End of InnocenceEnd of Innocence

People who didn't really know him might think of Mickey as a sad lonely case and more than once she'd heard snide comments around Maria Winter's table, patronising remarks about an 'innocent old sober-sides.' But from the outset she'd ...

Author: K J Hartley

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 9781783018741


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Europe is on the brink of war and a precariously neutral Lisbon is teeming with British, German and Portuguese spies. In this uneasy atmosphere of espionage and political intrigue, Father Michael Harrington, a professor at an ancient college for the education of English clergy, is about to embark on the biggest adventure of his life: a passionate affair with Dona Elisabete, a stunning, free-living outspoken Portugese socialite. Dona Elisabete challenges him in every way and leads him into increasing conflict with his vocation, and his king and country.

Heir End of InnocenceHeir End of Innocence

She was too close to her goal to let go; she could not let the king go without getting what she needed. ... Reeling under the shadow of guilt and broken by the innocent tears, Uday was quick to accept anything.

Author: Naseha Sameen

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

ISBN: 9789389600261



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Padmakishori, the princess of Garvpundir is forced to marry Uday Sangha, the king of Jodhgargh, to strengthen the political connections of Garvpundir, on the brink of economic collapse and scooting towards a blood feud. Uday who is older than Padma's father has no interest in her and considers her as the means to sire his heir. Padma is expected to secure the fate of two kingdoms - Garvpundir, in the lap of Himalayas & Jodhgargh in the heart of barren desert. Will she succumb to her circumstances or follow her wild heart? Will she accept her unfulfilled sexual life or satisfy her sexual indulgences? And to what extent she will go to secure her life and become the queen she was never meant to be.

The End of InnocenceThe End of Innocence

I was particularly innocent until about the age of twenty-three. In Liverpool, the gay experiences you can have are ... do you know what I mean? My two best friends had moved to on, London, Paul Rutherford and a very close friend, let's.

Author: Simon Garfield

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571372461


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** With a new introduction by Russell T Davies ** A new edition of the award-winning, ground-breaking account of the early AIDS crisis in Britain. 'A remarkable journalistic achievement.' Time Out 'Powerful . . . Indispensable.' Observer 'Superb.' London Review of Books Winner of the Somerset Maugham Prize How does a country control a virus that is killing increasing numbers of people? How does a government contain an epidemic spread by sex, drug use and blood products? And how does a population react when told that everyone is at risk from infection? By 1986, when the British Government woke up to the problem of AIDS, it estimated that 30,000 people had already been infected with HIV. Why did it act so late? Would the situation have been different if most of those affected had not been gay men? Award-winning journalist Simon Garfield presents a story of political intrigue, of panic and hysteria, of wasted opportunities and of a medical battle conducted against seemingly impossible odds. Including interviews with key figures in the fight against the virus as well as those facing personal devastation and prejudice, The End of Innocence is an important and powerful story, compellingly told. Features a new afterword by the author.

Loss of InnocenceLoss of Innocence

That should end any lingering worries he may have about Benjamin Blaine. ... 'At the endofthe summer, I'll bemarried. ... His drives went further, and he tooka pleasure inhis own giftsthat seemedclose to innocence.

Author: Davi Patterson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781782064084


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June, 1968. America is in a state of turbulence, engulfed in civil unrest and uncertainty. Yet for Whitney Dane - spending the summer of her twenty-second year on Martha's Vineyard - life could not be safer, nor the future more certain. Educated at Wheaton, soon to be married, and the youngest daughter of the patrician Dane family, Whitney has everything she has ever wanted, and is everything her all-powerful and doting father, Charles Dane, wants her to be. But the Vineyard's still waters are disturbed by the appearance of Benjamin Blaine. An underprivileged, yet fiercely ambitious and charismatic young man, Blaine is a force of nature neither Whitney nor her family could have prepared for. As Ben's presence begins to awaken independence within Whitney, it also brings deep-rooted Dane tensions to a dangerous head. And soon Whitney's set-in-stone future becomes far from satisfactory, and her picture-perfect family far from pretty. A sweeping family drama of dark secrets and individual awakenings, set during the most consequential summer of recent American history.

Softened Moon s Glow Collective WorksSoftened Moon s Glow Collective Works

End of innocence: Chapter 2: Elayah Appears Before Lahalah End of innocence: Chapter 3: Erin Loans Her Body End of innocence: Chapter 4: They're Together End of innocence: Chapter 5: Elayah Appears through Erin End of innocence: Chapter ...

