Epics in the EverydayEpics in the Everyday

Beyond casting a diagonal light on important developments within the two individual disciplines, the book chronicles an alternative history of both modern architecture and photography and builds a case for a specific type of realism found ...

Author: Jesús Vassallo

Publisher: Park Publishing (WI)

ISBN: 3038601624


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Architecture and photography share the condition of being suspended between fine art and craft. Realism is considered a given, something that happens almost by default. From the moment it is taken, a photograph is understood to be a record of what was in front of the camera--just as a building, as soon as it is inhabited, becomes the fixed backdrop for everyday life. In Epics in the Everyday, Jesús Vassallo explores this condition, tracing a series of collaborations between architects and photographers from the postwar years up to the present. Consistently, the subject matter of these collaborations is the built environment, which presents architects and photographers--in different ways--with a mirror that challenges the idea of realism in their respective disciplines. Beyond casting a diagonal light on important developments within the two individual disciplines, the book chronicles an alternative history of both modern architecture and photography and builds a case for a specific type of realism found at their intersection.

The Kalevala and the World s Traditional EpicsThe Kalevala and the World s Traditional Epics

The words of western origin found in the epics and incantations of Viena prove
that the verbal register of epic differed from the everyday language . At around
the time the songs were recorded , the language of the milieu in which the poetry

Author: Lauri Honko


ISBN: STANFORD:36105112668004


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On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the (New) Kalevala, thirty experts on comparative epic research from 12 countries met in Turku, Finland in August 1999 to debate the role of the Finnish national epic and its scientific significance. As material for comparison they used textualised epics from Europe and epic traditions, some of them still preserved in oral form, from America, Africa, Central and Southern Asia. A special look was taken at the Baltic-Finnish and Baltic epics, the Kalevala, the Kalevipoeg, the setu Peko and the Lativan Lacplesis, which all share certain ideological strands. The cooperation between fieldworkers documenting living oral epics and textual analysts utilizing old texts and archive sources sets the tone of the articles of this volume, which brings the singer of epics and his/her cultural world closer to the modern editors and publishers of epics. The paradox of oral performance in writing is brought one step nearer to its optimal solution.

Literary Cultures in HistoryLiterary Cultures in History

By contrast, folk epics employ everyday speech. In literary epics, everyday
speech is under the generic control of a disciplined metrical form, and the desi
meters, essentially various song forms, are transmuted by the active presence of
a ...

Author: Sheldon I. Pollock

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520228214


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"A superb collection. This pathbreaking book is sure to have wide and lasting interest not only for students of South Asian literature, but for anyone interested in the role of literature in cultural self-definition, conflict and change."--David Damrosch, President, American Comparative Literature Association and editor of The Longman Anthology British Literature "This tour-de-force might be not only a landmark in Indian cultural history, but a major accomplishment in the scholarship of global cultures, inviting us to think critically about forms of history and communities of literature."--Walter D. Mignolo, author of Local Histories/Global Designs: Coloniality, Subaltern Knowledges and Border Thinking


Another way of putting this would be to call her texts “ epics of the everyday , ” in
which the poetic focus upon image , sound , figural language , and narrative is
applied to the materials of daily life , resulting in an exquisite calibration of ...



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Ukrainian Minstrels Why the Blind Should SingUkrainian Minstrels Why the Blind Should Sing

when the number of widows increased.41 What these dumy share with other epic
songs is not military subject matter, but ... The final scene comes from epics about
everyday life, and depicts a sister mourning the dead brothers and asking ...

Author: Natalie O. Kononenko

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317453130


Page: 386

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The blind mendicant in Ukrainian folk tradition is a little-known social order, but an important one. The singers of Ukrainian epics, these minstrels were organized into professional guilds that set standards for training and performance. Repressed during the Stalin era, this is their story.

The Epic Film in World CultureThe Epic Film in World Culture

Bakhtin, in theoriz- ing the novel, sought to establish its connectedness to life by
comparing it to the classical epic. If the novel was attuned to everyday textures
and rhythms, its protagonists constantly evolving through their experiences, the ...

Author: Robert Burgoyne

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135855352


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With the recent release of spectacular blockbuster films from Gladiator to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the epic has once again become a major form in contemporary cinema. This new volume in the AFI Film Readers series explores the rebirth of the epic film genre in the contemporary period, a period marked by heightened and conflicting appeals to national, ethnic, and religious belonging.The orginal essays in this volume explore the tension between the evolving global context of film production and reception and the particular provenance of the epic as an expression of national mythology and aspirations, challenging our understanding of epics produced in the present as well as our perception of epic films from the past. The contributors will explore new critical approaches to contemporary as well as older epic films, drawing on ideas from cultural studies, historiography, classics, and film studies.

