Crimson DeathCrimson Death

In Crimson Death, the twenty-fifth Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, adventure by Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita is tested like never before in a showdown that will delight readers of Charlaine ...

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472241764


Page: 512

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In Crimson Death, the twenty-fifth Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, adventure by Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita is tested like never before in a showdown that will delight readers of Charlaine Harris and Anne Rice. 'Hamilton is still thrilling fans...with her amazing multifaceted characters and intricate multilayered world, a mix of erotic romance, crime-drama, and paranormal/fantasy fiction' Library Journal Some say love is a great motivator, but hatred gets the job done, too. My name is Anita Blake. I'm a vampire hunter and necromancer, and I'm about to learn that evil is in the eye of the beholder... I've never seen Damian, my vampire servant, so vulnerable. He's being bombarded with violent nightmares and blood sweats, but now is the time I need him most. The ruthless vampire who created him might be losing control, allowing rogue vampires to run wild and break one of their kind's few strict taboos. I'm joining forces with my friend Edward to stop the carnage, and Damian will be at our side, even if it means travelling to a place that couldn't be less welcoming to a vampire, an assassin and a necromancer. Ireland.

Crimson Letters Voices from Death RowCrimson Letters Voices from Death Row

... generate a profit to support a large hungry family. On the plus side, it conflated
home and work, generating a different type of currency in the form of quality
family time. In the lobby where the machines wheezed and chugged and 28
Crimson ...

Author: Tessie Castillo

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

ISBN: 9781684334445


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Through thirty compelling essays written in the prisoners’ own words, Crimson Letters: Voices from Death Row offers stories of brutal beatings inside juvenile hall, botched suicide attempts, the terror of the first night on Death Row, the pain of goodbye as a friend is led to execution, and the small acts of humanity that keep hope alive for men living in the shadow of death. Each carefully crafted personal essay illuminates the complex stew of choice and circumstance that brought four men to Death Row and the cycle of dehumanization and brutality that continues inside prison. At times the men write with humor, at times with despair, at times with deep sensitivity, but always with keen insight and understanding of the common human experience that binds us.

Monster Manual IIMonster Manual II

To conceal its presence from the general populace, a crimson death usually
carries the bodies of its victims back to its lair, which is a charnel-house piled with
the corpses and treasure of its victims. A crimson death resembles a knot of fog
with ...

Author: Ed Bonny


ISBN: 0786928735


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This indispensable supplement contains information on nearly 200 new monstersfor any D&D game. It provides descriptions for a vast array of new creatures, with an emphasis on higher-level creatures to provide experienced gamers withtougher foes to overcome. (Gamebooks)

The Crimson Battle AxeThe Crimson Battle Axe

DEATH. Gnarl's body is lifeless. His heart has stopped, he's not breathing, his
eyes stare blankly. Gnarl's spirit rises and looks down on his comrades as they
examine his body. Strangely, the location of his Crimson Battle Axe is unknown to
the ...

Author: Curtis Oddo


ISBN: 9781257649235


Page: 230

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The Crimson Battle Axe, a sword-and-sorcery hero story about justice versus vengeance, love versus apathy, forgiveness versus bitterness, and good versus evil. Throughout the story tough choices must be made by the main characters--they must choose the right path while constantly challenged by doubts and dark forces working against them. Through fantastic battles and tender moments, with humor and unlikely friendship, five travelers follow their destiny on an amazing quest. Cover by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.

The ShipThe Ship

More about Paul B. Crimson: his story, his work and his self-confessed crimes
After finishing The Ship, there are no ... but in my mind it also creates new
questions – for example, the reasons for Crimson's death, never satisfactorily

Author: Paul B. Crimson

Publisher: Bradley & Brougham Publishing House

ISBN: 9781500447564


Page: 208

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While still a teenager, Paul Crimson (1947 - 1973) was drafted by the U.S. Army and trained to kill in the Viet Nam war. When he returned home after three years, he employed his only other talent to write a novel about his war experiences. His effort, “Velvet Nights”, became a runaway bestseller. The royalties from the book sales allowed Crimson to sink deeper into the drug abuse he had acquired in Viet Nam. His editor eventually convinced him to write a follow-up to his success novel, and the book you now hold in your hands was the result. Shortly after Crimson finished “The Ship”, he was found dead from a drug overdose. On the surface “The Ship” is about three people stranded in a snowstorm who find shelter onboard a Spanish galleon. There they encounter seven psychopaths whose actions make you cringe with suspense as they force their wills upon their visitors. Yet, the story Crimson wrote is truly about his attempt to cleanse his troubled mind from the insanity his soldiering days had provoked. It’s worth noting that, although the setting is fictitious, he personally witnessed or committed the acts he describes. Due to complex legal issues in the wake of his death, Paul Crimson’s book “The Ship” was never published. Now, for the first in over forty years, this disturbing document by a talented, prematurely dead young man is finally available to the public. "This novel is a strange mix of classic suspense and camp grotesquery. The premise is wonderfully spooky ... The plot is oddly compelling; fans of contemporary bizarro fiction in particular will enjoy the depths to which Crimson drags Corey and his companions. An engaging horror novel." - Kirkus Reviews

Operator 5Operator 5

Invasion of the Crimson Death Cult Curtis Steele John Gregory Betancourt. Two
hours after night had fallen upon New York City, another radio report flashed out
of the ether. "Calling HN! The craft is descending! It is slowly going down under ...

