Creative LabourCreative Labour

1.4 Definitions and boundaries This book is a study of work and occupations in the cultural industries. Even though all labour is potentially creative, we use the term 'creative labour' throughout this book to refer to those jobs, ...

Author: David Hesmondhalgh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415572606


Page: 265

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What is it like to work in the media? Are media jobs more âe~creativeâe(tm) than those in other sectors? To answer these questions, this book explores the creative industries, using a combination of original research and a synthesis of existing studies. Through its close analysis of key issues âe" such as tensions between commerce and creativity, the conditions and experiences of workers, alienation, autonomy, self-realization, emotional and affective labour, self-exploitation, and how possible it might be to produce âe~good workâe(tm) Creative Labour makes a major contribution to our understanding of the media, of work, and of social and cultural change. In addition, the book undertakes an extensive exploration of the creative industries, spanning numerous sectors including television, music and journalism. This book provides a comprehensive and accessible account of life in the creative industries in the twenty-first century. It is a major piece of research and a valuable study aid for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of subjects including business and management studies, sociology of work, sociology of culture, and media and communications.

Virtual Workers and the Global Labour MarketVirtual Workers and the Global Labour Market

... 126 cultural capital, 25, 46, 125, 162 cultural credit, 125 cultural dimension of virtual work, 223 cultural industries, 182 creative labour in, 163–6 game industry as, 118–20 cultural labour, 25 cultural policies of Greece, 61–2, ...

Author: Juliet Webster

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137479198


Page: 279

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The emerging world of virtual work is not tied to physical workplaces or particular locations, but is dispersed and footloose. It is frequently precarious, and blurs the boundaries between work and non-work, production and consumption. Contributors to this wide-ranging volume of case studies identify the growing and diverse army of virtual workers. Building from an overarching introduction which discusses the salient features of virtual work, this collection considers the challenges in analysing the class position of virtual workers. Virtual Workers and the Global Labour Market features international examples of emerging occupations and working conditions in new media, gaming, journalism, advertising and branding, software development and offshore services. Cross-disciplinary insights from across the social sciences inform contributions on labour market entry, employment relations, precariousness, the dynamics of virtual teams, and cyberbullying, in order to illustrate the diversity of virtual work, its circumstances and its labour force.

The Labour of Literature in Britain and France 1830 1910The Labour of Literature in Britain and France 1830 1910

One particular world of work in which literature of the epoch had a reflexive-aesthetic interest as well as a gender political one was the realm we might term 'cultural labour', which includes literary, visual and performance arts, ...

Author: Marcus Waithe

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137552532


Page: 268

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This volume examines the anxieties that caused many nineteenth-century writers to insist on literature as a laboured and labouring enterprise. Following Isaac D’Israeli’s gloss on Jean de La Bruyère, it asks, in particular, whether writing should be ‘called working’. Whereas previous studies have focused on national literatures in isolation, this volume demonstrates the two-way traffic between British and French conceptions of literary labour. It questions assumed areas of affinity and difference, beginning with the labour politics of the early nineteenth century and their common root in the French Revolution. It also scrutinises the received view of France as a source of a ‘leisure ethic’, and of British writers as either rejecting or self-consciously mimicking French models. Individual essays consider examples of how different writers approached their work, while also evoking a broader notion of ‘work ethics’, understood as a humane practice, whereby values, benefits, and responsibilities, are weighed up.

Cultural EntrepreneurshipCultural Entrepreneurship

—Daniel Ashton, University of Southampton, UK This book explores the lived experience of cultural entrepreneurship examining the challenges associated with cultural labour, including the insecurities of managing precarious working ...

Author: Annette Naudin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315444666


Page: 178

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This book explores the lived experience of cultural entrepreneurship examining the challenges associated with cultural labour including the insecurities of managing precarious working conditions. Drawing on interviews conducted with cultural workers, Cultural Entrepreneurship focuses on how individuals articulate their experience of entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries. Noting the importance of place, the local cultural milieu is examined as a means of situating entrepreneurial practices through cultural and enterprise policies, local networks, and significant relationships. Within this framework, the cultural entrepreneurs’ stories reveal means of subverting or re-interpreting identities and the possibility for ‘rethinking cultural entrepreneurship.’ Aimed at researchers, academics and students investigating cultural entrepreneurship, cultural policy and cultural labour, Cultural Entrepreneurship will additionally be of value to creative industry consultants, cultural policymakers, and those setting up creative enterprises. Researchers from fields such as geography, investigating different aspects of the cultural industries in relation to cultural policy and place, will also find this book to be a useful contribution.

