The Most Holy Trinosophia and the New Revelation of Divine FeminineThe Most Holy Trinosophia and the New Revelation of Divine Feminine

Currently , a new day in the life of humanity is dawning as Sophia awakens us to her divine touch . What will happen to us when we encounter the divine feminine ? Part of us realizes we will be forever changed .

Author: Robert Powell

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 0880104805


Page: 164

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The rising interest in goddess spirituality expresses our current need to understand the feminine side of God, the Sophia (or Divine Wisdom), and her relationship to the masculine aspects of God. Offering a new perspective, the author draws on his own research and on the teaching of Russian philosopher Pavel Florensky, according to whom Sophia has a relationship to the masculine Trinity as an independent spiritual being. Robert Powell discusses Sophia as a Trinity-as Mother, Daughter, and Holy Soul- and as the feminine aspect of Divine Godhead. He connects our reawakening to the feminine aspect of God with many of the changes now taking place in the world. Also included is an introduction to the Divine Feminine by Daniel Andreev, author of The Rose of the World. C O N T E N T S Foreword by Carol E Parrish-Harra Introduction by Robert Powell The Divine Feminine by Daniel Ancreev The Most Holy Trinosophia Interlude The New Revelation of the Divine Feminine Notes Bibliography

Mary Magdalene and the Divine FeminineMary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

And if the one to whom he entrusted the teachings We can ask ourselves, “To whom did Jesus entrust the te thereby had received the highest portion of himself, then how 136 MARY MAGDALENE AND THE DIVINE FEMININE A Champion of Woman.

Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Publisher: Summit University Press

ISBN: 9781932890068


Page: 321

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Explores the archetypal role of the Divine Feminine in Eastern and Western spirituality and helps to clarify the position of Mary Magdalene. This book includes 55 black and white illustrations, 2 maps and 12 questions for discussion.

The Re Emergence of the Divine Feminine and Its Significance for Spiritual Psychological and Evolutionary GrowthThe Re Emergence of the Divine Feminine and Its Significance for Spiritual Psychological and Evolutionary Growth

A Jungian analysis of the Divine Feminine archetype or Great Mother will be presented. Lastly, feminist psychology as it applies to both male and female growth and how this growth is necessary for humans to reach the next level of ...

Author: Franceska Perot

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 9781581123906


Page: 144

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For millennia a patriarchal society has ruled to the exclusion of the feminine or the Goddess who was peacefully worshipped before being completely replaced by a warrior Father God. The Goddess and hence women have been relegated to second-class citizens. The concept of woman as defined by traditional patriarchal society has disempowered the female sex and deemed them inferior. This exclusion and denigration of the divine feminine has done serious damage to women and men both individually and collectively, not to mention the damage this masculine mindset has caused to the environment through wars and other aggressive acts. In this dissertation, the history of the Goddess from the Paleolithic to the present is discussed and causes for the rise of patriarchy, such as invasions by warrior cults, the advent of language and the development of the ego are explored. Then the re-emergence of the divine feminine and its psychological, spiritual and evolutionary effects are discussed. This negative perception of the self by women is challenged by re-imaging women after the Greek Goddess archetypes: Athena, Hera, Demeter, Artemis, Aphrodite and Persephone. The Goddess archetypes are discussed in a therapeutical context as well as other therapeutical techniques such as aspecting, visualizations and women's' groups and circles. The author proposes the re-introduction of the "Sacred Marriage," a sacred ritual performed in temples since Neolithic times and in certain sects today, as a technique for therapy. This sexual ritual along with an understanding of the history of the divine feminine will have individual, collective and evolutionary effects with its use.

Divine FeminineDivine Feminine

... the Divine Hermaphrodite, Swiney uncompromisingly proclaimed the “Divine Feminine.” The masculine was only a temporary and transitional phase between the Eternal Feminine Cause and the Eternal Feminine Effect.68 For Swiney, ...

Author: Joy Dixon

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801875304


Page: 320

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Many of the assumptions about class, race, and gender which marked the emergence of esoteric religions at the end of the nineteenth century continue to shape alternative spiritualities today.

Divine Feminine HandbookDivine Feminine Handbook

Right now Divine Feminine Energy is returning to our society where greater equality between men and women is being established. At this moment, we have more female leaders than we ever have in the history of our planet.

Author: Marilyn Pabon

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982265199


Page: 154

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What this book is about is the spiritual Divine Feminine approach to overcoming self-doubt, the other half of the story where the root to our self-doubts actually comes from. My training in holistic nutrition taught me not to just treat a symptom. For a cure you have to reverse engineer and get to the root of the problem. My intent is to get to the roots of your self-doubts and for you to have a spiritual awakening to your true self and purpose which will wipe away any lies you have believed and self-doubts they have caused. A spiritual awakening may happen all at once by learning information that will instantly change your life forever or it may happen little by little over time. When we undergo a spiritual awakening, we literally “wake up” to a feeling of more possibilities for our life. We may feel like we have outgrown our current life. We begin to question our old beliefs, habits, and social conditioning, and see that there is much more to life than what we have been taught or allowed to experience. You are more powerful than you have been allowed to believe. Your Divinity, your specialness, your femaleness, and your self worth, once revealed will wipe away any self doubt you ever had about yourself. You will be fearless and never feel you have to bow down to anyone or feel second rate to anyone again. Whether you are walking down the Goddess path for the first time, or you are already enjoying a sacred relationship with your Divine Feminine self, you will learn to eliminate self-doubt, find and fulfill your personal calling, and ultimately your inner happiness. We each have our own divine purpose and specialness which we need to find and contribute to the betterment of the world.