Author: Jon R. W. Thomas

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312920873



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A couple assumes that life will be routine, but are confronted by other world experiences that change them in ways that they never anticipated.

Hard ChoicesHard Choices

4 The End of Innocence Rwanda 1994 Romeo A. Dallaire ith the experience of being the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda ( UNAMIR ) force commander from its inception until 19 August 1994 , I believe that Rwanda provides a ...

Author: Jonathan Moore

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0847690318


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Since Somalia, the international community has found itself changing its view of humanitarian intervention. More attention must be paid to the complexity of issues and moral dilemmas involved. This volume of original essays by international policy leaders, practitioners, and scholars brings together insights into the conflicting moral pressures present in different kinds of interventions ranging from Rwanda and Somalia to Haiti, Cambodia, and Bosnia. Together the authors make the case that moral reflection and content can improve the quality of decisionmaking and intervention in internal conflicts, especially those that involve sanctions, refugees, human rights, development, and arms. Published under the auspices of The International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Loss of InnocenceThe Loss of Innocence

She was my baby, still so young and innocent,” Billy would whimper after he had had a few too many beers. ... As he spoke, Billy would put his face close to Joe's and spit small wads of beer and saliva at Joe, at the end of each ...

Author: Richard Feldstein

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595375042


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Within a fabric of hope and tragedy, promises and betrayals, The Loss of Innocence introduces an epic tale among its three major characters of revenge and greed, war and intrigue, and the struggles between government and religion. The Loss of Innocence explores the effects of childhood psychological trauma and the methods by which different individuals respond in their own unique ways. Joe Horgon, Morthuza the High Priest, and Chardin must each overcome their childhood expectations that become shattered by the choices they make or others make for them. As adults, they will be held responsible for their actions and the effects of these on all those around them. The backdrop for this is the clash of cultures between the simple people of Torkos and the powerful Unified Territories. What begins as a big country seeking to capture and devour a smaller prey, turns into a war between good and evil, between governments and religion in which everyone may end up a loser.

The End of the InnocenceThe End of the Innocence

With all due respect to Don Henley, titling any work The End of the Innocence is admittedly a risky proposition. One could easily make the solid case that America never lost its innocence because it was never truly innocent to begin ...

Author: Lawrence R. Samuel

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815651451


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From April 1964 to October 1965, some 52 million people from around the world flocked to the New York World’s Fair, an experience that lives on in the memory of many individuals and in America’s collective consciousness. Taking a perceptive look back at "the last of the great world’s fairs," Samuel offers a vivid portrait of this seminal event and of the cultural climate that surrounded it. He also counters critics’ assessments of the fair as the "ugly duckling" of global expositions. Opening five months after President Kennedy’s assassination, the fair allowed millions to celebrate international fellowship while the conflict in Vietnam came to a boil. This event was perhaps the last time so many from so far could gather to praise harmony while ignoring cruel realities on such a gargantuan scale. This world’s fair glorified the postwar American dream of limitless optimism even as a counterculture of sex, drugs, and rock `n` roll came into being. It could rightly be called the last gasp of that dream: The End of the Innocence. Samuel’s work charts the fair from inception in 1959 to demolition in 1966 and provides a broad overview of the social and cultural dynamics that led to the birth of the event. It also traces thematic aspects of the fair, with its focus on science, technology, and the world of the future. Accessible, entertaining, and informative, the book is richly illustrated with contemporary photographs.

Esper Book I A Loss of InnocenceEsper Book I A Loss of Innocence

Did his father mercilessly snuff out an innocent life? The idea occurred to him many times, as the man was that cruel, in Senti's mind. "I-I saw nothing..." He started, muttering. "There it is. My son isn't one of your wretched children ...

Author: Kevin Evasiuk

Publisher: Kevin Abbott



Page: 351

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In Kalan, the child named Senti awakens to his power of "Defiance of Death"; a power able to slow time and provide its wielder a trajectory to counter a deadly blow. Upon awakening, the Inquisitor Sera confronts Senti and his family, and claims a commune exists to train him and others like him. Reluctantly, Senti joins his friend Edric to journey towards the commune, with two other youths in Sera's care. However, dangers lurk around every corner, forcing the group to stay on their toes at every turn. As the first leg of the journey comes to a close, a mystery emerges from the immaterial, and with it, everything begins to unfold..