Colossians An Earth Bible CommentaryColossians An Earth Bible Commentary

Vicky Balabanski analyses Colossians as a co-authored letter, written during Paul's Roman imprisonment by Timothy with the input of Epaphras, and sent with Paul's introductory and concluding greetings.

Author: Victoria S. Balabanski

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567693013


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Vicky Balabanski analyses Colossians as a co-authored letter, written during Paul's Roman imprisonment by Timothy with the input of Epaphras, and sent with Paul's introductory and concluding greetings. Balabanski sees remarkable resonances between the cosmology of this letter and that of Stoic thought, the most widely held philosophy in first century Asia Minor. Drawing upon the way Stoic thinkers saw the divine Spirit permeating reality and sought to attune their lives to the Logos, divine reason, she argues that the Logos of Christ – the Gospel – was welcomed by small groups of people shaped by Stoic thought, and they experienced Christ as the visible expression of the One God who permeates reality. The Letter to the Colossians has the highest view of Christ of any of the New Testament writings, and its theology of divine permeation invites us to notice the ecological potential of this letter. This Eco-Stoic reading brings contemporary ecological questions into dialogue with the distinctive Christology and cosmology of the letter.

Ephesians Colossians Philemon Understanding the Bible Commentary Series Ephesians Colossians Philemon Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

on earth. People believed that their lives were controlled by these stellar divinities and thus sought to placate them through worship or to defuse their power through sorcery, rituals, magical rites, and so on.

Author: Arthur G. Patzia

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441236616


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The Understanding the Bible Commentary Series helps readers navigate the strange and sometimes intimidating literary terrain of the Bible. These accessible volumes break down the barriers between the ancient and modern worlds so that the power and meaning of the biblical texts become transparent to contemporary readers. The contributors tackle the task of interpretation using the full range of critical methodologies and practices, yet they do so as people of faith who hold the text in the highest regard. Pastors, teachers, and lay people alike will cherish the truth found in this commentary series.

For the Beauty of the EarthFor the Beauty of the Earth

For more on the role of moral imagination see Bruce Birch and Larry Rasmussen, Bible and Ethics in the Christian Life, ... The Epistles to the Colossians, to Philemon, and to the Ephesians, New International Commentary on the New ...

Author: Steven Bouma-Prediger

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9780801036958


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This substantially revised and updated edition provides the most thorough evangelical treatment available on a theology of creation care.

The Wiersbe Bible Commentary New TestamentThe Wiersbe Bible Commentary New Testament

COLOSSIANS Matthew Mark Luke John Acts Romans 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians Galatians Ephesians Philippians ... Colossians 3 : 1-11 Heaven on Earth Colossians 3 : 12-17 Colossians 3 : 18-4 : 1 A Family Affair Colossians 4 : 2-9 2 Peter 1 ...


Publisher: David C Cook

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Let one of the most beloved and respected Bible teachers of our time guide you verse-by-verse through the Scriptures with The Wiersbe Bible Commentary New Testament, the trusted reference you'll love to read.

The Birth the Curse and the Greening of EarthThe Birth the Curse and the Greening of Earth

This is the project of Norman Habel's commentary, resisting the long history in Western culture of devaluing, exploiting, oppressing and endangering the Earth.

Author: Norman Habel

Publisher: Sheffield Phoenix Press Limited

ISBN: 1907534199


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Few people realize that the first character in the Bible (after the headline sentence of Genesis 1.1) is Earth. What if we read the creation story and the primal myths of Genesis from the perspective of that key character, rather than from the anthropocentric perspective in which our culture has nurtured us? This is the project of Norman Habel's commentary, resisting the long history in Western culture of devaluing, exploiting, oppressing and endangering the Earth. Earth in Genesis first appears wrapped in the primal waters, like an embryo waiting to be born. On the third day of creation it is actually born and comes into existence with its green vegetation as a habitat for life of all kinds. It is hardly a moment before Earth is damaged by human sin and suffers a divine curse, and then must cry out for justice for the blood of Abel it has been compelled to drink. It is an even greater curse when Earth, together with almost all life on Earth, comes near to total annihilation at the Flood. Has Earth brought this fate upon itself, or is it the innocent victim of human wrongdoing? Genesis has God regretting the threat to Earth and its children that the Flood has brought, and vowing to green Earth again, remove the curse, restore the seasons and make a personal covenant of assurance with Earth and its creatures. The ecological approach of this commentary was first developed in the five-volume multi-authored series, The Earth Bible (2000-2002). In The Earth Bible Commentary, of which this is the first volume, a group of scholars dedicated to the re-valuing of Earth pursue these themes in their commentaries on the books of the Bible. Other volumes in preparation are: Deuteronomy, Ruth, Job, Psalms Book 2, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah 1-39, Joel, Matthew, Luke, Colossians, Revelation. The Earth Bible logo was created by Jasmine Corowa, an Indigenous Australian

