Feng Shui ChicFeng Shui Chic

Feng Shui Chic will help you achieve your greatest goals...and prosper in every part of your life -- today, tomorrow, and in the time to come.

Author: Carole Meltzer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 143914589X


Page: 240

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Change Your Look, Change Your Life Feng shui master Carole Swann Meltzer and David Andrusia present feng shui in a new way: Instead of feng shui-ing the space around you, you feng shui your body. Learn how to use color, cut, fabric, and style -- even your accessories and hair color -- to: jump-start your career inspire your creativity ensure your health You'll also learn effective meditation techniques to gain focus in all that you do, plus easy exercises for greater energy than ever before. Feng Shui Chic will help you achieve your greatest goals...and prosper in every part of your life -- today, tomorrow, and in the time to come.

Feng Shui ChicFeng Shui Chic

Stylish Designs for Harmonious Living Sharon Stasney. Chi 9 Feng shui design
is based on the awareness that an electromagnetic energy flows around and
through your body , linking you to every other person , object , and force in the ...

Author: Sharon Stasney

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 0806960817


Page: 160

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Thousands of years old—and today’s hottest interior design trend. “Gives suggestions for balance and harmony.”—Publisher’s Weekly. “Learn how to use color, texture and shape to boost your energy, calm your spirit and simply create a stunning home that will feel as good as it looks.” —Timber Homes Illustrated.

Chic Living with Feng ShuiChic Living with Feng Shui

Using the ancient principles of feng shui, transform your home into an environment that’s both chic and life-enhancing.

Author: Sharon Stasney

Publisher: Main Street Press

ISBN: 1402717458


Page: 304

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Using the ancient principles of feng shui, transform your home into an environment that’s both chic and life-enhancing. Breathtaking full-color photos show how easy it is to establish retreats and secret spaces for renewing the spirit, to design shared areas that promote harmonious relationships, and to adapt ancient Chinese principles to modern tastes by using exercises for exploring the chi, or aura. Room-by-room guides display strategies for adjusting the shapes, colors, textures, and position of your furnishings to strengthen immune systems, eliminate clutter, encourage confidence, and reduce stress. Just moving a bed can increase passion, repositioning a desk will expand powers of concentration, and repainting surfaces can lead to a boost in energy levels. Your home will have the balance and harmony vital to success and happiness.

Swahili ChicSwahili Chic

In this gloriously illustrated book, world traveler and style expert Bibi Jordan introduces Swahili shule--the Swahili school of design, architecture, and graceful living that instills a sense of simplicity, sensuality, and spirituality to ...

Author: Bibi Jordan


ISBN: 1933784164


Page: 282

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Swahili Chic unveils an exotic approach to gracious living from a 2,000-year-old culture rich in beauty and sophistication. In this gloriously illustrated book, world traveler and style expert Bibi Jordan introduces Swahili shule--the Swahili school of design, architecture, and graceful living that instills a sense of simplicity, sensuality, and spirituality to any interior. Travel from the coral atoll islands of East Africa to the warm trade winds of the Indian Ocean and discover the land where African kings, Arabian sultans, Chinese sailors, American whalers, and French pirates met to trade jewels,spices, and colorful fabrics. Swahili Chic features the sensual coral palaces and historic traveler's inns of UNESCO world heritage sites Lamu and Zanzibar, as well as the romantic seaside cottages and eco-adventure resorts of Mombasa and Malindii. Individual chapters detail each region's rich culture and history, and highlight the most intriguing and inspirational aspects of the region's decor, making this an ideal book for the decorator, the armchair traveler, and the globetrotting adventurer. The final section features Bibi Jordan's expert guidance to integrating aspects of Swahili Chic into any decor, bringing the beauty, color, and grace of this timeless culture to the modern home, wherever in the world it may be.
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging physical space to maximize positive energy. Whether you’re a novice or knowledgeable about Feng Shui, a powerful CEO or an assistant, this guide will help you tap the power of Feng Shui in your workplace to boost your productivity and performance. Feng Shui Your Workplace For Dummies will help you work more effectively, with dozens of simple fixes and tweaks to enhance energy, increase harmony, relieve tension, and promote career achievement. You’ll get an overview of Feng Shui terminology and principles and discover how to: Deal with any type of workplace, including a cramped cubicle, open concept office, traditional office, or a makeshift home setup Choose and arrange furniture to bring more energy and flow to your workspace Deal with improper lighting, glass doors, and walls Reduce clutter Use light, flowers, and sound to create harmony Make the most of color and texture, including dressing for success Use Feng Shui in your interactions with others for harmonious relationships with colleagues Build a business the Feng Shui way Written by Holly Zeigler, a Feng Shui devotee and consultant for commercial and residential architects and developers, and Jennifer Lawler, a master at Martial Arts and author of Martial Arts For Dummies and ASVAB For Dummies, this book helps you put the time-honored principles of Feng Shui to work in your workplace! It even includes a workspace sketch pad to help you plan your furniture placement. After all, according to Feng Shui, something as simple as moving the furniture in your workspace can help you move up in the workplace!

