Controversies in Formative Shi i IslamControversies in Formative Shi i Islam

Until now, understanding of this community has mainly relied on sources produced outside of the group, which are inaccurate or polemical in nature. This book looks at newly recovered primary texts in order to study the Ghulat first hand.

Author: Musheg Asatryan

Publisher: Shi I Heritage

ISBN: 1784538957


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Among the various Muslim communities that were articulating their doctrinal positions in the early Islamic centuries, one in particular was known derisively as the Ghulat ("extremists"). This was owing to their specific interpretation of Islam, which included an "extreme" devotion to the Shi'i Imams and the family of the Prophet, and controversial religious ideas, such as the transmigration of souls into other human or sub-human forms. Widely active in Iraq in the 8th and 9th centuries, the Ghulat developed a complex worldview and produced a rich religious literature. Until now, understanding of this community has mainly relied on sources produced outside of the group, which are inaccurate or polemical in nature. This book looks at newly recovered primary texts to study the Ghulat first hand. Mushegh Asatryan examines the development of the Ghulat writings, situating the community within a broader historical context and offering a comprehensive survey of their distinctive cosmology. Through his detailed analysis, the book offers insight into the formation of one of the earliest religious traditions in Islamic history as well as the nature of the community in which texts were produced and circulated.

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences Volume 34 4American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences Volume 34 4

Controversies. in. Formative. Shiʿi. Islam: The. ghulat. Muslims. and. their.
Beliefs. Mushegh Asatryan London: I.B. Tauris, 2017. 206 pages. Research into
the formative period of Shiʿi Islam has come a long way in the last couple of

Author: Ovamir Anjum

Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)



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The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS) is a double-blind, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and international journal that publishes a wide variety of scholarly research on all facets of Islam and the Muslim world: anthropology, economics, history, philosophy and metaphysics, politics, psychology, and law.

Intellectual Interactions in the Islamic WorldIntellectual Interactions in the Islamic World

219–266; (II), Der Islam, 58 (1981), pp. 15–86. Halm's pioneering work has been
updated with new material by Mushegh Asatryan, Controversies in Formative
Shiʿi Islam. The Ghulat Muslims and their Beliefs (London and New York 2017);

Author: Orkhan Mir-Kasimov

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781838604875


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How has the Ismaili branch of Shi'i Islam interacted with other Islamic communities throughout history? The groups and movements that make up Islamic civilisation are diverse and varied yet, while scholarship has analysed many branches of Islam in isolation, the exchanges and mutual influences between them has not been sufficiently recognised. This book traces the interactions between Ismaili intellectual thought and the philosophies of other Islamic groups to shed light on the complex and interwoven nature of Islamic civilisation. Based on a broad range of primary sources from the early medieval to the late nineteenth century, the book brings together different disciplines within Islamic Studies to cover polemical and doctrinal literature, law, mysticism, rituals and philosophy. The main Ismaili groups, such as the Fatimids, Nizaris and Tayyibis, are represented, as well as lesser known traditions such as that associated with the mountain region of Badakhshan in Central Asia. Religious syncretism, particularly in the Indian subcontinent and in Yemen, is considered alongside cultural interactions as reflected in the circulation of books in Fatimid markets, and various literary and mythical traditions, some still little explored. The chapters include contributions from leading experts in the field shed new light on the close and complex relationships very different Islamic groups and movements have enjoyed throughout the centuries.

Dreams Visions ImaginationsDreams Visions Imaginations

See also idem, Controversies in Formative Shii Islam: The Ghulat Muslims and
Their Beliefs (London: Tauris, 2017); S.M. →Wasserstrom, “The Moving Finger
Writes: Mughīra b. Saīd's Islamic Gnosis and the Myths of its Rejection,” HR 25 ...

Author: Jens Schröter, Tobias Nicklas, Armand Puig i Tàrrech

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110714777



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The Gnostic WorldThe Gnostic World

She works on Near Eastern nondogmatic milieux (Heterodox Shi'a trends,
Yezidis), ethno-religious identities, and contact zones. She is ... He is the author
of Controversies in Formative Shii Islam: The Ghulat Muslims and their Beliefs ...