Precariat Labour Work and PoliticsPrecariat Labour Work and Politics

... 64 consumption: cultural 134 contracts 15, 86, 106; temporary 112, 118; zero-hour 171 control: social 4, 20 Coordination of the Contemporary Scene 132 Corsani, A. and Lazzarato, M. 127, 128, 129 Cowie, J. 50 craft labour 99–100 ...

Author: Matthew Johnson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317622185


Page: 208

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In his recent work, Guy Standing has identified a new class which has emerged from neo-liberal restructuring with, he argues, the revolutionary potential to change the world: the precariat. This, according to Standing, is ‘a class-in-the-making, internally divided into angry and bitter factions’ consisting of ‘a multitude of insecure people, living bits-and-pieces lives, in and out of short-term jobs, without a narrative of occupational development, including millions of frustrated educated youth..., millions of women abused in oppressive labour, growing numbers of criminalised tagged for life, millions being categorised as "disabled" and migrants in their hundreds of millions around the world. They are denizens; they have a more restricted range of social, cultural, political and economic rights than citizens around them’. This present book explores the nature, shape and context of precariat, evaluating the internal consistency and applications of the concept. Demonstrating the sheer breadth and depth of application, the chapters cover a wide-range of topics, from the relationships between precariat and authoritarianism, multitude (another concept to achieve popular consciousness), and place as well as the nature of precarious identities and subjectivities among those working in immaterial labour. The book concludes with a reply by Standing to reviews of Precariat. This book was published as a special issue of Global Discourse.

Digital Labour and Karl MarxDigital Labour and Karl Marx

Cultural labor. Special issue. Social Semiotics 15 (3) and 16 (1). Maxwell, Richard, and Toby Miller. 2012. Greening the media. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Mayer, Vicki, Miranda J. Banks and John T. Caldwell. 2009.

Author: Christian Fuchs

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134747139


Page: 424

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How is labour changing in the age of computers, the Internet, and "social media" such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter? In Digital Labour and Karl Marx, Christian Fuchs attempts to answer that question, crafting a systematic critical theorisation of labour as performed in the capitalist ICT industry. Relying on a range of global case studies--from unpaid social media prosumers or Chinese hardware assemblers at Foxconn to miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo--Fuchs sheds light on the labour costs of digital media, examining the way ICT corporations exploit human labour and the impact of this exploitation on the lives, bodies, and minds of workers.

Cultural PolicyCultural Policy

It is worth concentrating on the British (or in this case English) example as the rest of the chapter's discussion of cultural labour depends on understanding how it emerged in relation to local cultural policies.

Author: Dave O'Brien

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136661532


Page: 168

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Contemporary society is complex; governed and administered by a range of contradictory policies, practices and techniques. Nowhere are these contradictions more keenly felt than in cultural policy. This book uses insights from a range of disciplines to aid the reader in understanding contemporary cultural policy. Drawing on a range of case studies, including analysis of the reality of work in the creative industries, urban regeneration and current government cultural policy in the UK, the book discusses the idea of value in the cultural sector, showing how value plays out in cultural organizations. Uniquely, the book crosses disciplinary boundaries to present a thorough introduction to the subject. As a result, the book will be of interest to a range of scholars across arts management, public and nonprofit management, cultural studies, sociology and political science. It will also be essential reading for those working in the arts, culture and public policy.

Patterns of Labour Utilization and Income Distribution in Rice Double Cropping SystemPatterns of Labour Utilization and Income Distribution in Rice Double Cropping System

Further , assuming social and cultural 21 labour activities to be institutionally unavoidable , " then the real net surplus labour resources available in double - cropping regime is depleted to 362 mar - days and 167 mar - days .

Author: Leo J. Fredericks


ISBN: STANFORD:36105010427461


Page: 66

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Cultural EconomicsCultural Economics

As for the gap between different occupations and in the understanding between those in the two labour markets, ... the existence of generation gaps does reflect two cultures, and that the emergence of the dual labour market reflects ...

