Distressed Or Deliberately Defiant Distressed Or Deliberately Defiant

This book explains the basis for such behaviour as the neurological, physiological and behavioural outcomes of “disorganised attachment” due to prolonged exposure to a traumatic home life and provides practical advice to educators on ...

Author: Judith A. Howard


ISBN: 1922117153


Page: 104

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This book explains the basis for such behaviour as the neurological, physiological and behavioural outcomes of “disorganised attachment” due to prolonged exposure to a traumatic home life and provides practical advice to educators on ways that schools can effectively manage these students.

Observing Adolescents with Attachment Difficulties in Educational SettingsObserving Adolescents with Attachment Difficulties in Educational Settings

Howard, J.A. (2013) Distressed or Deliberately Defiant? Managing Challenging Student Behavior Due to Trauma and Disorganized Attachment.

Author: Kim Golding

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784501747


Page: 240

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This easy-to-use tool provides an observation checklist which enables staff to identify behavioural patterns in children with social and emotional difficulties, analyse the underlying emotional difficulties and establish what kind of help and support the children need. Behavioural responses are categorised within clearly outlined topics, including: * behaviour and relationship with peers * attachment behaviours * emotional state in the classroom * attitude to attendance Checklists and diagrams identify different 'styles' of relating, to help school staff to respond appropriately to the individual needs of each child. A range of handouts include activities designed to provide emotional support, to focus and regulate behaviour and enable the child to develop important social and emotional skills. Suitable for use with children aged 11+, this tool will be an invaluable resource for teachers, teaching assistants, learning support staff, school counsellors and educational psychologists.

Working with Relational Trauma in SchoolsWorking with Relational Trauma in Schools

Howard, J.A. (2013) Distressed or Deliberately Defiant? Managing Challenging Student Behaviour Due to Trauma and Disorganized Attachment.

Author: Louise Michelle Bombèr

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781787752207


Page: 256

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Written by experienced clinicians, this book provides an exploration of how educators can easily use Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP) to help vulnerable pupils to thrive. DDP is an intervention model for children and young people who have experienced trauma in past relationships. Safety and security is increased through offering emotional connection in a variety of ways, helped by the attitude of PACE (playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy). The model gives children the opportunity to experience the relationships necessary for healthy development, emotional regulation and resilience. This book gives educators all the tools they need to embed DDP into their practice, including building connections with students, partnerships with parents, understanding the theory behind DDP, and overcoming the challenges of implementing it in practice. These principles can be adapted to support pupils at all levels.

Safe Supportive and Inclusive Learning Environments for Young People in Crisis and TraumaSafe Supportive and Inclusive Learning Environments for Young People in Crisis and Trauma

Distressed or deliberately defiant? Managing student behaviour due to trauma and disorganised attachment. Samford Valley, Australia: Australian Academic ...

Author: Patty Towl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000051513


Page: 220

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Children and young people from diverse populations are statistically more at risk of exclusion, however education providers can make a difference to all children and young persons’ learning outcomes no matter what their personal circumstances. To achieve this, not only must educators form closer and more authentic relationships with these children and their communities, but the governments that fund learning environments must also be prepared to provide adequate resourcing and training opportunities. Safe, Supportive, and Inclusive Learning Environments for Young People in Crisis and Trauma addresses both the general and specific issues that may prevent children and young people from diverse populations from being safe, supported, and included in learning environments. Some chapters focus on general factors that contribute to both inclusion and exclusion at early childhood and in formal school environments, while others present research-based best practice and practical advice to enable good education outcomes for indigenous, migrant, and LGBTQI children and those who experience mental health problems, drug misuse, and abuse. Lastly, the book includes information about how to negotiate and set up programmes that have been shown to be effective with communities that differ from the dominant culture. This book provides practitioners in education, health, and social work with information and practical advice on how to retain all children and young people in early childhood, formal school education, and tertiary settings.

