of Christmas!

Refugee Resettlement in a Multi Ethnic Society Part 1 by Felipe Cofreros Ph D Refugee Resettlement in a Multi Ethnic Society Part 1 by Felipe Cofreros Ph D

... Rooster Smart Ratty Ollie and His Ball Ollie Lost His Ball Fix It Tipsie Sam's Wish Curious Sam Sam and the Little Bird Sam and the Hawk Jackie's New Toy Other Books A Pre – school Math Workbook: Let's Start Building Our Math Skills ...

Author: Felipe Cofreros Ph.D.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490796741


Page: 124

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The focus of this descriptive analysis is on the organizational framework of the largest Cultural Orientation (CO) project in the world implemented by the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), which was contracted by the United States Department of State, Bureau for Refugee Programs, to conduct refugee resettlement education in Bata-an, the Republic of the Philippines for Indo-Chinese refugees bound for resettlement in the United States of America. From 1980 to 1990, ICMC/Philippines provided Cultural Orientation to a quarter of a million Indo-Chinese refugees. This inquiry establishes and clarifies what were some of the assumptions which contributed to the conceptualization of CO program instruction for adult Southeast Asian refugees intended to help the refugee achieve positive adjustment to life in the United States of America. The salient questions addressed in this research are: (1) What is overseas refugee education? (2) How is it constructed and conceptualized? (3) How is it practiced and implemented? and (4) Can the Philippines Refugee Processing Center serve as a model for preparing refugees to live in a Western multi-ethnic society? Postulated in the analysis are the strengths and weaknesses of the following elements staff training and development, educational theory, and refugee resettlement. Hypothesis testing of selected program elements and replication design of the locus of the program leading to conceptualization of refugee education include: selected cases studies, surveys (statistical and quantitative), policy review and analysis, personal interviews and legal opinions. The findings of the field-based research support the original hypothesis that certain operational concepts of American Cultural Orientation (CO) were “dysfunctional” and “incompatible” with the goals of preparing Southeast Asian refugees for successful adjustment to living in the United States of America. Moreover, the findings will be useful to U.S. Government officials, educators, researchers and refugee resettlement professionals who will consider the value of this study from the perspective of naturalized American citizen whose country of origin is the Republic of the Philippines. Felipe Cofreros, Ph.D.

A Handbook of Writing Activities for Intermediate and Advanced English Language LearnersA Handbook of Writing Activities for Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners

... Fix It Tipsie Sam's Wish Curious Sam Sam and The Little Bird Sam and The Hawk Jackie's New Toy Other Books "One Accord" an inspirational book of Bible promises, holds us in one accord to look up when the going gets rough and tough.

Author: Felipe Cofreros Ph.D.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503548152


Page: 116

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This book "A Handbook of Writing Activities for Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners" comprises varied learning opportunities rich in teaching grammatical aspects, a language topic rarely discussed in many English handbooks, which refers to the teaching of low action words happen whether bounded, habitual, or continuing. Moreover, interesting topics perceived to be of interest to students are included to keep the exercises left undone once they started the tasks. Its excellent format from simple to complex will give learners confidence to enjoy the activities. Like wise, with the controlled, semi-controlled, and open-ended exercises which could be done without the teachers's assistance, all will lead students to realize that writing after all is lots of fun. Of course subject of interest have been carefully considered to suit the English Language Learners' needs. Indeed, all materials and activities in this piece of work have been thoroughly designed for intermediate and advanced levels particularly those who study English as a Second Language [ESL]. Without any qualms this Handbook of Writing Activities for Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners will definitely be useful for English as a Second Language [ESL] students and teachers.

A Handbook of Valuable Activities for SeniorsA Handbook of Valuable Activities for Seniors

... Boastful Rooster Smart Raffy Ollie and His Ball Ollie Lost His Ball Fix It Tipsie Sam's Wish Curious Sam Sam and The Little Bird Sam and The Hawk Jackie's New Toy Other Books A Pre-school Math Workbook: Let's Start Building Our Math ...

