Cookery and Dining in Imperial RomeCookery and Dining in Imperial Rome

Oldest known cookbook in existence offers readers a clear picture of what foods Romans ate and how they prepared them, from fig fed pork to rose pie. 49 illustrations.

Author: Apicius

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Oldest known cookbook in existence offers readers a clear picture of what foods Romans ate and how they prepared them, from fig fed pork to rose pie. 49 illustrations.


This book is based on the Apicius cookbook but has been supplemented with modern times vegan recipes, harking back to the ingredients and recipes of the old days.

Author: Joseph Dommers Vehling

Publisher: Independently Published

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Apicius is a collection of Roman cookery recipes, thought to have been compiled in the 1st century AD and written in a language in many ways closer to Vulgar than to Classical Latin; later recipes using Vulgar Latin (such as ficatum, bullire) were added to earlier recipes using Classical Latin (such as iecur, fervere). Based on textual analysis, the food scholar Bruno Laurioux believes that the surviving version only dates from the fifth century (that is, the end of the Roman Empire): "The history of De Re Coquinaria indeed belongs then to the Middle Ages".The name "Apicius" is taken from the habits of an early bearer of the name, Marcus Gavius Apicius, a Roman gourmet who lived sometime in the 1st century AD during the reign of Tiberius. He is sometimes erroneously asserted to be the author of the book pseudepigraphically attributed to him.Apicius is a text to be used in the kitchen. In the earliest printed editions, it was usually called De re coquinaria (On the Subject of Cooking), and attributed to an otherwise unknown Caelius Apicius, an invention based on the fact that one of the two manuscripts is headed with the words "API CAE" or rather because a few recipes are attributed to Apicius in the text: Patinam Apicianam sic facies (IV, 14) Ofellas Apicianas (VII, 2). It is also known as De re culinaria.

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( Ja ' 38 ) ( 1937 Annual ) Cookery , Chinese Lamb , c . Chinese festive board . (
N * 37 ) Cookery , Roman ( ancient ) Apicius , M . G . Cookery and dining in
imperial Rome . ( Je ' 37 ) Cookery and dining in imperial Rome . Apicius , M . G .
( Je ...



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Food and Famine in the 21st Century 2 volumes Food and Famine in the 21st Century 2 volumes

Apicius (Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome), from the first century CE , often is
cited as one of the first cookbooks and ... The text is composed of approximately
500 recipes, divided into books or chapters, such as Poultry, Seafood, and ...

Author: William A. Dando

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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This comprehensive two-volume encyclopedia examines specific famines throughout history and contains entries on key topics related to food production, security and policies, and famine, giving readers an in-depth look at food crises and their causes, responses to them, and outcomes. • Contributions from professors at West Point, Rutgers University, and other universities and colleges; specialists at nutrition centers, hospitals, and the Population Reference Bureau; and the Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) World Food Day participants • Original data, diagrams, photographs, charts, and tables • Illustrations include maps, many designed by the author of the entry or book chapter; and graphics secured from U.S. government source material, UN publications, and historic texts • A "further readings" section accompanies each entry or book chapter • Concluding bibliographies at the end of each volume

Cooks BooksCooks Books

An Affectionate Guide to the Literature of Food and Cooking L. Patrick Coyle.
FOOD DOLLAR by Janet ... Fresh Ham ” from COOKERY AND DINING IN
IMPERIAL ROME by Apicius , translated and edited by Joseph D . Vehling .
Reprinted by ...

Author: L. Patrick Coyle

Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Facts on File

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Traces the history of cookbooks, and describes important works on cooking, shopping, equipment selection, and food appreciation.

Early French CookeryEarly French Cookery

Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations D. Eleanor Scully,
Terence Scully ... of Apicius was firmly attached , did exist and was respected as
a definitive source of information on the best in food and cookery in Imperial
Rome . ... and , with English translations , in the following three publications :
Joseph Dommers Vehling , Apicius , Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome , New
York ...

Author: D. Eleanor Scully

Publisher: Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press

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Early French Cookery introduces the general features of the food prepared for wealthy French households at the end of the Middle Ages. The volume presents over 100 recipes, drawn from actual medieval manuscripts, together with preparation instructions. The authors help place these enticing recipes in context through a short survey of medieval dining behavior, and they give practical menu suggestions for preparing simple meals or banquets that incorporate these delightfully tasty dishes. Chapters include an overview of early French culinary traditions, foodstuffs that were used, and methods of preparation. Early French Cookery also discusses the equipment of the kitchens and dining rooms that were used, and characterizes those who prepared the food and those who consumed it. The recipes are set out in a modern format, with quantities given in both metric and standard U.S. measurements. Recipes are grouped by category: appetizers, vegetables, fish dishes, desserts, and so forth. Early French Cookery concludes with a fascinating look at a day in the life of a contemporary master chef at a duke's court. We watch Master Chiquart organize the purchase, storage, preparation, and serving of the food consumed by a duke and his dozens of family members, courtiers, staff and servants--and all done without benefit of grocery stores, refrigeration, labor-saving electric appliances, or running water. Early French Cookery will be of interest to a wide variety of people, from those who like to hold unusual parties to those who are interested in the economics of the middle ages. D. Eleanor Scully is an occasional lecturer at the Stratford Chef School and advisor to Wilfrid Laurier University on Medieval and Renaissance cooking and customs. Terence Scully is Professor of French Language and Literature, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.

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128. pbk £ 2.75 Thorsons ( 4.79 ) Dom 7225 0469 1 Cooking and Dining in
Imperial Rome ( Apicius ) Ed . Vehling . Joseph Dommers . Latin . M8.301 .
49ill , ne pbk £ 3.35 Dover Pubns . ( 8.78 ) Dom 486 23563 7 Cooking and Eating
the ...



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Wine and FoodWine and Food

ROMAN. MRS . BEETON. ' Apicius ; Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome . A
Bibliography , Critical Review and Translation of the Ancient Book known as “
Apicius de Re Coquinaria ” . Now for the first time rendered into English by
Joseph ...



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Books on Cookery XV XX Century in Latin French Russian German English and Other LanguagesBooks on Cookery XV XX Century in Latin French Russian German English and Other Languages

APICIUS . Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome . A Bibliography , Critical
Review and Translation of the Ancient Book Known as Apicius de re Coquinaria .
Now for the First Rendered into English , by J . D . Vehling . Portrait , and
facsimiles .

Author: Arnold Shircliffe


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The oldest cookbook known , " Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome , " written
by Apicius , and a later manuscript by Scribonius , provide detailed information
on many egg recipes . Eggs were such a common festive item at that time ; they ...



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