Fields of FarmersFields of Farmers

Opening his heart and life, Joel Salatin uses his Polyface Farm experience to encouraged multi-generational farm relationships and germinate a new generation of young farmers.

Author: Joel Salatin

Publisher: Polyface Incorporated

ISBN: 0963810979


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The aging farmer phenomenon is new and presents both unprecedented crisis and opportunity. Opening his heart and life, Joel Salatin uses his Polyface Farm experience to encouraged multi-generational farm relationships and germinate a new generation of young farmers.

On Farmers FieldsOn Farmers Fields

In multilocational testing, the hypothesis that the new cropping pattern or
technology is superior to the farmer's existing ... Initial results looked promising,
with farmers showing rapid adoption in the first few months of field trials, but the
new ...

Author: S. Chater

Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.

ISBN: 9789712200724


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This book documents some of the experiences during the 20-year history of the Asian Rice Farming Systems Network, highlighting the achievements but also describing the problems. Readers should find it a useful contribution to the global debate about networking, as this becomes the modus operandi for increasing the amount of agricultural research worldwide.

Soil Fertility Investigations on Farmers FieldsSoil Fertility Investigations on Farmers Fields

The method followed in this work was originally conceived in India around 1947
under the name of " simple trials on farmers ' fields " ( 12 ) and has since been
used in many countries as it was found to be the quickest and most effective ...

Author: G. F. Hauser

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9251003831


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Fields of LearningFields of Learning

apprentices and interns who have worked on our farms at the Stone Barns have
subsequently found ways to become engaged in some kind of full-time farming.
Finally—and this is more good news—a food revolution is definitely already
under ...

Author: Laura Sayre

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813140292


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Where will the next generation of farmers come from? What will their farms look like? Fields of Learning: The Student Farm Movement in North America provides a concrete set of answers to these urgent questions, describing how, at a wide range of colleges and universities across the United States and Canada, students, faculty, and staff have joined together to establish on-campus farms as outdoor laboratories for agricultural and cultural education. From one-acre gardens to five-hundred-acre crop and livestock farms, student farms foster hands-on food-system literacy in a world where the shortcomings of input-intensive conventional agriculture have become increasingly apparent. They provide a context in which disciplinary boundaries are bridged, intellectual and manual skills are cultivated together, and abstract ideas about sustainability are put to the test. Editors Laura Sayre and Sean Clark have assembled a volume of essays written by pioneering educators directly involved in the founding and management of fifteen of the most influential student farms in North America. Arranged chronologically, Fields of Learning illustrates how the student farm movement originated in the nineteenth century, gained ground in the 1970s, and is flourishing today -- from the University of California--Davis to Yale University, from Hampshire College to Central Carolina Community College, from the University of Montana to the University of Maine.

Farmers in a Changing WorldFarmers in a Changing World

The Service has neither the equipment nor the personnel to take care of the
individual needs of all the Nation's farms . Demonstration farms , demonstration
areas , and conservation districts remain the first line of advance toward modern

Author: United States. Department of Agriculture


ISBN: IND:30000050364508


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Improving the livelihood of farmers by intensifying the rice potato rice system through double transplanting of rice in West Bengal IndiaImproving the livelihood of farmers by intensifying the rice potato rice system through double transplanting of rice in West Bengal India

... participatory trials were extended to 14 farmers during 2003-04 . Other farmers
of the same and adjoining villages also introduced the double - transplanting
technology after seeing the encouraging results from the fields of fellow farmers .


Publisher: International Potato Center

ISBN: 9290603143



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The Peerage of Poverty or learners and workers in fields farms and factories First series Third edition revised and enlargedThe Peerage of Poverty or learners and workers in fields farms and factories First series Third edition revised and enlarged

But we have lying before us some notices of a Scottish farmer's son , who
combined , in a very eminent degree , genius and industry ... Like many others
who may pass in review before us , he was the descendant of a line of farmers .
He was ...

Author: Edwin Paxton HOOD


ISBN: BL:A0018040541


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Hints originally intended for the small farmers of the County of Wexford Eighth edition revised and enlargedHints originally intended for the small farmers of the County of Wexford Eighth edition revised and enlarged

Yet , compared with what the houses and gardens and well - managed fields of
the working farmers of that day , were the superior appearance and condition of
the homesteads of the same class of cultivators at this time , is very striking to ...

Author: Martin DOYLE (pseud. [i.e. William Hickey.])


