The Deep Dark SeaThe Deep Dark Sea

Discover a world of incredible sea creatures in this brand-new full colour non fiction Early Reader from bestselling Horrible Sciences illustrator Tony De Saulles. Come and explore the deep dark sea . . .

Author: Tony De Saulles

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444015492


Page: 80

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Early Readers are stepping stones from picture books to reading books. A green Early Reader is a first factbook. It's never too early to find out about... THE DEEP DARK SEA. Did you know that there are more living creatures in the sea than there are on land? Or that Lantern fish have glow-in-the-dark bodies to tell other lantern fish that they are nearby? Or that the viperfish has such big teeth that it can't close its mouth? Discover a world of incredible sea creatures in this brand-new full colour non fiction Early Reader from bestselling Horrible Sciences illustrator Tony De Saulles.

Exploring the Deep Dark SeaExploring the Deep Dark Sea

A perfect introduction for aspiring oceanographers, marine biologists, and conservationists, this new edition has been vetted by an expert oceanographer.

Author: Gail Gibbons

Publisher: Holiday House

ISBN: 0823446026


Page: 32

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Dive deep with Gail Gibbons as she explains the mechanics and discoveries of deep-sea exploration. The surface of the moon is more familiar to us than the deep sea of our own planet. Many oceanographers are trying to change that. To explore the deep sea, they climb into submersibles and employ Remotely Operated Vehicles to find out more about the ocean and ocean floor. In Exploring the Deep, Dark Sea, nonfiction rockstar Gail Gibbons invites readers along for a journey to the depths of the ocean. Without leaving home, readers will learn about the types of animals found at different sea levels. With her trademark combination of clearly-labeled diagrams, infographics, and accessible language, Gibbons explains the technology for exploration, and the many fascinating discoveries scientists have made in the darkest reaches of the ocean. A perfect introduction for aspiring oceanographers, marine biologists, and conservationists, this new edition has been vetted by an expert oceanographer.

Beyond the First Draft The Art of FictionBeyond the First Draft The Art of Fiction

When the rosy-fingered dawn broke, and the oars smote the wine-dark sea, no listener or reader needed an instruction manual. It's not that there hadn't been wonderful inventions that figured in the plot of history, if not fiction.

Author: John Casey

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393244007


Page: 256

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For students and writers alike, a brilliant guide to the craft of writing by the National Book Award–winning author of Spartina. National Book Award winner John Casey is a masterful novelist who is also an inspiring and beloved teacher. In Beyond the First Draft he offers essential and original insights into the art of writing—and rewriting—fiction. Through anecdotes about other writers’ methods and habits (as well as his own) and close readings of literature from Aristotle to Zola, the essays in this collection offer “suggestions about things to do, things to think about when your writing has got you lost in the woods.” In “Dogma and Anti-dogma” Casey sets out the tried-and-true advice and then comments on when to apply it and when to ignore it. In “What's Funny” he considers the range of comedy from pratfalls to elegant wit. In “In Other Words” he discusses translations and the surprising effects that translating can have on one’s native language. In “Mentors” he pays tribute to those who have guided him and other writers. Throughout the fourteen essays there are notes on voice, point of view, structure, and other crucial elements. This book is an invaluable resource for aspiring writers and a revitalizing companion for seasoned ones.

About the OceanAbout the Ocean

BOTH К£д2 Helps Make Reading Fun and Easy! Introducing the easiest and most ... About the Ocean The oceans come alive in this non-fiction titles in the We Both Read series. ... Journey from coral reefs to deep seas to sandy shores.

Author: Sindy McKay

Publisher: Treasure Bay, Inc.

ISBN: 1891327313


Page: 40

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Explores many aspects of the ocean environment, from coral reefs to deep seas to sandy shores and presents facts about life in the ocean, including dolphins, sharks, whales, starfish, and other creatures.

About SpaceAbout Space

ONI TWO WE BOTH READ About the Ocean by Sindy McKay مر Take turns reading with your beginning reader ! Child's Page Parent's Page The oceans come alive in this new non - fiction title in the We Both Read series .

Author: Jana Carson

Publisher: Treasure Bay, Inc.

ISBN: 1891327402


Page: 40

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Provides information and photographs of the planets, moons, stars, and galaxies, and includes facts about space stations and how astronauts live in space.