Author: Felipe Cofreros Ph.D.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490799285


Page: 142

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This book "A Handbook of Valuable Activities For Seniors" is useful tool for Senior and Adult participants to enrich their lives through a variety of recreational and social activities in an Adult Day Care. This book minimizes the teachers' extra effort in looking for activities which will suit the objectives for the different topics given to the participants in the Adult Day Care. This book contains practical teaching objectives and varied activities for use in the Adult Day Care programs. These activities are explained in language that is clear and simple. Each of them is intended to develop the participants personality- his attitudes, habits, skills, knowledge and abilities. This book "A Handbook of Valuable Activities for Seniors" is also a reliable resource material to enhance the Seniors and Adults' potential creativity. It is also useful in channeling the extra energy of seniors and adults and the activities included could be a good basic experience. The activities are designed to help maintain the independence of the seniors and adults in the community and based on an individual direct approach, while encouraging self-esteem, self reliance and achievement. The contents of this book, however, are not prescriptive; they are merely suggestions and can be modified according to the need of local conditions. Let this book be your guide as you explore new dimensions in your presentation of the different Activities for the Senior participants in an Adult Day Care. Dr. Felipe Cofreros Ph.D.

Effective Ways to Assess English Language LearnersEffective Ways to Assess English Language Learners

... Bird Blue Bird Finds New Friends Blue Bird and The Bees Blue Bird and Black Bird The Little Birds Help A Friend The Boastful Rooster Smart Ratty Ollie and His Ball Ollie Lost His Ball Fix It Tipsie Sam's Wish Curious Sam Sam And The ...

Author: Felipe Cofreros Ph.D.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469180656


Page: 342

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“Effective Ways To Assess English Language Learners [For Intermediate and Advanced Levels] by Felipe Cofreros who has also authored three basic Art Books with Rex Book Corporation in Manila, Philippines and several Children’s Picture Books with Xlibris Publishing Company in Indiana, United States of America promotes accurate placement for quality Instruction and helps students make process rapidly. This book serves as a tool to evaluate students to accurately and reliably place them within a program that best meets their needs. -- Ronald Jay Blassingame Ph.D., former English as a Second Language [ESL], Work Orientation Program Supervisor, International Catholic Migration Commission [ICMC], Philippine Refugee Processing Center [PRPC], Bata-an, Philippines “Effective Ways To Assess English Language Learners [For Intermediate and Advanced Levels] written by Felipe Cofreros, a multi-talented author, newspaper and magazine editor is very useful in teaching English as a Second Language [ESL] to the learners in different levels. This book is very handy for the teachers in the assessment of skills mastered. The instructional directions in taking the tests are easy to follow. I highly recommend this book for teachers and students in the elementary, high school and college and nurses who are preparing to take their English exams as a review book. -- Leonor Antoja Verano, former English as a Second Language [ESL] teacher, International Catholic Migration Commission [ICMC], Preparation For American Secondary School [PASS] Program , Philippine Refugee Processing Center[PRPC], Bata-an, Philippines “Effective Ways To Assess English Language Learners [For Intermediate and Advanced Levels] written by Felipe Cofreros, a former International Catholic Migration Commission [ICMC} English as a Second Language [ESL] teacher and a feature writer/contributor to the ICMC Digest, the offi cial newsletter of the said company during the early 1990’s, a multi-gifted artist, mentor, editor and author of more than a dozen Children’s Picture Books with illustrations and comprehension questions; A Pre-School Math Workbook and a book about Japan: Its People and Culture is another indispensable addendum that could be used as pre-tests or diagnostic tests in the high school department or perhaps the intermediate grades providing the mentors a much-needed guidance in the lesson planning side by side with their prescribed students’ textbooks. Precisely, this won’t only enrich the present English curriculum but also worth-inspiring to every teaching enthusiast who wishes to measure the learning progress of their students periodically.Matsy Balan-eg Tumacdang, former English as a Second Language [ESL] teacher, International Catholic Migration Commission [ICMC], Philippine Refugee Processing Center [PRPC], Bata-an, Philippines

Inside JapanInside Japan

... Boastful Rooster Smart Ratty Ollie and His Ball Ollie Lost His Ball Fix it Tipsie Sam's Wish Curious Sam Sam and The Little Bird Sam and The Hawk Jackie's New Toy Other Books A Pre-school Math Workbook: Let's Start Building Our Math ...

