Choose Your Way ThereChoose Your Way There

If you try to be the Juice Man in one week, your addiction to edible junk will win the battle. However, today you could replace that Twinkie with an apple or bottle of water. Today, you might replace that bag of chips and soap opera ...

Author: Rudy Ferraro

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781606474778


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"A lifesaver for those of us who've been treading water instead of moving forward. It's all about the power of small changes-the dozens, even hundreds of choices we face each day that, if we see them as what they really are, will power us all the way to the success we envision."-Writer and Editor Lynn Stratton. Regrets are simply proof that your dreams are achievable. Your future is nothing more than the net value of the choices you make today. If you change nothing, then nothing will change and you'll regret every year what you could have accomplished but didn't. Do you really want to wait another year? It is the daily choices that change your life. No one can choose to be successful-there's no one choice that accomplishes that. We can, though, make daily choices that later result in success. Choose Your Way There I spent most of my life living in the future and regretting the past. I sought the miracle pill, the rags-to-riches and that elusive and mysterious inner power the motivational gurus like to sell. I knew everything, then realized I knew nothing. I was invincible until I found out I was really just fragile. I spent my life chasing the shadows of a future I did little to achieve. It took me over 40 years to realize that the future is only a reflection of today and that the past is irrelevant, for we cannot live in anything but the now. I learned I could use the past to choose today what my future will be.

Addiction Is a ChoiceAddiction Is a Choice

Sometimes addictions fade gradually. The ardent lover becomes the jaded husband, or the heavy drinker of alcohol gradually moderates. Other times, one addiction is suddenly replaced by another: the ardent lover of x becomes the ardent ...

Author: Jeffrey A. Schaler

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 9780812697681


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Politicians and the media tell us that people who take drugs, including alcohol or nicotine, cannot help themselves. They are supposedly victims of the disease of 'addiciton', and they need 'treatment'. The same goes for sex addicts, shopping addicts, food addicts, gambling addicts, or even addicts to abusive relationships. This theory, which grew out of the Temperance movement and was developed and disseminated by the religious cult known as Alcoholics Anonymous, has not been confirmed by any factual research. Numerous scientific studies show that 'addicts' are in control of their behavior. Contrary to the shrill, mindless propaganda of the 'war on drugs', very few of the people who use alcohol, marijuana, heroin, or cocaine will ever become 'addicted', and of those who do become heavy drug users, most will matrue out of it in time, without treatment. Research indicates that 'treatment' is completely ineffective, an absolute waste of time and money. Instead of looking at drub addiction as a disease, Dr. Schaler proposes that we view it as willful commitment or dedication, akin to joining a religion or pursuing a romantic involvement. While heavy consumption of drugs is often foolish and self-destructive, it is a matter of personal choice.

The Addiction SolutionThe Addiction Solution

We don't choose the drugs we abuse, they choose us. When someone comes to my office for treatment, I can actually predict the biochemical cause of their addiction based simply on the substance he or she abuses.

Author: David Kipper

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9781609611972


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A revolutionary and empowering paradigm in treating addiction based on groundbreaking new science. For decades addiction has been viewed and treated as a social and behavioral illness, afflicting people of "weak" character and "bad" moral fiber. However, recent breakthroughs in genetic technology have enabled doctors, for the first time, to correctly diagnose the disease and prove that addiction is an inherited, neuro-chemical disease originating in brain chemistry, determined by genetics, and triggered by stress. In their groundbreaking The Addiction Solution, David Kipper, MD, and Steven Whitney distill these exciting findings into a guide for the millions of adults who want to be free from the cycle of addiction, and for their loved ones who want to better understand it and to help. It draws on composite case histories to illustrate how the innovative Personal Recovery Program works by customizing treatment for a diverse group of addicts abusing a wide variety of different substances—from the first day of treatment to its successful resolution. The result is a complete guide to a world made brand-new by this enormous paradigm shift in the treatment of addiction.

