The Little Black Book of 70s HitsThe Little Black Book of 70s Hits

Verse 2 Chorus 3 Link E5 Again, again, again, again, E5 F#5 G5 G#5 A5 Again, again, again, and deeper and down. As Chorus 1 | Ainos Dsus"AlAsadds Assnool ...

Author: Wise Publications

Publisher: Wise Publications

ISBN: 9781783230808


Page: 192

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Never be without a great song to play, with this pocket sized collection of hits by the biggest names of the 1970s. Includes: Jive Talkin', The Bee Gees; Rivers of Babylon, Bony M; Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, Elton John... And many more! Presented in chord songbook format, with chord symbols, Guitar chord boxes and complete lyrics.

Your Friend JimYour Friend Jim

Relaxing more and more More and more (Slight pause) Now, take a deep breath and relax even deeper. (Slight pause) Nothing can distract me I am sinking down ...

Author: James Winn

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452561134


Page: 152

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We possess many talents within. The great thing is, we have access to these talents. Just by reading this book, things can shift in your life. In Your Friend Jim—The Foundation, you will recognize the power that you already have within you, building the foundation to experience a richer, happier you. You will learn and understand how to: • Tap the deep resources of your subconscious mind • Understand and apply natural laws to your advantage • Use simple steps to build financial wealth and realize that you deserve to be wealthy • Awaken to the reality of the incredible wonders all around you Every page offers something new for you to consider. Every page goes over the process for evolution. Every page is written simply, to ensure you reach a new level of awareness, building the foundation just one stone at a time.

The Lost Teachings of AtlantisThe Lost Teachings of Atlantis

As you count backwards, completely visualize yourself stepping down a stairway. Ten, deeper, deeper deeper, down, down, down; Nine, deeper, deeper deeper, ...

Author: Jon Peniel

Publisher: Windsor Hill

ISBN: 9780971074095


Page: 382

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This is the account of an American teenager who discovered a monastery in Tibet that was the inspiration for the legend of Shangri La. It might be categorized as a 'new age' or philosophy book, like the Celestine Prophecy, since it focuses on his spiritual training and their teachings in a novel-like format. Hard to believe, but interestingly, the sub-tropical region amongst the Himalayas that he describes finding, was later documented by explorers from National Geographic, then 'covered up' (there is still evidence of this). Also interesting is that the author was apparently mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings (the famous American psychic whose books have sold millions of copies), as someone who would one day bring an important message to the world.


You can see the stairs leading down to a crystal door. Begin now to climb down the stairs, feeling with each step a deeper sense of relaxation. Ten, down ...

Author: Michele Kallio

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462004072


Page: 496

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Lydia Hamilton was a modern woman, happily in love and living in Canada ... until the nightmares. Following the death of her father, Lydia begins dreaming of places and people she doesn’t know. When she closes her eyes, she sees a bloodied, severed head. The images are confusing and unclear, but she knows one thing for sure: something bad happened a long time ago. And why only now have the dreams begun? Events propel Lydia to Devon, England, to the home of the mother she never knew, where the lies of her family’s past begin to reveal themselvesdating back to the sixteenth century and a woman called Elisabeth Beeton, a servant at the Court of King Henry VIII. Caught amid forces she can neither control nor understand Elisabeth’s life was in danger. How is Lydia’s modern life related to the life of this tragic woman from the past? Without the guidance of her father, it’s hard to say, but Lydia is dedicated to solving the mystery in an effort to put an end to her night terrors and save her relationship with the man she loves. But will the truth set her free, or will the realization of her family’s past actions haunt her like the ghost of a woman betrayed?

Before the Sacred LandBefore the Sacred Land

He happily danced around the table, singing, “Deeper down, deeper down, deeper down, your soul goes deeper down. Deeper down, deeper down, deeper down, ...