Author: Felipe CoFreros Ph.D.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490789217


Page: 146

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In the book Inside Japan: its People and Culture written by Felipe Cofreros Ph.D. - is a renowned author of childrens books, newspaper and magazine editor who spent a good amount of years in Japan experienced its culture and witnessed the Japanese people role as a nation in contributing to Japans success and making it as one of the most successful countries in terms of technological advancement production and preservation of its history and cultural beliefs. The book boast of its simplicity yet profound approach in narrating the beauty and interesting interplay of Japans unique characteristics. As the author experienced Japan first hand he also included relevant examples from his researcher as to how Japan and its nation has grown and blossomed as a nation then and right now. A nation where other countries look up to in areas of economic growth and stability technology, education and government. The details provided in the book can be imbibed by the reader could as it enlightens the readers with effective description, and demonstrations of Japans role in the global realm. By Cindy Lee Jordan R.N. - Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Makati Medical Center, College of Nursing, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines Cum Laude Masters in Health Care Administration. Stevens Henager College Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Magna Cum Laude.

East Timor a New Independent CountryEast Timor a New Independent Country

... the Deer Blue Bird Blue Bird Finds New Friends Blue Bird and the Bees Blue Bird and Black Bird The Little Birds Help a Friend The Boastful Rooster Smarty Ratty Ollie and His Ball Ollie Lost His Ball Fix It Tipsie Sam's Wish Curious ...

Author: Felipe Cofreros Ph.D.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490797786


Page: 142

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East Timor or Timor-Leste officially the Democratic Republic of Timor­ Leste is country in Maritime Southeast Asia. It comprises the eastern half of the island of Timor,the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and Occusse, an enclave on the northwestern side of the island surrounded by Indonesian West Timor. Australia is the country's southern neighbor, separated by the Timor Sea. The country's size is about 15,007 km. (5,794 sq,m) East Timor was a de facto province of Indonesia, whose territory ccrresponded to the previous Portuguese Timor and to the presentlty independednt country of Timor Leste. From 1702 to 1975 East Timor was an Overseas territory of Portugal named "Portuguese Timor"in 1974, Portugal initiated a gradual decolonization process of its remaining territories,including Portuguese Timor. During the process, a civil conflict between the different Timorse parties erupted in 1975. Indonesia invaded East Timor and in 1976, it formally annexed the territory, declaring it as its 27th province and remaining it Timor Timur. The United Nations,however, did not recognize the annexation,continuing to consider Portugal as the f legitimate administering power of East Timor. Following the end of Indonesian occupation 1999, and a United Nations administered transition period,East Timor became formally independent of Portugal In 2002 and adopted the official name of Timor Leste.

A Royal MurderA Royal Murder

Be a great idea, wouldn't it? I've still got the cabin out at Point Tipsy. Trish helped me fix it up a coupla years ago. We put in plumbing, electricity. It's a great little hideaway now. And if you wanted to do some surf fishing, ...

Author: Lyn Stone

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 1459201027


Page: 256

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BY ROYAL COMMAND Investigator takes on lovely assistant Nina Caruso had come to the kingdom of Montebello to find her brother's killer. Steely investigator Ryan McDonough couldn't stop her. With royal permission to shadow Ryan's every move, Nina vowed to keep the brooding P.I. on his toes. But when the killer went after her, it was Ryan who swept Nina off her feet and into his protection. He'd been ordered to work with her—and to investigate her as a suspect. But when Nina became a target, Ryan took command. The crazy attraction between them was just one more reason for Ryan to solve the case fast—before passion betrayed them both…

Haint BlueHaint Blue

Is that you? That's all you can say after almost eighty years? Shoot. And from what Tipsy told me, the last time you saw me, ... his promise that everything would be okay, and Ivy's deep belief in his ability to fix it all.