Believer s Bible CommentaryBeliever s Bible Commentary

COLOSSIANS 1 one of COLOSSIANS 1 1:23 Now the Apostle Paul adds. fallen angels , and unbelieving men will all be reconciled to God eventually . Our passage limits the extent of reconciliation by the phrase things on earth or things in ...

Author: William MacDonald

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9780718091552


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Make Bible study a part of your daily life with the thorough yet easy-to-read commentary that turns complicated theology into practical understanding. The second edition of Believer's Bible Commentary is a one-volume guide that helps the average reader develop basic knowledge of the Bible. This commentary, written by the late William MacDonald, explores the deeper meanings of every biblical book and tackles controversial issues from a theologically conservative standpoint while also presenting alternative views. Serving as a friendly introduction to Bible study, Believer's Bible Commentary gives clarity and context to scripture in easy-to-understand language. Features: Introductions, notes, and bibliographies for each book of the Bible A balanced approach to linguistic studies and useful application Comments on the text are augmented by practical applications of spiritual truths and by a study of typology, where appropriate Colorful maps of the Holy Land and other useful study helps Can be used with any Bible translation but is best used with the New King James version

Highlights of the Bible CommentaryHighlights of the Bible Commentary

Then he talks about the mystery that is now revealed: believers have Christ within them, and collectively, they are His body on earth. This mystery was revealed at the time Colossians was written and communicated. Colossians 2:23 These ...

Author: J. J. Fly

Publisher: Author

ISBN: 9781792380815


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Many people believe the Bible explains the mysteries of life on earth and contains the most important words ever written. Could it be that the Bible presents unique beliefs that are different from any other religion? Could the mystery of the Bible fill you with a peace beyond understanding that you've never known before? Could these words transform your mind and life if you understood their meaning? May you find some answers in this Commentary.

The Oxford Handbook of the Bible and EcologyThe Oxford Handbook of the Bible and Ecology

Constructing the World: A Study of Paul's Cosmological Language Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark. ... “Hellenistic Cosmology and the Letter to the Colossians: Towards an Ecological Hermeneutic. ... Colossians: An Earth Bible Commentary.

Author: Hilary Marlow

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190606732


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Environmental issues are an ever-increasing focus of public discourse and have proved concerning to religious groups as well as society more widely. Among biblical scholars, criticism of the Judeo-Christian tradition for its part in the worsening crisis has led to a small but growing field of study on ecology and the Bible. This volume in the Oxford Handbook series makes a significant contribution to this burgeoning interest in ecological hermeneutics, incorporating the best of international scholarship on ecology and the Bible. The Handbook comprises 30 individual essays on a wide range of relevant topics by established and emerging scholars. Arranged in four sections, the volume begins with a historical overview before tackling some key methodological issues. The second, substantial, section comprises thirteen essays offering detailed exegesis from an ecological perspective of selected biblical books. This is followed by a section exploring broader thematic topics such as the Imago Dei and stewardship. Finally, the volume concludes with a number of essays on contemporary perspectives and applications, including political and ethical considerations. The editors Hilary Marlow and Mark Harris have drawn on their experience in Hebrew Bible and New Testament respectively to bring together a diverse and engaging collection of essays on a subject of immense relevance. Its accessible style, comprehensive scope, and range of material means that the volume is a valuable resource, not only to students and scholars of the Bible but also to religious leaders and practitioners.

Exploring Colossians PhilemonExploring Colossians Philemon

"John Phillips writes with enthusiasm and clarity, . . . cutting through the confusion and heretical dangers associated with Bible interpretation." --Moody Magazine

Author: John Phillips

Publisher: Kregel Academic

ISBN: 0825433797


Page: 280

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"John Phillips writes with enthusiasm and clarity, . . . cutting through the confusion and heretical dangers associated with Bible interpretation." --Moody Magazine