Author: Mark E. Tyson

Publisher: Shadesilver Publishing



Page: 410

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Before the Sacred Land… Long before the reawakening of the magically devastated tract of land known as the Sacred Land, those who could draw upon essence and wield magic were celebrated and revered. Neophytes were sometimes identified after they tried to use essence and developed essence sickness, an affliction of the mind common in young or new wielders. If possible, these neophytes were sent to anywhere master wielders congregated, and were apprenticed and cured of the sickness, which wasn’t life threatening at the time, but very uncomfortable. If left untreated, the sickness cured itself at the price of the neophyte losing their ability to wield forever. Eventually, academies where set up to take in new wielders and set them up with suitable masters. On the cusp of this time of magical enlightenment, a wielder was born with special significance. Sheyna Namear would excel faster than any other wielder of her time. A legend in her own right, this is the beginning of her story, the beginning of the wielder who would one day beknown simply as Lady Shey.

When Anger HurtsWhen Anger Hurts

Just feel your body drifting, floating, down deeper, down deeper, down deeper, into total relaxation. Let your muscles go, relaxing more and more.

Author: Matthew McKay

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 9781608824328


Page: 320

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A major revision of the best-selling classic-a quarter of a million copies sold. This new edition of When Anger Hurts is a complete, step-by-step guide to changing habitual anger-generating thoughts while developing healthier, more effective ways of meeting your needs. It includes new chapters on emergency anger control, the interpersonal and physiological costs of anger, road rage, and parental anger. Discover how to create your own personal intervention strategy for controlling angry impulses Recognize anger-triggering thoughts and learn ways to challenge them Learn how to control anger-generating stress Recognize the early warning signals of anger and find out how to cool down before things get really hot When you work through the exercises and lessons in this book, you will immediately see positive change in every aspect of your life.

Finding Inner Harmony With HypnosisFinding Inner Harmony With Hypnosis

Each breath causes me to go deeper... and deeper into trance ... 10. going deeper ... deeper ... deeper ... down ... down ... down ... to meet the Guardian ...

Author: Rainya M. Dann

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781684704064



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A Practical Guide to Self-Care, Inner Peace, and Clarity In this book, you will discover the real obstacle blocking your dreams and desires. You will learn the formula to rewrite your Subconscious programming. Experience easy step-by-step methods of Self-Hypnosis and learn how to take inspired action. Your Subconscious mind is sabotaging your chances for the love, joy, peace, and abundance that is your birthright. You can free yourself—from yourself. This book reveals the essential secrets to rewarding relationships, career success, health, spiritual growth, and fulfillment.

Down Down Down in the SeaDown Down Down in the Sea

Join Turtle as he dives deeper and deeper into the ocean - what surprise will he find at the bottom? With flaps to lift and peek-through holes, there's lots to spot, count and discover along the way.


Publisher: Caterpillar Books

ISBN: 184857553X


Page: 12

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Join Turtle as he dives deeper and deeper into the ocean - what surprise will he find at the bottom? With flaps to lift and peek-through holes, there's lots to spot, count and discover along the way.

The Holistic Guide to HypnotherapyThe Holistic Guide to Hypnotherapy

Notice that on the floor of the stairs are the numbers from one hundred, going all the way down to zero. And the deeper down you go, the more comfortable ...

Author: Steve Webster C.Ht

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504356848


Page: 378

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The Holistic Guide to Hypnotherapy is the most comprehensive and detailed guide to hypnotherapy yet. The essence of hypnotherapy appears in a fluid light, interspersed with information, graphics, interesting points, famous quotes, and humorous memes. Detailed guides to the steps of hypnotherapy, therapies, modalities, and alternate health options help both the novice and the professional. Most hypnotists cannot hypnotize 60 percent of the population, and this book teaches you how to. Your subconscious mind can never be ill, and in this regard, the book concludes with teaching you how to be a consciousness engineer and create the existence you desire and deserve.

The Holistic Guide to HypnotherapyThe Holistic Guide to Hypnotherapy

Notice that on the floor of the stairs are the numbers from one hundred, going all the way down to zero. And the deeper down you go, the more comfortable ...