Pick Your Poison No MorePick Your Poison No More

After that, start filling in the gaps for each day. Take your time and choose whatever leisure or activity you think you will truly enjoy that does not include any of these addictive culprits. This will help you separate yourself from ...

Author: Instafo

Publisher: Instafo



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WARNING: NO ALCOHOL AND DRUG ARE PERMITTED IN YOUR LIFE BEYOND THIS POINT Did you read the sign? Yes, you’ve read that correctly...from this point forward and onward...your alcohol and drug (as well as other addictions you may have) should be left out behind the door - and will eventually become memories of the past. Let’s cut straight to the chase, you’re reading this because you are suffering from some kind of addicted vice (whether they’re substance abuse, alcoholism, sex, porno, gaming, social media, laziness, procrastination, overeating, etc.) and are struggling to recover from it. As a result, it is hampering your life or hurting your relationships with friends, families, and loved ones. Addiction is a serious problem. There are many people who battle with it every day. Some never recover, but sadly, most never receive the help needed because they don’t admit that they have a problem in the first place. Since you are here, you’ve managed to overcome that first step in recognizing that you do, in fact, have an addiction problem but more importantly have a willingness and desire to change your old ways. Now you just need to start taking the necessary actions to beat it yourself. What about going to rehab or attending support group? Those are fine options and shouldn’t be discounted; however, if you are embarrassed or ashamed to deal with your addictions openly to others or simply want to overcome them in the comfort and safety of your own home - now you can fight back privately and personally with this self-help guide “Pick Your Poison...No More.” What types of antidotes will you receive? - An Anti-Addiction Action Plan to Revamp Life without Addiction - A Demonization Visualization to Resist Constant Tempting Urges - A Two-Sided Scale Method to Sustain the Long-Term Progression - A Rediscovery Process to Find and Establish Healthy Alternatives - A Series of Exercises to Eliminate the Old Addictive Dependencies ...and more available for your poisons. Please note, this is not anything like a 12-step program but a quick alternative guide approach of practical hands-on techniques that can work in conjunction with the 12-step program or if you don’t have the time nor the desire to go through all those traditional 12 steps for a much faster-expedited process towards getting clean. Are you ready to set your course towards the road to recovery? Are you ready to give up on your poison? Then proceed now with abandoning your poison today. Forget and forgo your poison. Say goodbye to it forever. Pick your more!

The Akashic Records A Spiritual Tool for Healing AddictionThe Akashic Records A Spiritual Tool for Healing Addiction

another to learn and grow from it, but struggle much more with it because of their limited number of incarnations in the human experience. Regardless of the Soul's level of experience, understand that the lesson of addiction is a choice ...

Author: Sallie Keys


ISBN: 9780359340095


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Addiction is never just about your physical experience. Addiction has a spiritual component. Understanding the spiritual purpose behind addiction is the only way to truly cope with it, and more importantly, work through it. It doesn't matter if it is you that is directly affected by it, or if it is someone you love. Everyone touched by it has a clear purpose related to it for learning and growth.

Helping the Addict You LoveHelping the Addict You Love

The New Effective Program for Getting the Addict Into Treatment Laurence M. Westreich, MD ... of therapists who work with addicts, and what they can do, you have to choose which you think will be most likely to help your loved one.