Author: Stephanie Alexander

Publisher: Bublish, Inc.

ISBN: 9781647043254



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Clairvoyant single mom Tipsy Collins is easing into a post-divorce new normal. She’s solved a century-old murder mystery and brought peace to her house. She’s rebuilding her artistic career and co-parenting with her ornery ex-husband. She’s hopeful that her boyfriend is Mr. Right. Mercurial phantom Henry Mott still haunts her house, but he’s become a dear friend. Tipsy plans to return to her lifelong habit of ignoring restless spirits. A series of sudden financial and personal setbacks leave her feeling like she's back to square one, until a new friendship offers unexpected financial salvation. Ivy More has been haunting a Sullivan's Island cottage since the 1940s. Ivy's eccentric granddaughter, Pamella Brewton, will pay big bucks if Tipsy can figure out how to free her moody, volatile Meemaw. It turns out there was more to Ivy’s death than a simple swan dive off the dock at low tide. To complicate matters, Ivy had a secret lover. Shockingly, he's someone Tipsy has seen before. As Tipsy struggles with heartbreak, her ex-husband's shenanigans, and a growing sense of frustration with life, she turns to Henry for help solving Ivy's mystery. She finds herself learning from her brooding housemate, but also from Ivy, who has far more in common with Tipsy than either of them expect.

The Adventures of CardiganThe Adventures of Cardigan

Jaime would laugh as Tipsy and Cardigan ran after the new discovery, trying to catch the animals or reptiles and keep them ... Cardigan would finally retrieve the loose creature between her teeth and bring it outside to set it free.

Author: Elaine Bosvik Ciarnau

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525551000


Page: 64

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Not having other kids to play with, Jaime has to find adventures with his dog Cardigan. Life in the Bush Camps with their many animals is all he knows. He is innocent and carefree. Everything is seen through the fearless eyes of a child and his companion, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, named Cardigan. What lurks in the bushes of Northern Ontario that could cause chaos to a child and his dog? They lived amongst larger than life characters that make an impression on little Jaime. The surrounding wildlife seems threatening, but are they always dangerous? Domestic animals could also cause havoc and need intervention. Sometimes they can even be wilder than the animals in the bush. There is never a dull moment for 6 year-old Jaime with Cardigan around. What dilemma will they encounter next, as they stumble upon the many animals of the bush camps? One thing is for sure: even though Jaime’s intense love of animals leads him to trust them, Cardigan will always know when it’s time to step in and keep his buddy out of harm’s way. Many great adventures await them as they learn more about what lies ahead. Join Jaime and Cardigan in their five exciting and unpredictable adventures.

The FollowerThe Follower

“We're not talking about this right now,” she says, giving Amber the fakest of her fake smiles before turning back to ... With one more cold look at Amber, a tipsy Cecily gets up and heads over to her desk. ... “Here, I can fix it!

Author: Kate Doughty

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781647000226


Page: 368

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A spine-tingling YA thriller based on a true story Instagram-famous triplets Cecily, Amber, and Rudy—the children of home renovation superstars—are ready for a perfect summer. They’ve just moved onto the site of their parents’ latest renovation project when they begin to receive spine-tingling messages from someone called The Follower. It soon becomes clear that this anonymous threat is more than a simple Internet troll, and they can't wait to shatter the Cole family's perfect veneer and take back what’s theirs. The Follower examines the implications of what it is to be watched in the era of social-media fame—as well as the lies we tell and the lengths we’ll go to uphold a perfect image, when our lives depend on it.


He wanted permission to fix it because I was too tipsy to realize how close I was to Mardi Gras flashing everyone at the party . I nodded . And with bleary eyes watched as his nimble fingers made bunny ears , looped them around each ...