A Practical Introduction to Restorative Practice in SchoolsA Practical Introduction to Restorative Practice in Schools

Howard, J.A. (2013) Distressed or Deliberately Defiant? Managing Challenging Student Behaviour Due to Trauma and Disorganised Attachment.

Author: Bill Hansberry

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784502324


Page: 312

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Proven to reduce bad behaviour and exclusions, and encourage happier, safer school environments, restorative justice is an effective approach to conflict resolution. Suitable for education settings from preschool to college, this guide explains what restorative justice is, how it can be used in schools, what it looks like in the classroom and how it can be implemented. Featuring case studies that illuminate the underlying restorative principles and practices, this book covers a wide range of topics from the basics of restorative justice, through to school-wide processes for embedding the approach in policy and practice. Drawing on the expertise of educators and consultants, this is a must-have resource for any school or centre that is serious about reducing bad behaviour and developing safer learning communities.

Restorative Practice and Special NeedsRestorative Practice and Special Needs

For example, in Judith Howard's book Distressed or Deliberately Defiant? (2013), we are helped to interpret the behaviours of children who have been deeply ...

Author: Nicholas Burnett

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9780857009685


Page: 208

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Restorative Practice (RP) is an effective approach to discipline that has the potential to transform behaviour by focusing on building and restoring relationships. This practical guide explains how to implement restorative approaches with young people with special needs in educational or residential settings. The book explores how RP is being used in general terms and through a number of case studies looks at how RP needs to be adapted for those with additional needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability and communication difficulties. It includes guidance on particular issues such as staff facing crises, the issue of physical restraint and additional support parents require. The book will be of interest to restorative practitioners, educational professionals including headteachers, teachers and SENCOs in both special education and mainstream schools and residential care leaders and staff.

Childhood Trauma in Mental DisordersChildhood Trauma in Mental Disorders

In: Distress or deliberately defiant? Managing challenging student behaviour due to trauma and disorganised attachment. Toowong, QLD: Australian Academic ...

Author: Gianfranco Spalletta

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030494148


Page: 460

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This volume presents a comprehensive overview of childhood trauma, considering the psychopathological definition and its neurobiological implications as well as its impact on different psychiatric disorders. The focus on childhood trauma rather than that occurring in adulthood is important due to its general “neuro-psyco-socio” and its specific biological implications, since trauma during childhood impacts directly on neurodevelopment. It has been suggested that early life stress increases vulnerability to psychiatric disorders; however, the exact mechanisms of this association are not yet completely understood. Although childhood trauma could be considered too unspecific to be an important risk factor for individual psychiatric disorders since it seems to occur across the board, it impacts differently on different psychiatric disorders, and it can modulate their clinical expression. Therefore, the assessment of early trauma needs to be included in the clinical evaluation of patients with psychiatric disorders. The volume will be an invaluable tool for psychiatrists, helping them to select suitable pharmacological, psychotherapeutic and rehabilitative treatments.


Distressed or deliberately defiant?: Managing challenging student behaviour due to trauma and disorganised attachment. Toowong, QLD, Australia: Australian ...

Author: Sian Phillips

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781538136003


Page: 350

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The call for trauma-informed education is growing as the profound impact trauma has for the children’s ability to learn in traditional classrooms is recognized. For children who have experienced abuse and neglect their behavior is often highly reactive, aggressive, withdrawn or unmotivated. They struggle to learn, to make positive relationships or be influenced positively by teachers and school staff. Students become more and more at risk for mental health difficulties. Teachers become more and more frustrated and discouraged as they attempt to teach this vulnerable group of students. Even though it is relationships that have hurt students with developmental trauma, it is known that they must find safe relationships to learn and heal. Forming those relationships with children who have been hurt and no longer trust adults is not easy. This book focuses on three important and comprehensive areas of theory and research that provide a theoretical, clinical, and integrated intervention model for developing the relationships and felt sense of safety children with developmental trauma need. Using what is known from attachment theory, intersubjectivity theory, and interpersonal neurobiology, the reader is helped to understand why children behave in the challenging ways they do. This book offers successes and ongoing challenges as a means to continue the conversation about how best to support some of our most at-risk youth.

