Dark Mother EarthDark Mother Earth

An amnesiac writer's life of lies and false memories reaches a breaking point in this stunning English-language debut from an award-winning Croatian author.

Author: Kristian Novak

Publisher: AmazonCrossing

ISBN: 154201610X


Page: 304

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An amnesiac writer's life of lies and false memories reaches a breaking point in this stunning English-language debut from an award-winning Croatian author. As a novelist, Matija makes things up for a living. Not yet thirty, he's written two well-received books. It's his third that is as big a failure as his private life. Unable to confine his fabrications to fiction, he's been abandoned by his girlfriend over his lies. But all Matija has is invention. Especially when it comes to his childhood and the death of his father. Whatever happened to Matija as a young boy, he can't remember. He feels frightened, angry, and responsible... Now, after years of burying and reinventing his past, Matija must confront it. Longing for connection, he might even win back the love of his life. But discovering the profound fears he has suppressed has its risks. Finally seeing the real world he emerged from could upend it all over again.

The Fallen One Vol 1 Book 1 Sons of a Dark Mother The Fallen One Vol 1 Book 1 Sons of a Dark Mother

“There are a lot more races than you'd like to know about, living their lives here on Mother Earth. They walk among you every day.” He stared at her, with more than a little surprise. But his face didn't show the concern she expected.

Author: Lenore Wolfe

Publisher: Triquetra Press



Page: 163

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In Volume I, of Sons of the Dark Mother, The Fallen One, Book 2, Once an ancient race brought forth her children to be the Children of the Earth. Yet, some became dissatisfied with sharing the power of the stone--and the Dark Cloth was born. Now, the four princes of the earth must stop those who would destroy the mother in their greed and quest to own the power of all. Justice is the dark prince of fire--and Jess is his mate...and so the story continues.... In Volume 1 of 4 of Season 1, of this dark urban novella, Jes grew up that fateful day, eight years before, when her father told her to stay in the car. Having her father's love for investigating, she got out of the car for just one peek--and what she saw that day changed the course of her life. Jes always knew about her people, the Jaguar People who were one of the ancient races. After all, she was born Jaguar. The Jaguar People were only one of the many ancient races who swore a duty to safeguard Mother Earth--even if, sometimes, that meant protecting her from the humans themselves Yet because the People are her guardians--there to preserve the Mother--nothing prepared Jes for that day, as a child, when she saw what could happen when one of her People went rogue. After all, they were here to look after the Mother--and that included the humans. They were not there to hunt--and take lives. That day put Jes on his path, and she did everything in her power to bring him down. Yet, in doing so, even Jes hasn't prepared to face the prophecy. And even though she knows the prophecy foretells of four princes, the sons of the dark mother, who rise up with a nation of old vamps to stop the rogue factions from ruling over mankind--she is in no way prepared for the man who challenges everything she believes--to face her own destiny.... In the hidden realms of this world lies a secret that could destroy the human race… Jess refuses to give up her search for the boy she once loved, who destroyed her dreams and betrayed the Jaguar People when he killed one fateful day seven years before. It's a hunt that brings her face-to-face with the secrets of her past…and brings her back to the Alliance and the hidden palace that holds her people. But can she let go of the past and embrace this chance they've been given to begin again? (Sister Series to Cat People, Jaguar Witch and Daughters of the Circle) Review "I'm a big fan of the paranormal /dark fantasy genre but that's not why I liked this book so much. From the very beginning The Fallen One has an eerie gothic atmosphere and as the plot moves forward the tale becomes even spookier. The characters are deep and described in such vivid detail that I had no trouble imagining them. The setting is unique, and the background story is something that hasn't been done before. What impressed me the most, however, was the writing. ..."by Best Selling Author Jayde Scott vampire romance, witch and vampire romance, young adult vampires and shifters, new adult vampire and witch magic, witch fantasy, paranormal witch fantasy, paranormal vampire dark urban fantasy

Heart of the BisonHeart of the Bison

She felt the loneliness of the dark. “Mother Earth threw a ball of fire into sky. The ball made light for Mother Earth. Mother Earth was empty. Each morning, Mother Earth threw the fireball into east sky. Each night, the fireball fell ...