Author: Darcy Woods

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9780593305928


Page: 384

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What lines would you cross to save someone you love? Filled with the kinds of impossible choices that made the TV show Weeds such a hit, this compelling drama asks to what lengths an avid rule-follower will go in order to save her family--and the answer involves "growing" in surprising directions. Sixteen-year-old Honor Augustine never set out to become a felon. As an academic all-star, avid recycler, and dedicated daughter to her PTSD-afflicted father, she's always been the literal embodiment of her name. Coloring inside the lines is what keeps Honor's chaotic existence orderly. But when she discovers her father's VA benefits drying up, coupled with a terrifying bank letter threatening the family's greenhouse business--Honor vows to find a solution. She just doesn't expect to spot it on the dry erase board of English lit--"Nature's first green is gold." The quote by Frost becomes the seed of an idea. An idea that--with patience and care--could germinate into a means of survival. Maybe marijuana could be more than the medicinal plant that helps quiet her father's demons. Maybe, it could save them all.


FIX- IT TIPS with'Plastic Wood" Table tipsy? Build up the short leg with a daub of Plastic Wood. Goes on easily. Hardens quickly. Stays put permanently. wP^^ Toys broken? Fix them with Plastic Wood. Easy to apply. Sticks to any surface.





Page: 84

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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

Arcadian Bears Box Set Volume TwoArcadian Bears Box Set Volume Two

It's so small. He mostly came to our parents' home to visit. I didn't remember it being so...” Her voice trailed off. ... That's it. I hope he gave you free rein to fix it up.” “He did.” Gavin jumped up from the couch as Paige sat.

Author: Becca Jameson

Publisher: Becca Jameson Publishing




View: 221

The Arcadian Bears series is a spin-off from Becca Jameson's best-selling Wolf Masters series. The series takes place in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Rival families who own and operate microbreweries find themselves facing the imminent threat of drought as the Athabasca Glacier slowly disappears. Meet these sexy bear shifters as they find love in the gorgeous mountains where snow falls most of the year and snuggling up inside a mountain cabin is the most appealing pastime. This book is a re-release of a previously published book. No additions or changes have been made to the story.

Tall Dark Deadly Box SetTall Dark Deadly Box Set

“You have no idea how much I want to wash the cobwebs from my brain right now while we're at it. ... She hesitated, then said, “Maybe it's the tipsy part of this equation for me, but that scene back there rattled me way more than it ...

Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Julie Patra Publishing




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Includes: Hot Secrets (book 1), Dangerous Secrets (book 2), Beneath the Secrets (book 3) and Secrets Exposed (full-length prelude) Tall, dark, and deadly, these three brothers run Walker security. Each brother is unique in his methods and skills, but all share key similarities. They are passionate about those they love, relentless when fighting for a cause they believe in, and all believe that no case is too hard, no danger too dark. Dedication is what they deliver, results are their reward.


from Tipsy Chowdhury in Port Suez . He was returning to Delhi that day on Egyptian Airlines . Tipsy was on a very friendly footing with most of the crew . He said he was sending provisions and the radio set to Trishna through an agent .

Author: Dom Moraes


ISBN: UOM:39015051519406


Page: 210

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On a round-the-world cruise undertaken by some officers of the Corps of Engineers of Indian Army on Trishna, yacht, October 1985-January 1987.

How its going VS What she wants How its going VS What she wants

Spill it.” Tipsy I slammed my glass down and ordered another one. It was like old times before she moved to Cali. “My wife is getting on my nerves and I don't know how to fix it.