Author: Curtis Steele

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781592240692


Page: 128

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"Operator #5, America's Secret Service Ace, appeared in 48 novels in the classic pulp magazine bearing his name. From April 1934 to November 1939, Jimmy Christopher fought villains from inside the United States and invaders from without. With World War II looming on the horizon, the Operator #5 novels became a reflection of the times, showcasing American fears of technology and oppression. In Invasion of the Crimson Death Cult, Kasma, a baleful divinity from the wastes of Asia, has laid his blighting curse upon America. All who oppose him come to ghastly ends: amnesia, madness, and screaming, agonizing death-for the cult of Kasma enforces its dread dictates with a new, deadly weapon, unseen, unheard, which razed the mightiest buildings, which lay wide regions barren -- without man or bird or beast! One man, Jimmy Christopher -- known in the Secret Service as Operator #5 - understood the grim purpose behind that crafty plan. And Operator #5, hampered by a superior's short-sightedness, beset on every side by peril and treachery, takes the greatest gamble in his career to keep an army of religion-crazed zealots from delivering America into the bondage of an Asiatic Moloch! One of the bloodiest pulp magazines ever produced, Operator #5 has a well-deserved reputation for thrill-a-minute action and peril. If you like pulp fiction, you'll love Operator #5."

Dying ThunderDying Thunder

Flanks of brown bodies and screaming, wild-eyed ponies pressed out of the new
light like a whirlwind of crimson death. Yet it was their bravery in the face of those
buffalo guns that made Billy Dixon truly admire his enemy this sultry morning ...

Author: Terry C. Johnston

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781466849716


Page: 416

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Dying Thunder Terry Johnston Newly freed from service with the 10th Cavalry, Seamus Donegan joins a party of buffalo hunters as they follow the shrinking herds into the ancient hunting grounds of the Kiowa and Comanche. The presence of the white men ignites a storm of Indian fury and the group is besieged. Donegan and some 27 men and one woman take shelter in a few sod shanties. They hold off over 700 braves for five days in the fight at Adobe Walls. From then on, the U.S. Army would not rest until the Indians of the Staked Plain returned to their reservations. Under the command of Colonel Ranald Slidell Mackenzie, Seamus Donegan rides back to that embattled land as the U.S. Army tracks the tribes of Chief Quanan Parker to Palo Duro canyon--for a bloody showdown that would forever change the face of the West.

Dreams of CrimsonDreams of Crimson

Death: a word that many of us fear, a word many of us despise and like to pretend
it can't happen, a word some of us just deal with, and accept the fact nothing can
last forever, a word too powerful to fully comprehend. Death is something we ...

Author: Victoria Lynn Churchill

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469136202


Page: 208

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The Phantom DetectiveThe Phantom Detective

Harvest of Death Robert Wallace ... Steele Blood Reign of the Dictator, by Curtis
Steele The Dawn That Shook the World, by Curtis Steele Invasion of the Crimson
Death Cult, by Curtis Steele Liberty's Suicide Legions, by Curtis Steele Revolt of

Author: Robert Wallace

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434473738


Page: 108

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Ripped from the pages of the May, 1937 issue of "The Phantom Detective" magazine, here is the complete lead novel (including illustrations) -- HARVEST OF DEATH! Three men fall victim under the grim scythe of slaughter -- with never a word to utter testimony against their ruthless betrayer! The Phantom sets himself the task of discovering a secret of doom locked within dead lips! Thrilling pulp action!

Delphi Complete Works of Plutarch Illustrated Delphi Complete Works of Plutarch Illustrated

the states had to pay a polltax in money, when Theocritus remarked, “Before this I
used to be in doubt, but now I know for a certainty that this is Homer's 'Crimson
Death.' “And thereby he made an enemy of Alexander. And Antigonus, king of ...

Author: Plutarch

Publisher: Delphi Classics

ISBN: 9781909496620


Page: 3491

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Beloved as a writer of exciting biographies and renowned for his philanthropic essays on almost any subject possible, Plutarch created a diverse range of works that have entertained generations of readers since the days of Imperial Rome. Delphi's Ancient Classics series provides eReaders with the wisdom of the Classical world, with both English translations and the original Greek texts. This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works of Plutarch, with beautiful illustrations, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Plutarch's life and works * Features the complete works of Plutarch, in both English translation and the original Greek * Concise introductions to the works * Provides the complete PARALLEL LIVES and the complete extant essays of MORALIA, for the first time in digital printing * Includes many translations previously appearing in Loeb Classical Library editions of Plutarch's works * Excellent formatting of the texts * Easily locate the biographies and treatises you want to read with individual contents tables * Features two bonus biographies - discover Plutarch's ancient world * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: The Translations PARALLEL LIVES MORALIA The Greek Texts LIST OF GREEK TEXTS The Biographies INTRODUCTION TO PLUTARCH by Bernadotte Perrin LIFE OF PLUTARCH by Aubrey Stewart Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles

Real Leaders Don t Do PowerpointReal Leaders Don t Do Powerpoint

... Stephen The Crimson death Declaration of Independence DeGeneres, Ellen
Demosthenes Diana, Princess Diaz, Norma Dilawar Dole, Elizabeth Douglas,
Stephen Douglass, Frederick dramatic delivery dress eBay Eisenhower, Dwight.