Author: Steve Webster

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504376136


Page: 362

View: 928

The Holistic Guide to Hypnotherapy Here is the worlds most comprehensive and detailed revelation of the ancient art of hypnotherapy in two volumes. Whether you are currently learning it, practicing it, a hypnotherapy professional, or just plain interested in the amazing art of hypnotherapy, this book will be your most valuable resource. Hypnotherapy is not the only discipline covered in this huge store of knowledge: among many other things, you will learn about health from a holistic point of view, benefits of nutrition, meditation, about relationships, sexuality and more. Steve Webster brilliantly explains: ? Simple, complex and metaphysical hypnotherapy. ? The differences between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. ? Approaches and amazing new techniques to use on different personality types. ? How to use 18 Laws of Suggestibility to rid clients of illness, disease and behavioral disorder, and how to reprogram your mind. ? Mechanics of hypnosis, the scientific intricacies, and 27 diagnostic tools to help you.... ? How to treat the top 35 afflictions like weight loss, anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, and social phobias. ? Guided imagery, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, neuro-linguistic programming, ideomotor responses and the power of dream venting. ? Your clients coping, blocking, release, and defense mechanisms. ? Body syndromes, how emotions affect us, and the subconscious mind. ? How one health disorder, HHS, might be responsible for 85% of afflictions. ? The real Law of Attraction, and how to make it work for you. Steve has coined a new description for hypnotherapistsConsciousness Engineersbecause thats what they are! The clients consciousness creates their reality, and the hypnotherapist adjusts that consciousness. The subconscious mind vibrates at a level where it does not know illness, disease and behavioral disorder; but the conscious mind vibrates at a lower level and attracts these negative energies. After reading the Consciousness Engineering section (Volume 2), you will understand: ? Your 3 minds, their vibrational levels, and how to increase your power of creation. ? How to manifest anything, and how to become an ascended master. ? Learn what the subconscious mind is, and how to guide your client to engage with it, and harness its amazing powers. The two volumes explain how you create your whole world, and how to create a world that brings you (and your clients!) joy and peace. It explains levels of consciousness, how to increase yours, and how you are immortal in your quantum world. With over 100 inductions, deepeners and convincers, with over 100 original diagrams and images, and with over 100 informative tables and quotes. This book really is your hypnotherapy Bible!

Outwitting InsomniaOutwitting Insomnia

your back, down, down, down, to the lower part of your back, and feel those ... floating, down deeper, down deeper, down deeper into total relaxation.


Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1599216841



View: 615

"Ellen Mohr Catalano, in tandem with expert medical consultants, explains in clear language the many reasons that contribute to sleeplessness and provides specific instructions and advice on all the classic remedies as well as the very latest techniques,including: sleep hygiene; relaxation for sleep; self-hypnosis, imagery, and meditation; managing obsessions; medications for sleep; complimentary and alternative medicine; [and] sedating things to do while awake."--P. [4] of cover.

Black Belt HealingBlack Belt Healing

With each step you take you will be guiding yourself down deeper into a state of relaxation and hypnotic suggestibility. Remember, this is to be recorded ...

Author: David Nelson, Ph.D.

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462900398


Page: 160

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In Black Belt Healing, Dr. David Nelson uses both his training as a martial artist and his many years as a hypnotherapist into a how-to guide for martial artists. The greatest opponent a martial artist will face is pain. This pain might manifest itself in the form of a traumatic injury or in the chronic aches and pains that come with such a highly physical activity. Whether a martial artist can continue his practice may be determined by pain management and mental discipline—the ability to cope with injuries and to heal quickly. Using the layout of a dojo as a metaphor for the workings of the mind, Nelson explains how hypnosis can help a martial artist deal effectively with chronic or severe pain and the weapons that are readily available to anyone for fighting the negative energies of pain. Black Belt Healing also provides a series of self-guided trances that will help the martial artist invoke their own healing abilities, improving their health and allowing them to return to the dojo and continue to practice their chosen martial arts discipline. Downloadable audio includes step-by-step hypnotic scripts.

