Therefore, I will use the term “interpretive.” An “interpretive” procedure is a series of processes in the phonological component (i.e., externalization) that generates phonological objects by referring to the ...

Author: Yoshihito Dobashi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429671173


Page: 196

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This book explores theoretical issues of the syntax-phonology interface within the Minimalist Program of linguistic theory and proposes an entirely new approach to prosodic categories. Conceptual as well as empirical questions are addressed, concerning how syntactic objects are mapped to the sensorimotor system through the processes of externalization. Elaborating on recent progress in the theories of labelling and workspace-based syntactic derivation, this book further develops a null theory of the prosodic domains, and recasts these as the domains of interpretation that are reducible to more fundamental concepts of linguistic theory. Phonological phrases are characterized by Minimal Search, a third factor principle of efficient computation. Intonational phrases are taken to be reflexes of the termination of syntactic derivation, which is formulated in terms of the workspace to which MERGE applies. This book explores the new implications this theory has for the general architecture of grammar as well as for linguistic interfaces. It provides a comprehensive review of the development of theories of the syntax-phonology interface from over the past three decades. The book is well-suited for general linguistic readers as well as phonologists, syntacticians, and any linguist interested in interface research.

Migration Law and the Externalization of Border ControlsMigration Law and the Externalization of Border Controls

Ippolito, Maria Eugenia Bartoloni, Massimo Condinanzi Migration Law and the Externalization of Border Controls European State Responsibility Anna Liguori https://www.routledge.com/Routledge-Research-in-EULaw/book-series/ROUTEULAW ...

Author: Anna Liguori

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429798986


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Over the last few decades, both the European Union and European States have been implementing various strategies to externalize border controls with the declared intent of saving human lives and countering smuggling but with the actual end result of shifting borders, circumventing international obligations and ultimately preventing access to Europe. What has been principally deplored is the fact that externalizing border controls risks creating ‘legal black holes’. Furthermore, what is particularly worrying in the current European debate is the intensification of this practice by multiple arrangements with unsafe third countries, exposing migrants and asylum seekers to serious human rights violations. This book explores whether European States can succeed in shifting their responsibility onto Third States in cases of human rights violations. Focusing, in particular, on the 2017 Italy-Libya Memorandum of Understanding, the book investigates the possible basis for triggering the responsibility of outsourcing States. The second part of the book examines how the Italy-Libya MoU is only a small part of a broader scenario, exploring EU policies of externalization. A brief overview of the recent decisions of the EU Court vis-à-vis two aspects of externalization (the EU-Turkey statement and the issue of humanitarian visas) will pave the way for the conclusions since, in the author’s view, the current attitude of the Luxembourg Court confirms the importance of focusing on the responsibility of European States and the urgent need to investigate the possibility of bringing a claim against the outsourcing States before the Court of Strasbourg. Offering a new perspective on an extremely topical subject, this book will appeal to students, scholars and practitioners with an interest in European Law, International Law, Migration and Human Rights.

Lectures on the Philosophy of LawLectures on the Philosophy of Law

It is in his conception of externality and externalization , indeed , that we have one of the happiest characteristics of Hegel . “ God said , Let there be light , and there was light : " the summed internality burst into its accurately ...

Author: James Hutchison Stirling


ISBN: RMS:RMS34IST000011030$$$N


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Proceedings International Symposium on Multimedia Software EngineeringProceedings International Symposium on Multimedia Software Engineering

Externalization consists not only of the creative impulse of expression but also of the underlying representation . Though module ( 1 ) is a heterogeneous activity , it is a part of externalization . Creativity is a very complex psychic ...


Publisher: IEEE

ISBN: 0769509339


Page: 466

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Sixty-four papers from the December 2000 symposium discuss the technical aspects of specifying, designing, implementing, and evaluating multimedia software systems. The papers cover such areas as multimedia architecture, requirements and design specification, user-interface design, Internet applications, intelligent systems, signal and image processing, and databases. Topics include distributed speech recognition services, hierarchical case representation for software reuse, using SDL for implementing a wireless medium access control protocol, image coding using SMVQ with two-level block classifier, and a multimedia software for the analysis and design of circuits and electronics. No subject index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.