Education and ConversationEducation and Conversation

White, J. (2007), 'Wellbeing and Education: Issues of Culture and Authority', Journal of Philosophy of Education, 41 (1): 17–28. ... Williams, K. (2014), 'Compulsion and the Educational Conversation', in M. Papastephanou (ed.) ...

Author: David Bakhurst

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472584342


Page: 256

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Since Michael Oakeshott spoke of education as initiation into 'the conversation of mankind' more than fifty years ago, the idea has inspired a diverse array of thinkers and continues to be invoked today by those seeking to resist the influence of managerialism and narrow instrumentalism in educational policy and practice. Education and Conversation draws together papers written by scholars from both the analytic and continental philosophical traditions to offer a variety of perspectives on the implications of Oakeshott's educational ideas. The metaphor of the conversation of mankind is explored, together with the roots of Oakeshott's thinking in his early philosophical work, the relevance of his ideas to the concept of Bildung, and the significance of his political conservatism in evaluating the seemingly progressive potential of his educational ideas. In addition, concepts prominent in Oakeshott's thought are taken up and brought to bear on contemporary philosophical discussions about education, learning and development, including the nature of initiation, the phenomenology of listening, and the value of the liberal arts tradition. Education and Conversation shows how the idea of conversation illuminates both the character and the ends of education, yielding insight into the scope and limits of the philosophy of education and the character of philosophical inquiry more generally.

Engaging in Conversation about Ideas in Teacher EducationEngaging in Conversation about Ideas in Teacher Education

Invariably , those conversations in which we participated directly or heard about second hand , raised significant and persistent challenges around a complex array of notions about the purpose , role , and direction of teacher education ...

Author: Fiona Judith Benson

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 1433101513


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This collection of essays lays bare cutting-edge ideas - and the ensuing dilemmas - in teacher education. Through the agency of «conversation» leading educational thinkers grapple with one another as they debate ideas within particular strands of teacher education knowledge, and pose provocative questions to the reader. This innovative design compels the reader to engage in and further the dialogue, and in doing so to contribute, situate, and examine his or her own position.

Conversation Analysis and Early Childhood EducationConversation Analysis and Early Childhood Education

The Turns at Talk that Co-produce the Culture of Early Childhood EducationConversation Analysis This section does not aspire to provide a thorough review of CA as it has a wide range of elements in its framework (see Emmison, ...

Author: Amanda Bateman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317159889


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This book provides insight into the everyday activities co-produced by teachers and young children, demonstrating the fine details of teaching and learning as knowledge is shared through the everyday activities of talk-in-interaction. Adopting an ethnomethodological perspective, together with conversation analysis and membership categorisation analysis, it reveals how teaching and learning are jointly accomplished during activities such as pretend play episodes, during disputes, managing illness and talking about the environment. Through in-depth studies of child-teacher interactions, the book explores the means by which knowledge is transferred and episodes of teaching and learning are co-constructed by participants, shedding light on the co-production of social order, the communication of knowledge and manner in which professional and relational identities are made relevant in interaction. As such, Conversation Analysis and Early Childhood Education will be of interest not only to scholars of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, but also to those working in the areas of early childhood studies and pedagogy.

Changing the Conversation about Higher EducationChanging the Conversation about Higher Education

This is how educational capital moves into circulation, and it is one of the best outcomes that this project could have ... Quite simply, that the work of “changing the conversation” continue, and that—following in the footsteps of the ...

Author: Robert Thompson

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 9781475801866


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The book is structured to address the issues of vision, structure, and cultural transformation that are of specific interest to academic administrators and the promising practices and issues of identity and support that are concerns of faculty and graduate students.

Meta Communication for Reflective Online Conversations Models for Distance EducationMeta Communication for Reflective Online Conversations Models for Distance Education

Models for Distance Education Demiray, Ugur, Kurubacak, Gulsun, Yuzer, T. Volkan ... Another distance education theory that is related to interaction and collaboration is Holmberg's (1960) “Guided Didactic Conversation” theory.

Author: Demiray, Ugur

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781613500729


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"This book discusses the potential of meta-communication models for building and managing reflective online conversations among distance learners, offering models for meta-communication, distance education, and reflective online conversations"--Provided by publisher.

Coaching ConversationsCoaching Conversations

The Second Edition of this best-selling handbook includes new neuroscientific research that demonstrates the potential for change in schools and expands the approach to cover teacher/student interaction.

