Covert Processes at WorkCovert Processes at Work

We have found that the on-the-table and under-the-table imagery allows us to explore covert dynamics in workplace settings without having to use much psychological jargon. The model assumes that covert processes can emerge from ...

Author: Robert J. Marshak

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 9781576757956


Page: 208

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Outlines methodologies for diagnosing and dealing with the "hidden" or covert factors that can subtly sabotage even the most meticulously planned change processes.

COVERT Processes at WorkCOVERT Processes at Work

This is a book about powerful processes that impact organizations but usually remain unseen, unspoken, or unacknowledged.

Author: Robert J. Marshak


ISBN: 0369322991


Page: 412

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This is a book about powerful processes that impact organizations but usually remain unseen, unspoken, or unacknowledged. Collectively called covert processes, they include hidden agendas, blind spots, organizational politics, the elephant in the room, secret hopes and wishes, tacit assumptions, and unconscious dynamics. Although covert in their workings, these processes can be insidious in their impacts, often shaping outcomes without our fully realizing it. In some ways this book can be seen as an extension of the pioneering work by organizational psychologist Ed Schein on process consultation, especially on the importance of being able to decipher hidden forces. ''One of the most important functions of process consultation is to make visible that which is invisible'' (1999, p.84). Toward that end, this book provides frameworks, principles, and practices that will be useful in diagnosing and addressing the hidden dynamics that can impact what you are doing and how it gets done. Although the ideas are grounded in a wide range of social science research and theory, there is little attention to definitions and literature reviews of specific theories or types of covert processes. A thematic bibliography is included for readers interested in exploring the ideas that helped shape the book. Finally, the book integrates all hidden dynamics instead of focusing on one or two. It asks and answers the question: What do all types of covert processes have in common and what can you do about them?

Handbook for Strategic HRHandbook for Strategic HR

First, covert processes involve much more, and are more complex, than conscious deceptions for personal gain alone. ... competencies to see what is missing, hear what is not said, and feel what is not expressed when working with others.

Author: OD Network

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 9780814432501


Page: 673

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Since the 1990s, a transformation has occurred within the role of human resources departments. HR professionals are being called upon to help determine priorities in running the business, craft organizational development strategies, and shape the culture within their company. From the renowned OD practitioner, the American Management Association, this forward-thinking book introduces readers to core organization development strategies and skills--providing creative approaches, practical tips, and proven methods to help them succeed.Through a compendium of the best thinking on the subject, you’ll learn how to strategically identify where best to foster change in the organization, team up with consultants and senior-level staff in leading a change project, improve employee engagement, include others in the important work of the organization, and operate effectively in cross-cultural and virtual working situations.Comprehensive and practical, Handbook for Strategic HR includes 78 articles that will enable you see the big picture roles and responsibilities of human resource professionals today. Best of all, this book is approved for HRCI Recertification Credit--helping you to advance your career in numerous tangible ways. See the SHRM store website for details.

Advances in Global LeadershipAdvances in Global Leadership

Surfacing Covert Processes to Foster Change A lot of work is currently being done in leadership development programmes on increasing managers' self-awareness and self-knowledge. More could be done to help people better understand the ...

Author: William H. Mobley

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9780857244680


Page: 400

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Includes chapters on various concepts and processes associated with leading across cultures and other boundaries.

Creating Talent DensityCreating Talent Density

Beyond what we make of data, when shared meaning develops from collaboratively exploring, analyzing, and interpreting data, we can deal with future issues more effectively. LEARNING OPPORTUNITY 3.5—COVERT PROCESSES AT WORK Many times, ...

Author: William A. Sommers

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475861990


Page: 149

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Creating Talent Density is a must have for educational leaders who are serious about transforming schools into positive and productive learning institutions.

Hard Conversations UnpackedHard Conversations Unpacked

According to Marshak (2006), covert processes are more often relationship related, emotionally based, and often out of awareness or ... physical ability, and styles —From Covert Processes at Work: Managing the Five Hidden Dimensions.