Author: Li Yining

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000197112


Page: 302

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Culture is a priceless inheritance and source of wellbeing that is of immense value to humankind. Cultural economics set out to examine the nature and social benefits of cultural products and phenomena as they exist in the market. This volume is the masterpiece of Li Yining, one of the best-known Chinese economists, active in devoting his attention to the role of culture in the economy since the 1950s. Considering the importance of culture in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the author combines cultural history, economic history, and the history of economic thought to produce unique perspectives. This book not only introduces the central concepts of cultural economics and the culture industry, but proposes several groundbreaking views that greatly influenced the culture policies of China, including cultural adjustment, cultural confidence, and cultural checks and balances. Researchers and students of economics, cultural studies, and Chinese politics, as well as policy makers, will benefit from this volume.

Margaret Atwood and the Labour of Literary CelebrityMargaret Atwood and the Labour of Literary Celebrity

But when it comes to literary editors, Atwood sees in the editor a cultural worker who is often able to combine the demands of the marketplace with some measure of sensitivity, as Nell does. Recalling Lady Oracle's publishing ...

Author: Lorraine York

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442664944


Page: 232

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For every famous author there is a score of individuals working behind the scenes to promote and maintain her celebrity status. This timely and thoughtful book considers the particular case of internationally renowned writer Margaret Atwood and the active agents working in concert with her, including her assistants and office staff, her publicists, her literary agents, and her editors. Lorraine York explores the ways in which the careers of famous writers are managed and maintained and the extent to which literary celebrity creates a constant tension in these writers’ lives between the need of solitude for creative purposes and the give-and-take of the business of being a writer of significant public stature. Making extensive use of unpublished material in the Margaret Atwood Papers at the University of Toronto, York demonstrates the extent to which celebrity writers must embrace and protect themselves from the demands of the literary world, including by participating in – or even inventing – new forms of technology that facilitate communication from a slight remove. This informative study calls overdue attention to the ways in which literary celebrity is the result not only of a writer’s creativity and hard work, but also of an ongoing collaborative effort among professionals to help maintain the writer’s place in the public eye.

The Canadian Labour MovementThe Canadian Labour Movement

But in the heat of new struggles and challenges, some unionists and staff began to look for ways to enrich union culture with new approaches to labour education and cultural life, so that union membership could have a wider meaning.

Author: Craig Heron

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

ISBN: 9781459415249


Page: 286

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In The Canadian Labour Movement, historian Craig Heron and political scientist Charles Smith tell the story of Canada's workers from the midnineteenth century through to today, painting a vivid picture of key developments, such as the birth of craft unionism, the breakthroughs of the fifties and sixties, and the setbacks of the early twenty-first century. The fourth edition of this book has been completely updated with a substantial new chapter that covers the period from the great recession of 2008 through to 2020. In this chapter, Smith describes the fallout of the financial crisis, how Stephen Harper's government restricted labour rights, the rise of the "gig economy" and precarious work, and the continued de-industrialization in the private sector. These pressures contributed to fracturing the movement, as when Unifor, the largest private sector union, split from the Canadian Labour Congress, the established "house of labour." Through it all, rank-and-file union members have fought for better conditions for all workers, including through campaigns like the fight for a $15 minimum wage. The Canadian Labour Movement is the definitive book for anyone interested in understanding the origins, achievements, and challenges of the labour and social justice movements in Canada.

Work Labour and CleaningWork Labour and Cleaning

... 121–122 and competency 103–105, 108–112, 113–115, 117–118 and cultural injustices see cultural injustices demand ... 148 structure of 193 affective labour 115, 116–117 cross-cultural constructions 125 mental work 114–120, 123–124, ...

Author: Singha, Lotika

Publisher: Bristol University Press

ISBN: 9781529201468


Page: 216

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The outsourcing of domestic work in the UK has been steadily rising since the 1970s, but there has been little research which has considered white British women working as independent cleaning service-providers. A cross-cultural analysis of two particular social contexts (one within the UK and one within India) based on new research argues that outsourced domestic cleaning can be undertaken either as work (using mental and manual skills) or as labour (usually defined as unskilled, 'natural' women’s work) depending on the social context and working conditions. The book challenges feminist dogma and popular myths about housework.

The Organization of Labour MarketsThe Organization of Labour Markets

The contours of a cultural configuration could be discerned from a multitude of symbols. Names and concepts symbolised cultural attachment and ideological tendencies. Certain key concepts signalled the close link to the socialist labour ...

Author: Bo Strath

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134786282


Page: 288

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There have been dramatic shifts in the behaviour of labour markets and the conduct of industrial relations in the last century. This volume explores these changes in the context of four very different societies: Germany, Sweden, Britain and Japan. However, despite their manifest differences, the author demonstrates that for long periods their labour markets were similar in many crucial respects. The book discusses: * the failure of neo-corporatism in Britain in the 1970's and the subsequent rise of Thatcherism; * the rise of Japan as a model for orderly industrial relations in the 1970's * the collapse of the German and the success of the Swedish labour markets in the 1930's.