ISBN: BL:A0022268876



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A Nation of FarmersA Nation of Farmers

Tractors and combines, among other machinery, replaced the human hand in the
field. Pumps for ... Petroleum is also the feedstock for the pesticides used to
support industrial agriculture and its vast fields of monoculture crops. Seemingly

Author: Sharon Astyk

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 9781550924268


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“Astyk and Newton have written an important book with an unusual message: We need millions of new farmers…as soon as possible. You could not find two more reasonable, intelligent, sincere, and passionate people to talk to about food. And the book has very much the feeling of a conversation – with someone smart who cares about you. It is also intellectually complex, creative and nuanced. The authors are big thinkers and have taken a good lick at the central human issues of our time." Peter Bane “This definitive guide can provide inspiration to gardeners and those concerned about the environment. It offers practical solutions to all the food-related problems brought on by industrialized agriculture and the globalization of food. Very carefully researched and well written, this documents what is wrong and what we can do about it.” Connie Krochmal - Bellaonline "This outstanding and well-written compendium of insights and recommendations, of fervent idealism and practical solutions, is highly recommended."—Library Journal Once we could fill our grocery carts with cheap and plentiful food, but not anymore. Cheap food has gone the way of cheap oil. Climate change is already reducing crop yields worldwide. The cost of flying in food from far away and shipping it across the country in refrigerated trucks is rapidly becoming unviable. Cars and cows increasingly devour grain harvests, sending prices skyrocketing. More Americans than ever before require food stamps and food pantries just to get by, and a worldwide food crisis is unfolding, overseas and in our kitchens. We can keep hunger from stalking our families, but doing so will require a fundamental shift in our approach to field and table. A Nation of Farmers examines the limits and dangers of the globalized food system and shows how returning to the basics is our best hope. The book includes in-depth guidelines for: Creating resilient local food systems Growing, cooking, and eating sustainably and naturally Becoming part of the solution to the food crisis The book argues that we need to make self-provisioning, once the most ordinary of human activities, central to our lives. The results will be better food, better health, better security, and freedom from corporations that don’t have our interests at heart. This is critical reading for anyone who eats and cares about high-quality food. Sharon Astyk farms in New York, and is the author of Depletion and Abundance. Aaron Newton is a sustainable systems land planner in North Carolina, and is the founding editor of Groovy Green.

Sherington Fiefs and Fields of a Buckinghamshire VillageSherington Fiefs and Fields of a Buckinghamshire Village

... for the period 1612-21 by Loder, who farmed successfully under the two-field
system at Harwell, Berkshire.4 Fuller's estimates of total income amenable to tithe
in 1653 suggest that the farmers were enjoying a modest degree of prosperity.

Author: A. C. Chibnall

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521046374


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This 1965 study examines the feudal and economic development of a village from Norman times to the nineteenth century.

Farmer Field SchoolsFarmer Field Schools

Hence , by doing research farmers are motivated to do more research . This
process starts at the farmer field school and continues in field research . However
, there are certain limitations of farmer field research . For example , farmers in ...


Publisher: International Potato Center

ISBN: 9716140266


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d) FFS institutionalization, scaling up and policy development, as part of mainstreaming processes.

City of FarmersCity of Farmers

The growing of food crops in small-scale "backyard" plots, although common in
urban areas throughout the world, has ... transformed by armies of "urban farmers
" who till the open spaces to produce flourishing vegetable gardens and fields of

Author: Donald B. Freeman

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773508228


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Urban agriculture is of increasing economic significance in many African cities and is critical to the survival of very poor families and, especially, women and landless or unemployed rural migrants.

Flowering the Fields of MarsFlowering the Fields of Mars

farming the same patch of ground all the time. ... finished, another head popped
up from the ground and said, “I am the other end of Snap, the farmer that you are
talking to. He and I are the same, and we are the main farmers of this field.

Author: Tom Schwartz

Publisher: RP Books & Audio

ISBN: 9781575458236


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In this exciting follow-up to How Mother Nature Flowered the Fields, Mother Nature finds herself faced with an even bigger problem, as the population on Earth begins to show signs of a future predicament. Scientists are looking for other places besides Earth for mankind to live.

Farmers BulletinFarmers Bulletin

Downy brome is the species that is usually found in grass seed fields east of the
Cascade Mountains in Oregon and ... California brome , cheat , field brome ,
hairy chess , Japanese brome , poverty brome , ripgut , and soft chess occur in
grass ...



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