Struggles of unawakened Divine FeminineStruggles of unawakened Divine Feminine

It is not easy for a divine feminine to meet her divine masculine as they are not aware that they are a divine couple and it takes a lot of tests, lessons, and many years to learn, evolve and then after divine blessings, they finally ...

Author: Versha Verma

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers



Page: 60

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This book is about real life of author itself. I am sharing about my life and one day when I got to know that I am divine feminine (twin-flame) and then gradually I got awakening by divine guidance and I could know who I am and what am I doing here on the earth. and I could make sense of every struggle that I have seen in my life in each and every area of life. This spiritual awakening started when I first time met my twin flame. This journey means that we have taken birth on this earth to complete the life purpose and soul mission and this is why we have seen the struggles in life. I was kept at the tough spot of life so that I can learn and grow from these issues and when I get awaken spiritually I can understand the meaning of life and then I can heal, guide, motivate and inspire people around us. I am excited to tell the world about this twin flame journey, true soul love and this pure divine love. This Journey is all about loving all the creatures of divine. Divine feminine is nurturing and a part of nature, so she has all the powers and divine energies to stay strong and awaken her counter part.

The Divine FeminineThe Divine Feminine

The act of wiping away tears from the eyes ( Revelation 21 : 4 ) is traditionally feminine . ... both the masculine and feminine components in every human being , and to honor the work which women have done through 28 THE DIVINE FEMININE.

Author: Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725233898


Page: 128

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"A calm, well-balanced, carefully prepared book. . . . Excellent for adult Bible discussion groups, for occasional sermons, for suggesting ways of inclusive language. This book teaches and directs without antagonizing." --The Bible Today "A persuasive book, useful for personal reflection and group discussion, and ideal for gift-giving." --Daughters of Sarah "This is no dry erudite volume. It rubs salve in personal wounds inflicted by centuries of biblical misreading." --Sojourners "The book reflects careful research; it is written in a style that will appeal to those interested in the implications of biblical research but without the time or inclination to follow the involved discussions of biblical scholarship." --National Catholic Reporter

The Divine Feminine in Ancient EuropeThe Divine Feminine in Ancient Europe

Goddesses, Sacred Women and the Origins of Western Culture Sharon Paice MacLeod ... In order to understand the role of the Divine Feminine in early prehistory, we can look to modern hunter-gatherer societies to see how they perceive and ...

Author: Sharon Paice MacLeod

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476613925


Page: 252

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This book is an exploration of the spiritual traditions of ancient Europe, focusing on the numinous presence of the divine feminine in Russia, Central Europe, France, Britain, Ireland and the northern regions. Drawing upon research in archaeology, history, sociology, anthropology and the study of religions to connect the reader with the myths and symbols of the European traditions, the book shows how the power of European goddesses and holy women evolved through the ages, adapting to climate change and social upheaval, but continually reflecting the importance of living in an harmonious relationship with the environment and the spirit world. From the cave painting of southern France to ancient Irish tombs, from shamanic rituals to Arthurian legends, the divine feminine plays an essential role in understanding where we have come from and where we are going. Comparative examples from other native cultures, and quotes from spiritual leaders around the world, set European religions in context with other indigenous cultures.

Divine Feminine Handbook Volume IiiDivine Feminine Handbook Volume Iii

If Divine Feminine Handbook I, II, III, and IV are more than a set of books. It is a lifestyle and movement in which modern women can live to their greatest and truest versions of themselves. It's a dedication to empower women to break ...

Author: Marilyn Pabon

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982272548


Page: 340

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Put health and self-care at the heart of everything and you will enjoy endless benefits from the time you spend here on Mother Earth. Extreme self-care is taking care of your body, mind, heart and spirit. It is about loving yourself and others. It is about doing things you enjoy and standing up for things you think are right and serving others. Extreme self-care is living a purposeful life and standing in your divine femininity. Life is sometimes hard and serious and our duties and responsibilities crowd out time to just enjoy ourselves and have plain old fun. Stop being so serious. Life is an adventure and we are meant to have joy and fun and love along the way. We have become to sophisticated as a people and that is one of our downfalls. We need to get back to primitive godliness and simplicity if we wish to regain our health and happiness. Look at a baby or small child and see the joy they have for life, their spark, their self-confidence and self-love, go back to that! Schedule time to take care of yourself. Schedule fun time in your life. Go outside. Get in the sun. Get in the water. Play hard. Laugh out loud. Laugh until you cry. Make your life fun again. We need to relearn what our ancient ancestors knew about spending time in nature, living in community, using plants for food and medicine and recognize energy and spiritual healing as bonafide therapy. Our DNA recognizes the ancient remedies and responds with health. Learning wisdom from our Divine Feminine foremothers will put us back in touch with our inner knowing, our own divinity and purpose. Ancient wisdom and natural medicine is our pathway to vibrant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.