The DefiantThe Defiant

She'd wanted the armor on for just in case—not to deliberately test it. ... It will be here in seconds if we send a distress call via Q-comm.

Author: C. Gockel

Publisher: C. Gockel



Page: 350

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The Darkness is coming … When it strikes, Volka, Carl, 6T9 and Sundancer will have to join forces with an unlikely ally to learn the key to defeating it. An ally that is cold, cunning and despises all of them—Alexis, Captain Darmadi’s wife. If Volka and Carl can manage not to kill her, 6T9 can refrain from sleeping with her, and Sundancer can keep them all from being blown up, humanity may have some hope. Strap in! It’s bound to be a bumpy ride.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder in ChildhoodOppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder in Childhood

... worries; self‐esteem; mood; defiant behavior; aggression; and antisocial behavior. ... deliberately annoys parents while the child is asked to wait; ...

Author: Walter Matthys

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118972557


Page: 320

View: 927

Newly updated, this is a comprehensive guide to ODD and conduct disorder (CD) in children aged 3-14 for professionals, students, and researchers. Summarizes the most important empirical knowledge across a broad array of topics, with a focus on the latest research and meta-analyses, as well as high-quality older studies Includes revised diagnostic conceptualizations for ODD and CD from DSM-V and the upcoming ICD-11 classification systems, with particular attention to similarities, differences, and information about an angry-irritable subtype for ODD Provides updated reviews of biological and social-cognitive risk and protective factors and the evidence base for relevant treatment and prevention procedures Describes best practices for assessment, treatment, and prevention for children and their families, based on the clinical and research work of the well-respected author team

Her Defiant Heart The Marshall Brothers Series Book 1 Her Defiant Heart The Marshall Brothers Series Book 1

He seemed oblivious toher distress. The pressure onher wristsdid not ease. ... You are being deliberately provoking. You're making it sound... I don't know, ...

Author: Jo Goodman

Publisher: ePublishing Works!

ISBN: 9781614174912


Page: 350

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When Civil War veteran and hero Christian Marshall attempts to aid a mysterious young woman escaping a New York City asylum, he is reminded that good intentions count for nothing and painful memories are best drown in a good bottle of whiskey and the arms of a whore. Jenny Holland discovers the respite and refuge she needs at Marshall House. To remain in this sanctuary and protect her life-and-death secrets, she must make herself necessary to its master. But serving at the will and pleasure of such a dark and dangerous man might not be enough, and her attempts to heal his wounds will expose her own. Special Author's Cut Edition Previously Titled: Midnight Princess REVIEWS: "Delightful and exciting... Goodman holds the suspense as well as the surprises and never lets up on the passion." ~RT Book Reviews "A perfect treat for readers who enjoy smart, sensual love stories à la Amanda Quick." ~Book List THE MARSHALL BROTHERS SERIES in order: Her Defiant Heart His Heart's Revenge

Reverence for the Heart of the ChildReverence for the Heart of the Child

... of their infants between " genuine distress " and " random discontent " . ... Dobson , The Strong Willed Child , 33 . deliberately defiant behavior .

Author: Leander S. Harding

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725229891


Page: 178

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Are children little angels or little devils, or are they like their parents a little of each? Must they go through a definite moment of conversion or can they grow up always knowing themselves to be Christian? How do theological ideas about human nature, sin and salvation affect how parents see and treat children? Starting with Horace Bushnell's classic 19th-century study, Christian Nurture, Leander Harding brings the discussion up to date with the help of insights from contemporary psychoanalytic thought and Family Systems Theory. Included are practical suggestions for parents and parishes.

Developing Positive Classroom EnvironmentsDeveloping Positive Classroom Environments

Students who are distressed are often misunderstood and viewed as being deliberately defiant (Howard, 2013). Howard outlines a range of ways in which the ...