Children s Writer s and Illustrator s Market 2000Children s Writer s and Illustrator s Market 2000

Average word length : picture books — 2,000 ; young readers — 4,000-6,000 ; middle readers — 15,000-25,000 ; young adults20,000-40,000 . Recently published Exploring the Deep , Dark Sea , by Gail Gibbons ( ages 4 and up , nonfiction ) ...

Author: Alice Pope

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 089879935X


Page: 400

View: 242

""Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market" is the only market guide available for creators of children's literature. The country's largest organization for writers is the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators--a sure sign that writing for children is the hottest thing going." --Alice Pope, editor.

2001 Children s Writer s and Illustrator s Market2001 Children s Writer s and Illustrator s Market

Average word length : picture books — 2,000 ; young readers — 4,000-6,000 ; middle readers — 15,000-25,000 ; young adults20,000-40,000 . Recently published Exploring the Deep , Dark Sea , by Gail Gibbons ( ages 4 and up , nonfiction ) ...

Author: Alice Pope

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 1582970106


Page: 400

View: 157

Combines two key aspects of children's publishing--writing and illustrating--in a single volume of book-publishing and magazine markets and offers advice from professionals on the subject

Nonfiction Cloze ReadingNonfiction Cloze Reading

It was dark and hard see . Ben did know how big the lake was . Now we know the area of the lake is more than 13 acres . It is the largest underground lake in the world it is known as the Lost Sea . It is deep inside a mountain in ...


Publisher: Remedia Publications

ISBN: 1596397802



View: 381

Making Facts MatterMaking Facts Matter

Reading Non-Fiction 5-11 Margaret Mallett ... In Under the Sea ( Claire Llewellyn , 1991 ) , one of a new science series for Key Stage 1 children , a headline ' Pollution of the Sea ' is ... deep in the woods where it is cool and dark .

Author: Margaret Mallett

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446231763


Page: 208

View: 633

There is little doubt that this is a book to which I shall return many times. It genuinely does enrich its readers' understanding' -"Times Educational Supplement " 'Warmly recommended for teachers and essential for the primary school library or staffroom' - "School Librarian "'This is an illuminated and wise book, providing a convincing picture of the nature of primary school children and their work' - "International Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship " This book provides a sound theoretical base, as well as practical examples, on the use and enjoyment of non-fiction books in the classroom. Drawing on research studies from psychology and linguistics, the author brings together what is known about how children learn to read. She relates this specifically to how young readers become able to meet the demands of different kinds of non-fiction texts. She then shows how teachers can support children in becoming readers of non-fiction.

The Best in Children s NonfictionThe Best in Children s Nonfiction

Reading, Writing, and Teaching Orbis Pictus Award Books Myra Zarnowski, Richard M. Kerper, Julie M. Jensen ... Is there not a great , natural adventure in the exploration of the dark seas , five kilometers deep ?

Author: Myra Zarnowski

Publisher: National Council of Teachers

ISBN: UCSC:32106016900174


Page: 161

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Orbis Pictus Award Committee members collaborate to discuss how they choose yearly winners, and include award-winning titles and recommendations in juvenile nonfiction.

Classics and TranslationClassics and Translation

This is not merely because Butler wrote better prose (though of course he did: compare the easy run of his first sentence, ... Instead of Rieu's “wine-dark sea” (airline prose again), Butler has “deep blue waves,” and the wind, ...

Author: D. S. Carne-Ross

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 9780838757666


Page: 377

View: 807

D. S. Carne-Ross (1921-2010) was one of the finest critics of classical literature in English translation after Arnold. More than four decades of Carne-Ross's writings are represented in this volume, which includes criticism of both ancient and modern writers, in addition to historical-critical studies of translation, discriminating analyses of translators widely read today, and investigations in the relationship between translation, criticism, and literary creation. This book will appeal to a wide audience including classicists, specialists in reception and translation studies, students of comparative literature, and literary readers. Two chapters give readings of the Odyssey and the Oresteia; others focus on significant and influential translators of those works. Two long essays give extended accounts of two of the most widely read twentieth-century translators of Greek and Latin, Robert Fitzgerald and Richmond Lattimore; there are also incisive studies of translations by H.D., David Ferry, Christopher Logue and others. Some essays focus on a particular work, author, or genre in translation, for example, Pindar's Pythian 12, Horace, Greek tragedy, and Greek epigram. The first and the final chapters use translation as a point of departure in order to investigate questions about transfers between ancient and modern literatures. In all the essays, translated works are considered in their relation to Greek or Roman literature and also as contributions to English literature, as a source of innovation for it, or as a way of laying bare connections between past and present moments.