Author: Laurence M. Westreich, MD

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416539759


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It's okay to love them. It's your right to help them. Addiction destroys people and can even end lives. When you know or suspect that someone you love is suffering from addiction you have two goals: getting your loved one into treatment and turning that treatment into full-fledged sobriety. Many addiction experts tell you that you have to disengage or risk being an enabler, a codependent bystander, in the wreckage of an addict's life; that you have to cut all ties or be taken advantage of financially and emotionally; that you have to protect yourself from your loved one, who isn't the person you used to know. But many friends and family members find it unnatural, even impossible, to turn away from a person they love who is at his lowest point, and refuse to believe that their addict is lost to addiction. Backed by his years of experience, Dr. Westreich guides you through the process of getting the addict you love on the road to treatment and recovery. He provides detailed scripts to lead you through pivotal conversations with the addict in your life, highlighting the words that he's found to be most effective and the words to avoid. With this book in hand, family and friends will know, for example, how to motivate their addict to recognize his problem based on the addict's own definition of what addiction looks like; how to "raise the bottom" that addicts so often must hit to a more acceptable level -- such as embarrassment, job loss, or ill health; and when to use gentle disagreement, quiet listening, or forceful confrontation to move the addict toward treatment, while managing and protecting their own emotions. Dr. Westreich also shows you how to engage a therapist in the process and provides methods for combating an addict's defense mechanisms. By outlining several treatment options, he helps you to weigh what each can and cannot accomplish, which is the most effective treatment for the kind of addiction you are dealing with, what each treatment requires of the recovering addict and the friend or family member, and how successful each is. Dr. Westreich also takes care to discuss the kinds of special situations you may face when the addict in your life, in addition to having a substance abuse problem, is a minor, is pregnant, has mental or medical diseases, or has other issues that are likely to affect recovery. Helping the Addict You Love is the guide that so many loved ones of addicts have desperately needed. Dr. Westreich supports you through the emotional process of helping the addict you love, tells you it's okay to want to help, and teaches you how to do so.

Addiction Intervention Strategy UnleashedAddiction Intervention Strategy Unleashed

your system, you will be beset with some pretty difficult physical symptoms. The medical staff will help you cope with those reactions and take measures to make you as comfortable as possible. You can choose an out-patient treatment ...

Author: Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA

Publisher: AA Global Sourcing Ltd

ISBN: 9781447797241


Page: 181

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The symptoms of drug addiction can often be masked by other problems in a person's life. Drug use becomes an addiction when a person has a compulsive need to use drugs without care or regard for the consequences that might arise either physically or emotionally. There are plenty of signs and symptoms to look for to tell if you or someone you love has a drug addiction.


Obviously this is an important point to understand because if you are convinced that you do not choose your addictive activities how can you expect to stop repeating them. I don't suggest that admitting the truth of your choice means ...

Author: R.Mutton PhD

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493197194


Page: 134

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The purpose of this paper is to show how anyone, yes anyone can quit any serious habit such as alcoholism, drugging, overeating, religious addiction and the many other dependencies that overtake people in our culture. When I speak of addiction I include all dependencies not merely alcoholism. The cure, (yes cure) like air and water is available to all. Primarily, I will apply rationality (reason) to commonly held beliefs regarding addiction revealing thereby that many of the ideas we hold about addictions are inaccurate. In fact it is our untested beliefs that contribute to our addictions. If we are not thoughtful our beliefs, as such, will keep us dependent.

Reclaim Your Family From AddictionReclaim Your Family From Addiction

Roger, like any addict when questioned about his drug or alcohol abuse, simply tried to stop what threatened the intimacy of his most important relationship—the relationship with his drug of choice. Normally, when nonaddicts abuse ...

Author: Craig Nakken

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781592859078


Page: 158

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Added stress and anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic can further strain families already navigating a loved one's addiction. Recovery and healing family ties is possible if you seek these things together. With histories, personal stories, and the latest research, this book helps readers chart their way out of addiction and back to the fullness of family by using principles that restore the "we" of lasting, loving relationships What happens to the "we" of a family when one member opts for the blind and single-minded "me" of addiction? In an instructive, reassuring way, Craig Nakken explains just how families and couples who have spent years building a life together can lose their cohesive identity and meaning in the wake of addiction. The perfect starting point in the healing process, this book Reclaim Your Family From Addiction-also reminds us that recovery is possible--for individuals, couples, and whole families--if only we know what to do. With histories, personal stories, and the latest research, the book helps readers chart their own way out of the hell of addiction and back to the fullness of family by using principles that restore the "we" of lasting, loving relationships. Craig Nakken, M.S.W., author of The Addictive Personality and Men's Issues in Recovery, lectures, trains, and specializes as a family therapist in the treatment of addiction. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.