Deadly VisionsDeadly Visions

They are deadly visions, Mr. Deming. I think that you have had a glimpse of some of them yourself. I suggest we join forces at the Sweeny's house later this afternoon and look for ways that we can discover the truth behind these visions ...

Author: Matthew W. Vaughn

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781600343902


Page: 314

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Private investigator, Kirk Deming finds himself standing face to face with evil incarnate when graphic dreams and visions lead him directly into a spiritual battle with the forces of darkness.

Deadly VisionsDeadly Visions

When Nikitta Rossi witnesses a fatal armed robbery, a series of events is unleashed— from a deadly fire to the fear of an unknown stalker. Nikitta cannot be free from the horror in which she finds herself, ... 303 Deadly Visions.

Author: Kimberly Key


ISBN: 9781312582460


Page: 305

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Bianca Madison doesn't put a lot of stock in the theory that some people have special gifts to see with the mind's eye. Yet when she begins having dreams about murdered women, she has to reconsider. What begins as a quest into her own sanity quickly becomes a question of her own innocence. Does Bianca have the gift of foresight or is she herself a serial killer?

Deadly VisionsDeadly Visions

I was in a very serious auto accident and these visions began in the hospital shortly afterwards.” “Yes, shortly after you returned from the other side! Oh, and you were one of the very few who traveled back from the darkness, ...

Author: Gabriele Jex

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462835379


Page: 257

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DEADLY VISIONS is the story of Ariel DeMattei, a very successful but selfish woman who uses people for her own gain. Using money she inherited after the death of her adoptive parents, Ariel and her friend Lisa open their own health club, "Heavenly Bodies". The club does well but Ariel decides that replacing her partner with a beautiful celebrity would enhance the clubs prestige. After buying out her partner and dumping her latest boyfriend, whose marriage she broke up, Ariel suffers a near-fatal automobile accident. While on the operating table, she has an out-of-body experience that leaves her shaken. As she recovers, she experiences a bizarre mental phenomenon. Visions of a murdered homeless woman shed seen on her way to work one morning begin to haunt her until she finally sees the murder itself, and the man who committed it. After helping the police find the man, she feels relieved that the visions are finally over. But they are not; theyve been replaced by an even more terrifying one. Busy with plans to open a second health club, Ariel is unaware of the man who is watching her every move. Not until she begins receiving strange gifts and threatening notes does she realize the danger she is in. This, coupled with the images of murder, brings her to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Desperate for help, Ariel consults a psychic and plans to visit the parapsychology department at the local university. But on the way out of her apartment building she makes a shocking discovering and soon finds her own life in peril!

Deadly VisionsDeadly Visions

His vision blurred. He finally angled his gun down as he peered out the window.The figure had jumped to the fire escape on the building next door. He kicked in a window, and a shrill burglar alarm sounded. The alarm obviously startled ...

Author: Roy Johansen

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780307483621


Page: 322

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A killer crosses over… Ace magician turned ace police detective Joe Bailey, a.k.a. the Spirit Basher, needs all his expertise when he’s teamed up with psychic investigator Monica Gaines to crack a string of serial murders--each involving strange voices and stranger circumstances. Monica senses supernatural forces at work, but whoever--or whatever--is doing the killing, the victims are real. When eerie happenings hit closer to home--to Joe’s daughter, Nikki--and then Monica herself is the victim of a grisly, near-fatal attack, Joe is more determined than ever to unmask the truth behind the phenomena. As he searches for answers to inexplicable questions, he discovers that politics and the paranormal make deadly bedfellows, that his escape-artist skills still come in handy--and that even a psychic can know too much. From the Paperback edition.

Deadly VisionsDeadly Visions

I know this novel titled Deadly Visions will keep your fingers turning page after page and keep your eyes reading chapter after chapter. Enjoy the twists and turns. By Charmelle Williams CONTENTS Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 ...

Author: Charmelle D. Williams

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453531631


Page: 258

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Was this just a dream or had he really murdered someone? The visions were crazy, exhausting, and not normal they were deadly! Will Darnelle seek help before it's too late? While Neicey is trying to end her relationship with Darnelle, her best friend, Tasha, is struggling with a deep dark secret that could possibly end her own relationship with Hanif, her fiancé. This must read will keep you on the edge. The twists and turns of this novel will leave its readers in a deadly state of mind. Enjoy another page-turner by Charmelle Williams.

Deadly VisionDeadly Vision

Kris Norris. ' TIL DEATH DEADLY Vision KRIS NORRIS A Total-E-Bound Publication Deadly Vision ISBN #978-1-907280-42-9 ©Copyright Kris. Front Cover.

Author: Kris Norris

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)

ISBN: 9781907280429


Page: 364

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A power she can't control... Fallon Kindade is cursed. There's no other explanation. Just when she thought she'd buried her past to the point it couldn't be resurrected an eerie voice beckons to her, pulling her back into the nightmare she's survived twice before. And despite the excuses she makes, Fallon can't deny the truth. The visions have returned. And they're more intimate than ever before. A love he can't forget... He's a fool. Not only is Special Agent Gil Grant unable to catch a break on his newest case, he's stuck fantasizing about a woman he pushed away. All because of one fatal mistake. A moment he can't undo. But after leaving Fallon with nothing more than a few words scribbled across a piece of paper, he's got little chance of ever winning her back. A slow descent into darkness... When a twist in fate reunites them, Fallon is powerless against the undeniable heat that still simmers between them. She knows becoming lovers, again, is more than dangerous, especially when her visions are their only hope at finding a killer before he strikes again. But can she trust Gil with the truth, knowing it might be what finally destroys their chance at happiness? Or will the city's newest serial killer claim her as his final victim?

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In every direction there was some evidence of cruelty , reminding one of Dr. E. J. Dillon's ' deadly visions out of the plague - polluted mist of Hell , ' forcing one to wonder whether the whole end of civilisation is economic ...



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