Choosing and Using Fiction and Non Fiction 3 11Choosing and Using Fiction and Non Fiction 3 11

5–8yearolds Bythe timetheyare about five, young readers and listeners can be offeredpicturebooks thatmake more demands on ... Books tapping into deep human feelings are important too, for example Bob Graham's tender book How to Heal a ...

Author: Margaret Mallett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136994241


Page: 392

View: 99

Winner of the United Kingdom Literacy Association's Author Award 2011 for its contribution to extending children's literacy. Praise for the book: 'This book is about making readers. A compact summary of its contents would not do it justice. It is the accountof a life's work and it deserves thanks and readers. *****'. - Margaret Meek, Books for Keeps on-line, Number 185, November 2010. 'This book is a cornucopia of varied pleasures, offering something for all tastes, presented with an awareness of the complexities of the field and communicated with commitment, enthusiasm and deep knowledge'. - Eve Bearne, English 4-11, the primary school journal of The English Association, Number 42, Summer 2011. Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3-11 is a guide to the many kinds of text we want children to encounter, use and enjoy during their nursery and primary school years. So children’s non-fiction literature – including autobiography, biography, information and reference texts – is given equal status with fiction – nursery rhymes, picturebooks, novels, traditional tales, playscripts and poetry. The author addresses important issues and allows the voices of teachers, reviewers and children to be heard. The book supports teachers as they help children on their journey to becoming insightful and critical readers of non-fiction and sensitive and reflective readers of fiction. It also contains suggestions for practice which are in the spirit of the more flexible and creative approach to learning towards which primary schools are moving. It includes: help on using criteria to select quality texts of all kinds; annotated booklists for each kind of text for different age groups; suggestions for keeping a balance between print and screen-based texts; case studies showing teachers and children using texts in interesting and imaginative ways to support learning in English lessons and across the curriculum; advice on developing children’s visual and multimodal literacy; guidance on using the school library and embedding study skills in children’s wider purposes and learning; critiques of key theoretical perspectives and research projects. Although the main readership will be primary and student teachers, it is hoped that the book will be of interest and use to anyone concerned with the role of texts in children’s learning.

Dark NatureDark Nature

Many early texts describe Yellowstone as a “wonderland,” including, among others, Harry J. Norton's Wonder-Land Illustrated, ... Wister often displays his racial and ethnic prejudices both in his fiction and nonfiction.

Author: Richard Schneider

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498528122


Page: 290

View: 459

In The Ecological Thought, eco-philosopher Timothy Morton has argued for the inclusion of “dark ecology” in our thinking about nature. Dark ecology, he argues, puts hesitation, uncertainty, irony, and thoughtfulness back into ecological thinking.” The ecological thought, he says, should include “negativity and irony, ugliness and horror.” Focusing on this concept of “dark ecology” and its invitation to add an anti-pastoral perspective to ecocriticism, this collection of essays on American literature and culture offers examples of how a vision of nature’s darker side can create a fuller understanding of humanity’s relation to nature. Included are essays on canonical American literature, on new voices in American literature, and on non-print American media. This is the first collection of essays applying the “dark ecology” principle to American literature.

The Reader s Companion to Twentieth century WritersThe Reader s Companion to Twentieth century Writers

His first non - fiction book was Interplanetary Space , followed a year later by his first novel The Sands of Mars . ... the Sea of Stars ( s ) 1959 ; A Fall of Moondust 1961 ; The Other Side of the Sky ( s ) 1961 ; From the Oceans ...

Author: Peter Parker

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015038429042


Page: 825

View: 274

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in a Nutshell provides a concise overview of a popular therapeutic approach, starting with the ABCDE Model of Emotional Disturbance and Change. Written by leading REBT specialists, Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden, the book goes on to explain the core of the therapeutic process: - Assessment - Disputing - Homework - Working through - Promoting self-change. As an introduction to the basics of the approach, this updated and revised edition of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in a Nutshell is the ideal first text and a springboard to further study.

From Sea to Shining Sea for Young ReadersFrom Sea to Shining Sea for Young Readers

The incident we have just dramatized is not fiction; it comes from the testimony of a former slave, Austin Stewart ... Reading them, one becomes increasingly appalled at the magnitude of this dark specter that had crept across the land.

Author: Peter Marshall

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 9780800733742


Page: 208

View: 696

Uses a Christian perspective to examine the history of America from the end of the American Revolution to the start of the abolitionist movement, with an emphasis on faithfulness to God's word.