Lyric and Labour in the Romantic TraditionLyric and Labour in the Romantic Tradition

CHAPTER SIX Labour's Laureates : Allen Davenport , Thomas Cooper , and Ernest Jones in 1846 Out of the large numbers ... away from the base of the movement and a corollary division of cultural labour , punctuated by the upsurge of 1848.

Author: Anne Janowitz

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521572592


Page: 278

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This 1998 book examines the legacy of Romantic poetics in nineteenth-century political poetry.

Academic Labour Unemployment and Global Higher EducationAcademic Labour Unemployment and Global Higher Education

Times Higher Education, from Date accessed July 6, 2015. Gill, R. (2014). Academics, cultural workers and critical labour studies.

Author: Suman Gupta

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137493248


Page: 252

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This book explores how the kinds of world-wide restructurings of higher education and research work that are underway today have not only increased employment insecurity in academia but may actually be producing unemployment both for those within academia and for graduate job-seekers in other sectors. Recent and current re-organisations of higher education and research work, and re-orientations of academic life (as students, researchers, teachers) generally, which are taking place around the world, achieve exactly the opposite of what they claim: though ostensibly undertaken to facilitate employment, these moves actually produce unemployment both for those within academia and for graduate job-seekers in other sectors.

Globalisation Knowledge and LabourGlobalisation Knowledge and Labour

... position within the industry, and enables them to develop cross-cultural relationships with other women workers. ... the 'rainbow-coloured consultants' who held meetings with ethnic groups of workers speaking in their own language.

Author: Mario Novelli

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135202958


Page: 14

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Knowledge is playing an important role in the development of contemporary capitalism. This book addresses the questions such as: how labour movements learn, and what strategies they deploy to defend their interests.

Global Labour HistoryGlobal Labour History

a class consciousness that would help overcome inherited social and cultural prejudices . Perhaps the greatest problem was what socialist leadership might have meant to an emergent working class such as this one , if it was not mediated ...

Author: Jan Lucassen

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3039115766


Page: 790

View: 690

Part I: Historiography Writing Global Labour History c. 1800-1940: A Historiography of Concepts, Periods, and Geographical Scope 39 Jan Lucassen African Labor History 91 Frederick Cooper Reflections on Labor and Working-Class History in the Middle East and North Africa 117 Zachary Lockman Paradigms in the Historical Approach to Labour Studies on South Asia 147 Sabyasachi Bhattacharya The History of Labor in Japan in the Twentieth Century: Cycles of Activism and Acceptance 161 Akira Suzuki Fin-de-Si6cle Labour History in Canada and the United States: A Case for Tradition 195 Bryan D. Palmer Labour in Western Europe from c. 1800 227 Dick Geary The Laboring and Middle-Class Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean: Historical Trajectories and New Research Directions 289 John D. French What's in a Name? Labouring Antipodean History in Oceania 335 Lucy Taksa Workers, Class, and the Socialist Revolution in Modern China 373 Arif Dirlik The Drama of the Russian Working Class and New Perspectives for Labour History in Russia 397 Andrei Sokolov Part 2: Case Studies in Comparative Labour History Worldwide Agricultural Labor and Property: A Global and Comparative Perspective 455 Prasannan Parthasarathi Studying Asian Domestic Labour Within Global Processes: Comparisons and Connections 479 Ratna Saptari Brickmakers in Western Europe (17oo00-19oo) and Northern India (1800-2000): Some Comparisons 513 Jan Lucassen Global Labour History in the Twenty-First Century: Coal Mining and Its Recent Pasts 573 Ian Phimister "Nothing to Lose but a Harsh and Miserable Life Here on Earth": Dock Work as a Global Occupation, 1790-1970 591 Lex Heerma van Voss Railroad Labor and the Global Economy: Historical Patterns 623 Shelton Stromquist.

Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and CreativityHandbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Creativity

First, urban communities are not only hubs where the cultural labour force is concentrated, but they are also, and especially, active centres of cultural reproduction. In fact the intense interactions among individuals are the primary ...

Author: Rolf Sternberg

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781781004432


Page: 448

View: 755

This book will appeal to researchers and scholars interested in entrepreneurship and creativity issues, coming from a wide range of academic disciplines. These readers will find an up-to-date presentation of existing and new directions for research in