Games and Sport in Everyday LifeGames and Sport in Everyday Life

In the epic of all epics of the Hindus, the Mahabharata, the dice game is used as
a device to relate the agent to time and is, in fact, a major plot device in the epic.
In this epic, the dice game is used twice¦ once in the early chapter in which the ...

Author: Robert S. Perinbanayagam

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317259374


Page: 294

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"This is a powerful, richly nuanced, evocative work; a stunning and brilliantly innovative pedagogical intervention. It provides ground zero-the starting place for the next generation of theorists who study the self, narrative theory, and the place of games and sport in everyday life. A stunning accomplishment by one of America's major social theorists." Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Games of many kinds have been played in all cultures throughout human history. This wide-ranging book explores the social and psychological processes involved in the playing of games. One player (or team) seeks to outwit another by undertaking various physical and communicative moves-not unlike conversations. Games have well-formed "narrative" structures, analogous to myths, that are enacted by each participant to give play to his/her self and its attendant emotions. These plays of the self enable each agent to seek adventures and heroic moments. Going beyond the mythmaking and catharsis that may be achieved by individuals, the author shows how games have been devised and played in particular societies and eras as means of promoting specific ideologies of a society, even social ideals such as utopias.

Gender Sainthood and Everyday Practice in South Asian Shi ismGender Sainthood and Everyday Practice in South Asian Shi ism

At the most general level, epics tell grand stories about exceptional figures who
are venerated for their high status, piety, good manners, and breeding. The
second range of characterization is subtler, because some epic characters are
dually ...

Author: Karen G. Ruffle

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807877972


Page: 240

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In this study of devotional hagiographical texts and contemporary ritual performances of the Shi'a of Hyderabad, India, Karen Ruffle demonstrates how traditions of sainthood and localized cultural values shape gender roles. Ruffle focuses on the annual mourning assemblies held on 7 Muharram to commemorate the battlefield wedding of Fatimah Kubra and her warrior-bridegroom Qasem, who was martyred in 680 C.E. at the battle of Karbala, Iraq, before their marriage was consummated. Ruffle argues that hagiography, an important textual tradition in Islam, plays a dynamic role in constructing the memory, piety, and social sensibilities of a Shi'i community. Through the Hyderabadi rituals that idealize and venerate Qasem, Fatimah Kubra, and the other heroes of Karbala, a distinct form of sainthood is produced. These saints, Ruffle explains, serve as socioethical role models and religious paragons whom Shi'i Muslims aim to imitate in their everyday lives, improving their personal religious practice and social selves. On a broader community level, Ruffle observes, such practices help generate and reinforce group identity, shared ethics, and gendered sensibilities. By putting gender and everyday practice at the center of her study, Ruffle challenges Shi'i patriarchal narratives that present only men as saints and brings to light typically overlooked women's religious practices.


In press Oral Epics in India . ... Many oral epics in South Asia contain both song
and prose elements , with greater and lesser degrees of fixity and choice ... Can
we look at epic as somehow mediating fixed ritual language and everyday story ?



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Ngugi and I were classmates at Makerere , 1959 - 64 , and saw each other
almost everyday . ... My father would recite the Ramayana or the Mahabharata ,
Indian epics dating back to 500 B . C . , and he would assign parts for us to enact
the ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106011013635



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Medieval Russia s Epics Chronicles and TalesMedieval Russia s Epics Chronicles and Tales

Yuliania, who later was canonized, is presented against a background of the
everyday life of rural Russia. ... enumeration of the saint's virtues, Druzhina-
Osoryin supplies details of family relations, of his mother's daily household
occupations, ...

Author: Serge A. Zenkovsky

Publisher: Plume

ISBN: 0452010861


Page: 526

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The medieval period in Russia lasted from the eleventh through the seventeenth century, and with the possible exception of The Lay of Igor's Campaign, the literature of these early centuries is almost completely unknown to the public that reads so enthusiastically the works of Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Chekhov. First published in 1963, this unique and pioneering anthology has been continuously used in the field of Russian studies, for it presents over sixty selections from the finest of Russia's medieval authors. This edition has been completely revised, and almost one hundred pages of new material have been added.

Henry Fielding s Theory of the Comic Prose EpicHenry Fielding s Theory of the Comic Prose Epic

Ronsard ' s Franciade is a purely " poetic " epic , almost wholly removed from the
modern world , with its “ machines ” Olympian and its legends Virgilian , all
couched in a language which had little reference to the language of everyday life

Author: Ethel Margaret Thornbury

Publisher: New York : Russell & Russell

ISBN: UOM:39015037037309


Page: 202

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Studia FennicaStudia Fennica

12 The ' l ' form is a typical feature of the Ingrian epic poem and its influence
spreads beyond the lyric epic proper . ... It is true , that also the Golden Bride
poem is in Ingria closer to a lyrical epic dealing with everyday life than to a mythic
epic ...



ISBN: UOM:39015052094425



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