Deep Into Deco Revised and UpdatedDeep Into Deco Revised and Updated

This second edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest research outcomes and contains chapter summaries to give a quick overview of each chapter.

Author: Asser Salama


ISBN: 1947239090


Page: 142

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This second edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest research outcomes and contains chapter summaries to give a quick overview of each chapter. A new section on nitrogen and helium kinetics has been added as well as a second appendix for calculating the acceleration in post-diving no-fly time associated with breathing surface oxygen.

Deep Into DecoDeep Into Deco

Deep Into Deco is a comprehensive and well-written reference text covering various topics of decompression theory.

Author: Asser Salama


ISBN: 1930536798


Page: 44

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Deep Into Deco is a comprehensive and well-written reference text covering various topics of decompression theory. It is straightforward, easy to read, and free from technical jargon while portraying the latest developments and controversial issues in technical diving. A must read for any diver seeking to understand decompression theory.

Decoration Day in the MountainsDecoration Day in the Mountains

The single-row arrangement of flowers on a mounded grave—the most popular style of cemetery decoration—recapitulates the single rows of plantings in the mounds of vegetable gardens (Figure 2-8). Thus, in one of those deep paradoxes that ...

Author: Alan Jabbour

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807895695


Page: 256

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Decoration Day is a late spring or summer tradition that involves cleaning a community cemetery, decorating it with flowers, holding a religious service in the cemetery, and having dinner on the ground. These commemorations seem to predate the post-Civil War celebrations that ultimately gave us our national Memorial Day. Little has been written about this tradition, but it is still observed widely throughout the Upland South, from North Carolina to the Ozarks. Written by internationally recognized folklorist Alan Jabbour and illustrated with more than a hundred photographs taken by Karen Singer Jabbour, Decoration Day in the Mountains is an in-depth exploration of this little-known cultural tradition. The Jabbours illuminate the meanings behind the rituals and reveal how the tradition fostered a grassroots movement to hold the federal government to its promises about cemeteries left behind when families were removed to make way for Fontana Dam and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Richly illustrated and vividly written, Decoration Day in the Mountains presents a compelling account of a widespread and long-standing Southern cultural practice.

The Amesbury Archer and the Boscombe BowmenThe Amesbury Archer and the Boscombe Bowmen

Even within the Atlantic series of basket-shaped ornaments there is some variation in decoration and form that may have ... Group A includes six examples whose baskets are less wide than deep; they are not far from circular but, in ...

Author: A. P. Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Wessex Archaeology

ISBN: 9781874350620


Page: 240

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Found a few kilometres from Stonehenge, the graves of the Amesbury Archer and the Boscombe Bowmen date to the 24th century BC and are two of the earliest Bell Beaker graves in Britain. The Boscombe Bowmen is a collective burial and the Amesbury Archer is a single burial but isotope analyses suggest that both were the graves of incomers to Wessex. The objects placed in both graves have strong continental connections and the metalworking tool found in the grave of the Amesbury Archer may explain why his mourners afforded him one of the most well-furnished burials yet found in Europe. This excavation report contains a series of wide-ranging studies and scientific analyses by an array of experts and a discussion of the graves within their British and continental European contexts.

Fate Glory and Love in Early Modern Gallery DecorationFate Glory and Love in Early Modern Gallery Decoration

This attitude and tone could be characterized as the surface layer of their deep union, but also, maybe in a strange combination of sincerity and strategy, as clever tactics in a culture of power manipulations.

Author: Margaretha Rossholm Lagerlof

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351567183


Page: 320

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Analysing the decorative programmes of the most opulent European palaces of the time, Margaretha Rossholm Lagerl?f investigates how meaning was conveyed through display and visual effects. She explores the visual meaning inherent in the scheme of spatial relations; in effects of scale, perspective, lighting, figures' positions and postures; and in relations among image types. The analysis concerns the interrelations of various kinds of images in the ensembles; the relations between images and physical site; and the address to the beholder. Lagerl?f considers the visual impact of the imagery in conjunction with 'readable' or symbolically 'coded' meanings; thus, the study does not merely subject these decorations to formalist aesthetic principles. She shows the visual meaning generally to sustain the verbal or readable messages, but often in subtle ways, extending or elaborating the meaning. Occasionally, the visual meaning comes forth as an undercurrent or complication, deviating from the proclaimed and symbolic meaning. Fate, Glory, and Love in Early Modern Gallery Decoration contributes to the body of scholarship on visual rhetoric and on how images 'act' out their messages.

The Stones of Venice Volume 1 of 3 The Stones of Venice Volume 1 of 3

One farther circumstance is deserving of especial note in Plate V., the greater depth of the voussoirs at the top of the ... in decoration: for when we arrive at the deep succession of concentric archivolts, with which northern portals, ...

Author: John Ruskin

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan




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"Thus much, however, it is necessary for the reader to know, that, when I planned the work, I had materials by me, collected at different times of sojourn in Venice during the last seventeen years, which it seemed to me might be arranged with little difficulty, and which I believe to be of value as illustrating the history of Southern Gothic. Requiring, however, some clearer assurance respecting certain points of chronology, I went to Venice finally in the autumn of 1849, not doubting but that the dates of the principal edifices of the ancient city were either ascertained, or ascertainable without extraordinary research." -Preface


There is also a beautiful ware of soft yellow colour, but slightly deeper in tint than even that of Awata, ... our markets in the form of cops, vases, and other things ; and crude enamel painting has replaced the neutral decoration.

Author: Christopher Dresser

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 9785875652981



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