Author: Beth Saggers

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000256734


Page: 346

View: 190

The middle years of learning are increasingly recognised as one of the most challenging yet opportune periods for growth and development. Based on the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) framework, this book will equip educators with the appropriate knowledge, skills and strategies to support learners in maximising their educational success, managing emotional issues and making a successful transition to adulthood. Part A outlines the principles of the PBS framework, defines key characteristics of middle-years learners and provides insight from neuroscience into the nature of the adolescent brain. This section also looks at the importance of listening to the student voice, highlights issues that can arise during the transition into the middle years of schooling, and discusses the use of evidence-based PBS practices to encourage engagement and establish clear behavioural expectations with learners. Part B focuses on the practical aspects of implementing universal PBS strategies in the classroom, including developing strong and effective relationships with students, promoting school connectedness and supporting self-regulation. Part C examines more focused and intensive interventions, and provides strategies for working with students experiencing stress, anxiety and bullying. Finally, Part D discusses ways to support a range of perspectives and experiences in the middle-years, including trauma-affected students, ethnic and cultural diversity and students on the autism spectrum, as well as ways to use ICT to re-engage vulnerable students. This is an essential reference for both primary and secondary educators, revealing how PBS strategies can play a profound role in positively transforming classroom behaviour.

Damsel in DistressDamsel in Distress

Could 'the Yank' be a deliberately misleading nickname? Didn't Chinese criminals favour ... He repeated the phrase with a defiant air. 'Camouflage, you see.

Author: Carola Dunn

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781849018364


Page: 288

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Simply mad about the girl... In spring a young man's fancy will turn to love and the Honourable Phillip Petrie is no exception. Daisy's chum is totally smitten with Miss Gloria Arbuckle, daughter of a millionaire Yank. But before the enthusiastic suitor can pop the question, his beloved is abducted by kidnappers. As a distraught Mr Arbuckle begins assembling the ransom, Phillip enlists Daisy to help him recover his missing sweetheart. Strictly forbidden to contact Scotland Yard, Daisy must resist the temptation to bring dashing Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher onto the case. But as she closes in on the abductors' rural hideway, she begins to suspect that Gloria isn't the only fair damsel whose life hangs in the balance... Praise for the Daisy Dalrymple series: 'Cunning... appropriate historical detail and witty dialogue are the finishing touches on this engaging 1920s period piece.' Publishers Weekly 'As always, Dunn evokes the life and times of 1920s England while providing a plot that is a cut above the average British cosy. This will delight readers who love country-house mysteries.' Booklist 'For fans of Dorothy L. Sayers' novels' Library Journal

Sports PsychiatrySports Psychiatry

Other autisticlike difficulties such as distress at unexpected change are ... trouble because of unthinking (rather than deliberately defiant) breaches of ...

Author: Alan Currie

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191053832


Page: 128

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Psychiatric conditions of all kinds can present in sporting populations due to the high intensity physical effort, competition and anxiety associated with competitive sports. Mental illness is not just a health concern but is likely to have a significant impact on sporting performance and achievement. Part of the Oxford Psychiatry Library series, this concise and practical pocketbook covers the breadth of psychiatric conditions that can present in sportsmen and sportswomen. It provides practical and up-to-date guidance which is invaluable for all health professionals working within sporting communities. There are a variety of topics covered from 'Eating disorders' to 'Psychotropic drug prescribing' and it is based on the latest research to help health professionals working within sport better assess mental health problems and support those in need.

Lord of the Black IsleLord of the Black Isle

Ye ken the distress that doesna show on the face lies in the heart. ... for he was deliberately defiant with his life, he was fearlessly brave, ...