Author: Garry W. Trompf

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317201847


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The Gnostic World is an outstanding guide to Gnosticism, written by a distinguished international team of experts to explore Gnostic movements from the distant past until today. These themes are examined across sixty-seven chapters in a variety of contexts, from the ancient pre-Christian to the contemporary. The volume considers the intersection of Gnosticism with Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Indic practices and beliefs, and also with new religious movements, such as Theosophy, Scientology, Western Sufism, and the Nation of Islam. This comprehensive handbook will be an invaluable resource for religious studies students, scholars, and researchers of Gnostic doctrine and history.

Islamic StudiesIslamic Studies

point to several major writings that trace the origins of the Sunni kalām in the
early controversies of the Muslim community and which go on ... It yet remains for
someone to write the volume that will trace a similar evolution of Shiʻi thinking ,
presenting in clear fashion the major ... In contrast there are but few of the
formative ...



ISBN: UVA:X000598025



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Crisis and Consolidation in the Formative Period of Shi ite IslamCrisis and Consolidation in the Formative Period of Shi ite Islam

This led , as noted above , to controversy in the Imāmite community as to whether
a child of seven years was legally qualified or knowledgeable enough to become
an Imām . The mainstream of the Imāmite community eventually accepted him ...

Author: Hossein Modarressi

Publisher: Darwin Press, Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015038554450


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Verfassung und politische KulturVerfassung und politische Kultur

The Intellectual in pre - Modern Iran In its formative period of development Islamic
thought , be it Sunni or Shia , was unable ... The law was developed as crown of
all disciplines , its authorities dictating to theology what problems it should deal ...

Author: Jürgen Gebhardt

Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft

ISBN: IND:30000067759831


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Im modernen Begriff der "Verfassung" druckt sich der zentrale Sinngehalt des westlichen Ordnungsdenkens aus. Der Verfassung kommt darin die Doppelfunktion zu, sowohl die Spielregeln des politischen Systems vorzugeben wie auch die Sinngehalte der politischen Kultur zu normieren. Unter Berucksichtigung des jeweiligen politisch-kulturellen Selbstverstandnisses und der ideen- und gesellschaftsgeschichtlichen Bedingungen reflektieren die hier vorgelegten Beitrage und Fallstudien Moglichkeiten und Grenzen der Verfassung als Integrations- und Steuerungselement politischer Gesellschaften unter den Bedingungen der Globalisierung. Die politiktheoretischen Analysen zur Rolle des Konstitutionalismus in der Moderne fuaen in ihrer Mehrzahl auf Referaten, die im Rahmen eines wissenschaftlichen Kolloquiums der Sektion "Politische Theorie und Ideengeschichte" der Deutschen Vereinigung fur Politische Wissenschaft gehalten wurden. Untersucht werden die USA, die Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Groabritannien, Kanada und Frankreich, Japan und der Iran. Durch den interkulturellen Vergleich und die exemplarischen Fallstudien liefert der Band anregende Beitrage zur empirischen Kulturforschung.

Concise Encyclopedia of IslamConcise Encyclopedia of Islam

Author: Hamilton Alexander Rosskeen Gibb

Publisher: Brill Academic Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110429458


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The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam is a mandatory reference tool that will prove to be indispensable for students of all subjects which concern, or touch on, the religion and law of Islam. It includes all the articles contained in the first edition and supplement of the Encyclopedia of Islam which are particularly related to the religion and law of Islam. This volume has a vast geographical and historical scope which includes the old Arabo-Islamic Empire, the Islamic states of Iran, Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and Indonesia, the Ottoman Empire and the various Muslim states and communities in Africa, Europe, and the former U.S.S.R. The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam contains an extensive index and bibliography. This publication has also been published in hardback, please click here for details.

Western Ways to the CenterWestern Ways to the Center

The recent resurgence of Muslim traditionalism in both Sunni and Shiite centers
of learning ( Cairo , Tehran ) has brought more restrictions into many women ' s
lives . Variety . ... However , as W . Montgomery Watt has shown , the formative
period of Islamic thought saw a variety of controversies and then “ heterodoxies .