Author: Christopher Witt

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748118373


Page: 224

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If you are a leader - or aspiring to be one - then tools like PowerPoint detract, not add, to how your performance will be received. In fact, leadership and the ability to speak and sell yourself and your ideas are inextricably intertwined. Successful leaders speak to help listeners know themselves as well as to influence and inspire them. Chris Witt has helped hundreds of executives take their game to another level. Because, when you are a leader, being a good speaker isn't enough. You have to be a great speaker. Your reputation and the success of your business depend on being able to speak to a variety of audiences confidently and persuasively. Through contemporary and historical examples, Chris provides practical advice on how his readers can take their game to another level by understanding ideas such as: * You are the message - it's your experience, vision and character that audiences want * As a leader, you have only three speeches: to identify, to influence and to inspire * Speak less to say more. Fewer, shorter speeches have greater impact * Dare to be different. Leaders don't play by the rules; they take risks.

Monsters of MarsMonsters of Mars

He saw the crocodilian forms there scattering blindly before him, and then as his
rays drove out and spun and stabbed in mad figures of crimson death through the
astounded Martian masses he saw Milton looking up toward them, crying out ...

Author: Edmond Hamilton

Publisher: eStar Books

ISBN: 9780982933015



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Three Martian-duped Earthmen swing open the gates of space that for so long had barred the greedy hordes of the Red Planet.

Allah To ZenAllah To Zen

I understood he saw my crimson death across his looming yellow bulk . Deep
within myself , I felt an arrow tipped with unfulfilled desire pierce through the
armour of my heart . In less time than it takes to blink the movie of my life
unscrolled .

Author: Ma Chetan Unmani Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.

ISBN: 8171823742


Page: 208

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America s Secret Service AceAmerica s Secret Service Ace

, and INVATION OF THE CRIMSON DEATH CULT will stand along with the
Purple Invasion series as among the finest of the bloody pulps. 1908 1909 1913
1911 ...

Author: Nick Carr

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434490483


Page: 64

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Nick Carr provides a comprehensive look at this extraordinary, forty-eight-chapter pulp serial, complete with character guides, plot points, and front-cover reproductions.


Her last conscious thought was the hideous terror and searing pain of her throat
being viciously torn open — a crimson death on a sunny afternoon. There were
scores of witnesses, but none would ever testify. There would be no call to the ...

Author: Fred von Kamecke

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310314356


Page: 272

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You can’t trust the Bible; it’s been translated too many times. Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah or God. Science has proven that miracles don’t happen (so the Bible is a fairytale). All religions basically teach the same thing (so all paths lead to God). Have you heard these? People say a lot of things about the Bible, God, Jesus, and Christianity that are simply not true. Like the guys on the popular cable show Mythbusters, it’s time we put these commonly held myths to the test. Following a brief summary of a recurring myth or misconception about the Christian faith, Fred explains why the myth is false and provides biblical and historical evidence in his response. He masterfully weaves together serious discussion with a touch of humor in his responses, all the while keeping the focus on the Scriptures. He avoids making fun of the people who hold views which differ from his own, but the views themselves are fair game. So grab a cup of coffee and find a cozy corner. Let’s do a little myth busting of our own.

Crimson RainCrimson Rain

On the first anniversary of his death , a great ceremony of mourning was held at
his grave , with several thousand persons in attendance . Half of those present ,
Mei's biographer tells us , were those he had disciplined in one way or another ...

Author: William T. Rowe

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804754969


Page: 437

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This book explores the cultural and social roots of violence in China by studying the history of recurrent, massive carnage in one county, Macheng, between the expulsion of the Mongols in the 14th century and the Japanese invasion of 1938.

Crimson FireCrimson Fire

Death to all witches, he thought. It is not enough to bring death to witches in the
Coranian Empire. We must bring death to those in Kymru, that blighted island.
We must take Kymru back, we who once held it, and cleanse the land of taint.

Author: Holly Taylor

Publisher: Medallion Media Group

ISBN: 9781605428703


Page: 576

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Havgan of Corania knows he is different from others, but he does not know why. He does know, however, that he adamantly hates the witches of Kymru. When he becomes Warleader of Corania, he sets the might of his empire against them and their country. Gwydion the Dreamer and his friend Rhiannon travel to Corania to spy on Havgan after Gwydion?s dream reveals Havgan?s imperialistic desires. In their frantic attempt to save Kymru, they risk everything. But when a thoughtless action threatens to doom them all, Gwydion and Rhiannon must fight not only to discover Havgan?s secret but also to understand why Havgan seems so hauntingly familiar.