Author: Elaine Coffman

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402259500


Page: 352

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Modern day doctor Elisabeth Douglas never expected to find herself accused of witchcraft by a 16th century Scottish earl A Warrior's Life...Meets a Healer's Art Laird David Murray would give his life to pull his clan through this time of strife and conflict. With enemies both inside and outside his keep, he has never felt so alone and desperate. Until he meets a beautiful healer with uncanny knowledge from another time. Elisabeth Douglas was a doctor in her own time. Now she's the only one with the knowledge and skill to help Laird David save the lives of his family. Praise for The Return of Black Douglas: "Intriguing...Bestseller Coffman spins a rewarding love story between her two intelligent, stubborn protagonists, keeping their relationship fresh and their conflicts credible...A satisfying time–travel romance."—Publishers Weekly "Full of action, danger, passion, and drama...A must–read for medieval and time–travel fans alike."—RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars "Delightfully infused with suspense, humor, heartache, an entertaining plot, well–drawn characters, and a wily ghost, this story is a keeper."—Romance Junkies "Imagine being thrown into the sixteenth century, into a warriors arms—a bit scary, but a bit hot. A great little love story with a twist."—Bookloons

Saving ShameSaving Shame

... people made as pure as sun through their patience and distress” (167). ... the deliberately defiant behavior of the ancient Cynic similarly shames all ...

Author: Virginia Burrus

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812201512


Page: 208

View: 730

Virginia Burrus explores one of the strongest and most disturbing aspects of the Christian tradition, its excessive preoccupation with shame. While Christianity has frequently been implicated in the conversion of ancient Mediterranean cultures from shame- to guilt-based, and thus in the emergence of the modern West's emphasis on guilt, Burrus seeks to recuperate the importance of shame for Christian culture. Focusing on late antiquity, she explores a range of fascinating phenomena, from the flamboyant performances of martyrs to the imagined abjection of Christ, from the self-humiliating disciplines of ascetics to the intimate disclosures of Augustine. Burrus argues that Christianity innovated less by replacing shame with guilt than by embracing shame. Indeed, the ancient Christians sacrificed honor but laid claim to their own shame with great energy, at once intensifying and transforming it. Public spectacles of martyrdom became the most visible means through which vulnerability to shame was converted into a defiant witness of identity; this was also where the sacrificial death of the self exemplified by Christ's crucifixion was most explicitly appropriated by his followers. Shame showed a more private face as well, as Burrus demonstrates. The ambivalent lure of fleshly corruptibility was explored in the theological imaginary of incarnational Christology. It was further embodied in the transgressive disciplines of saints who plumbed the depths of humiliation. Eventually, with the advent of literary and monastic confessional practices, the shame of sin's inexhaustibility made itself heard in the revelations of testimonial discourse. In conversation with an eclectic constellation of theorists, Burrus interweaves her historical argument with theological, psychological, and ethical reflections. She proposes, finally, that early Christian texts may have much to teach us about the secrets of shame that lie at the heart of our capacity for humility, courage, and transformative love.

Introduction to Abnormal Child and Adolescent PsychologyIntroduction to Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology

... (2) argumentative or defiant behavior, and (3) vindictiveness toward others (Table 9.1). The disorder causes distress to the child or (more likely) to ...

Author: Robert Weis

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781544362335


Page: 680

View: 951

Reflecting the latest advancements in the field and complete DSM–5 criteria, Robert Weis’ Introduction to Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology provides students with a comprehensive and practical introduction to child psychopathology. The book uses a developmental psychopathology approach to explore the emergence of disorders over time, describe the risks and protective factors that influence developmental processes and trajectories, and examine child psychopathology in relation to typical development and children’s sociocultural context. The fully revised Fourth Edition includes a new chapter on research methods, a greater emphasis on the ways social-cultural factors affect each disorder covered, and recent research findings on topics such as autism spectrum disorder and adolescents’ use of nicotine and marijuana vaping products. Also of Interest Case Studies in Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology, also by Weis, presents brief case studies based on real children, adolescents, and families, along with discussion questions that correspond to material in the core text. Bundle Case Studies in Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology with Introduction to Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology, Fourth Edition for even more savings.