Chase s Calendar of Events 2019Chase s Calendar of Events 2019

Coordinated since 2002 by The Ocean Project, this day is recognized by an
increasing number of countries each year as an opportunity to celebrate our
world ocean ... Scott Adams, 62, cartoonist (“Dilbert”), born Windham, NY, June 8,

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Since 1957, Chase's Calendar of Events lists everything worth knowing and celebrating for each day of the year: 12,500 holidays, historical milestones, famous birthdays, festivals, sporting events and much more. "The Oxford English Dictionary of holidays."--NPR's Planet Money.

Prison of TruthPrison of Truth

His desk looked the same as when he left. The paper calendar lay opened to the
day before he left for Rwanda. Dilbert's cartoon for that day was about useless
meetings. He sat and began to peel off the day's individually, reading each comic

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Reporters are among the first at any crime. What it the reporter was the criminal? Washington Post reporter Ryan Caulder's assignment in Rwanda to follow a trail of government sponsored human trafficking goes horribly wrong when he upsets the wrong people and gets thrown in jail. After weeks of torture and abuse, he returns to Washington DC a shattered man. With a new job, new girlfriend and new control over his life, he is once again blind sided when the general who ordered his incarceration in Rwanda comes to Washington. With apparent bank robbery and murder to his credit, and the FBI pressing him hard, Ryan is forced to navigate a way out of his "Prison of Truth."

Chase s Calendar of Events 2020Chase s Calendar of Events 2020

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” George
Orwell's influential ... The UN General Assembly has designated June 8 annually
as World Oceans Day (Res 63/111 of Dec 8, 2008). The Assembly noted ... Scott
Adams, 63, cartoonist (“Dilbert”), born Windham, NY, June 8, 1957. Kathy Baker,
70 ...

Author: Editors of Chase's

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Since 1957, Chase's Calendar of Events lists everything worth knowing and celebrating for each day of the year: 12,500 holidays, historical milestones, famous birthdays, festivals, sporting events and much more. "The Oxford English Dictionary of holidays." NPR's Planet Money.


Robert's desk was located in a sea of small cubicles. Old Dilbert cartoons and
NASA calendars covered his cubicle walls. Like many other engineers, Robert's
favorite Dilbert cartoons were the series on women who loved engineers. The
latest ...

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“[A] 5-star, science fiction-techno thriller story filled with twists and turns, excitement, action, adventure and a . . . thought-provoking storyline.”—Artisan Book Reviews Unaware that it’s about to be thrust into the middle of a centuries-old cosmic conflict, Earth discovers an unknown object spotted near Pluto, followed by another on Mars. A team of experts on the maiden flight of a first-of-its-kind spaceship are sent to investigate. Sabotage threatens the mission and the security of the United States as the president and his advisors search for solutions. With enemies on fronts both terrestrial and otherwise, the stakes soon become apparent to a nation embroiled in a conflict unlike anything it has faced before. Far from Earth, Major Blake Thompson and his specialized SEAL team investigate the strange objects. As the nature of the threat is uncovered and the stakes continue to mount, they risk everything to prevent the world from a catastrophic level of destruction that would change the course of humanity forever. Yet even if they succeed, at what cost? “A gripping action novel with well-integrated science fiction elements. For readers who prize excitement above all else, this is a great choice.”—

Powerful Leadership Through CoachingPowerful Leadership Through Coaching

Consider Scott Adams, who created the cartoon Dilbert. ... He explained it himself
: “The day you realize that your efforts and rewards are not related, it really frees
up your calendar. . . . I had time for hobbies.” His day job gave him plenty of
practical and fun material to work with. ... It means that a leader-coach honors
team members c01 4 9 November 2019 9:02 AM Why Every Leader and
Manager Should ...

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On-going coaching and development that can be a “game changer” for all employees! All great coaches know how to ask good open-ended questions and how to give effective feedback. They keep a balanced and honest perspective that separates the person from the problem or issue; coaching to leverage their unique strengths and helping them improve weaknesses with a mindset focused on continuous improvement. This ongoing coaching and development can be a “game changer” for all people and teams with access to it. But what about the teams and players that aren’t empowered—or even allowed—to expand their roles? Or the team members whose careers don’t inspire or play to their natural gifts, talents, and strengths? It’s painful for any organization or manager when people on their team aren’t given the tools to succeed; and more painful still when the team member doesn’t yet realize it. But by coaching through leadership, any manager of any organization can create a supportive structure that helps assign the right roles, resources, tools, and career opportunities that will best leverage their strengths. Determines coachability and readiness for employee change and improvement Builds awareness to deal with the right issues, challenges, and opportunities Offers leaders/managers the tools to help a performer leverage their greatest gifts, talents, and strengths Allows for dialogue and tactics to close gaps in experience, communication styles, and personality Guides managers in how to have dialogue around difficult and important issues with their employees Includes coaching principles, practices, and tools with practical, real-world examples Offers strategies and tools to help employees become more motivated for effective change, action, and accountability Each chapter includes a series of powerful and provocative coaching questions for any leader or manager to use immediately in the workplace.