Author: Linda M. Gross Cheliotes

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781544319698


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Focus the power of your collaborative school community with powerful coaching conversations! Effective coaching conversations are powerful tools to rally your school-community stakeholders to work collaboratively toward transformation, and, ultimately, share in success. The Second Edition of this best-selling handbook includes new neuroscientific research that demonstrates the potential for change in schools and expands the approach to cover teacher/student interaction. In addition to learning techniques to engage and motivate, readers will also discover how to: Develop relational trust within the school to heighten personal growth and learning Utilize the power of committed listening, intentional conversations, and nonjudgmental feedback Create positive changes in how people think and interact

Conversations on Embodiment Across Higher EducationConversations on Embodiment Across Higher Education

Robb Lindgren and Sara Price in conversation with Catherine Herring and Paul Standish 6 The embodied academic: body work in teacher education NICOLE BROWN Kimber Andrews in conversation with Nicole Brown: inhabiting scholarship: ...

Author: Jennifer Leigh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351970778


Page: 242

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"Embodiment" is a concept that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries. However, it is a contested term, and the literature is fragmented, particularly within Higher Education. This has resulted in silos of work that are not easily able to draw on previous or related knowledge in order to support and progress understanding. Conversations on Embodiment Across Higher Education brings a cohesive understanding to congruent approaches by drawing on discussions between academics to explore how they have used embodiment in their work. This book brings academics from fields including dance, drama, education, anthropology, early years, sport, sociology and philosophy together, to begin conversations on how their understandings of embodiment have impacted on their teaching, practice and research. Each chapter explores an aspect of embodiment according to a particular disciplinary or theoretical perspective, and begins a discussion with a contributor with another viewpoint. This book will appeal to academics, researchers and postgraduate students from a diverse range of disciplinary areas, as evidenced by the backgrounds of the contributors. It will be of particular interest to those in the fields of education, sociology, anthropology, dance and drama as well as other movement or body-orientated professionals who are interested in the ideas of embodiment.​

Critical Conversations in Philosophy of EducationCritical Conversations in Philosophy of Education

Education, properly speaking is an initiation into the skill and partnership of this conversation in which we learn to recognize thevoices, to distinguish the proper occasions of utterance,andin which weacquire theintellectual andmoral ...

Author: Wendy Kohli

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136646294


Page: 416

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Critical Conversations in Philosophy of Education presents a series of conversations expressing many of the multiple voices that currently constitute the field of philosophy of education. Philosophy of education as a discipline has undergone several turns--the once marginal perspectives of the various feminisms, critical Marxism, and poststructuralist, postmodernist and cultural theory have gained ground alongside those of Anglo-analytic and pragmatic thought. Just as Western philosophers in general are coming to terms with the "end of philosophy" pronouncement implicit in postmodernism, so too are philosophers of education faced with similar challenges--challenges to long-held moral, political, aesthetic and epistemological commitments. The contributors take up these challenges through a dialogical structure, expressing differing positions without engaging in destructive critique.

Conversations on Global Citizenship EducationConversations on Global Citizenship Education

Perspectives on Research, Teaching, and Learning in Higher Education Emiliano Bosio ... and it is not common for specific localized theory and pedagogy regarding GCE to be closely examined in a form of conversation.

Author: Emiliano Bosio

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000370645


Page: 192

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This volume offers a remarkable collection of theoretically and practically grounded conversations with internationally recognized scholars, who share their perspectives on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in relation to university research, teaching, and learning. Conversations on Global Citizenship Education brings together the narratives of a diverse array of educators who share their unique experiences of navigating GCE in the modern university. Conversations focus on why and how educators’ theoretical and empirical perspectives on GCE are essential for achieving an all-embracing GCE curriculum which underpins global peace. Drawing on the Freirean concept of "conscientization", GCE is presented as an educational imperative to combat growing inequality, seeping nationalism, and post-truth politics. This timely volume will be of interest to educators who are seeking to develop their theoretical understanding of GCE into teaching practice, researchers and students who are new to GCE and who seek dynamic starting points for their research, and general audience who are interested in learning more about the history, philosophy, and practice of GCE.

Higher Education in Liquid ModernityHigher Education in Liquid Modernity

tradition and a teleological conversation with the practice of character education. A Conversation with Theology: Christianity It may sound odd to suggest a conversation with theological issues in educational philosophy, ...

Author: Marvin Oxenham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135080235


Page: 242

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Based in sociologist Zygmunt Bauman’s theory of liquid modernity, this volume describes and critiques key aspects and practices of liquid education--education as market-driven consumption, short life span of useful knowledge, overabundance of information--through a systematic comparison with ancient Greek paideia and medieval university education, producing a sweeping analysis of the history and philosophy ofeducation for the purpose of understanding current higher education, positing a more holisitic alternative model in which students are embedded in a learning commutity that is itself embedded in a larger society. If liquid modernity has left a vacuum where, according to Bauman, the pilot’s cabin is empty, this volume argues that no structure is better positioned to fill this vacuum than the university and outlines a renewed vision of social transformation through higher education.