Author: Denise Lardner Carmody


ISBN: 0534139809


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The Formative Period of Islamic ThoughtThe Formative Period of Islamic Thought

These considerations affect the legal controversy in the following ways . ...
Shīʻite groups . ... Ali ( the Eleventh Imam ) , and he is a wași , ' legatee ' , to his
father 274 ) FORMATIVE PERIOD OF ISLAMIC THOUGHT c) The formation of

Author: W. Montgomery Watt

Publisher: Oneworld Publications Limited

ISBN: PSU:000032937961


Page: 424

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A clear picture of the main lines of philosophical development from the death of Muhammad in 632, to 950.

A Guide to Eastern LiteraturesA Guide to Eastern Literatures

Nor were these the only problems confronting Islam in these formative centuries .
At one end of the scale all manner of heterodox beliefs stemming from the older
Asiatic religions took upon themselves the Shiʻite label , while at the other ...

Author: David Marshall Lang

Publisher: London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson

ISBN: UOM:39015002252834


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Jerusalem and Its Role in Islamic SolidarityJerusalem and Its Role in Islamic Solidarity

What was the nature and status of al - Aqsa during Islam's formative period ? ...
Shiites , who interpret that al - Aqsa is a mosque in heaven.29 This interpretation
reflect the Shiite anti - Umayyad emotions in ... During the Middle Ages , when the
issue of Jerusalem's status was a point of controversy , SANCTITY OF AL - AQSA

Author: Yitzhak Reiter

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

ISBN: UOM:39015077104001


Page: 196

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The book deals with the role of Jerusalem as a central religious-political symbol, and with the processes by which symbols of faith and sanctity are being employed in a political struggle. It examines the current Islamic ethos towards Jerusalem and the affinity between this religious ethos and the political aspirations of the Palestinians and other Arab and Islamic groups. It also compares current Jewish and Muslim narratives and processes of denial and de-legitimizing the affiliation of the other to the holy city and its sacred shrines and addresses the question whether religious outlook forms a major barrier for achieving peace in the Israeli-Arab arena.

A Historical Introduction to Islamic TheologyA Historical Introduction to Islamic Theology

abundant in this formative period of Muslim theology ( 1st - 2nd century ) and still
less with the equally lively debates among specialists . It will be sufficient to
indicate the main problems posed by kalam at its beginning and the main
doctrinal tendencies which already ... The Shîʻite and Khârijite Contribution to
Pre - As ' arite Kalam ' , in P . Morewedge ( editor ) , Islamic Philosophical
Theology , State Univ ...

Author: Robert Caspar

Publisher: Pontificio Istituto Di Studi Arabi E D'Islamist I.

ISBN: UVA:X004402145


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Islam and the Modern AgeIslam and the Modern Age

The ensuing controversy stemmed from the fact that the caliphate had
traditionally been an elected office — the caliph was elected by a small ... Also
see S . H . M . Jafari , The Origins and Early Development of Shi ' a Islam ( Islamic
Republic of Iran : Ansariyan ... See William Montgomery Watt , The Formative
Period of Islamic Thought ( Oxford : Oneworld Publications , 1998 ) ( New edition
) , chapter 1 .



ISBN: IND:30000124950233



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Studies in Islamic Law and SocietyStudies in Islamic Law and Society

50 Watt , Formative Period , pp . 143-148 . Wilferd Madelung , “ The Origins of the
Controversy Concerning the Creation of the Koran ” , in idem , Religious schools ,
pp . 504-507 . ... IV , p . 494 . For predestination among the khawārij , see
Madelung , “ Shīʻite and Khārijite Contributions ” , in idem , Religious Schools ,
pp .



ISBN: UOM:35112202342194



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Dissertation Abstracts InternationalDissertation Abstracts International

In Dewey ' s time , technology was perceived as a panacea for social problems .
... Order Number DANN92614 This study concentrates on the interaction
between Shiite Islam and social , political , economic and ... Some called for a
return to the way in which the Islamic community was governed in its early
formative period .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105020021544



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