A Beginner s Guide to the Art of Manifesting How to Get What You Want Out of LifeA Beginner s Guide to the Art of Manifesting How to Get What You Want Out of Life


Author: Kimberley A. Paradee

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412067089


Page: 142

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A handbook that's straighforward and filled with suggestions and techniques that will magnetize a life filled with boundless opportunity and happiness.

Eliminating Stress Finding Inner PeaceEliminating Stress Finding Inner Peace

With each number down , let yourself go deeper and deeper relaxed ... so deep that the usual boundaries of space and time disappear .

Author: Brian L. Weiss

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401961626


Page: 96

View: 620

Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace is an important step on the healing journey. Stress kills--there's no doubt. It eats away at you, affecting your level of happiness, as well as your stomach lining. It raises your blood pressure and directly harms your cardiovascular system. It depresses your immune system and allows chronic illnesses to overwhelm you--causing pain, disability, and even death. Basically, stress prevents you from experiencing life's many pleasures. Stress is a mental state that can cause severe negative emotional and physical consequences. It can be entirely eliminated, or at least greatly lessened, by adjusting our understanding and attitudes, and by learning simple, yet very effective, relaxation techniques. This book, with its accompanying stress-reduction audio download, will help you deeply relax. It will enable you to release the acute and chronic tension you constantly carry in your body and mind. It can also help you remove the blocks and obstacles to your inner peace and contentment, and prevent stress-related illness and disease. To heal yourself in this manner is an act of self-love, because you're taking the time and expending the energy to work on yourself physically and emotionally, thereby bringing more joy into your life. You'll find that regular practice with the audio will produce profound, long-lasting results.

The Gold Water EventThe Gold Water Event

going down the stairs now – dirt stairs – not wooden – dirt – dug out. ... Downdown – forward and left–spiraling downdeeper. 'Stop! Wait! Hear that?

Author: C. M. Heffner

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480934733


Page: 236

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The Gold Water Event by C.M. Heffner The Gold Water Event is a fantastic tale filled with mystery, suspense, and the supernatural. With many of the author’s personal experiences interspersed, Heffner hopes his work makes the readers understand the value of having good morals and standard of ethics. The Gold Water Event leaves the reader wondering what actually happened and what was made up.

The Blog That Would Destroy the WorldThe Blog That Would Destroy the World

And now green, step 4, down... down... down, deeper, DEEPER, DEEPer.” “Uh huh,” he says. “Step 3 blue. Down... down... down, and DEEPer...DEEPer...DEEPer.

Author: Douglas Gilbert

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329904255



View: 482

In the fog of the distant past there was a Grand Ice Age that threatened the Ut’ishsih people. Before they could perish, the Gods appeared out of the sky to provide food and shelter in the Caves. Many miracles occurred, but not enough. Some would prefer to say poetry will end the world, but no rhyme will stick to the face of time. Lachrymal vicissitudes, slipping on plates of passion, are insufficient to generate terminal earthquakes. No, it is this blog that will end life on the surface of the Earth with a recipe for pizza and virginity. No, it is not the High Priestess alone who will do it. Many creatures do play their part to stage a farce, leaping in multiplicity, dark in mind. True, every seminal blog in the universe begins as a joke. Few end with dessert.

The Healing MetaphorThe Healing Metaphor

Staircase I would like you to imagine you are standing at the top of a beautiful sweeping staircase, with a gentle curve as it bends and sweeps down into a ...

Author: Zetta Thomelin

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN: 9781839750595


Page: 130

View: 340

The Healing Metaphor examines the power of metaphor in therapy and provides a range of original hypnotherapy scripts covering issues from Adoption, Grief and Anxiety to Cancer, IBS and Migraine.

Farther In and Deeper DownFarther In and Deeper Down

... has God used to remind you that He is with you in the dark? keep on praying. be alert requests. Pray in the Spirit. 96 • Farther In and Deeper Down.

Author: E. K. Bailey

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 1575676591


Page: 256

View: 481

Graba front-row seat to God's heart. This is a powerful story that highlights the journey of one of America's leading pastors as he courageously battles cancer three times. Watch him as he puts on his "spiritual boxing gloves." Lovingly co-written with his wife and daughter.