Author: Glen R. Stott

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595235001


Page: 528

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As the lambent light from the slumbering fire dances across the roof of the cave, a young girl wakes from a dream. Kec's dream tells her that her clan is in jeopardy, and that Mother Earth expects her to do something to save her people. A magic child will be sent to help her.Far away, Strong Branch, a powerful Shaman of his people, has his own dream. The Great Spirit sends him a warning about a future of conflict and killing.Kec's people are very simple, but they are strong and powerful enough to have survived the ice ages of Pleistocene Europe, by force, for over one-hundred-thousand years. Strong Branch's people are late comers from an alien world far to the South. They bring an advanced technology that allows them to utilize the environment in ways Kec's people never could.As the population of the aliens has grown over a period of more than twenty-thousand years, the stress on the environment has become critical. Kec and Strong Branch must play their parts in a microcosm of the greater struggle for survival. The conclusion of their struggle will establish a new story and a new history for each of their peoples.

Dark MotherDark Mother

Bringing a feminist perspective to contemporary findings of geneticists and archeologists, Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, cultural historian, points out that the oldest veneration we know is of a dark mother of central and south Africa, whose ...

Author: Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595208418


Page: 414

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Bringing a feminist perspective to contemporary findings of geneticists and archeologists, Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, cultural historian, points out that the oldest veneration we know is of a dark mother of central and south Africa, whose signs-ochre red and the pubic V-were taken by african migrants after 50,000 BCE to caves and cliffs of all continents. The oldest sanctuary in the world was created in 40,000 BCE by african migrants in Har Karkom, later called Mt. Sinai, foundation place of judaism, christianity, and islam.Lucia documents the continuing memory of the dark mother and her values in prehistoric images of the dark mother, in historic black madonnas and in other dark women divinities whose sanctuaries are on african paths. She tracks the memory in rituals and stories of her sicilian grandmothers, in persecution of dark others in patriarchal Europe and the United States, in the rise of nonviolent dark others since the 1960s,in the banners of the 1995 world conference of women at Beijing, and in art. She finds the dark mother's values-justice with compassion, equality, and transformation-in everyday and celebratory rituals of the world's subaltern cultures-and suggests that the image and values are in the submerged memories of everyone.

Medea The Wrath of Mother EarthMedea The Wrath of Mother Earth

That the night when Mother Earth had almost burned them all, it was not a curse or a warning, but a blessing. It had been her mother who had noticed it at first. It was only natural as her father barely spoke to her nowadays.

Author: Christopher Hazell-Marshall

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326922047



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Che-Avana is gone, lost long to the Immortals who desperately seek him. Time sleets by, ever strengthening the hand of the Void, bringing ever closer the moment when the Song is broken forever. Far distant from the world that Che-Avana knew as home, Medea, Mother Earth, rages. Every bite of flame and pick axe is a torture to her, every man and woman who walks upon her is an abomination. She wreaks her hatred on those who struggle to survive, unwittingly condemning them to the hardest of lives. Amongst the turmoil two lives entwine unwillingly together, at first driven by the need to survive, but eventually with the understanding that they hold the key to unlocking the greatest secret in the world. And of Che-Avana? He has his own battles to fight against an evil that stalks him through the Everdark.

Mother Earth s Kitchen Series Books 1 4Mother Earth s Kitchen Series Books 1 4

Mother Earth's Kitchen was dark and quiet, the rising sunjust beginning to illuminate the wide windows that took up the majority of the store front. Blocking the golden sunshine from coming through the front door was a police officer.