The Nature of History ReaderThe Nature of History Reader

The novelists, the painters, the composers, the filmmakers give us the tropes of our day, alert us to the fictions in our non-fiction, ... I see hundreds of thousands of yolla in a stream maybe ten meters deep and fifty meters wide.

Author: Keith Jenkins

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415240543


Page: 352

View: 264

The question of what the nature of history is, is now a key issue for all students of history. It is now recognised by many that the past and history are different phenomena and that the way the past is actively historicised can be highly problematic and contested. Older metaphysical, ontological, epistemological, methodological and ethical assumptions can no longer be taken as read. In this timely collection, key pieces of writing by leading historians are reproduced and evaluated, with an explanation and critique of their character and assumptions, and how they reflect upon the nature of the history project. The authors respond to the view that the nature of history has become so disparate in assumption, approach and practice as to require an informed guide that is both self-reflexive, engaged, critical and innovative. This work seeks to aid a positive re-thinking of history today, and will be of use both to students and to their teachers.

Challenging the Gifted ChildChallenging the Gifted Child

Non-fiction. Teaching. Text. (Age. 9+). This relates to the non-fiction module suggested in Further Resource 4. ... height of the land above sea level, and sometimes below • how deep the sea is in each area • rivers, lakes and oceans ...

Author: Margaret Stevens

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 184642853X


Page: 192

View: 601

Gifted children are quick on the uptake, can be frustrated by repetition and easily become impatient when unchallenged. Challenging the Gifted Child outlines a tried and tested approach for encouraging able children to focus their active minds in a productive way and discover the joy and value of reading. The author explains the criteria for choosing appropriate reading for the child and describes ways to help deepen their understanding of both literature and language. Using examples from the author's extensive experience, this book encourages the development of independent learning skills and will help parents and educators to create a personalized reading programme for a gifted child at home or small groups of children in school. Photocopiable materials are included, along with samples of reading lists for different age groups. This book provides practical advice for working with advanced young readers and will be an ideal resource for anyone who has responsibility for educating a gifted child.

Expedition Deep OceanExpedition Deep Ocean

Expedition Deep Ocean tells the inside story of this exploration of one of the most unforgiving and mysterious places on our planet, including the site of the Titanic wreck and the little-understood Hadal Zone.

Author: Josh Young

Publisher: Pegasus Books

ISBN: 1643136763


Page: 384

View: 156

The riveting story of the exploration of the final frontier of our planet—the deep ocean—and history-making mission to reach the bottom of all five seas. Humankind has explored every continent on earth, climbed its tallest mountains, and gone into space. But the largest areas of our planet remain largely a mystery: the deep oceans. At over 36,000 feet deep, there areas closest to earth’s core have remained nearly impossible to reach—until now. Technological innovations, engineering breakthroughs and the derring-do of a team of explorers, led by explorer Victor Vescovo, brought together an audacious global quest to dive to the deepest points of all five oceans for the first time in history. The expedition pushed technology to the limits, mapped hidden landscapes, discover previously unknown life forms and began to piece together how life in the deep oceans effects our planet—but it was far from easy. Expedition Deep Ocean is the inside story of this exploration of one of the most unforgiving and mysterious places on our planet, including the site of the Titanic wreck and the little-understood Hadal Zone. Vescovo and his team would design the most advanced deep-diving submersible ever built, where the pressure on the sub is 8 tons per square inch—the equivalent of having 292 fueled and fully loaded 747s stacked on top of it. And then there were hurricane-laden ocean waters and the byzantine web of global oceanography politics. Expedition Deep Ocean reveals the marvelous and other-worldly life found in all five deep ocean trenches, including several new species that have posed as of yet unanswered questions about survival and migration from ocean to ocean. Then there are the newly discovered sea mounts that cause tsunamis when they are broken by shifting subduction plates and jammed back into the earth crust, something that can now be studied to predict future disasters. Filled with high drama, adventure and the thrill of discovery, Expedition Deep Ocean celebrates courage and ingenuity and reveals the majesty and meaning of the deep ocean.

The Retail BooksellerThe Retail Bookseller

... by Mazo de la Roche , about a dozen gold - certificate fiction “ Miss Bishop , ” by Bess Streeter Aldrich , best sellers , not to mention promising “ Two Black Sheep , ” by Warwick Deepdark horses and lots of good non - fiction ing ...



ISBN: MINN:31951D00034963T



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