Cowboys and CatalansCowboys and Catalans

Author: Charles L. Sizemore

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595377169


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By the time the train pulled into Edinburgh, it was well past sunset. I left the train station and walked down the Royal Mile with my pack on my back en route to my hostel. As I stopped at an intersection to make sense of my map, a limousine pulled up next to me. The back window rolled down revealing an attractive blonde of about thirty wearing a black party dress and holding a thin champagne flute. "I love your rucksack, darling," she called out in a posh English accent. "Very rugged. Grrr!" Halfway through his twenties and desperate for excitement in his life, Charles Sizemore leaves Texas for London. Though studying is his stated purpose, the cafés, pubs, and European women quickly prove to be a welcome distraction. Join Sizemore as he discovers his roots in Wales, enjoys a bottle of Jack Daniels with a Swiss lawyer, and sleeps on a Pamplona park bench - all in a pair of well-worn cowboy boots.


And some say building human towers was a way cowboy Catalans entertained themselves at night . What is certain is that human castles in their modern form have been in Catalonia for nearly 200 years , and that in that time they have come ...

Author: Sarah Andrews

Publisher: Thomas Cook Publications

ISBN: 184157435X


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A best-selling series of colorful and compact guidebooks, which provide an excellent all-round insight to many of the world's destinations.

The Catalan Immersion ProgramThe Catalan Immersion Program

It is my belief that , when I was a child , Catalan - speaking boys and girls such as myself learned to speak Spanish in a variety of ways . Playing Cowboys and Indians as in the movies , was just one of these ways , but it was of ...

Author: Josep Maria Artigal

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: UOM:39015024902754


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This book describes an immersion program (school education conducted in a language different from that used at home) from a psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic and methodological view. The research is based on the more than 70,000 children in the Catalan immersion program, and the characteristic features of this program have relevance to researchers and practitioners in other countries. The book begins by describing the conditions to be fulfilled by any immersion program in order to be of benefit to the children taking part in it. As assessment is made as to how experiments carried out in Catalonia meet these basic prerequisites. The book then examines the specific characteristics of the immersion program in Catalonia. Two features are singled out for particular attention: the low sociocultural background of the pupils and the early age, 3-4 years, of the children when the program begins. By analyzing these two variables, the author is able to revise certain theoretical and methodological aspects of second language learning-the prime role often attributed to comprehension over production and the hypothesis that a threshold level of mastery of LI (home language) is needed to gain access to the second language. The book describes a process whereby L2 is acquired in such a way as to permit meaningful and effective comprehension and production in the new language from the very outset stressing that L2 is learned as it is used instead of being learned first and used later.

Cowboy GravesCowboy Graves

Three Novellas Roberto Bolaño. or needle punctures but rather seemed to be caused by pinches blows ... From Lola Fontfreda to Rigoberto Belano I'm Catalan. I'm an.

Author: Roberto Bolaño

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780735222892


Page: 208

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One more journey to the universe of Roberto Bolaño, an essential voice of contemporary Latin American literature Cowboy Graves is an unexpected treasure from the vault of a revolutionary talent. Roberto Bolaño's boundless imagination and seemingly inexhaustible gift for shaping the chaos of his reality into fiction is unmistakable in these three novellas. In "Cowboy Graves," Arturo Belano--Bolaño's alter ego--returns to Chile after the coup to fight with his comrades for socialism. "French Comedy of Horrors" takes the reader to French Guiana on the night after an eclipse where a seventeen year old answers a pay phone and finds himself recruited into the Clandestine Surrealist Group, a secret society of artists based in the sewers of Paris. And in "Fatherland," a young poet reckons with the fascist overthrow of his country, as the woman he is obsessed with disappears in the ensuing violence and a Third Reich fighter plane mysteriously writes her poetry in the sky overhead. These three fiercely original tales bear the signatures of Bolaño's extraordinary body of work, echoing the strange characters and uncanny scenes of his triumphs, while deepening our reverence for his gifts.

Vocabulario Vaquero Cowboy TalkVocabulario Vaquero Cowboy Talk

Alternate form : caronie . corral : ( Sp . model spelled same [ korál ] , a term of uncertain origin common to Spanish , Catalan , Portuguese , Galician , and Occitan . It is related to Spanish and Portuguese corro ' enclosure ' or ...

Author: Robert N. Smead

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806136316


Page: 197

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Spanish is an important source for terms and expressions that have made their way into the English of the southwestern United States. Vocabulario Vaquero/Cowboy Talk is the first book to list all Spanish-language terms pertaining to two important activities in the American West-ranching and cowboying-with special reference to American Indian terms that have come through Spanish. In addition to presenting the most accurate definitions available, this A-to-Z lexicon traces the etymology of words and critically reviews and assesses the specialized English sources for each entry. It is the only dictionary of its kind to reference Spanish sources. The scholarly treatment of this volume makes it an essential addition to the libraries of linguists and historians interested in Spanish/English contact in the American West. Western enthusiasts of all backgrounds will find accessible entries full of invaluable information. Robert N. Smead is Associate Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Brigham Young University. Ronald Kil is a New Mexico cowboy and artist who has worked on ranches and feedlots all over the West. Richard W. Slatta is Professor of History at North Carolina State University and the author of numerous books, including Comparing Cowboys and Frontiers.

Critical Comparisons in Politics and CultureCritical Comparisons in Politics and Culture

If American boys in the 1950s invariably rooted for the " cowboys ” in their genocidal forays against “ Indians ... which anthropologists would have appealed to if Catalans had centered their politics in rebellious activities in the ...

Author: John Richard Bowen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521653797


Page: 266

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Debating the problem of comparison in politics and culture, this work takes up a variety of topics from nationalist violence and labour strikes to ritual forms and religious practices. The contributors criticise conventional forms of comparative method, and introduce new comparative strategies.

Aztecs Moors and ChristiansAztecs Moors and Christians

The saints were accompanied by a drummer and four "cowboys," wearing cowboy hats, holsters and pistols at their hips, ... All this is a long way from the Catalan Turks and hobby horses, but it gives us an idea of how a folk theatrical ...

Author: Max Harris

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292779297


Page: 319

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In villages and towns across Spain and its former New World colonies, local performers stage mock battles between Spanish Christians and Moors or Aztecs that range from brief sword dances to massive street theatre lasting several days. The festival tradition officially celebrates the triumph of Spanish Catholicism over its enemies, yet this does not explain its persistence for more than five hundred years nor its widespread diffusion. In this insightful book, Max Harris seeks to understand Mexicans' "puzzling and enduring passion" for festivals of moros y cristianos. He begins by tracing the performances' roots in medieval Spain and showing how they came to be superimposed on the mock battles that had been a part of pre-contact Aztec calendar rituals. Then using James Scott's distinction between "public" and "hidden transcripts," he reveals how, in the hands of folk and indigenous performers, these spectacles of conquest became prophecies of the eventual reconquest of Mexico by the defeated Aztec peoples. Even today, as lively descriptions of current festivals make plain, they remain a remarkably sophisticated vehicle for the communal expression of dissent.


Marc launched into a panegyric about the Canigou and local mountains and generally, the paradise that was Catalan country, excitedly extolling the ... "Not this cowboy. ... It's why so many Catalans in our history became mercenaries.

Author: Martin Copeland


ISBN: 9781736668917


Page: 337

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LA private detectiveJohn Marriner's bon voyage turns into the trackdown of a ruthless serial killer.