Health Promotion in NursingHealth Promotion in Nursing

... fans Stillness Adapted from The Feng Shui Bible : The Definitive Guide to
Improving Your Life , Home , Health , and Finances , by S. Brown , 2005 , New
York : Sterling ; and Chic Living with Feng Shui : Stylish Designs for Harmonious
Living ...

Author: Janice A. Maville

Publisher: Delmar Pub

ISBN: UCSD:31822034431585


Page: 486

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Health Promotion in Nursing, 2nd Edition provides an extensive background on wellness and health promotion concepts within a nursing framework. This textbook is written in easy to understand language that is appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate nursing students who desire an overview of health promotion concepts, nursing theories, and health promotion strategies. Health promotion nursing strategies are highlighted and are appropriate in the care of individuals, communities, and groups. Unique features include the domains identified as they relate to wellness and health promotion. This second edition has added an additional domain that focuses on technology and its influence on health and wellness. It is a very readable text with features that assist students in applying the concepts described. These features include case studies, think about it boxes, nursing tips/alerts, and research notes. The chapter on health promotion for the health professional has been updated to include additional information on issues and strategies that influence the health of the nurse.

Feng ShuiFeng Shui

The book was designed as an introductory book and will present you with expert information on Feng Shui Home Design, Zen Living and everything that comes with it. What exactly will I learn from this book?

Author: Antonio Barros

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1534961615


Page: 86

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Feng Shui: Mastering the Basics to an Elegant Home Design for Inner Peace - A Complete Guide to Zen Living Looking got a comprehensive guide on Feng Shui Living? Are you interested to learn about the calm and peaceful Zen Lifestyle? Or do you simply want to learn about the essentials of Feng Shui? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this practical guidebook to "Feng Shui" is the book for you! The book was designed as an introductory book and will present you with expert information on Feng Shui Home Design, Zen Living and everything that comes with it. What exactly will I learn from this book? The following topics are covered extensively: Exactly how the art of Feng Shui works, for each room in the house How to transform your home into a more peaceful and calm design for better living Exactly what the meaning is of Feng Shui concepts and theories The secrets behind why Feng Shui actually works Useful tips for Feng Shui home design However, these are just SOME of the elements discussed in this book!Feng Shui home design is an amazing way to transform your home into a more peaceful and happy place. Living Zen is the key to a calm mind, because your surroundings decide your mood. This book will go over everything you need to know about Feng Shui design, from understanding the theories to room-for-room design principles and personal change. The book includes detailed instructions and guidelines for anyone willing to implement Feng Shui design into their home! Discover the Secrets of Feng Shui living... This book not only give an introduction to Zen lifestyle principles, but it will also help you understand the importance of feng Shui home design from a perspective of happiness and calmness. Being at peace in your own home is important to feel calmer and happier in your own mind, and this book will help you get to know that world of calmness. A complete guidebook from beginner to expert! Interested to learn more about Feng Shui? Scroll to the top of the page and select the ADD TO CART button to start reading immediately! --- Tags: Feng Shui, Feng Shui Home, Feng Shui Decorating, Zen Living, Inner Peace, Simpify, Yin Yang, Taoism, Feng Shui for Beginners, Feng Shui for Dummies, Feng Shui and Money.

Sensible ChicSensible Chic

Island - style spaces often incorporate ornamental carvings , indigenous woods
Feng shui is an ancient Eastern art that strives to improve health , wealth , ( such
as mahogany and teak ) , and prints and happiness by encouraging - and ...

Author: Amy Tincher-Durik

Publisher: HGTV

ISBN: 0696221322


Page: 191

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Leading designers create a collection of rooms with a stylish touch and low-cost alternatives, featuring a host of decorating ideas for transforming one's living and family rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms with more than a dozen easy-to-make projects, inspirational suggestions, full-color photographs, shopping tips, and more. Original. 50,000 first printing.

Swahili ChicSwahili Chic

renovate its endangered coral architecture into historic homes and travelers ' inns
for a wealthy international clientele . Swahili shule is to Africa as feng shui is to
Asia . Both express a design philosophy that balances the exterior environment ...

Author: Bibi Jordan


ISBN: STANFORD:36105124090452


Page: 282

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Swahili Chic takes an exotic approach to gracious living from a 2,000-year-old culture rich in beauty and sophistication. Globe-trotting style expert Bibi Jordan introduces the Swahili school of design, architecture and graceful living that instils a sense of simplicity, sensuality and spirituality into any interior. 'Swahili Chic' features the astonishing coral palaces and historic travellers' inns of World Heritage Sites Lamu and Zanzibar, as well as romantic seaside cottages and the eco-adventure resorts of Mombasa and Malindi. Each chapter details the region's past, with fascinating facts about African culture and history, and highlights the most intriguing and inspirational aspects of the local decor, making this an ideal book for both the armchair traveller and the travel adventurer as well as decoration specialists. Bibi offers inimitably chic assistance in integrating aspects of Swahili design into the modern home, anywhere in the world.