Author: Jennifer Abrams

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781506334820


Page: 152

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Learn to speak up for what really matters In Having Hard Conversations, Jennifer Abrams showed educators how to confront colleagues about work-related issues through a planned, interactive, and personal approach. In this sequel, readers move deeper into preparing for those conversations while building expectations for meaningful outcomes. Emphasizing what needs to happen before, during, and after hard conversations, this resource explores What humane, growth-producing, and “other-centered” conversations sound like How to recognize and account for culture, gender, and generational filters How to spot and work with organizational dynamics that could influence discussions How to conduct hard conversations with supervisors

Research in Organizational Change and DevelopmentResearch in Organizational Change and Development

Covert processes at work: Managing the five hidden dimensions of organizational change. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler. Marshak, R. J., & Grant, D. (2008). Organization discourse and new organization development practices.

Author: William A. Pasmore

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781780520230


Page: 296

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In this diverse volume new methodologies are introduced, such as the strategic fitness process for engaging leaders in better understanding the reactions of employees to strategic change efforts (Beer); Jazz as a metaphor for organizational improvisation (Bernstein & Barrett); and new theories for understanding change processes (Gomez & Ballard).

Reflective Practice for Renewing SchoolsReflective Practice for Renewing Schools

Facilitating reflective learning processes can grow content knowledge, relationships, and a community of practice. Killion and Simmons (1992) make important distinctions between a training ... In Covert Processes at Work, Robert Marshak ...

Author: Jennifer York-Barr

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781506350561


Page: 421

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Renew your teaching and your passion with this updated bestseller! When the teaching life gets tough, reflective practice reenergizes you—counteracting the effects of professional isolation and instilling a sense of meaning, renewal, and empowerment that benefits you, your colleagues, and your students. This bestselling book offers research-based ideas and strategies for using reflective practice individually, with others, and even schoolwide. Features of the newest edition include: Updated strategies for engaging adults and students and using reflective practices to create equitable outcomes New examples of reflective practice in action A new chapter on the core leadership practices for growing reflective practice A new companion website with resources and reflection protocols

Clear LeadershipClear Leadership

... author, Covert Processes at Work “Clear Leadership provides new contributions to the thinking on leadership. The skill sets are not just for leaders, but for everyone engaged in partnering with others to accomplish something; ...

Author: Gervase Bushe

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473643598


Page: 264

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Gervase R. Bushe one of HR Magazine's Most Influential Thinkers 2016 What happened to that win-win partnership with your boss, colleage, or direct report that suddenly dissolved into mistrust and suspicion? Despite your best intentions, how did hidden agendas, unresolved conflicts, and miscommunication get in the way? With new research, fresh insight, and up-to-date examples of what it takes to collaborativelyy organize and sustain healthy relationships at work, this newly revised edition of Clear Leadership tackles these issues head-on. Building on the powerful concepts that made the first edition such a success, Gervase Bushe explains why even the most promising partnerships get derailed and what you can do about it.

Executing TransformationExecuting Transformation

His is well known for his book, Covert Processes at Work: Managing the five Hidden Dimensions of Organizational Change, (2006), in which he exposed the hidden dynamics that block human interactions and derail rigorous efforts to ...

Author: Joel Bigley

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480869325


Page: 626

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With the competitive landscape changing faster than ever before, leaders understandably favor what has worked for them in the past. But that kind of approach doesn’t give anyone the motivation to develop new and better strategies to execute and navigate change. As a result, change leaders and practitioners find themselves asking the same-old questions: • With no time for failure, how can initiatives be moved forward? • How do you fit the right change method to the change objective? • How do you create a roadmap that is designed for success? • Why do some organizations succeed with change while others struggle? The authors share the insights of change management thought leaders that have stood the test of time within the scope of organization-wide change. Change managers today can review the work of these thought leaders to better understand and implement effective change in their organizations. The authors also propose a holistic meta-framework to create a path for enterprise-wide change. With the insights from case studies, you’ll learn how to create a customized and robust transformation plan for your own organizational change initiatives.