Author: P Bodi

Publisher: 99 Cent Press



Page: 296

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This compilation of books are all clean Cozy Mystery short stories that do not contain any foul language, sexual situations, witches, or paranormal events. Book One - A Perfect Cup Of Tea Violet owns and operates the only natural foods grocery store and bakery in town. Customers are always stopping by to ask her for help finding herbal remedies and natural products to help them live a healthier life. One morning while opening her store, the local Police showed up to ask a few questions about one of her customers that died from a suspicious death. Could it be murder? Book Two - Murder On the Mountain With Christmas just a short time away and snow covering the mountains, business is booming for Mother Earth's Kitchen. Local folks are always welcoming friends and families into their home for the holidays to ski, hike or to just take in the beautiful scenery. The winter always brings out the adventurous types. Could someone actually commit murder in such a beautiful place on the mountain? Book Three - New Year's Resolution With New Year fast approaching Violet decides it's might be time to hire another person to help out in the store. There's been a comfortable increase in sales over the past year, so maybe adding a new employee would be the logical thing to do. The thought of changing her daily routine and adding more staff is more than she wants to consider, but Rex is going back to college and she can't handle the store by herself. Even hiring a new employee may be difficult, will be murder? Book Four - The Heart Of The Murder The winter snow has now faded into cold rain. Violet and Carly are busy decorating the store with organic chocolates in those adorable heart shaped boxes. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and love is in the air. Carly thinks it might be time to help Violet find a date for Valentine’s Day, even though Violet seems to be more interested in replacing the dated flooring in the store. Will Valentine's Day be murder?

In and Out of the MindIn and Out of the Mind

Dark Earth ” " covers ” the dead and nurtures plants . She , too , is “ Mother . ” Funerary speeches and epitaphs speak of the dead " returning ” to earth , to the dark from which they came , repaying their " debt " to Earth .

Author: Ruth Padel

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691037663


Page: 230

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Explores Greek conceptions of human innerness and the way in which Greek tragedy shaped European notions of mind and self.

Dancing the Sacred WheelDancing the Sacred Wheel

She is the Maiden of the returning Spring as well as the Dark Earth Mother before she releases the Maiden aspect of herself. In British myth this can be equated to Brighid of Spring and the Cailleach of Winter.

Author: Frances Billinghurst

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780244751395


Page: 292

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There are eight seasonal festivals (referred to as sabbats) that make up the ""Wheel of the Year"". ""Dancing the Sacred Wheel"" draws on the author's own personal experience of following a traditional Pagan spiritual path and creating ritual over 20 years in southern Australia. Combining traditional Pagan lore with history in order to develop a relationship with her local environment, the author also offers invaluable pointers as to how to incorporate the localised elements into something that also provides a ?traditional? feel. ""Dancing the Sacred Wheel"" not only provides an in-depth look the folklore and myth associated with each sabbat, but also discusses ways of creating specific rituals and observances that acknowledge each seasonal ?gateway? when the local environment is reflecting something completely different. ""Dancing the Sacred Wheel"" challenges the reader, regardless of which hemisphere they reside, to draw inspiration from their environment, and to create their own unique Wheel of the Year.


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Author: Denise Gutierrez


ISBN: 1659022762


Page: 102

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Great present for parents, new mam, mom, mamma, mam, girl, best friend, daughter, sister, aunt, aunty, baby, kids, grandma, grandmother, wife, niece, girlfriend on Birthday / Childbirth. Great gift from dad, mom, little brother, big sister, husband, wife, boyfriend, son, daughter, uncle, grandpa, girlfriend, aunt, grandma on birthday, valentine, thanksgiving, christmas, mother's day, father's day.

Rituals of the Dark MoonRituals of the Dark Moon

Take the bowl of soil and stare into it until you see only the dirt and let the silence of Mother Earth speak to you . Raise the Cone of Power : You will need to be tuned into what the Dark Mother wants you to do !

Author: Gail Wood

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738705829


Page: 216

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Rituals of the Dark Moon Everyone is familiar with the image of Witches performing rituals under a Full Moon. Mysterious but not frightening, the Dark Moon (the night before the New Moon) is lesser known but equally powerful. This guidebook reveals the hidden wisdom of the Dark Moon Path. It presents the thirteen Dark Moons of the year by the zodiac sign in which they fall, along with rituals designed to help you experience and learn from their energies. You'll explore the Dark Moon lessons of: • The Unseen in Aquarius • Risk in Leo • Time in Pisces •Silence in Virgo • Identity in Aries • Descent in Libra • The Body in Taurus • Intuition in Scorpio • Knowledge in Gemini • Creativity in Sagittarius • Emotion in Cancer •Power in Capricorn • The Dark in Arachne (a spirit sign) Deepen your understanding of the Moon as the Goddess as you experience the intuitive and deep healing powers of the Dark.