How to Feng Shui Your HomeHow to Feng Shui Your Home

Moon Winter YANG Sun. eng Shui is about ... CHIC SEL EL JAPLE V The Form
School regards this as the ideal spot on which to build . The Black Tortoise hill at

Author: Gill Hale

Publisher: Lorenz Books

ISBN: 0754805956


Page: 128

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This practical guide of Feng Shui gives solutions to improve and enhance every aspect of your home environment.

Zagat Survey Boston RestaurantsZagat Survey Boston Restaurants

... with " contemporary " " combinations you could never dream up " ; cultivating “
spooky chic " with an " austere " “ metallic " interior boasting " a view of the
graveyard " out back , it risks " bad feng shui " , but " trendy twentysomethings ' "
paying ...

Author: Zagat Survey (Firm)


ISBN: 1570067767


Page: 252

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For almost years, ZAGAT has reported on the shared experiences of diners. Here are the results of the 2006/07 BOSTON RESTAURANT SURVEY, covering hundreds of restaurants. The surveyors are men and women of all ages. No matter the economic climate, Boston's appetite for lively dining destinations continues unabated, inspiring ever bolder ventures. For every notable closing, there's another restaurateur waiting in the wings, often joined by an expensive team of architects and designers and ZAGATSURVEY is always there to note the changes. So whether you are looking for the hippest restaurant, where to dine with celebs or find a lunch bargain, the new ZAGATSURVEY 2006/07 BOSTON RESTAURANT guide rates and reviews the city’s best restaurants. The newest guide delivers ZAGAT’S signature comprehensive coverage, rating each restaurant on appeal, decor, service and cost.

Best of Los AngelesBest of Los Angeles

... sizzling White Lotus is a stylish restaurant - club combo – done up feng shui -
style – perfect if you're not into switching ... up to the Mayan Theatre , at this
fashionable hip - hop paparazzi - pretty people a 1927 movie palace designed
haven .

Author: Sara Benson


ISBN: STANFORD:36105122216646


Page: 96

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Lonely Planet Best Of guides offer:- The ultimate pocket guide for short-trip visitors,highlighting the best city experiences, sights and trends- Written by experienced authors, chosen for their in-depth city knowledge and insights- Entertaining, opinionated coverage of the latest restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and hotels- Full-color, contemporary design and user-friendly features including detailed gatefold mapsBest of Los Angeles- Los Angeles expert distills the city's must-sees and only-in-LA sites- Includes Disneyland, warm and wacky beaches, side trips to Santa Barbara and more- Spotlights Hollywood: celebrity hangouts, driving tour of star homes, scandals & stories- Of LA's 22 million annual visitors, 13 million see Disneyland

The Chic Mom s Guide to Feeling FabulousThe Chic Mom s Guide to Feeling Fabulous

... PreTeens ; The Power of Intention ; Conscious Creating ; Personalized Feng
Shui ; and Psychic Development . Contact : www.CindyGoldenberg.com CHIC
MOM RESOURCES For easy reference , I have put Nina Sutton 97.

Author: Nina Sutton


ISBN: 0595696554


Page: 124

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Bringing your baby into the world rocks your life. Not only is your body changing physically, but everything is now different-your home, relationships, and finances. And that barely scratches the surface! The Chic Mom's Guide To Feeling Fabulous is a practical approach to feeling fabulous in every area of your life following the birth of your beautiful bundle. Fashion and beauty expert Nina Sutton brings together actionable advice on beauty, fashion, fitness, relationships, cooking, finances, and even positive thinking. Her approach focuses on realistic strategies to being chic despite the midnight feedings, extra responsibilities, and changing emotions. Both new and experienced moms will appreciate the practical, easy-to-read advice Nina shares. Tips cover the entire spectrum of chic including energizing your skin, essential fashions for your closet, staying fit with baby/toddler in tow, creating "mommy and me" happy hours, keeping the romance alive with your husband, preparing fast and fabulous meals, and managing your finances. Presented in a beautifully browsable format, this guide includes hundreds of tips to help manage the new life that has been created. As your busy life gets busier and your family grows, you'll find yourself feeling great and staying chic!

Latina MagazineLatina Magazine

Feng shui : Candles and crystals enhance a home ' s energy . Tradición :
Candles with saints enhance religious affinities . Feng shui olé : Day of the Dead
figurines bought at the mall are overpriced Latino chic , enhancing the balance
on your ...



ISBN: UOM:39015075745151



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