Referees in Sports ContestsReferees in Sports Contests

Cedric Duvinage shows that economic theory allows to develop a deeper understanding of the role of a referee in a contest as well as of the danger of sports corruption by considering a referee’s influence on the competitors’ strategies ...

Author: Cedric Duvinage

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783834935274


Page: 161

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The constantly growing number of arising referee corruption cases as well as their damage to the integrity of the sports society raises the question of why sports associations started availing themselves of referees as an instrument of contest design in the first place? Cedric Duvinage shows that economic theory allows to develop a deeper understanding of the role of a referee in a contest as well as of the danger of sports corruption by considering a referee’s influence on the competitors’ strategies in a contest. These insights provide the basis for efficient anti-corruption policies as well as their urgent implementation resulting from the current legal ambiguity regarding the prosecution of sports corruption in Germany.

Firm Internal Innovation ContestsFirm Internal Innovation Contests

tasks linked to the management of Innovation Contests are included” (Adamczyk et al., 2012, p. 343). Subsequently, selected central aspects of the design of Innovation Contests are provided to further increase the understanding of the ...

Author: Björn Höber

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783658174927


Page: 224

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This book highlights how employees’ work environment perceptions significantly influence individuals’ attitudes and their intention to participate in firm internal innovation contests. Furthermore, it emphasizes the aspects of an organizational encouragement for participating in such activities. In general, such aspects are diversified, multifaceted and are spread over all levels of the organization’s hierarchy. Based on strong theoretical foundations, this work presents a mixed-methods approach to investigate the impact and characteristics of a supporting work environment for innovation contests.

Animal ContestsAnimal Contests

of other decision-makers, have been used to develop the conceptual understanding of contest interactions (Chapters 2 and 3). The fact that contests are interactions between two or more individuals also has implications for how data from ...

Author: Ian C. W. Hardy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521887106


Page: 357

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Contests are an important aspect of the lives of diverse animals, from sea anemones competing for space on a rocky shore to fallow deer stags contending for access to females. Why do animals fight? What determines when fights stop and which contestant wins? Addressing fundamental questions on contest behaviour, this volume presents theoretical and empirical perspectives across a range of species. The historical development of contest research, the evolutionary theory of both dyadic and multiparty contests, and approaches to experimental design and data analysis are discussed in the first chapters. This is followed by reviews of research in key animal taxa, from the use of aerial displays and assessment rules in butterflies and the developmental biology of weapons in beetles, through to interstate warfare in humans. The final chapter considers future directions and applications of contest research, making this a comprehensive resource for both graduate students and researchers in the field.

Winning Digital Photo ContestsWinning Digital Photo Contests

bi - monthly contests Apogee Photo Type : Bi - monthly Eligibility : No restrictions Fee : n / a Prizes : Free online classes ; photo / camera equipment Submissions : Digital ( email attachment ) ; three images per entrant Website ...

Author: Jeff Wignall

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1600594751


Page: 192

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Digital photo contests are hot, hot, HOT--and this savvy guide reveals the inside secrets and technical advice photographers need to find--and win--the best competitions. Jeff Wignall covers all aspects of this rising phenomenon, from finding safe and trustworthy contests to taking visually impressive and emotionally powerful photos that will catch the judges’ eyes. In addition to prizes, these contests provide digital photographers with a unique and unprecedented opportunity to showcase their work, and Wignall maps out how to take advantage of this exciting trend. He also includes one-on-one interviews with key contest owners and judges to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on why a particular photo won. The features contests include: Digital Image Cafe, National Wildlife Federation, Kodak, Steve’s Digicams, Popular Photography, Smithsonian Magazine, Wet Pixel, and many more. Well over 100 original contest-winning images appear throughout the book, with commentary from the contributing photographers on their specific style and shooting techniques.

Algorithm Design Practice for Collegiate Programming Contests and EducationAlgorithm Design Practice for Collegiate Programming Contests and Education

Programming contests are contests solving problems by programming. Starting in the 1990s, the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACMICPC) has become a worldwide programming contest. Every year, 6 continents, ...

Author: Yonghui Wu

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780429687099


Page: 692

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This book can be used as an experiment and reference book for algorithm design courses, as well as a training manual for programming contests. It contains 247 problems selected from ACM-ICPC programming contests and other programming contests. There's detailed analysis for each problem. All problems, and test datum for most of problems will be provided online. The content will follow usual algorithms syllabus, and problem-solving strategies will be introduced in analyses and solutions to problem cases. For students in computer-related majors, contestants and programmers, this book can polish their programming and problem-solving skills with familarity of algorithms and mathematics.

Suggested Procedure for Conducting First aid and Mine Rescue ContestsSuggested Procedure for Conducting First aid and Mine Rescue Contests

Some of the teams that took part in the 1930 international first - aid contest were the winning teams in divisional and final company contests in which as many as 180 teams competed in one contest ; other teams had won first place in ...

Author: George Wallace Grove


ISBN: UOM:39015063963717


Page: 92

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