Author: Lippie Rose

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781716116087



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Celibate hearts want to invite you on royal cleansing journey. An experience meant to break soul ties and cure toxic behavior. The kind of behaviors that may have stumped your growth. Kept you from meeting your full potential stewing in toxic feelings. It is possible to get rid of that waste and live in your peace. Celibacy might be what you need to reset your emotions. Do not be afraid its a self-reflecting journey worth taking. This is Tatum's Story

Montana Brides Boxed Set Books 1 3 Montana Brides Boxed Set Books 1 3

I got a little bit tipsy and it just sort of...happened. We couldn't get a divorce right away, so we agreed to stay married until I found my father.” Gracie waited for the shock to hit Karen's face. It didn't look as though she was ...

Author: Leeanna Morgan

Publisher: Rogan Press



Page: 543

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Three heartwarming romances that will capture your imagination! In this wonderful box set, Gracie, Amy, and Nicky discover love in rural Montana. Forever Dreams When Gracie Donnelly arrives on a Montana cattle ranch, she has more on her mind than mending fences and feeding chickens. She's secretly searching for her father and answers to questions that could destroy a family. Forever in Love Amy Sullivan's life might have been lonely but it was safe. When her five-month-old sister is left on her doorstep, she has no choice but to move back to Montana and the only man she’s ever loved. Forever After When Nicky arrives in Montana to find the money stolen from her family’s company, Sam Delaney is the last person she wants to see. She’s fallen for him once and she won’t repeat the same mistake again. If you enjoy Nora Roberts, Jill Shalvis, and Susan Mallery, you will enjoy The Montana Brides Series. Happy reading! Praise for the Montana Brides series: “A wonderful series that you can't stop reading. It will make you laugh and cry but mostly sigh. I enjoyed the whole series but could have read each one separately. Leeanna Morgan made the love flow. A great read for everyone who loves romance!” “Every one of the books in The Montana Brides Series is filled with laughter, joy and tears. The family and friendship ties are so special. The romance and loving relationships are the best. I read these 7 books in 5 days. I couldn’t put these books down. You have to read the following series, The Bridesmaid Club Series. AWESOME! I'm almost done with the books.” “I enjoyed this story! It was hard to put the book down and I didn't unless I had to. The storyline and characters were perfect and the scenic descriptions were wonderful. Such a lovely romantic story.” Other Contemporary Romances by Leeanna Morgan: Montana Brides: Book 1: Forever Dreams (Gracie and Trent) Book 2: Forever in Love (Amy and Nathan) Book 3: Forever After (Nicky and Sam) Book 4: Forever Wishes (Erin and Jake) Book 5: Forever Santa (A Montana Brides Christmas Novella) Book 6: Forever Cowboy (Emily and Alex) Book 7: Forever Together (Kate and Dan) Book 8: Forever and a Day (Sarah and Jordan) The Bridesmaids Club: Book 1: All of Me (Tess and Logan) Book 2: Loving You (Annie and Dylan) Book 3: Head Over Heels (Sally and Todd) Book 4: Sweet on You (Molly and Jacob) Emerald Lake Billionaires: Book 1: Sealed with a Kiss (Rachel and John) Book 2: Playing for Keeps (Sophie and Ryan) Book 3: Crazy Love (Holly and Daniel) Book 4: One And Only (Elizabeth and Blake) The Protectors: Book 1: Safe Haven (Hayley and Tank) Book 2: Just Breathe (Kelly and Tanner) Book 3: Always (Mallory and Grant) Book 4: The Promise (Ashley and Matthew) Book 5: Coming Home (Mia and Stan) Book 6: The Gift (Hannah and Brett) Book 7: The Wish (Claire and Jason) Sapphire Bay: Book 1: Falling For You (Natalie and Gabe) Book 2: Once In A Lifetime (Sam and Caleb) Book 3: A Christmas Wish (Megan and William) Book 4: Before Today (Brooke and Levi) Book 5: The Sweetest Thing (Cassie and Noah) Keywords: Heartwarming, small town romance, western, ranch, cowboy, friendship, family life, series, Montana, relationships, love, wedding, bride, bridesmaid, family saga, second chance, international, New Zealand, holiday, vacation, teacher, marriage of convenience, children, baby, police, fraud, business, mystery, doctor, hospital, physician.